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The Rhyme of Love (Love in Rhythm & Blues Book 2) by Love Belvin

She hates secrets. He despises gray areas. But his sent her away without answers.

Will Wynter’s rhythm of blues keep her from experiencing the relationship budding between the two? Or will Ragee cleanse himself of the demons and teach her the rhyme of love?

Find out in the spellbinding conclusion of the “Love in Rhythm & Blues” series.

DISCLAIMER: The Rhyme of Love is book two of a two-book series. This series is for mature audiences ONLY. This installment is a full-length novel containing profanity, erotica, and sensitive sexual content. If you do not like dark, racy romance between your pages, this literary venture is not for you.



The Art of Love (Decades: A Journey of African American Romance Book 4) by Suzette D. Harrison

Ava Lydell is chasing her dream. A gifted artist, she’s fled the violence of the Deep South for the seduction of sunny California. As luck would have it, the economic crisis of The Great Depression interferes with her hopes and plans. Without patronage and reliable sales, her fledgling art studio fails. Now, she faces poverty, eviction…and the distraction of a mysterious, young stranger engaged in a questionable trade that delivers danger to Ava’s front door.

In an age of Prohibition and poverty, Chase Jenkins has more than most Colored men. He’s savvy, successful, and hazardously employed. A bootlegger living on the wrong side of the law, he’s determined to discover who murdered his baby brother. He has no time for diversions. Especially one packaged in the form of a “midnight” beauty with sultry lips and curvaceous hips. Unable to deny her allure, he involves himself in her affairs despite better judgment. What begins as a crisis quickly becomes a risky romance. Join Chase and Ava on their journey to outlive danger and indulge in the art of love.



One Unforgettable Kiss (The Taylors of Temptation) by A.C. Arthur

A bid on passion

All navy pilot Garrek Taylor ever wanted was to fly far from his family’s notorious past. But now, with his wings temporarily clipped, the famous sextuplet is back in his Virginia hometown to live down a scandal and unload his family’s historical antebellum mansion. His plan is sidetracked when he becomes the winning bidder at an auction for a date with Temptation’s most reluctant and gorgeous bachelorette.

The only child of a retired army colonel, Harper Presley is haunted by the secret that forced her return to the comfort of her Southern town. The unconventional house restorer is mortified to be paired off with an infamous Taylor—until desire blindsides them. As a slow burn of passion heats to a combustible connection, Garrek confronts a mistake that could end his military career. Can Harper help them both rebuild their lives…and build an everlasting future?



Still Loving You (The Grays of Los Angeles) by Sheryl Lister

Home flames still burning…

Malcolm Gray is Lauren Emerson’s biggest regret. Eight years ago, a breakdown of trust cost her a beautiful future with the most charming man she’d ever met. Now a career-making opportunity brings the nutrition entrepreneur home, where she hopes to declare a truce with her ex-love, the star running back of the Los Angeles Cobras. But their first encounter unleashes explosive passion…and unwanted memories of the precious dreams they once shared.

Malcolm can’t forgive Lauren for her betrayal after they had pledged their eternal devotion. But her play-stopping curves alone are a turn-on he can’t resist. He knows he’ll never get over her—nor does he want to… Is their love worth a second chance? Or is he risking heartbreak again? As they jockey for position, a new set of rules could change the game for both of them.



A Billionaire Affair (Passion Grove) by Niobia Bryant

Love is the ultimate power play

Alessandra Dalmount has been groomed since birth to assume the joint reins of her father’s empire. Now that day has arrived, forcing her to not only abandon her own career goals, but work closely with co-CEO and childhood nemesis Alek Ansah. As they battle for control of the billion-dollar conglomerate, Alessandra fights her attraction to the international playboy that could sabotage her professional future.

Although he pursued other dreams, Alek must honor his late father’s request or risk losing his shares of the Ansah Dalmount Group. But the shy girl he knew has matured into a sophisticated businesswoman he can’t resist. And at a private island resort, he and Alessandra end up making love, not war. Then a shocking revelation erodes her trust…and a breaking scandal could leave only one standing. Can they turn their intense rivalry into a blueprint for success that includes a permanent alliance of love?



