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His Missed Shot: A Sports Romance (The L.A. Stars Series Book 2) by J. Nichole

When Chloe moved to LA, she wasn’t trying to meet a star or become one.

While working for a famous chef, Chloe made a delivery to Chris’ house. Although he had the physique, the face, and that devilish grin that made her want to spread open for him on the counter – he was a client. And she was strictly forbidden from fraternizing with clients.

Chris made it to the NBA and already had one championship ring. Finding a woman to settle down with wasn’t exactly what he wanted. But he saw her in his kitchen. Then his main concern was no longer winning another championship. It quickly became convincing her that she wanted him as badly as he wanted her.

Will Chloe give him a chance to shoot his shot – or will she be working hard on her defense?


Say You Love Me (The Berotte Family Book 12) by Monica Walters

Always having to look over your shoulder is a horrible feeling. Jericho Marcellus is living his worst nightmare. Having to flee from his home in Florida for a crime he committed to defend his sister years ago has been devastating to his mental. Even after sixteen years, he can’t get out of that rut. He feels like he’s become the very man he despised growing up and is having a hard time getting back to who he used to be. Leaving his sister and mother in his older brother’s hands was a mistake, but another mistake was leaving the love of his life behind. When he disappeared, it was like she disappeared too, because he hasn’t been able to locate her. Searching for her replacement hasn’t been easy, and he realizes that he’s looking for her in every encounter he experiences.

Sometimes, starting over, no matter how difficult, is what’s needed. Whitney Paul had to leave her home to ensure her safety. She ends up in Dallas, Texas and has to change her name to assure she couldn’t be located, all because her boyfriend was on the run. He disappeared and sixteen years later, she still hasn’t found a man that compares to him. Settling in a mediocre relationship proves to be a horrible decision. However, when she receives a text message that offers the opportunity to reconnect with the man she’s carried in her heart all this time, she can barely contain her excitement and nerves.

When Whitney and Jericho see one another again, time stands still. Their attraction is just as strong as it was all those years ago. The challenge is getting to know and accept the adults they’ve evolved into, especially Jericho. Can Whitney accept his new lifestyle and the aggressive nature he’s embraced, or will it all be just too much for her to deal with?


Zavier (A St. Claire Novel Book 9) by Tina Martin

A break in a normal mundane routine and Zavier’s life is changed forever. It all started with a morning coffee run…

Zavier St. Claire is a pediatrician who lives by the book. From the outside looking in, his life is perfect. He has a gorgeous home in the exclusive, Gregg Park Community in Columbia, SC. He comes and goes as he pleases. He has everything he wants. He lacks nothing – at least he ‘thinks’ he lacks nothing. His life takes a shift off its normal course when he meets Nykendy Ingram – the owner of Hott Stuff Coffee Bar. She’s beautiful. Breathtakingly so. And she has a son. A perfect little boy…

Nykendy has no interest in dating. She doesn’t care how fine Zavier is – she’s sworn off men after being hurt by her ex who left her. Now, as a single mother, her son is her number one priority. Second to that is the coffee shop she opened to provide for herself and her child. But it’s not easy, especially when the past always comes back to haunt you.

*This is a standalone novel in the St. Claire Series. You do not have to read any of the preceding books to understand this one. Zavier is Zander’s twin brother.


All I Need: A Royal Friends Romance (The Royals Book 3) by Shameka S. Erby

Lucinda Baker Morgan was betrayed and publicly embarrassed by the man she trusted most. A dark eyed knight ran in to catch her before she fell… and she ended up falling for him. But could it be real? Or was she just grateful for the save? Would he stay? Could he handle her healing, and be patient with her anxious heart?

Malachi Hayes met the woman of his dreams when she was getting her heart broken. And all he wanted to do was get her to stay. He’d done what he could to shelter her from the storm, but now he needed her to see that what they had was real. But could she handle a new love? Or would she run away? How could he get her to see that their rebound was just the love they’d both deserved all along?


InstaLove: The Reunion (The One Series Duet) by Danielle Allen

The show is over and now the fun begins.

InstaLove: The Reunion

A novella.


The Firemen’s Ball : A Masquerade Affair by Denise Essex

Marshawn Patterson is a mouthwatering firefighter who saves lives for a living, yet he feels like anything but a hero. After twenty years, he’s still tormented daily by guilt over his younger brother’s murder. Despite his towering frame and steely demeanor, Marshawn suffers from imposter syndrome since he was powerless to save the one life he was supposed to. He wants a family of his own now more than ever but isn’t taking steps to make it happen. He’s waiting on Mrs. Right to knock on his front door.

