The length of a relationship doesn’t always determine the strength of a relationship…

River and Draco have been together and easily become all the other has known. While having plenty of good times, River is teased with the thing she wants the most being dangled in her face. Bringing up her concerns begins to be repetitive and leads to feeling disregarded. Meanwhile, Draco is completely against being forced into anything, though he’s aware of River’s desire. 

Things transpire that aren’t in favor of the relationship, and the discord leaves room for outsiders to come in. Problems pop up left and right, directing the pair down a bumpy road. Both together and apart, River and Draco find themselves literally fighting for their love. 

At the end of it all, will River’s dream be fulfilled, or has Draco completely checked out?


New Release Spotlight – Guns and Love: Draco and River, by Cherish Amore

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