If you’ve been following the Bricks Series, you’ll remember Freddie and Roman’s story began last Christmas in A Collection of Christmas Stories from The Bricks. Their story highlighted real love. I’d hoped they would get a book of their own; if for no other reason than to get a chance to have some steamy sexy lovemaking scenes all over their apartments. Thank you, Sabrina.  In this story, you’ll get a compelling, emotional and heart-filled tale about love.

If you remember, the main issue with Freddie and Roman, in the Christmas Collection, was similar to a famous line from a Destiny’s Child song “Say my name”. When we meet them again, Freddie has chosen to push Roman into action, but Roman was so afraid of caring about this woman, he retreated.  He was stuck on stupid much of the time. He and his band kept the complex, lively and Freddie up at night due to their practice schedule. And then there were times when he and Freddie kept one another up all night enjoying the fruits of their sex-intensified relationship.

The sexual encounters were the steamiest yet for this author. I could not wait for them to get naked and laid. But in the same thought, I knew Freddie would eventually grow tired of the hot sex and disconnection and want far more than she thought Roman would be willing to deliver. Much to my surprise, Roman’s behavior was exactly as he showed her. It did not take too long for him to come to terms with what his heart was feeling and get with the program. Freddie also came to realize part of their issue was also her strong personality and her unwillingness to bend. The chemistry between them was much too powerful to just say no. The make-shift couple would have to come to terms with what was binding their hearts. They would be forced to face the reality of their relationship.

The story of Freddie and Roman was yet another chance to visit this place called the Bricks. It was also the opportunity to know more about the people who call it home sweet home.  A fabulous piece of SELBS fiction indeed. 5 Stars!


Review – Apt A1: Freddie (The Bricks Book 4), by Sabrina ELB Scales

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