Déja Kelly is a full-figured bombshell hiding behind the slow pace of her small town. She is a twenty-nine-year-old single mother, who loves her children to life, but feels like she’s depriving them of a stable two parent home. Their father is inconsistent, and though she believes she deserves mistreatment, she knows her children are worthy of more. Déja’s friends are encouraging her to start dating again, but she’s convinced no one will marry an almost thirty-year-old with two children.

One fateful afternoon, a devastating fire brings the two together. Sparks fly between them, but they are both reluctant to act on their obvious attraction. Will a Masquerade themed Firemen’s Ball be enough for them to get out of their own way? Or will the flames fizzle before they’re given a chance?


Kiss Me (Irresistible Husband) by Sharon C. Cooper

He’s in love with his best friend, but she doesn’t believe in happily ever afters.

Chief financial officer Chase Kennedy has always lived life on the edge until he almost died a year ago in a car crash. He now realizes life is too fragile to keep taking it for granted. That’s why he proposed marriage to his best friend, Wynter Garrett. He’s in love with her, but she refuses to see him as more than a friend.

Wynter owns a multimillion-dollar business, and the last thing she has time for is a love life. Besides, she doesn’t believe in happily-ever-after. But when Chase tells her that he wants to be more than friends, she’s annoyed. Of course, she loves him—but why tamper with their friendship when it’s already perfect?

But after one smoking-hot kiss, Wynter rethinks her stance on their relationship. Maybe friends do make the best lovers…and husbands.

**Books in this series can be read in any order.


Marry Me by Delaney Diamond

With such different beliefs about relationships, should they even try?

Vow renewal planner, Lorna Kessler, sees the beauty of love every day in her work. Life is short, and she believes when you find someone to love, you should jump in with both feet.

Divorce party planner, Reginald Knight, sees the ugliness of divorce every day in his work. After reconnecting with Lorna—an old college acquaintance—he has no doubt that she’s a special woman. He believes, however, in taking his time instead of rushing and making a big mistake.

Their relationship flourishes despite their differences, but eventually Reginald has a decision to make. Take a leap of faith with the woman who seems perfect for him, or allow another man to take his place.


Choose Me (Irresistible Husband) by Sheryl Lister

He’s making his case…one kiss at a time.

Since his engagement crashed and burned, Xavier Fuller wonders if marriage and a family are what he really wants anymore. Instead, he buries himself in work and taking his family’s trucking company to the next level. Yet, one encounter with beautiful Zena Henderson reawakens something inside him, and fortunately, the attraction isn’t one-sided. Each sensual kiss draws them closer and Xavier is determined to show her that he’s the only man for her, now and forever.

A string of dating disasters prompts Zena to adopt a new motto: never give your heart, never get hurt. But nothing could prepare the aspiring singer for sexy, compassionate Xavier. He’s seducing her with his words, tempting her with his passion and challenging everything she thought she believed about love. Now, Zena will have to choose between playing it safe and risking her heart one last time.


King’s Gambit (The Barrett Brothers Book 2) by Mya





a device, action, or opening remark, typically one entailing a degree of risk, that is calculated to gain an advantage

Twenty-seven-year-old King Barrett was born and raised in the trenches. After being abandoned by his parents, he found solace in the streets, alongside the gangsters and dope boys. Even after retiring from the business, he stayed close to his roots.

One fateful afternoon, King and his best friend are in the wrong place at the wrong time and cross paths with a rival gang. Shots are fired, lives are lost, and a war brews. With only one option to protect himself, King has to lie low for a while.

Twenty-five-year-old Drew Cambridge never knew her father and her mother died. The only family she had was her older brother, Rashad Cambridge. Rashad was her biggest stressor because he wanted to become the king of the streets. At the sight of a war, Drew begs her brother to calm down, but his only goal is to add fuel to the fire until the whole city burns. Needing to escape, Drew cashes in her vacation time to treat herself.

When King and Drew end up in the same city, emotions are revealed. Sparks fly, blood is shed, and lives are changed forever in King’s Gambit.


Triggered: A Potomac Falls Novella (A Potomac Falls Holiday Shorts Book 3) by K.L. Hall

Knight Alexander is still mine. He just doesn’t know it yet. 
He might have gotten away from The Falls and started over, but I haven’t forgotten what he did… or forgiven him.
He thinks he can run from the truth, but he can’t hide forever.