Seduced in San Diego (Millionaire Moguls) by Reese Ryan

Portrait of desire

There’s nothing conventional about Jordan Jace, except his membership in the exclusive San Diego chapter of the Millionaire Moguls. An acclaimed artist, he’s also a rebel who resists his wealthy family’s attempts to rein him in. Until, at the opening of his latest exhibit, he meets stunning Sasha Charles, a marketing consultant hired to improve his image. He may not need her expertise, but persuading the straitlaced beauty to break some rules is an irresistible challenge.

A casual affair with a client could put Sasha’s professional reputation at risk. Yet she’s drawn to the man who’s a sexy masterpiece in his own right. With Jordan’s guidance, Sasha is living life to the fullest for the first time—enjoying glittering restaurants, colorful local dives and nights of intense pleasure. Their ardent affair may turn out to be a temporary diversion, unless they can discover the art of love—together…



Sacrifice (Sacred Amulet Book 2) by Kiru Taye

Mating an outcast requires a blood sacrifice.

Ebube has rejoined his warriors on the hunt for the sacred amulet but his heart is left behind with Ugo. He’s focused on completing his task and returning to her quickly.

Ugo has found a new confidence since Ebube’s departure. Her waking moments are preoccupied by thoughts of his return.
She isn’t lonely any more as those who had previously ignored her now take an interest in her. After saving a child’s life, she is now in demand for her skills.

But the gods are not so forgiving or forgetful and they will demand a high price for Ebube and Ugo’s disobedience.

This is part two of the Sacred Amulet series and not a standalone.



My Rock: Tabitha (Caregivers Book 1) by Pat Simmons

Three sisters living in three different cities (Baltimore, St. Louis, and Nashville) make a pact to share responsibilities for their aging relative after authorities find Aunt Tweet across state lines. Her destination had been a neighborhood grocery store. The siblings soon learn the definition of caregiver includes a cup full of patience, a slight sense of humor, and when to cry out for help.

Women juggle between career and family all the time, but Tabitha Knicely (St. Louis) is struggling to find a balance. Romance is the last thing she’s trying to add to her list. The Aunt Tweet she knew all her life is not the same one who is residing in her home when she accepts the role as a caregiver for six months. Overwhelmed can’t begin to describe her emotions.
Marcus Whittington is an opinionated, successful business owner, but he has a soft side when it comes to the elderly. They remind him of good memories of his grandparents.
When Aunt Tweet is the mystery woman who stakes out his porch, he becomes concerned that she is not being taken care of properly. He sheds his misconceptions about what Tabitha isn’t doing right when he discovers that every caregiver needs a caregiver. Marcus knows in order to win Tabitha’s heart; he has to charm Aunt Tweet’s too.



Sworn to Secrecy: A Novella by Chelley

At twenty-nine, the beautiful and spiritual Symeka Douglas knew exactly what she wanted out of life, and with love. Happily Indulged with a career she loved, she was anxious for the man she’d been dating for five years to jump on board with the timeline she’d created for herself since a young girl.

Evian Parker lacked nothing beside the will to officially commit. Embarking thirty years of life, he harbored traits women preferred their partner to have. Fearful of the outcome, Evian neglects the depth she’s desperate for. The things he’d done in the past was forgiven. However Symeka couldn’t help but wonder if he’d gotten it all out of his system. Something was causing him to hold back, and she was willing to do whatever it took to find out.

Will the ultimate discovery cause Symeka to put her foot down? Or will she continue to settle for a man who is afraid of the unknown pertaining commitment?



Wilde & Reckless (Love & Leverage Series Book 2) by Grey

He told me if he had the choice, he’d choose me every time.
Wilde Roads.


Months after their 24-hour encounter, thoughts of Wilde are still in heavy rotation. While Jhalil has made efforts to suppress his desires for the damsel in distress, his efforts prove useless when an unsuspecting visit catapults them both into familiar territory -laced with lust, agonizing desperation, emotional comfort and fulfillment beyond one’s imagination.

