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Check out these new releases from March 28th-April 3rd.

A Picture Perfect Love by B. Love

Photographer Zuri Simpson has given up on love for herself, but she still believes it can be found for everyone else. The hopeless romantic uses her photo booth to set strangers up for blind dates, but she’s never considered using it for herself—until one of her clients gets stood up.

Mayan Smith has always wanted love and a family of his own. Unfortunately, his playboy reputation from his younger years has made it almost impossible for him to find a suitable wife in the small town of Hibiscus Hills. When his future sister-in-law mentions a photo booth blind date, the adventurous ex-basketball player is all in.

For Zuri, adding matchmaker to her resume was supposed to be a fun way to get new clients and increase her income… Falling in love was nowhere on her to-do list. Will Zuri’s health and past experiences cause her broken heart to reject all that Mayan has to give, or will she allow him to gift her with a picture-perfect love?


Plot Twist by Danielle Allen

Breaking up is hard.

Breaking up with the love of your life is harder.

Falling in love after heartbreak is the hardest.

And Kendra Davis didn’t see any of it coming.


Midnight in Manhattan by Shanicexlola

From Zuri Moore:

Just when I decided that I needed an escape, I encountered him.

From Tyson Pearson:

I thought life was complete and that I had eveything I needed, until I met her—my missing link.

Will Zuri and Tyson leave their past behind and conquer their internal fears? Or are their scars too vast to pursue anything real? Unravel their ventures together in Midnight In Manhattan.


Pick Up Your Feelings by Kimberly Brown

Bleu Levell is cautious with her heart these days. After unknowingly having children with a married man, she’s recovering from heartbreak and betrayal. With her children’s father locked up on gun charges, Bleu has thrown herself into work and motherhood. It wasn’t until she meets photographer, O’Shea Boulware, her massage client, that she considers opening her heart to love again.

Tables turn when her ex, Isaiah, is suddenly released and looking to get that old thing back. His possessive nature won’t allow him to let Bleu go so easily, even with his wife in his back pocket. Even with years between them, he still loves Bleu and is willing to pay the ultimate price to have her. 

What happens when obsession turns deadly? Join this trio’s journey of love, betrayal, revenge, and redemption as the drama unfolds.


The Trenches: Loyalty Over Everything by Aubree Pynn

Nyne Copeland’s first love had always been the streets. Choosing them over love was easy until Sarahn’s presence elevates his mission — revenge everything that was taken. Now, with an ongoing street beef, a change of tempo in The Hills, and purpose knocking at his door, he has a choice to make.
Sarahn McBride is the prodigal daughter of Pastor McBride. Choosing the streets over her father in anger. Now, too deep to turn around, her next move has to be her best move. Easier said than done, but when Nyne enters her orbit again, will the fall into the abyss be a safe landing?
Caught in each other’s web and motives, their love and loyalty will be tested. Will Nyne choose Sarahn over the streets? Will all falter or…
Will revenge finally be a dish best served cold?


THE PATTELS 3: KING MARKS (Part 1): A MARKS by blood. A PATTEL by heart by S.K. Hardy

Kingston Marks has known the Pattels for as long as he can remember. His father died unexpectedly when he was only ten years old. Joseph Pattel, his father’s best friend, adopted King and raised and loved him as his own.

The Pattels have an air of respectability they’ve worked hard to create–almost as hard as they fought to remain one of New York City’s top crime families. The elder Pattels laid the groundwork for the next generation, manipulating situations in their favor to gain power, wealth, and prestige. King, his brothers, and cousins are committed to carrying the family to the next level.

The life they lead isn’t for the faint of heart. When King meets Dr. Makayla Webster, he thinks he just may have found the woman to take the journey with him. Makayla is privy to, and accepts, the many intricate sides of the person he has to be in both worlds. What they’ve found is golden.

Every man needs that one special woman who is ready to ride with him when he needs her most. Like chess, the queen is an important piece of the game; she protects her King when things are at their most critical.

But just when they think they’ve succeeded in beating the odds, an almost impossible obstacle is thrown in King and Makayla’s path that will test their love, their families…and their loyalty.

The Pattels 3: King Marks is the first of a 2 book saga.


One Tasty Night: A Men of the Hamptons Prequel Novella (Explore Men of the Hamptons) by Lula White

Return to the sexy romances and rivalries of the Black Hamptons jet-set.

Everybody in my family is going off to pursue their dreams and destinies, while they leave me behind in Baltimore. Like I’m the damn clean-up lady. And I’m tired of it.

But not anymore.

Solomon English just reopened my…


And I’ll be damned if I let it close again.