Once upon a time, he swore to protect my heart. Now, who’s going to protect him from me?
If he thinks he’s seen the worst of me, he’s dead wrong.
After all, everyone knows break-ups don’t often go smoothly.


A Thug in Need of Love: A Novella by B. Love

Phantom has worked his way up the Armani criminal organization with ease. The past fifteen years have been spent proving his loyalty, honing his craft, and protecting those that have become like family to him. After the death of Creole Armani, a new position opens up, and Phantom is perfect for the job. There’s only one problem—he has to be married.

For the Armani’s, family is everything. For an orphaned thug, family means nothing. If it means appeasing the family and earning a spot higher up the chain, Phantom is willing to take those vows and marry one of the Armani daughters… except… the only one he wants has no interest in him.

One bribe laced with blackmail, one arranged marriage, one family… all under one roof for the Thanksgiving holiday. Will this thug in need of love get his version of a happily ever after that comes with a loveless marriage and promotion, or will he find himself finessed by the plug’s daughter and end up getting something realer than he ever thought was possible?


V Day III (V Day: A Friends to Lovers Romance Book 3) by Deja Elise

It’s been a wild ride to love, as Morgan and Tina’s relationship grows more secure and stable. 

Morgan’s found what she’s been looking for in love in her best friend Tina. And Despite her long standing stance against monogamy, Tina has found what she didn’t know she needed in Morgan.

Tina’s been doing all she can to make up for past indiscretions and failures and has been putting in the work to better herself. But as life introduces big and exciting opportunities for Morgan, new concerns arise for Tina about life plans, expectations and her own needs in their relationship.

Will commitment and all that is being asked of Tina send her back to her old ways? And what would Morgan do if she were forced to follow her heart or dreams?


If It’s Love by B. Moni

Germany Love knows the pain of heartbreak all too well and has spent the past few years protecting the very thing that keeps him going… his heart. After years of being unattached, he’s ready to settle down with the very person that’s owned his heart since his teenage years. 

Zyon Jackson has spent the last two years pouring into a relationship that leaves her empty, heartbroken, and confused. Instead of drowning in her tears, she continues moving forward with the motivation of the one that’s been her protector since childhood. 

When an opportunity to advance her career is offered, a shift happens between the two, opening unresolved fears, leaving hidden feelings, and uncertainty of their future hanging in the air.

Will their fears ruin the chance of exploring something new? Or will it be the sweetest thing they’ve ever known? Follow along as these two navigate through their feelings and realization that true love has no timeframe but sometimes the journey to get there is met with roadblocks and detours.


Always & Forever by Talena Tillman

After tragedy strikes, Liam and Layla Monroe are doing everything they can to keep their sanity and marriage from falling apart. One dreadful night turned their perfect world upside down.
Liam’s soul is shattered.
Layla’s heart is broken.
Their tears are uncontrollable.
And both are inconsolable.
Years ago, they promised each other always and forever, no matter what. But can their love survive the storm Liam brought to their front door?


Burn Out: Pink Smoke Series by Virgo Girl

Rhythm Moses was enjoying a meteoric rise in the music industry as one of Hip Hop’s up-and-coming artists. Unfortunately, she’s had to ride the wave of success alone because her father, the only parent she’s ever known is behind bars. On the evening that should have been one of the best nights of her life, mayhem erupts as an unknown gunman shoots up the VIP section with her as the target. Thankfully she was unharmed but now with the shooter on the loose, she is uprooted from her life and forced to move to an unknown island for her safety. Not only does she have to move, but she also has to put up with the antics of an ornery, judgmental, giant whom her father deems worthy to protect her.

Blues O’Neal has distanced himself from his home Onyx Island in hopes of escaping memories of his past. He’s made a good life for himself as a personal bodyguard and owner of Blues Protective Services. After a long, tedious assignment, he is looking forward to a much-needed vacation, but his plans for relaxation are railroaded by a special request from his father. It seems like a simple request until he realizes there are a few catches. Catch number one he will be protecting a temperamental rap diva and catch number two he will have to protect her on the island that he’s been actively trying to avoid.

Thrown together they must now figure out a way to co-exist until the threat is neutralized. Will they find a compromise in their newfound roles or will hot heads, lies, secrets, and betrayal keep them in a permanent enemy standoff?


Cravings (King’s Town Novella Series Book 4) by Shon


Hearts Won’t Break by Jahquel J.

