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STIFF (Heavy On The D Book 1) by Stephanie Nicole Norris

Three friends experiencing life’s uncertain changes decide they need relaxation beyond the usual girls’ night out. A friend tells them about, The Den, an upscale male strip club. They find out the club is a shell of what really lies beneath—and soon, the ladies are venturing into their mind and body’s wildest desires.

This is Asia McClendon’s story.


Renovation Of Love (Love On Madison Island Book 1) by Meka James

Her return could be a second chance to repair a first love…

Forty-three and jobless, Cynthia Marshall finds herself in the last place she’d expected, back home on Madison Island, GA. Her small hometown holds the ghosts of choices past. From the large Victorian she inherited from her beloved aunt, to unresolved family issues, and the boy turned man she left behind over two decades ago.

Starting a new career is hard enough but having to do so side by side with a person whose heart she broke is something she never accounted for.

Marcel Lewis is the owner of the only construction company on the island and is the key to making Cynthia’s new dream a reality. He never quite got over the abrupt departure of the first woman he ever loved. Her return means he can finally get answers to the whys and what-ifs that have plagued him.

Years have passed, feelings have remained, but some wounds have yet to heal. The more time they spend together, the walls of the old house aren’t the only ones tumbling down. But they can’t construct a future without answering for decisions of the past.


By Chance: A Rewind Short by K. Lashaun

Switching places with her twin sister brings Sinn face to face with “the one that got away”.

Can she handle the resurfacing feelings that remind her of when her world revolved around Jaxon Elliott? The man who’s sensitive soul had always called to her own. The man who’d loved her deeper than anyone she’d encountered since.

The man whose heart she broke six years.


You Make Me Feel by Tucora Monique

“I feel the love when I hold her. I feel it spreadin’ all over. There’s nothin’ that I can’t do.”— Asiahn

Being the middle woman has somehow become Chauncey Granberry’s role. The curvy creator stands in the gap between her students and education, occupies the space between women and the custom lingerie she crafts, and she’s shamelessly become rooted in the grasp of an unhappy man. Growing weary of feeling boxed in, Chauncey agrees to a girls’ night out that she isn’t convinced will spark an essence of freedom. Yet the discovery of something life changing and the presence of the ‘middleman’ triggers a chase she’s unable to avoid and may conjure sentiments she’s unable to categorize.

Quentin Moore has been put in a bind. Assumptions and expectations have driven him away from home, and a successful real estate company has consumed too much of his time to nurture old wounds. Still, being his brothers’ keeper, the middle Moore sibling has been asked to put his business on pause and return to brittle roots and more responsibility than he believes he can handle. However, a night at the strip club he doesn’t want to operate and the mischievous actions of a beautiful stranger could transition his feelings of loneliness to an emotion he’s ignored for too long.


Who Would Have Thought? by Britt Joni

After Jaleesa Spice finished culinary school, she is determined to get from under her family’s thumb and escape a past she feels is riddled with heartache and dependence. She sets her sights on Hilling, NC to gain that freedom and independence… only to find that the only space she needs is releasing all thoughts of what others think.

Ancient Truth is a reclusive Cannabis shop owner. The only thing that matters in his world is Rooted and bringing sunshine to others who suffer silently like him. When all is dark in his world, and he’s on the cusp of giving up, the new woman in town comes tumbling into his life to force a change. 

When it comes to these two, they should remember, “When it hurts, there’s a purpose. You just have to stick around long enough to see what it is.”


You’re The One That I want: The Mason Family Saga by AshleyNicole

With a looming promotion, a so-so social life, and a best friend about to give birth, Inalia Maxwell has a bit of a full plate. Add to that her quest for a coveted Mason, and she’s booked and busy. 
Myair Mason has spent his life living with and loving his big family. Love is the furthest thing from his mind, even though a few of his cousins aren’t making it look so bad. He thinks it may be time to reconsider.
Especially one he runs across Nali again. They shared the tiniest of moments on an island. Can they foster that memory into something more significant? Can she prove to him that out of all his cousins, he’s the one that she wants?