Ongoing series advisement: This story is part of an ongoing saga. While it can be read as a standalone, it is written to lead into its main follow-up book, Taste You. Your reading experience may also be enhanced by first enjoying the book Flinging All Spring.

Heat level: Medium spicy


Taste You: Book 2 of Explore Men of the Hamptons by Lula White

Return to the hotbed of romance, riches and rivalry in the Black Hamptons.

“So we’re going to play a little game,” he says in my ear.
He should not do that again.
Solomon’s hand is gentle when it squeezes my waist, like he feels me tensing up. His sincerity from last night, and his firm hold on me now, conveys that he didn’t come all this way to hurt me.
“You’re going to sample some things I’ll put in your mouth.”
I realize I’ve never been blindfolded before. Never placed my entire trust in somebody, especially a man, for him to just lead me wherever.
With my hand in his, he places his other hand at my back. “Come this way.”

Series advisement: While this novel is a complete read with an HEA and can be read alone, this story is part of an ongoing saga. It has a prequel novella called One Tasty Night, with events that proceed this novel. Also, this is a spin-off of Flinging All Spring, which contains some backstory for these characters.Yyou might enhance your reading experience by enjoying the two previous stories first.

Heat level: Medium spicy


With Every Moment (McCall Family Series Book 3) by Natasha D. Frazier

Five years of Mike’s life–gone–but could Danielle be the key to salvage everything he lost?

Life was going Mike Stewart’s way. He spearheaded the construction of McCall Resorts Houston, TX location and was all set to celebrate until his mother shared a secret that shattered his heart. All he wanted to do was forget–and he did. A car accident robbed him of memories from the last five years of his life, and the last thing he remembers is his engagement to Danielle Adams.

Five years ago, Danielle turned down Mike’s proposal–a decision she later regretted. Before the McCall Resort ribbon-cutting ceremony begins, she comes face-to-face with the man who’s held her heart hostage all those years. When Mike loses his memory, his parents offer her a chance to change her no into a yes.

But when Mike learns the truth, will he see Danielle’s decision as an act of love or selfishness?


Ladder of Love : A North Brooke Port Novel by Connie Easton

Chanel was a woman that didn’t care for anyone or anything that didn’t please her. Due to her past, her cold ways turned her into a block of ice. She didn’t want love, nor did she have any to give. She was content in her world until it was ripped in two.

Avery was the big fire chief in North Brooke Port. He handled his business during the day and became that family man after every shift. He was loved by the city but couldn’t even get a smile from the woman he laid eyes on.

Chanel and Avery battle with just a simple hello anytime they’re in the same room until one day, one needs saving. It becomes a challenge when both have to face reality. Will the ice melt, or will a fire burn that bridge?


Safety Net: A North Brooke Port Novel by S.L. Partee

Going home isn’t always easy. For Eero Bridges, it’s the last thing he expected to do in life. After his family’s world is turned upside down, he’s left to deal with the aftermath and try to bring his children a sense of normalcy again. Returning to North Brooke Port is supposed to do that for them. When tragedy suddenly hits closer to home once again, Eero has to pull himself together in the face of devastation. 

Azari Gates is also the product of NBP. Born and bred in the close-knit town, it’s the only place she ever considered home. Jobless, and living in her parent’s house as an adult is not ideal. When her job hunt leads her to Eero’s doorstep, the attraction is evident from first glance. However, neither of them want to blur the professional lines. Can they deal with each other on a regular basis platonically, or will the chemistry between them cause things to implode? Can each of them leave their painful pasts where they are, or will they be setting themselves up for more in the long run?


No Ordinary Sacrifice: A Christian Romance Novel (Beyond Ordinary Book 2) by Taretha Jones

Gorgeous Kathy Anderson is attending wedding after wedding. It seems like all her best friends and family members are getting married, leaving her the last woman standing. When she finally walks down the aisle, she comes to realize that she has turned a blind eye to the type of man her husband really is. Unfortunately, it turns out that her significant other isn’t the charming, loving, God-fearing spouse she’d thought he’d be. When a real Boaz walks into her life, she finally starts to believe that wedded bliss might still be in the cards for her. Yes, she has a shot at making it to a blessed happily-ever-after, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be an extraordinary sacrifice or two along the way…


A Small-Town Girl by Diana Anyango

Lucy Akinyi returns home to lick her wounds after a bad breakup and finds purpose in advocating for children’s rights. But the hurt has left her slow to trust and almost numb to love.
Adams Okal goes into the heart of Kachieng’ to set up his dream ranch and have some peace, away from deception, war, death and despair. But without the army, he feels like a blind man groping in the dark and starts to feel lonely without his family until he meets Lucy.
Their physical attraction makes him want her. Yet, Adams can’t settle for a brief liaison. Lucy pulls his heartstrings like no other. However, she is resistant to getting entangled with a man in uniform. Are they strong enough to demolish all the barriers and discover love on the other side?


