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Uncovering Her Emotions (Big City Small World Book 3) by Rae Shawn

When a work project turns into a renovation of her heart …

Alanya Greene has lived her life guarded and focused on others. She could avoid disappointment if she could be strong, not show fear, and hide her emotions. But secretly all she wanted was her chance at happiness. And love.

When she thought her dream was within reach, it was ripped away by the one man she’d finally trusted enough to open up to. The betrayal sent everything into a downhill spiral.

Except, Demontre Gordon never intended for anything to happen to her.

He’s spent years trying to correct the mistake and get back what was lost that fateful night. But, it’s hard to make things right when Alanya can barely stand to be around him.

When the two are paired on a renovation for the bakery where Alanya works, her long-held anger begins turning into something more. Each crack in her armor gives Demontre hope. It’s his shot. It’s his chance to uncover her true emotions.


Prophet and Endi: On My Block by K.C. Mills

If the streets don’t love you, no one will.
If the streets don’t break you, no one can


She loved and lost.
Losing him shattered her to pieces.
She can be whole again.
HE’s the reason.
He’s also the reason why her life fell apart.
Now, she needs HIM more than she needs air to breathe.


He loved and was betrayed.
Betrayal made him disconnect.
He can trust again.
SHE’s the reason.
She’s also the reason he has to face the demons of his past.
Now he can’t see a world that exists without HER in it.


Dancing In The Rain (Shut Up And Dance Series Book 2) by Tanzania Glover

After this tour, nothing will be the same.

Nearing the end of a sold out tour with his girlfriend Tempest by his side, singer Theo Smith could only be described as sitting on top of cloud nine. But before the music stops he’s faced with learning two very important lessons: what goes up must come down and nothing, not even him, can stop Tempest Randall from dancing her heart out.


Malachi (Berkeley Bred Book 1) by Grey Huffington

When souls are tied, it’s never goodbye. 

A boy, I was, the day that I met you that summer evening, pulling your belongings out of the truck and into your new home. I knew it was love then.

A whole man, I was, the day that you met me at the altar and agreed to love me until death do us part.

A shell of a man, I’ve become since it did. Unable to move on, move forward, or progress in any way until I discovered that not even death was permanent enough to keep us apart.A better man, I’m destined to be, knowing that at some capacity you’re still with me. Our love is one that never dies. It moves mountains. It calms seas. It transfers souls and shifts lifetimes knowing that there is no one else in this world made for loving me.


Homecoming: Love 101 Reunion by J. Nichole

Ten years later she’s headed back to campus for homecoming. Ready to connect with her homegirls.

Monica has missed a few of the annual girl’s trips and has something she needs to share with them.

If she can make it there. A cancelled flight has her stranded in the airport.

But Thaddeus is eager to get to campus for some rekindling of his own, a delayed flight is standing in his way.

So, when he sees Monica’s LU sweater, he proposes they rent a car and drive the four hours to campus together.

The two start the four-hour drive as complete strangers but end the weekend as a little more than friends.

After, they expect to return to life as it was before homecoming, but that’s not as simple. At least not for him.

Homecoming is a fling romance, a follow-up to the Love 101 series.


Wishing On A Star: Autumn Hills Book Two (Autumn Hills Series 2) by Amberlei Jae

Star, an independent, chic salon owner meets up-and-coming restaurant manager, Cyrus. They’re rocking each other’s worlds until everything comes to a screeching halt because of one conversation. Will the stars align on their newfound love?


Summer’s Heart by Michelle Kay

They say change comes with each season and for Summer Thorn, it’s not always positive. She often finds herself barely able to keep her head above water. With a failing relationship that she once thought would be her happily ever after, Summer has to learn to stand on her own.

When her life spins out of control, Summer ends up in the last place imaginable-a shelter. However, she also realizes that when seasons change, so do the possibilities of finding her heart’s desires.

Raine Hart has suffered a tragedy that has him questioning the importance of having the right people in his corner. His new love language is showing care, which has him hands on to make sure others receive what he’s lacking.

Summer and Raine cross paths when they’re both questioning everything about life and themselves. They find the answers to what happiness looks and feels like in each other.

Anything worth having comes with challenges. Summer and Raine have to prove that they really want it in order to stand strong when their season of love tests their commitment to themselves and to each other.


The Elite Alliance: Dalila Maceo’s Introduction by Stephanie Nicole Norris

In the vibrant city of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Dalila Maceo navigates a delicate balance. As a prominent and authoritative figure, she becomes a magnet for danger and suspicion.

The threats she faces are not confined to the tumultuous streets; they also lurk within the corridors of power. Due to this reality, Dalila finds it impossible to trust anyone, forcing her to rely solely on her own wits. However, when an unexpected ally from her past extends a helping hand, she contemplates the possibility of opening up to him.

