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Long Road to Love by T. Key

Andrew Donald is a man with a plan. His priorities are his daughter Hailee, his mother, and the road. Love is something that he DEFINITELY doesn’t have time for.

Kalia Daniels has been a stranger to love for a few years now. After a relationship that did a number on her self-esteem and left her heartbroken, she took time to rebuild herself and remember her regality as a beautiful and desirable queen.

When their worlds collide, will they crash and burn? Or will Kalia change the way Drew views his life…and love?


A Rose Is Still A Rose (When We Were Flowers Book 1) by Harleigh Rae

Episode one follows Rosewynn Drury as she navigates life after her mother’s unexpected death and returning to the place she swore never to visit again. A war is brewing between her and the youngest of the Drury children surrounding the fate of their mother’s legacy. But the kind gestures of a good samaritan help her learn that “nobody wins when the family feuds.”


Love’s Battleground by B. Love

Amalia is the youngest child of Bishop and First Lady Franklin, founders of Mustard Seed COGIC. She’s the child her parents believe they got it right with. The one that’s a twenty-nine-year-old virgin, ready for the husband of their choosing. 

Their choice? Musician and Director, Montrell Jameson. 

They say Satan was high ranked and offering musical praise to God in heaven… maybe that’s why Montrell struggles so much with sin. Though a few red flags are given regarding his loyalty and faithfulness, Amalia trusts her parent’s guidance and agrees to marry him – until a second suitor comes along. 

Street lord, Kawan Latimore, wants nothing to do with the church or anyone in it. He finds himself smitten with Amalia and the good girl image she portrays. When he finds out who her parents are, the love and lust building between them comes to a halt. But he soon learns his plans mean nothing when Fate is in control. 

Stuck between church and the streets, Amalia finds herself in a love triangle that neither prayer nor threats of penitentiary time can get her out of. 


Color Me Bad by Wynta Tyme

“So this really is goodbye, bad girl?” I asked once I was able to speak around the lump in my throat. Using the pad of my thumb, I wiped away Em’s fallen tears.
“This isn’t goodbye, my Lijah. I’ll be at a different school, but we will always talk, and I’ll be home most holidays. Just promise me you won’t make any new girl best friends. My heart can’t take that.” She gave a nervous chuckle then a small smile. 
I pulled her in for a tight hug. “No other girl can come close to you, and the same applies to you. You got my number so don’t be a stranger. Use my number, Em.”
We separated and gazed into each other’s eyes. “No one is like you, Alijah Reece Taylor. Take care of yourself and don’t forget about me. Remember, art is love—”
“And love is art.” I finished her phrase and we smiled at each other. She planted a quick kiss on my cheek, and I returned the gesture by kissing the side of her neck like I always did. I walked her over to her dad’s sedan then opened the door for her. She climbed in then I closed the door behind her. Mr. Badd started his car then pulled away from the curb. Em lowered her window and waved goodbye to me and I followed suit. The further away they drove the more tears slipped down my face. My best friend was gone. If that fire hadn’t started, she wouldn’t have had to leave, and she would still be here with me. Now what was I going to do, color or be bad?


Death At Bunny Lane by Wynta Tyme

Roux Hops is a free-spirited feminist that works the front desk at the Bobby B. Stone African American Museum. She’s an alpha female that knows what she wants and she goes after it. Especially if the package is a tall, dark chocolate dread head that’s new to town and her place of work.
Coal Eastly is the devilishly handsome and funny new second shift security guard at the museum. His laid back and skillful character signifies he’s an omega man, yet the alpha in him triggers his willingness to chase one person for the first time ever—Roux. 
When their promising romance starts to blossom, bizarre events begin to take place in the museum. Are the late-night shifts playing on their imagination, or is there a bigger threat in plain sight before the Easter holiday?


You Could Do Damage Too by K.C. Mills

“Love doesn’t have to be perfect as long as it’s real.”

You Could Do Damage too!


Forbidden: a slow burn romance by Asia Monique

She yearned for him. 

Nyla Mullaney couldn’t shake her want for a man she knew could never be hers.

He desired her.

Asan Chamberlain sought peace and found it in a woman who he should’ve been avoiding at all costs.

They formed a bond that had them treading in forbidden waters with no desire to escape. Nyla and Asan were never meant to be, history said so, but fate had other plans. 

*please note, this is a full-length standalone novel drenched in pure unadulterated black love.


