Sammy Zade was living a comfortable life. She maintained two jobs to offset the debt she inherited from her late mother. She had a set routine for the roadmap of her life.

Then her wealthy best friend, Miles Spade, returned home, and like a tornado, nothing in his sight was safe, not even her heart.

The boundaries of their friendship have withstood everything from loss and grief to temptation and distance. However, one taste blurs the lines, and it becomes unclear where their friendship ends and the romance begins.

Not everyone is supportive when Miles and Sammy finally transition from best friends to lovers. In fact, some people will go to great lengths to keep them apart.

The issue isn’t the hidden enemy but the aggressor who doesn’t care to hide and has nothing to lose.

Please Forget Me Knot is a full-length novel and book 1 in Love Knots the Series. This series is full of unforgettable couples with high stakes and steamy romances.

Love Knots the Series
Please Forget Me Knot, Book 1
Forget Me Knot, a short story
Love Me Knot, Book 2
Hate Me Knot, Book 3


New Release Spotlight – Please Forget Me Knot (Love Knots the Series Book 1), by Tempestt Chantel

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