The fate of her nation hangs in the balance, and Dalila realizes that embracing this alliance may hold the key to a brighter future.


Mr. Straight Up No Chaser: Baes of Juneteenth by Sherelle Green

After opening a cultural community center in the heart of Chicago, Porter Crowne is determined to make The Blackout Fest the best Juneteenth celebration yet. Especially when chosen as Mr. Black Chicago. Partnering with influential members of the community will ensure its success. However, if you aren’t following the plan, you’re in his way just like the curvy, feisty vlogger who argues with every suggestion he has.

Popular influencer, Alanna Raven, has had much success as a body positive educator. When she gets the call to join The Blackout Fest planning committee, she’s all in. With a new strategic partnership on the line, she has one chance to shoot her shot. However, she has a deep secret. One that could threaten everything she’s worked so hard for. And unfortunately, the one person who can help seal the deal is a man whose mind and body infuriates her more than it should.

Make sure you read the exclusive extended bonus at the end of the story.

In the Baes of Juneteenth multi-author series, we invite you to journey to different cities to celebrate Juneteenth with the men of Mr. Black, an organization honoring Black love, Black culture, and Black history.


Mr. Right Now : Baes of Juneteenth by Sheryl Lister

When it comes to business, Mr. Black Los Angeles, Dante Powell believes in planning down to the smallest detail, and that includes the Juneteenth festival he’s spearheading. His personal life is another matter, however. He lives by one simple rule – no strings, only flings. But he didn’t count on the one night of explosive passion he shared with Jayana Cole or seeing her again.

A one-night stand. That’s all it was supposed to be. Now, Jayana isn’t sure it’s all she wants. Yet mixing business with pleasure could put her job in jeopardy. But Dante is a temptation she can’t resist, and she intends to show the die-hard bachelor that some rules are meant to be broken and she’s his right now…and forever.


Mr. Down for Whatever: Baes of Juneteenth by Elle Wright

Have you ever received the wrong text from the right person?

One thing about me? I don’t play games. Another thing about me? I don’t waste time.

I’ve built my reputation by treating my patients, my students, and my colleagues with respect.

In my role as Mr. Black Detroit, my focus is supporting my community and planning the city’s annual Juneteenth celebration.

Again, my time is valuable. I should’ve ignored the text. But… There’s something about Daphne that makes me want to engage. Maybe it’s the way she commands a room and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. Or maybe it’s the glimpse of vulnerability in her eyes. It’s probably just her. Whatever it is in the beginning quickly morphs into something else entirely, though.

Soon, I can’t get enough of her. But can I convince her to take a chance on me?


Mr. Alpha Undone: Baes of Juneteenth by Kelsey Green

Titan Stone (Mr. Black Dallas)

Fall in line or get replaced. That’s how my businesses operate. Being named the Dallas representative for the Mr. Black Organization was an honor, not a job. However, it’s not easy to change the way someone maneuvers. I was determined to make this year’s Juneteenth celebration unlike anything this city had seen before, starting with a road trip focused on Black culture. I had a plan, my purpose was clear, and my team was set. Until a wild-card photographer got thrown in the mix determined to push against my dictations. I wasn’t the type of man to bend and Solange Raven was quickly proving that she wasn’t the type of woman to give in. Nice guys finish last. Lucky for me, as a venture capitalist, that’s never been a title I carried.


Mr. Second Best: Baes of Juneteenth by Angela Seals

When it comes to going after what I want, I’ve stood on the sidelines my entire life. With the biggest Juneteenth celebration that Scottsdale has ever seen approaching, the guys I’ve been friends with for over a decade thrust me onto the planning committee and made me Mr. Black Scottsdale. 

The only problem is, I’ve watched these friends of mine take to bed the women of my fantasies, clown me for always standing in the background, and convince me to play wingman to their maverick. That was all fine and dandy until I saw … her. A woman representing all my desires wrapped in one beautiful package. Ignoring our attraction isn’t an option. Now, all bets are off.


Atonement: When It All Falls Down by ashley

Still reeling from her mother’s untimely death, Juniper Tate struggles to let go of the painful memories from her past. When she decides to return home and reconnect with an old classmate, she’s hopeful she’ll finally be able to move forward with her life. In her attempt at freeing herself of the loneliness she’d been plagued with, Juniper’s cloudy judgment lands her in one too many sticky situations. By the time she realizes her actions have consequences, the new life she’s created begins to crumble, leaving her to try making amends or facing the repercussions head-on.


Anna by Grey Huffington

This book is NOT to be read before Malachi.

This is an extension of Malachi. This is a novelette. 


