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Last Chance to Love by B. Love

Millionaire hair and skincare mogul Morgan Carter has everything in her life except deep connections with those who aren’t of her bloodline. She’s spent the past ten years of her life devoted to making her brand a household name in the African American community. A year before her thirty-fifth birthday, Morgan realizes it’s time for her to focus on gaining friends and starting her family. Her initial plan involved a sperm donor so she wouldn’t have to waste time getting to know a new man, but that changes when her sister convinces Morgan to give herself one last chance at love.

When Amaru Mitchell’s chance to make it to the NBA was shattered, he picked up an addictive spirit that sent him spiraling out of control. It took a few years, but Amaru eventually sought the help he needed to get back on the right track. Now, he’s the founder of a world-renowned street basketball league that allows him and men like him to do what they love and make money while doing it. Amaru has everything he’s ever wanted in life except a family to come home to. That changes when he loses a bet with his younger brother and is forced to meet with a matchmaker. 

Out of all the women Amaru could have been matched with, he never expected it to be Morgan Carter – the one who got away. Well… more like tossed him to the side. Morgan and Amaru’s shaky past makes them enemies when they first see each other in Giselle’s office, but those concrete walls around their hearts quickly begin to fall the longer they stay in each other’s presence.

Will Morgan and Amaru realize they were right for each other all along and get what they want from one another, or will this be even more proof that they belong apart because they are detrimental to each other’s hearts?


True Love: A Bennett Brothers Novella by Donnia Marie

My, my, my!!! The Bennett Brothers have come a long way. They’ve faced some turbulent times that left them with an unknown feeling about their reality and new normal. The Brothers have fought, broken barriers that seemed impossible to overcome, and most importantly… They welcomed love in the most unconditional way possible!

What more can they overcome? Wanna find out? Dive into the pages of True Love to see these brothers come together one more time in the name of brotherhood and family. You may be surprised to find out that they aren’t much different from the rest of the world when it comes to coping with the new norm and facing a pandemic crisis.

*To be read after book 3 in the Bennett Affair Series*


Share My World: a second chance romance by D. Rose

Kalei Preston and Xander Neil had suffered their fair share of losses over the years. In a desperate search for peace, they travel back to a place filled with loving memories. By chance, they run into each other, and the summer they shared as teenagers causes old feelings to resurface. 

Will the sweet memories be enough for them to give love a second chance?


Tonight, We Love by Britt Joni

Healing is a journey with no set destination.

Jaisyn Spice and Maverick Jackson are both doing favors for people they love when they encounter each other. They are both in for a treat when they realize the other is exactly what they needed in their lives. As they both dig deep in discovering and preserving self, a second chance encounter at a bar brings them face to face… after purposely missed opportunities. Fate steps in and shows them that fear can’t keep holding them back from the one they are supposed to be with. Will their need for control keep them apart, or will destiny step in and show them that they need to be together?


All I Need Is You by T. Key & Monica Walters

When a person comes from nothing, it can be challenging trying to rise above that. To obtain more, it takes dedication and an unwavering determination to succeed. Solomon Frank is the poster child for making that happen. Rising from the hood of Inglewood, California, his dreams of becoming an A-list actor takes a work ethic and sacrifice that many people don’t have within them. Even amongst the ill wishes and lack of support from the people he loves and that mean the most to him, Solomon finds his way.

Making it in the industry is tough but with hard work, he makes it, taking acting jobs just to make a name for himself. However, it pays off. He is able to be selective, where he can now demand what he wants and gets it. He develops a reputation as being a great actor, but also an uncouth jerk and he embraces it. There’s only one issue. He’s never been in love and it’s something he craves. But unlike his determination with obtaining honor in his career choice, he doesn’t have the same gusto when it comes to love. So, instead of looking for it, it’s dropped in his lap in the form of his new personal assistant, Divine Stewart.

He is smitten from first sight, but he tries to remain professional and tough as nails, as his reputation indicates. She’s thirteen years his junior but something about her is calling out to him. The fight to maintain that professional relationship is more difficult than he anticipated, and Solomon finds himself at a crossroads. Will he blur the lines of personalism and professionalism in regard to how he really feels for Divine? Can he ease the reigns to develop something more with her without tarnishing his reputation in Hollywood? Or will he continue to suffer in silence, longing for the one thing in life he hasn’t obtained?


When Love Evokes (Love Cycle Series Book 3) by Che Moon

When Reighm can’t seem to get himself together in time for the wedding, he puts Dru in an uncertain place. Dru battles with the pros and cons of their relationship. With the wedding just a few weeks away they both have some major work to do. After all, is said and done there’s only one question left lingering in her mind. Is this what she really wants?


Resort to Love: Passport 2 Love by Ja’Nese Dixon

… risking my heart for my dream.

I empty my bank account to buy a one-way ticket to Lover’s Hideaway. A private island owned partly by my ex—Christopher Vanderbilt.

I put everything on the line, hoping he still has a soft place in his heart for me, even though I left him five years ago without an explanation.

But Chris isn’t the man I knew. He’s harder, colder, and with a shadow of hate in his eyes. He demands my hand in exchange for his help.

What choice do I have? Either pretend to be his wife for a week or watch my father’s dream die.

I accept, but I forgot we feel like this. Now I pray he never discovers the truth.