The Complete Once Upon a Funeral Series by Elle Wright, Sherelle Green, Angela Seals, and Sheryl Lister

When the powerful patriarch of the Prescott family dies, four brothers are challenged to return to Rosewood Heights and fulfill their grandfather’s last wishes. With each of these compelling and complex men facing their inner demons, they must ask themselves if light can shine in the midst of tragedy and if home is truly where the heart is…

Finding Cooper by Elle Wright

Cooper Prescott… Strong. Hot-tempered. A charming rebel protége in every way. He may be content with keeping his life the same, however, fate is a beast that always has the last say. 


Inspiring Dominic by Sherelle Green

Dominic Prescott… He’s spent his entire life worried about everyone but himself. Yet, even reluctant leaders need a chance to be vulnerable. Someone to let him drop his inhibitions and heal his tortured soul.


Craving Maverick by Angela Seals

Maverick Prescott… No one likes a know-it-all. Especially when he’s a whole lot of sexy sprinkled with an endearing awkwardness women can’t get enough of. They say a leopard never changes its spots. Unless it’s for the right woman.


Tempting Hunter by Sheryl Lister

Hunter Prescott… A lone wolf thrives off independence and privacy. Yet, even a wolf excluded from his pack can long for something more. Can Hunter shed his protective shield and open his heart to new possibilities?


Waiting On You: A Friends to Lovers Romance (Free Your Mind Book 3) by Chelle Ramsey

Karsyn Jones is walking away from a relationship that’s been nothing but crash and burn. On the verge of opening her paint gallery, she’s searching to find the peace and happiness that’s been so elusive the last few years. When she constantly discovers that peace and joy in the presence of her closest friend, she has to ask the question if love has been right there with her all along.

Ramsey Stephens has given Karsyn everything that she’s ever asked of their friendship. But now that he’s stood by and watched her suffer through heartbreak, he can no longer stay on the sidelines. Yet, Ramsey’s reputation doesn’t make it easy to convince Karsyn to take him seriously and remove him from the friend zone. 

When an intimate encounter results in Karsyn placing rules and restrictions on their friendship, Ramsey has to question if he’s ready to play the fool again. And while he knows that she’s healing her broken heart, he has to determine if Karsyn is worth waiting on.


Unfinished by Author Day

Kensley, a young college girl enters a new world as she begins a fresh journey at an HBCU for her freshman year of college. She’s all alone in a city far away from home, juggling a social life and a school life as it begins to overwhelm the suburban girl. 

Can she handle the mishaps that come along with falling in love with a Washington DC bad boy as his dark past comes back to haunt him? Will it cause Kensley to walk away once and for all or can love overcome betrayal?


Righteous: (The Men of Mafia St. Clair Book 2) by Celeste Granger

The melodies that came from his instrument soothed the ache in her heart. 

Gideon St. Clair is a world-renowned trumpet player, gracing the most prestigious stages, bringing audiences to their knees with the call from his horn. Gideon is also a gangsta, second in command for Mafia St. Clair. They call him righteous because of his masterful horn skills. But those that saw the other side of him, knew Gideon to be righteous in the way he dealt with adversaries, unmercifully. 

Gabrielle Dixon is a concierge doctor, catering to the medical needs of Las Vegas’ elite. She felt compelled to help. She needed to be able to fix something, because the one thing she broke that continuously broke her heart was unrepairable. There was a prolonged pain in Gabrielle’s soul. Yet, quite by accident, she heard Gideon play. Instantly, the pain in her being started to subside.  

That’s when he saw her, and the magnetic attraction between them exploded into a romance for the ages. 


Love’s Touchdown by Mel Dau

As professional football player, Liam Christianson has always had his share of options when it comes to women. But the child of Delia and Justice from “Justice’s Rose”, Liam knows exactly what love is supposed to look like; he won’t accept anything less. Since he assumes the only people interested in him are groupies looking for the next come up, Liam chooses not to date any particular woman; he just dips his feet in the pool never committing to the waves. All that changes when he meets Kree. But is his hidden baggage going to be the end of their love? Or even worse… will it cost them their lives?

