The sixth book in this collection was just as compelling as the first five. Tokyo, never actually stood out in the first books regarding the brotherhood. Other than the fact that he was extremely tall and built like a Mac truck, he did not make an impression, as all the other men were tall. However, once I saw the photo of the guy on the cover, I was in love with Tokyo.

The story opened with Tokyo and his men on a mission in Afghanistan, they found themselves in need of assistance from another elite team. In the end, Tokyo needed saving by the Reaper! And many of you will recall; the Reaper is a legend in her own time. I love the fact that this elite special force agent is a lady. Badass, and kick ass and all. Throughout this story, readers get the chance to revisit with members of the brotherhood from previous novels. It’s always nice to chat with Xander, Olen, Aki, Stone, Charles, David, Rocky, Quiana (the Reaper), Troy, Uri, Duke, Cleo, Jackson, the wives, and girlfriends. Delco, Zoe, Yaz, and Ishaan help to round out the crew. I hope I didn’t forget anyone. You’ll need to read the book to find out.

Let’s get into the story. Monique was better known as Monte; she was the manager of Club Magnifique. Her promotion came after Cedi left to pursue his lifelong dream. The club was where Tokyo met and tried to woo Monte, but as she curved him to the left, he was not willing to continue to look like a punk. Especially when he could have any woman he wanted. He could not understand her insistence that they were not a good fit when he could smell her desire for him. Her past would come into the mix, and the Brotherhood would have to band forces to solve her problems, as they were also dealing with a threat to the family. Charles was being tight-lipped about the nature of the threat, which had me wondering if there was more to the plot that would come forth a little later. The plot thickened… The Philly Bop dance-off with David, had me laughing out loud. Philly Bop, done by a tall white guy, I know, crazy right? So many plot twists in the story enhanced and intrigue. I was happy to see Goldie and her family of fools having to answer for all the evil they’ve been doing over a few books now. Fire, Ice, and Frost might have a redeeming side. Maybe?

Did I mention the infamous Zada Kinson made an appearance? She always makes me want to slap someone just because, that’s how badass she makes a sister act for no reason.  I can’t wait to get her full story as well, and maybe her twin Zuri can have an account alongside her sisters’ Overall, the walk down memory lane was very nice. I’m ready for the next show. Tokyo made my day… 5 Stars.

Review – Tokyo (Brotherhood Series Book 6), by Vivian Rose Lee

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