Exotic dancer and Mayor of Channing City seems like the perfect scandal to bring a screeching halt to Jhalil Hanover’s reign. Yet, not even the threat of public humiliation could hinder his plans of pursuing Wilde Roads.

In the steamy continuation of the Leverage and Love Series, Jhalil has no boundaries.

He’s Wilde.
He’s Relentless.



Am I Good Enough to Love? by BriAnn Danae and Dominique Thomas

From the day she was born, Logan was deemed a daddy’s girl. Even after learning she had to share Deron, she still looked at him with stars in her eyes. But, over the years outside interferences caused the sparkle she had for him to dim. Deron’s attempts fell on deaf ears until Loga had no choice but to hear him out.
The youngest of the sisters, Kolbee was clueless to the turmoil Deron had caused between his two kids mothers. She loved Logan, but her big sister’s actions were never reciprocated. Now that she’s older, Kolbee just wants answers. Some type of reassurance from the only man she’s ever loved.
Logan and Kolbee walk into the lion’s den when visiting their dad, and somehow stumble upon love… or what they assumed for it to be. Bezo, a local Atlanta rapper, has his mind set on sweeping Logan and her adorable daughter off their feet. But, the task is not as simple as laying a couple of verses on a track. As for Kolbee, her love interest is one too close to home. Denali is a man of his word. When he makes the promise to have Kolbee’s back, that’s exactly what he plans to do. But, Kolbee doesn’t hold her breath on it. Deron had made her the same promise.
Life always finds a way to dismantle you from comfortability. Forced to reconcile the drift Deron has caused between them, Logan and Kolbee try to put the past behind them. But, the past isn’t always pretty. Even if the love back then seemed like it was enough.



The Heart Always Wins (The Heart Series Book 7) by Iris Bolling

Socialite Carolyn Roth-Roberts has to make some changes.Her husband is incarcerated, along with her ex-lover. The man she thought she once loved is married with children, to her half-sister. For the first time in her life she realizes her happiness should not depend on any man. It’s time to walk a path of her own making to find inner peace and love. It is now all about Carolyn.

A change is gonna come. . .

Prince LaVere Ashro of Emure has had his share of lovers. Not one has inspired him to follow the royal family’s forced plans for marriage. He was sowing his royal oats in the United States to avoid the aristocratic lifestyle of his country. During one such venture he spoils an attempted murder of a senator with information on a plot to steal the Presidential election. The incident forces LaVere back to his homeland with a woman he had made every effort to avoid.

Change can be good. . .

With her father’s life and the Presidency at stake, Carolyn places the safety of both in the hands of a man she finds intolerable. LaVere is determined to save the re-election of the President and the senator’s life while battling his growing feelings for the self-centered temptress known as Carolyn Roth-Roberts.

LaVere and Carolyn will soon discover, fight as you may but The Heart Always Wins……



The Makeover: A Modern Love Story by Nia Forrester

They’ve got the ‘friends’ part down pat. But now, they have to learn how to be lovers.

Samantha has been best friends with Colton since they were toddlers. His NBA career has never impressed her, nor would he want it to. Their friendship is based on two things: a long, shared history, and Sam’s tendency to keep things real with him, even if the rest of the world doesn’t.

When Sam realizes that the feelings she has for Colton—that are much stronger than friendship—might be returned, it seems like their problems are over, but no, that’s when the real trouble starts.



Falling for a Black Billionaire by Bianca

I hated rich men.
They are all arrogant and think you are supposed to bow down to them.
Until I was accosted by Travis.
Travis Spencer III: Handsome, extremely wealthy, and very smart.
He dates women that are extremely beautiful and equally as rich, and I am way out of his league.
Our one night together was a complete mistake.

I promised my family that I would leave the younger ladies alone, but then I ran into Kriss.
Kriss was everything I never knew I needed.
How dare she thinks that we are non-compatible?
After our one night together, I wanted more and I was going to get it… by any means necessary.



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