When Gabi Anderson left Brooklyn when she graduated high school, she never thought that she would return home with her tail tucked between her legs and a newborn baby. Freshly divorced, Gabi didn’t think she’d see the inside of her childhood bedroom ever again. Part of her knew her marriage was over before it started. When she found the first broken condom in her BMW, she should have left. Instead, she decided to stick it out, and it landed her back in Canarsie, Brooklyn. With a brand new baby, a new position at a prestigious law firm, and judgmental parents, Gabi doesn’t know if she’s coming or going.

Taj Berkshire is the youngest Black partner at the law firm. He’s handsome, smart and has the job that some of his colleagues have been trying to get their entire career. Everything is perfect in Taj’s life, except his love life. His fiancée left him at the alter two years ago, and his heart still has a bitter sting to it. Women are something to do, not for getting to know. When Gabi Anderson is put on a high profile case with him, he has no choice but to get to know the beautiful single mother with the natural hair.


Shadows in the Dark by Kayelle Gee

Shadow Work — The practice of uncovering the undesirable or hidden parts of yourself to develop self-awareness, and ultimately, self-acceptance.

Rumi LeRoy is a free spirit with a lost soul trying to outrun grief’s inevitable hold. While job hopping, she lands an opportunity that allows her to tap back into her creativity. Though she’s excited for the experience, it becomes more difficult for her to hide from everything she wants to escape.

Giveon Albrecht is a self-made boss and business owner enjoying the fruits of his labor, but what appears to be a life of luxury is nothing more than a mirage to protect him from the pain of his past. With success no longer being his primary source of fulfilment, he is forced to look his greatest fears in the face.

When Rumi crosses paths with Giveon, they become enemies before knowing one another’s names. Opportunity places them together and they must set their issues aside to get what they want. Their encounters begin to peel back layers of falsities, loss, and heartache, but can they find solace in one another long enough to truly heal?

Journey through the highs and lows as Rumi and Giveon decide whether to hide in the shadows of their pain or do the work necessary to step into the light.


LaToya & Geronimo~ Red Ink Rendezvous by Butterfly Brooks

Her ardor awakened The Wolf in him, but he sensed she was hungrier than The Wolf, wanting a comfort that only an indigenous soul could provide.

Geronimo The Wolf Blackfoot is a stellar detective, native of Seminole City, thoroughbred Black Indian, son of The Mamas and Papas of his tribe. He uses skills fashioned by his elders to keep Seminole City and surrounding areas safe. The crime rates are low, thanks to his reputation as The Wolf. He hunts with the fine tuned instincts of canis lupus, his senses keen and wise.

Tragedy brings him to the ultimate hunt, a persistent pursuit of LaToya Mitchell, whose feminine passion burns a hole right into the center of his soul. He must have her. But LaToya is married, separated from her husband, and trying to frame a new life amidst the confusion of relationship transitions. Geronimo’s pursuit leaves her dizzy with delight as he brings her a compassionate comfort dipped in the sensuous salve of his ancestral knowledge, wisdom, and teachings, teachings that tantalize them into a tantric tango made especially for two.


First Taste: A Billionaire Lesbian Romance (First Sight Trilogy Book 2) by Jenna Kent


Is love at first sight a thing? I think Kesha has proven that true in many ways. I’ve accepted her proposal, and my life has exploded in ways I never imagined. Weary of the press and paparazzi, I’ve decided to move into Kesha’s house upstate for some privacy, and to plant new roots.

But things aren’t easy. Kesha’s going to learn my trauma comes with some severe anxiety, depression, and self-doubt. I’ve never had to share my issues with anyone other than my therapist, and I’m terrified this is going to push her away. Not to mention, I’m working with my mother as she learns to accept that I’m not the woman she expected me to be. And Kesha has some issues of her own. She’s hiding them from me. And with our wedding coming up a week before she needs to return to Atlanta, I’m going to do everything in my power to get her to open up to me.


Ella has agreed to marry me and move upstate. Production starts in just a few months and I’ll need to return to Atlanta for filming. In the meantime, I just want to enjoy the life I’m building with her. Ella has some self-doubt, but I’m not going anywhere. I’ll take all of it if means I get to keep her. Her mother isn’t a fan of me, but I don’t care. I’m putting up with her to make my Ella happy. Ella’s opening old wounds and it’s scaring me. I’m afraid if she learns my past she’ll run away from me. I know that I need to open up to her more, and she’s pushing for that. Love at first sight was the easy part, now I’m getting my first taste of what true love feels like.