Ain’t None of Your Friends Business by DeeAnn

Busy Pierre is a thirty-year-old music schoolteacher in the big city of Saint Mountains. After a heartbreaking relationship and two years of celibacy, she meets Cress Williams, a successful oil-company owner who sweeps her off her feet and shows her a new world. Their relationship rapidly blossoms into something life-changing, but not every beautiful thing comes easy. A jealous friend and a bitter baby mama add problems to their relationship, problems which leave Busy wondering if she let her guard down to the wrong man for the second time.


Trey (The Jacksons Book 3) by Brenda Barrett

Everything is not as it seems!

It was supposed to be a run-of-the-mill night in the ER for Dr. Trey Jackson, and then he saw Angel Rose again.

Five years ago, things were different for Trey; he was a med student who was in love with Angel, a stripper from Jaded Nightclub. All he knew back then was that he had felt more for Angel than he had for any other woman, but then they broke up because Angel and her father, Tony, played him for a fool.

And now Angel is back in his life, she and Tony are in trouble, and they want his help. Trey wanted nothing to do with whatever it is they had going on, but he would learn that everything is not as it seems.


The Shorts: A BLP Anthology by The Authors of BLP

The Authors of BLP have come together a third time for a short story anthology. This time, each story is written by two BLP authors. With several different genres and styles of writing, you are bound to find a few stories you like!


Basketball & Ballet (California Love Book 2) by Suzette D. Harrison

Yazmeen Williams is a busy woman. The former professional dancer is a church Administrative Assistant by day and the mother of three-year old twin boys, always. What she isn’t, is interested in love thanks to a monster of an ex-husband who’s a danger to the well-being of her sons. When retired NBA player Tavares Alvarez enters her life looking “utterly orgasmic,” that disinterest is severely challenged as is her hold on celibacy. But he’ll need to gain her trust, or her phone number first. With Yazmeen, neither will come easily.

Tavares has had zero relationships, but more than his share of women. Now that he’s born-again, he’s no longer focused on the opposite sex. His attention is devoted to his five-year old daughter and being a venture capitalist. Meeting Yazmeen proves a delicious disruption. The attraction is instant, but clearly she’s disinterested. Tavares will need to work to secure her affection despite the drama caused by his unhinged “Baby Mama.” 

Dive into this faith-filled, sexy romance that will leave you rooting for Yazmeen and Tavares, laughing at their antics, and gasping at the actions of their questionably sane exes.


His Trophy, Her Heart by Kiara Neufville

What happens when you stay ten toes down for the love of your life?

Ares is every man’s dream; she’s considered to be a trophy wife. She’s a hustler, independent, and a rider that doesn’t ask for much. All she wanted was a man to love and cherish her more than life itself. But, being a trophy wife comes hardships. What happens though, when you have all the qualities and are taken for granted?

Tashar has the ability to be that man for Ares, but there was one thing stopping him. In his mind he felt he was successful so what the problem? His demons held him back from being the man Ares needed. In Tashar’s mind, he feels Ares has forgiven him so many times before that this time won’t be any different. After getting fed up with the constant abuse and neglect, Ares finally puts her foot down, making him choose or risk losing her for good.

Take a ride with Ares and Tashar to see if they can weather the storm that’s about to cause havoc on their love.


Rhythm Bay Love by Patricia A. Bridewell

Antoine Bailey AKA DJ Ant is one of the wealthy heirs to his father’s prominent real estate business. He enjoys his wealth, but life is not perfect. Antoine is ready to move past the drama of his family issues, and ex-girlfriend’s infidelity. Relocation from the San Francisco Bay area to Los Angeles for a new position is a godsend. Within a year, DJ Ant’s ratings are over the top, and he’s one of the most popular DJs on the West Coast. Disputes with Jada Carson, a co-worker, becomes a challenge. Even more challenging is their conflict transitions into an attraction that he can’t resist.  

Jada Carson’s life has not been easy. Thrust into the parenting role of teenage sisters, at age twenty-two she’s the head of household. Ten years later, she is the Traffic Director at a radio station where she did her college internship. After her love-life dives, so does her trust in men. Then along comes Antoine, who becomes the nail in her side. But he’s oh, so gorgeous. Although she’s attracted to him, she dismisses the notion of a relationship because she doesn’t want any part of that arrogant man. When Cupid steps in, a romance between Antoine and Jada ignites.

Will Jada and Antoine survive the turmoil that hovers over their blossoming love? Only God knows the answer.


Desire Me Only: Three Little Words (The Desires Series Book 1) by Marvin Mason

On a weeklong vacation with his best friends, Maurice Dawson embarks on a journey to claim a new position within his company and win the heart of a co-worker who has been his champion supporter from the start.

Keisha Donaldson, the object of Mo’s affection, keeps him at bay with a secret she is harboring that would derail Mo’s aspirations if he discovered she still had feelings for her ex-husband — a man known to have abused her in the past.

As Mo comes to terms with where he stands in his relationship with Keisha, he and his buddies find themselves rescuing one of their friends from the clutches of a practicing witch and drug dealers in pursuit of a kilo Mo has destroyed.
Will Mo win the heart of the woman he desires only? Will he survive long enough to let her know?


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up June 1st-7th

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