His to Protect (Harlequin Romantic Suspense) by Sharon C. Cooper

She looked a criminal in the eye…

…and now she’s a target

When Connie Shaw witnesses a bank robbery gone horribly wrong, security specialist Trace Halstead makes himself her personal protection detail. Days and nights together make it impossible for Connie and Trace to resist the attraction burning between them. But Connie doesn’t know which she fears more…the threat from the man who wants to end her life or the love of the man trying to save it.

From Harlequin Romantic Suspense: Danger. Passion. Drama.


Lessons In Temptation (Bantu Academy Series Book 3) by D. Camille

Two stories…One book…

A Lesson in Enticement

Asha Sawyer has been a support to all of those around her in finding Black Love. Now, it’s her turn at manifesting her dreams and she’s being enticed by Mr. Omari Clarke as she travels with him to gather information to open new Bantu Academy locations. But in the end, Asha will have to release the past in order to obtain her future…while never losing the woman she’s worked to become.

A Lesson in Attraction

Neveah Long has worked with Omari Clarke for a few years, traveling the world and learning how to become a boss. She’s been delegated the task of opening a new Bantu Academy and is ready to do her job. However, the time has come for Neveah to make the biggest change she’s ever made in her life, as an instant attraction takes her into a world that she never knew even existed.


Jade (The Gems & Gents Series) by Iris Bolling

The best cure for a ‘Momma’s boy’ is a Lassiter sister.
The best cure for a ‘Momma’s boy’ is a Lassiter sister.  

The Lassiter Sister

Jade Lassiter, fresh off a prestigious award for public service in journalism, receives an offer she cannot refuse. The life-changing decision leads her away from the security of her family and the footprint of larger-than-life brothers and sisters. Jade makes the decision to follow her passion to dance. The odds of success are against her, but hey, she is a Lassiter, damn it. Lassiter’s can make anything happen… right?  

The Momma’s Boy

Blake Thornton. voted the sexiest man alive for three years in a row, is living the life of fame, and fortune, with women from coast to coast at his beck and call. Then he realizes that fame and fortune do not equal happiness. A child star turned adult heartthrob brings its own set of problems. His overbearing mother is willing to take out anyone—anyone who threatens to intervene in her control of her son, especially if their last name happens to be Lassiter.  

The Conundrum

The past is threatening to interfere with the future when a dance between Blake and Jade exposes an attraction, they were fighting for ten years. The two open their hearts, their bodies, and their souls to each other. When Blake’s mother finds the two together all hell breaks loose. Several attempts made on Jade’s life cause Blake to think his mother has gone too far.

Can the chemistry between Blake and Jade turn into something more…something that is strong enough to save both of their lives?


Scar’s Redemption (Black Warriors Book 1) by Kiru Taye

Born to play second fiddle, Prince Sefu Bahati knows he’ll never be good enough to be king. When the kingdom is threatened, he puts his life on the line to protect it and earns the moniker ‘Scar’. However, he is betrayed, and his heart hardens. He becomes fixated on claiming the throne, even if it means eliminating his ungrateful brother.

First, he has to go through the tempting siren, Pacca Zhuri, who is determined to stop him and save him. The pretty wildcat warrior doesn’t realise he’s a lost cause. But they’re going to have fun on this crazy ride, to the top or to Hell. There’s nothing left to lose.


Careless Whispers (Jackson Falls) by Synithia Williams

She’s falling in love with the one man she can’t trust…

Elaina Robidoux knows how people view her: coldhearted, ambitious, ruthless. But it doesn’t matter. Running the family business is all she’s ever wanted and she’s so close she can almost taste it…until her father fires her and hires her nemesis—arrogant, unflappable Alex Tyson. Elaina may be hurt but she refuses to be defeated, so she throws herself into creating a business of her own. But she never dreamed that to close her first deal, she’d need Alex’s help… 

Alex understands the power of a family legacy better than most and the last thing he wanted was to take that from Elaina. Her beauty and fierce strength are undeniable, but there’s a softer side that no one but him seems to see. She’s been taught that emotions are a liability, yet one impulsive kiss starts a chain reaction that neither of them wants to stop. But can love ignite—and survive—when secrets and loyalties collide?


Recovery (The Code Black Book 2) by Reneé D. James

“Recovery” is the second book in Reneé D. James’s epic, romantic, addictive Code Black trilogy.

Strong. Independent. Sexy. Dr. Nicole Greenway has it all, including a new high-profile man who has attracted some attention—even the negative type.

But in the blink of an eye, everything she has worked so hard for could be all for nothing because she might not survive to see another day.

Alpha. Successful. Attractive. Vincent Black is the complete package, but being a renowned entrepreneur has disadvantages that could cost him everything—including her, that all-consuming woman in his life.