A Resilient Love by Martina M Lanier

Doing everything by the book Timbre had her life planned out to a “T.” What she wasn’t expecting was the life-changing news she got after visiting the doctor. Hurting, humiliated, and confused, Timbre has to decide if she wants to give up or keep going. 

Emory has always been unconventional, and that doesn’t change after meeting Timbre. Her spirit and unique beauty make him want to risk it all without thinking twice. With Timbre’s new outlook on life she makes it hard for him to get as close as he desires and his biggest fear is that he will get tired of fighting her for love. 

Both unsure of the future, their resilience is put to the test.


What Happens on Vacation…: A flirty vacation romance (Westmoreland Legacy: The Outlaws Book 4) by Brenda Jackson

A Napa Valley vacation fling is just the thing…or will the stakes be too high? Find out in this Westmoreland Legacy: The Outlaws novel by New York Times bestselling author Brenda Jackson.

What happens in Napa Valley stays in Napa Valley…


For Alaskan senator Jessup Outlaw, a Napa Valley vacation starts out as innocent R and R—until he meets Paige Novak. Their chemistry is explosive! And the temptation to have the Hollywood star for himself proves irresistible… but the spotlight’s trained on her every move. Is the timing finally right for Jess’s personal desires to come ahead of his career? Or will their vacation romance crash into reality with the return of a familiar face from Paige’s past?

From Harlequin Desire: A luxurious world of bold encounters and sizzling chemistry.

Love triumphs in these uplifting romances, part of the Westmoreland Legacy: The Outlaws series:

Book 1: The Wife He Needs
Book 2: The Marriage He Demands
Book 3: What He Wants for Christmas
Book 4: What Happens on Vacation…


Manipulation by Roy Glenn

The prequel to award-winning author Roy Glenn’s first bestselling novel, Is It A Crime finds fan-favorite character Mike Black accused of murdering one of his close associates in this a no holds barred Urban suspense novel…

Mike Black and his wife, Shy, are trying again to put their life of crime behind them, raise their children, and spend the rest of their lives loving one another in peace. That peace is shattered when Elias Colton, a prominent member of the Black Business Association and close associate of New York City gangster Mike Black, is murdered.

The detectives assigned to the case believe they have a suspect, and the motive is sex, money, or both. However, when Black and Shy are spotted at the funeral, the detectives know that it’s necessary to eliminate Black and The Family, the criminal organization that he controls, as prime suspects. They soon discover that the murder has international implications.

With the war behind them, everybody in The Family has gone back to making money. Underboss Rain Robinson is preoccupied with her situation with Carter Garrison, and she needs some space to figure out what to do. When her cousin, Sapphire Langston, goes missing, Rain uses the disappearance as an excuse to distance herself from Carter.

At Sapphire’s apartment, someone has ransacked the place and is still there waiting when Rain arrives. Rain is able to fight off her ambusher after a wild shootout, but now, as the search for Sapphire and the investigation of Elias Colton’s murder continues, it becomes obvious that the two are connected.


The Royal Baby He Must Claim (Jet-Set Billionaires Book 2) by Jadesola James

They will wed for their baby, but can their relationship ever mean more? Find out in this emotional marriage of convenience romance by Jadesola James.

A Seychelles honeymoon…

…to claim his pregnant princess

Having suffered unimaginable loss, security mogul Luke Ibru has closed himself off completely. So the desire he feels meeting sheltered princess Kemi Obatola is unexpected—and irresistible

When their one night of indulgence leads to a royal consequence, Luke demands they wed! Kemi fears she might be swapping one gilded cage for another. Yet despite her husband’s claim that his heart is impenetrable, behind the doors of their lavish island bedroom, Kemi feels truly free for the first time…


April’s Really, Really, Very Foolish Day by Tamara Devers

April Bradshaw’s no fun. She’s been called aloof, stand-offish and her personal favorite, The Fun Sponge. And now she can call herself unemployed, because her boss fired her the day before April Fools’ Day. Unfortunately, it’s no joke.

While drowning her sorrows, she meets two fun-loving ladies, who encourage her to come out of her shell. It’s out with the old and in with the new!

New April is playing by different rules. When she locks eyes with a sexy stranger in a bar, it’s time to find out how foolish April can really be.



If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up March 28th-April 3rd

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