Germany Love knows the pain of heartbreak all too well and has spent the past few years protecting the very thing that keeps him going… his heart. After years of being unattached, he’s ready to settle down with the very person that’s owned his heart since his teenage years. 

Zyon Jackson has spent the last two years pouring into a relationship that leaves her empty, heartbroken, and confused. Instead of drowning in her tears, she continues moving forward with the motivation of the one that’s been her protector since childhood. 

When an opportunity to advance her career is offered, a shift happens between the two, opening unresolved fears, leaving hidden feelings, and uncertainty of their future hanging in the air.

Will their fears ruin the chance of exploring something new? Or will it be the sweetest thing they’ve ever known? Follow along as these two navigate through their feelings and realization that true love has no timeframe but sometimes the journey to get there is met with roadblocks and detours.


New Release Spotlight – If It’s Love, by B. Moni

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