After a vindictive ex causes her to lose her dream role, Taheerie Pierre’s girls dare her to accompany them on a sinful night out at the exclusive Club Eros. Taheerie agrees, hoping that checking a few things off her bucket list helps her to forget her troubles. However it opens up a Pandora’s Box of hidden pleasure between friends instead. Leaving her unsure if it can ever be closed again or if she even wants it to.

Cashton Holliday is determined to make her choice an easy one while checking items off her list. Taking her to heights she’s never known before to prove once and for all he is the only man who can take care of all her needs. Will Taheerie end things before they’re in too deep? Or will she finally let him give her the love she deserves? Find out in If You Let Me.


New Release Spotlight – If You Let Me, by Kema B.

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