Poison: A Novel by S.R. Hannibal

Jasmine, a new teacher to the school, returns to her small town to start over. She runs into old friends and rehash old situations. Friends, Lamar and Toni, help Jasmine through tumultuous circumstances and offer her true friendship to help her pull herself through chaos. Just when she thinks life will be mellow, she meets a new man and things begin to tailspin out of her control. Jasmine has to decide whether to stick with the sketchy tactics she is used to or become a better person.

Brooklyn, a successful and beautiful woman, works to build a life that she can be proud of. She owns a stunning home and has a promising career. The only thing she is missing is a family. In her heart, she wants the family she never had growing up.

Their lives intertwine in a peculiar way. Friends and lovers reveal their true selves as the ladies deal with real life situations.


When Love Endures: A Short Story (Divorce Retreat Book 2) by Donya Cathey

Sequel to the short story, Divorce Retreat

Ashley Hernandez and Niles Parker shared one very memorable trip together in the Bahamas.

Now back in the states, will this long-distance relationship last?


Strictly Friends by Frances Mensah Williams

One island paradise. One hell of a choice.

When Ruby Lamont’s young son Jake starts telling tall tales about the dad who walked out on them six years ago, she realises that, for her son’s sake, it’s time to find out the truth. It’s not that she wants Kenny back in her life—her best friend, charming commitment-phobe Griffin, has always been more of a father-figure to Jake—but if she can understand once and for all why Kenny broke her heart by leaving her, perhaps she and Jake can finally move on.

Their journey takes them to heart-shaped Sorrel Island, a Caribbean paradise that according to legend was created as an enchanted refuge for lovers. For no-nonsense Ruby, romance is the last thing on her mind. Spoiling for a fight, she confronts her runaway ex, but he’s a changed man, or so he claims. Just as Ruby’s starting to remember what she saw in Kenny, gorgeous American portrait artist Mac propositions her for a role as his muse, or more…and when Griffin shows up out of the blue, seemingly with more on his mind than friendly moral support, the tropical heat builds to an inferno.

With sparks of lust and jealousy flying in all directions, Ruby has to wonder whether the magic of Sorrel Island is more than just a legend. As the truth of Kenny’s departure—and Griffin’s arrival—spills out, she seems destined for another devastating heartbreak. Shaken out of her state of romantic limbo, Ruby must discover whether people really can change—or if paradise has been on her doorstep all along.


Praising Past My Flaws: A Christian Romance Novel (Faith.Flaws & All Book 3) by Taretha Jones

Trudy is a fashion model living her best life in sunny Los Angeles. She shops on Rodeo Drive and can afford it, owns an expensive home, and has a circle of family and friends who love her. But being just an ordinary model isn’t enough for Trudy. Nope, she wants to be a SUPERMODEL…one on par with the likes of Naomi Campbell or Tyra Banks. With faith, prayer, and humbleness, Trudy has managed to keep her Godliness intact in Tinseltown, even when many other aspiring models haven’t. But when one of the biggest movers and shakers in the fashion industry offers her the world on a pretty, platinum platter, will Trudy exchange her holiness for success? And when an unforeseen situation changes everything for her, will she be able to keep praising despite her flaws?


Off the Train : Train Tripping II by Angelia Vernon Menchan

After a year of dating and having to change their wedding date, Benetton and Clinton got married on a beautiful antique train at The Prime Osborne. Clinton was distinguished in a black conductor’s suit and Benetton wore a pale, yellow lace dress with her veil attached to a conductor’s cap.

CJ, Clinton’s son was best man, Benetton’s father Benjamin gave her away and her mom Rachel walked her down the aisle.

Benjamin felt proud. After almost twenty years of working for the railroad, the daughter he raised as a single dad was getting married at thirty-six and was an adjunct professor for a private college and most importantly glowing with happiness. Rachel stood next to him holding back sobs. Until last year she hadn’t seen her daughter in years and today she walked her daughter down the aisle. Sensing her emotion, Benjamin squeezed her side, eliciting a smile.

This is now.


A Love Unexpected by Sammi Rich

After finishing nursing school Brinae Hart decides that moving away from her city and giving life a fresh start was best for her. Even if she had to leave the one she loved behind. New journeys can sometimes put you in an unfamiliar territory, that you may not be ready for.
However, running into the infamous play boy, Julian “Juke” Taylor had Bri shifting her mindset and she soon found herself in a place that she never expected to be so quickly; in her feelings.
Will Juke step up and be the man Brinae needs or will his player ways force Brinae to put her feelings aside and love Juke from a distance. After all, the love was unexpected…


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP.

New Release Round-Up March 13th-19th

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