Kree is a young single mother who’s just trying to raise her daughter; the last thing Kree is interested in is another meaningless relationship. Praying for a new beginning, she picks up her daughter and moves from Georgia to North Carolina. Because of her past, Kree’s perception on love is tainted. Will Liam be able to work past all of Kree’s insecurities to show her how he really feels?

Find out what happens on the playing field of love.


Miracle’s Retreat: A Christian Romance by Leah Jacobs

Love was the last thing on Miracle’s mind, but leading her to it was on His.

Miracle Stephens’ life is in shambles. She is lonely, jobless and full of anxiety. When she learns of a Christian retreat that promises to help her grow closer to God, she takes a chance. Initially hesitant to participate, she meets a colorful cast of attendees who are willing to open their lives to her; but is she willing to do the same?
Deep down she knows life is to be lived, so she turns back to her First Love for instructions. He’ll use her quest to show Himself strong, introduce her to another love, and a new family.


Make Me Your Selection by L. Dodson

Rittany Lewis went from being with her students every day to praying over a hospital bed for her father to make it another day. During a time when she should be able to count on those around her, she’s instead left emotionally drained and searching for answers regarding her dying relationship. They say when life throws you lemons you should make lemonade. For Rittany her spirit is too tired to do anything but plan for the worse. That is until the person who’s always been in her corner extends his hand. 

Nehemiah Hill is no stranger to hard work, dedication, and having his best friend Rittany’s back. As the owner of a well-known moving company in Memphis, he’s had practice in precious cargo. A new order has to be filled and while he’s up for the challenge he knows moving Rittany’s heart in his direction will be the hardest job he’s had to date. While the challenge is present, he has to decide how hard he’s willing to go in order to convince her that he’s always been the one. 

Will Rittany take a chance on love so soon with someone new? Can Nehemiah show Rittany that he’s the one she can trust her heart with? Or will doubt and past relationships keep them apart?


Guns and Love: Draco & River by Cherish Amore

The length of a relationship doesn’t always determine the strength of a relationship… 

River and Draco have been together and easily become all the other has known. While having plenty of good times, River is teased with the thing she wants the most being dangled in her face. Bringing up her concerns begins to be repetitive and leads to feeling disregarded. Meanwhile, Draco is completely against being forced into anything, though he’s aware of River’s desire. 

Things transpire that aren’t in favor of the relationship, and the discord leaves room for outsiders to come in. Problems pop up left and right, directing the pair down a bumpy road. Both together and apart, River and Draco find themselves literally fighting for their love. 

At the end of it all, will River’s dream be fulfilled, or has Draco completely checked out?


Being Ralph Sears: The Sears Book 5 (The Bag) by Angelia Vernon Menchan

Pacing around his home, Ralph thought about the last year. He had been home for a year, his past revealed, he published a bestselling book, repaired his relationship with his son and had fallen in love with his best friend, Aretha. The thing is Aretha was mother to his son’s wife Kena, best friends with his son’s mother Sandra, though Sandra had relocated to Jamaica with her man Jacques and Aretha knew his bisexual history. He rubbed his head trying to figure out what the hell to do. The loving friendship, at least for her had grown into full blown love for him. He needed to talk to someone.


Orchid’s Nectar by Ebony Farashuu

Orchid Ishmael has built a career giving snarky, yet humorous advice to women lost in love and lust. Her column, Orchid’s Nectar, is one of the most popular features in SHANI Magazine, but she often fails to take her own advice. After being single for three years, a chance meeting with a handsome stranger in a coffee shop ignites fires in places she forgot she possessed.  

Dr. Jeremy Sanders is a pediatrician with no desire to have a white picket fence and a family of his own. When he meets Orchid Ishmael, he’s pleased to find a beautiful woman who can be a friend, a confidant, and a lover with no strings attached.  

When the strings they didn’t want attached begin choking them, Orchid and Jeremy must decide whether to accept the evolution of their relationship or let it go.  

Orchid’s Nectar is the long awaited sequel to SLOW BURN: Deluxe Edition (Slow Burn). In true Ebony Farashuu fashion, Orchid’s Nectar is a sexy read that will set your body on fire and shift your emotions into overdrive. 


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up March 15th-21st

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