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Serving Time (The Valentine Law Series Book 1) by Bailey West

This is part one of a two book story.
**WARNING** It ends in a cliffhanger.

Samuel Valentine is one of the country’s most prolific litigators and manages a successful law firm. His priorities are growing his business, building a legacy and taking care of his family. His life was closed off from people outside his circle until a case forces him to call on the help of an outsider.
Averie Patterson excelled in law school, was granted a clerkship with a Supreme Court Justice then opened her own law firm. She is passionate about helping women overcome legal obstacles.
Averie is put into the path of the one person who doesn’t want her help. Can they co-exist?

This is part one of a two book story.
**WARNING** It ends in a cliffhanger.



Inevitable Addiction by Christina C. Jones

Dawn Oliver – daughter of theatre royalty, talented in her own right, and, according to the internet… a complete and total fraud.

All she wants is a fair chance to prove herself – no nepotism, no social media campaigns, no sponsors. Just pure talent, which she has in spades, if she can just get someone to believe in her.

The way Patrick Bell does.

Straightforward, self-assured, and exactly the kind of energy Dawn needs, if he can get past his own demons. He’s good with life as it is – he’s managing, with no expectation of anything beyond a casual connection.

A chance meeting brings about an unexpected spark of chemistry… leading to a bond neither of them seems to be able to get away from.



Til Morning: A Short Story by B. Love

*Please note: This is an eight-thousand word short story. If you are looking for a full length novel with a beginning, middle, and end, please choose another B. Love title for your reading pleasure.*

Three nights.
Two lovers.
One weekend that will change their lives forever.

For Latimore Hart, nothing is more important than his singleness and money. When he decides to spend the weekend at Decadence, an exclusive twenty-one and up hotel in Memphis, the last thing he expects is to find a woman capable of keeping his interest. In his mind, three days is more than enough time for him to share himself with any woman, but when he meets Dana… everything changes.

Dana Green lost a bet with her best friend. Her punishment? To spend the weekend at Decadence. Her original plan was to spend her entire trip in her room, but a late check in leads to Latimore sliding into her vision, arms, and maybe even her heart.

At the start of their weekend together, Latimore and Dana both agree that they will part ways and never see each other again when it’s over. Will that be the case, or will they break the only rule at Decadence and continue their affair long after Sunday morning arrives?



Everything to Lose (Everything Series- Book 3) by A.C. Taylor

She wants to forget his existence. He wants to win back her heart.

Melaina is ready to put her past behind her, but no one is making that easy. Even the ones that claim to love her can’t seem to stop hurting her. Determined to take control of her life, Melaina decides to invest in her dreams, and be the woman she’s always wanted to be. But, the moment she finds herself on solid ground, trouble comes knocking at her door…and he’s not leaving without a fight.

Darien knows he screwed up. But, everything isn’t what it seems. The sooner he can get Melaina to see that, the sooner he can win her heart. Unfortunately, she’s not going to make it easy. To prove that he’s worthy of a second chance, Darien will have to step outside of his comfort zone. But, one misstep may cost him too much. In fact, it may cost him everything.



Cherish Me (The Holmes Brother Book 7) by Farrah Rochon

Harrison Holmes has it all: the perfect job, the perfect family, the perfect life. Until it all comes crashing down around him. Of all the problems suddenly complicating his life, the troubling state of his relationship with his wife Willow scares Harrison the most. In an effort to rekindle the dying flames of his once-perfect marriage, he makes plans to whisk Willow off to Italy for their wedding anniversary. But will it be enough, or will Harrison have to face his greatest fear of all, losing the woman he cherishes?

Willow Holmes has the kind of life she’s always dreamed of: a handsome, successful husband, a palatial home in the suburbs, and two remarkable children. So why is she so unhappy? Maybe because she had other dreams that went unfulfilled. Now she’s rethinking the career and life she sacrificed to devote herself to marriage and motherhood. When her husband gifts her with a delayed honeymoon in Rome, Willow sees it as a first step in setting their relationship back on track. But how can she make Harrison see that one trip won’t fix all that ails their marriage? And what will become of them when the secret she’s been keeping comes to light?



French Quarter Kisses (Love in the Big Easy) by Zuri Day

Can this celebrity chef keep his past hidden?

Not with a beautiful society reporter uncovering his secret desires!

Pierre LeBlanc is a triple threat: celebrated chef, food-network star and owner of the Big Easy’s hottest restaurant. Journalist Rosalyn Arnaud sees only a spoiled playboy not worthy of front-page news. Their sizzling attraction tells another story. But when she uncovers his secret, their love affair could end in shattering betrayal…



Undeniable Attraction (Burkes of Sheridan Falls) by Kayla Perrin

One night of passion…

Burkes of Sheridan Falls

When a family wedding reunites Melissa Conwell with Aaron Burke, she’s determined to prove she’s over the gorgeous soccer star who broke her heart years before. Newly single Aaron wants another chance with Melissa and engineers a plan for a full-throttle seduction. Will Melissa risk heartbreak again for the elusive dream of a happily-ever-after?



Guarding His Heart (Scoring for Love) by Synithia Williams

Scoring for Love

Sizzling-hot basketball star Kevin Koucky plans to end his career with a bang by posing au naturel in a magazine feature. When photographer Jasmin Hook agrees to take the assignment, she never expects the risqué photo shoot to end with a sensual slam dunk. But the handsome athlete comes with children and an ex-wife—emotional baggage Jasmin can’t handle. Little does she know that Kevin always plays to win…



Something Different by Keitra Crooks

Gabrielle Fields was doing great in her life. With a flourishing flower shop and loving family, she couldn’t ask for more except a man to call her own to make it complete. Gabby was waiting patient for the right man but she had her eye on one of her clients; too bad he always came in ordering flowers for other women. Who knew that while she was attending a luncheon, her crush would come and sit right next to her?

