Success is something we all want out of life. It is when a person achieves desired aims or attains prosperity. But what happens when love is thrown in between success?

After taking a devastating blow to the heart, Femi packed her things and moved to L.A. to pursue her dreams of becoming the number one producer in L.A. She puts her mind, body, and soul into her new reality show Is She the One? because Femi wants to reach the top at any means. What happens when her success is potentially altered by the one thing that caused her to run away?

Brendan Cole has been off the market for a while. The only thing that mattered to him was his son and family. Brendan has everything one could wish for except a woman by his side to enjoy the fruits of his labor. Being hit with the idea from his twin sister to try out for a new reality show, he decides to bite the bullet and take his chances at love.

After having their first encounter, Femi and Brendan can’t seem to take their minds off of each other. However, with Femi, she does not want to risk losing everything she worked so hard far. Is there really a such thing as having both love and success, or is there a thin line between love and success?


New Release Spotlight – Thin Line Between Love and Success, by Bree Wright

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