Willow’s Peak by Mel Dau

Willow Lourie, daughter of Kyle and Eyota, is the definition of against the grain. She lives her life unapologetically to the desires of her heart. She’s always known what was right according to pack law and her parents’ guidance, but when right doesn’t work with what her heart wants, she does the next best thing…her. What happens when someone comes along making her second guess her true heart’s desire?

Sven Collins is new to pack life but not new to the pack. He’s lived most of his life outside of the pack, but a part of the pack, nonetheless. He knows exactly who he is and walks in that with no second guessing needed. He stands solid on his square, or so he thought. Can one person be the pebble in the shoe that makes him readjust his position on his square or will he be pushed completely off it?

They say opposites attract, but what exactly are they attracting? Find out if these opposites will attract or repel, in Willow’s Peak.


Between the Two by De Shae

Nia has always been the type of girl who plays it safe. So, when she decides it’s time to explore different options. She ends up with different results. There’s Malik who is everything she wants in a man. But he does hold a flaw. He loves women. But the passion between the two keeps her coming back. She has not met a man who knows her body better. Then she meets Dantae. He brings out a side to Nia that she did not even know existed. The chemistry is obvious, and the sex is mind-blowing. Now she is stuck entangled between two men that she cannot get enough of. Secrets and lies will soon unravel. Just because someone looks good and feels good doesn’t always mean they have good intentions. Or do they?


90′ (The Kendall Family Book 1) by Alicia Weathers-Grey

I may be the youngest of The Kendall’s, but you’d have to be a fool to play with what belongs to me.
Ain’t nothing I can’t have.


The Merman Prince : The Merfolk of Triton Series Book 1: African American Paranormal Romance by Nia JoLove

What happens when a hard-working ad executive on vacation meets a rebellious Prince who wants nothing to do with the throne? Steamy nights and fun-filled days!

Amaya is working hard to get to the top of the corporate ladder at Star Media. But all the hard work has left her single and unsatisfied.

Kai is the prince of the merfolk. He smashes hotties at night and works with humankind by day. Will this bad boy of the seas stop his partying ways to gain the Kingdom and love?

When their paths cross in the beautiful Bahamas, Amaya, and Kai can’t deny their attraction to each other. But can they put their differences aside and pursue a real relationship, or will their time together be nothing more than a fleeting vacation fling?


The Billionaires Unexpected Love: A single dad romance by DeAndra White

A billionaire neighbor who avoids commitment, a one-night stand, a promise to walk away and an unexpected pregnancy! What could possibly go wrong?

I met Chase one day, by chance, when caught me in his arms to keep me from falling. Our attraction was instantaneous. We met again later that night and had the most amazing passionate night together. Though I have never had a one-night stand before, this felt so right. But Chase is determined to keep things casual and walks away.

Despite our mutual attraction, Chase is adamant that he is not ready for a serious relationship, so I decided to move on with my life. One surprise pregnancy, custody agreement and a heated battle later. Will he be willing to risk everything?

He says he has deep feelings for me, but is there really a chance this emotionally unavailable single dad will learn to love again? If so, will I really be happy with him? All that Chase has put me through, can I really trust him again?


Azon: The Laplanche Boys by Natisha Raynor

Azon Laplanche left Orlando, Florida at the request of his cousin, Fabienne to ‘come get this money’, so with his younger brother, Islande following behind, they head to North Carolina and getting money is exactly what Azon sets out to do. Used to being referred to as a bad apple by his hard working Haitian parents, Azon is no stranger to ridicule, but not even that sways his by any means necessary attitude. Since Azon stepped into a boxing ring at the age of nine, anybody that witnesses his talent knows he’s destined for greatness, but chasing dreams isn’t stopping the grumbling in Azon’s belly. He boxes for fun, and has no plans on that changing. Until he catches the eye of a very persistent man that won’t let up on Azon. He finally convinces the man to step into the ring on a serious note, and Azon decides to give it a try. It doesn’t hurt that the ‘nicest’ boxer in the state has something that Azon wants. Gia Carpenter. Azon has tried many times to respect the beauty’s relationship but with every chance encounter, he begins to believe that he keeps seeing her for a reason. The moment Azon finds out that Money isn’t doing what he’s supposed to be doing, Azon makes it his mission to not only take Money’s title but his woman too.
Gia’s father is a retired boxer, and he now manages and trains her boyfriend Money. Gia knows that she will never be more important than Money’s career, but no matter how hard she tries, she can never get used to coming second. The moment she decides to leave is the moment that a handsome stranger starts applying all the pressure, and Gia is stuck. Mesmerized and intrigued but stuck all the same. For more reasons than one, entering an entanglement with Azon will be all wrong but maybe just this one time, playing with fire will be worth the consequences.


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up June 5th-11th

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