Dexter Young was tired of having one night stands with the same type of girl. He wanted a relationship; a relationship that would last. So when he sat down at the wrong table and bumped into Gabrielle, she was the breath of fresh air that he needed.

Gabrielle and Dexter soon grow closer and Gabrielle felt she might have found the one and so does Dexter; that is until one of his best friend’s opinion’s gets in his head. Will Dexter walk away from Gabrielle even though she is everything he has been looking for and can Gabrielle show Dexter that she is the Something Different that he is needs?



Let Me Love You Right by Trina Crooks

Camille Franklin had just experienced the roughest day of her life. First she lost her job; then her boyfriend betrayed her. It really couldn’t get any worse. So she was determined to turn things around in the new year by bringing it in with a bang. Literally. There is a masquerade ball on New Year’s Eve that has been getting rave reviews for the last three years and this year Camille was going. And she was not leaving until she found a mystery man to go to bed with.

Robert Thompson attended the masquerade ball every year because his fraternity was the one that hosted it. Never did he think he would actually find a woman that captivated his attention and wanted to be in his bed. But the next morning after hours of unforgettable passion, she was gone, never to be seen again—or so he thought. Just two weeks later his sister fixed him up on a blind date with none other than his mystery woman herself. He couldn’t believe his luck.

Camille was reluctant to go on this date because she was still trying to heal from all of her past hurts but Robert won her over with his charm. He promised her that he was different than all of the other men she had ever dated and he wanted to show her that he was the man that would love her right. If only she could let him.



Heart of Stone Book 1: Emery & Jackson by Chiquita Dennie

Emery Stone has a secret. If all goes as planned after she leaves her cheating ex-boyfriend, she can make sure no one ever finds out. Determined to keep love at bay, she’s resigned herself to a life of no strings attached, but just as she settles on her new loveless path, her heart is put to the test – again.

Jackson Pierce is all for a good time with a gorgeous woman, but Emery isn’t like other women. For the first time in a long time, he’s found someone he can’t stop thinking about and can’t wait to get to know better. The only problem is she’s built walls around her heart and no amount of promises or long, lust-filled nights will convince her to let him get closer.

As Emery and Jackson try to find a balance between what they want and what they need, they find themselves up against people from their past and forced to face the truth, no matter what the cost.

Is their relationship strong enough to survive the obstacles life places in front of them?



Enduring Love (The Maple Run Series Book 3) by Toni Shiloh

“There comes a point in every woman’s life where she must decide what to believe: the truth of the past or the circumstances of the present.”

Belle Peterson is hiding a secret. Seeking sanctuary in the small town of Maple Run, she’s intent on starting her life over—one she hopes honors Christ. The plan was going great until an undeniable attraction to Micah has her wondering if she’s changed at all.

Micah Campbell can’t understand why Belle is so uptight and wants nothing to do with her until the gentle whispers of God tell him to befriend her. He didn’t count on the feeling of protectiveness to rise up or that spark of attraction.

When Belle’s past is revealed, Micah prays that his love can endure it.



The Fixer by Octavia Simone

Ramaya James, world renown crisis manager to the Stars, Athletes, and other notable persons, is the absolute best at what she does. Toss any person of interest in front of her, and she would turn them into the best clean cut figure you’d ever seen. She could make the devil look like a saint

When news of an incident involving millionaire accountant Jermaine Sneed is plastered all over the news and social media, Ramaya is immediately called in for damage control, which doesn’t sit well with Mr. Sneed.

As she gets to know who Jermaine is, Ramaya soon finds herself in a tangle of drama and anguish, while wrestling with her growing feelings towards Jermaine.

Fixing Jermaine and the world around her won’t be easy, but she’s up to the task.



Essence of Love by Krys Marie

Moving from one city to another was hard enough for Essence to do and breaking out of her comfort zone is even harder. Though she tries, she feels like she’s failing because of her lack of experience. When she meets Jaxon, she wants to give him her all, but he only wants to push her away. Is he afraid that she’d be every bit like his past relationships?

His main goal in life is to choose his own path. However, with a controlling mother and a determination to get away from her, will Jaxon be able to move on with his life, choosing his own path, and start something new with Essence?

Kem and Lesly have something new going on and everything about it is working out the way they want it to. But will the unexpected bring them together or tear them apart?

Or PERHAPS, Jaxon’s mother will ruin all of their lives.



Why Your Man Looks Better Than You by Phyllis Bourne

You know the feeling ladies… You wake up in the morning, glance at your man and think, “Damn, he’s only gotten more attractive with age.” Then you catch your reflection in the mirror and gasp in shock. How could he have aged like fine wine while you seem to have just gotten old?

It’s not just dumb luck. Nor is there a magical male fountain of youth sprinkled with anti-aging wrinkle cream. The truth behind why men age well is rooted in their actions – what they do, and in some instances, won’t do.

Former beauty blogger and award-winning author, Phyllis Bourne, breaks down 10 reasons WHY YOUR MAN LOOKS BETTER THAN YOU with real talk, sage advice, and humor. Let her inspire you to rip a page from the male playbook and turn that past-your-prime setback into a badass comeback.



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New Release Round-Up June 25th-July 1st

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