Will she return to a normal state of health, mind, and strength?

Will Vincent regain possession of something that could be lost forever?

Will they recover?


Dominic’s Pride (Contemporary Christian Fiction) (Virtues & Vices Book 3) by J.L. Campbell

Women. Money. Parties. Dominic Whitehorn’s life revolves around these staples until he wakes up to the reality that he’s broke, and living in a foreign land.

He hates his overbearing brother, and can’t stand his mother’s lectures. The only other source of help is his father, who suffers a heart attack.

With tighter reins on the family business, and his loan called in, Dominic’s problems multiply.

To make matters worse, the woman he’s interested in believes he’s a lightweight, and another claims he’s the father of her baby.

Ashley Dennis knows Nick is a troubled soul because she’s been there. They make an unlikely couple, but will her example and conviction be the catalyst he needs to turn his life around?

***Dominic’s Pride is inspirational fiction with a focus on family and relationships.


Going Through Changes (Please Don’t Go Book 3) by Tesa Erven

In the final installment of the Please Don’t Go trilogy, Vanessa and Sincere move-in together. They’re excited about planning their future and starting a family when Vanessa becomes pregnant. Life is good until tragedy strikes and she could possibly lose the baby. Can they overcome during this difficult time? Or will this tear them apart? 

In the meanwhile, one of Sincere’s food suppliers for his trucking company threatens to close his account. So, Sincere enlists the aid of a trusted employee to help him save the contract. Will he seal the deal? Or will the lies and deceit cause his company to lose? Find out in Going Through Changes. 


The Ideal : A Sweet Muslim Romance by Saffiyah Ali

Caliph and Zaida – They are far from ideal, yet close to perfect:

     Is Caliph the Brother Zaida’s father wants her to marry? She’ll take him. Until she realizes that Caliph is looking for the ideal Muslimah. And with her hijab that’s never quite right, jeans, gym shoes, and shelves full of her old basketball trophies, she’s far from his ideal. But when fate keeps pushing them together in compromising positions, he asks her to marry him to save her reputation. What’s a tom-boy ex-athlete going to do when the brother everybody wants,wants her?

     Brother Dawud has been trying to introduce Caliph to his daughter for a month. But when Zaida finally falls into his arms (literally) she’s not at all what he expected. The prickly, funny, tomboy laces up her gym shoes and gives him a run for his money.

He was looking for the ideal Muslimah. But when he meets Zaida he realizes she’s far from ideal and yet close to perfect.

This is a sweet clean romance that will bring you a few laughs, a few sighs and a guaranteed HEA. 


The Note: A Sweet Romance by Seyna Rytes

“I fell for Habib Adam as a little girl, chased him around the school playground at recess and at the masjid after Quran school. 
As we grew up, Habib became more and more distant, and I lost faith in my dream of a happily ever after with the boy who owned my heart. 
After years of waiting in vain, I left our native California and started a new life in London. 
Guess who I bumped into across the pond?…”

Hadeel and Habib are reunited by fate at a time in their lives when everything between them should be possible, but will things be that simple?

Read along for a wholesome love story between the quiet boy who grew into a confident man, and the dreamy girl who became all woman. Prepare for sparks to fly!

This is a sweet romance with a guaranteed HEA, no cliffhanger & no cheating.


Honest and True (Southern Gentlemen Book 3) by Ja’Nese Dixon

Rules are meant to be broken. But what about hearts? Is a second chance possible with this single dad and his sexy off-limits employee?

Rashaad Montgomery is a divorced single dad and one-fifth of Southern Soul Houston. He’s juggling the care of his energetic daughter, managing his multi-billion dollar real estate company, and fighting his secret attraction to Catrina.

Catrina Franklin loves the Montgomery family and can’t remember a day when she didn’t love Rashaad. She gave up all dreams of turning her childhood crush into her man when he married and had a child.

But four years ago, he filed for divorce, then six months ago, he kissed her, igniting hope and unquenchable longing. 

She knew their time had finally come, but her hope was dashed again when Rashaad showed up with a date, pretending Catrina was nothing more than a family friend.

Catrina left Houston, returning only to plan the year’s biggest wedding, the Montgomery Double Wedding, a contract she needs to launch her new business.

Rashaad avoids the undeniable pull between them until he comes face-to-face with the very sexy Catrina on the arm of his biggest rival. The reality of his stupid mistake glares at him through her distrusting eyes. And he has two choices: walk away or prove he’s the only man for Catrina Franklin.

A war is waged to prove they’re friends, not enemies. Each encounter, caress, and secret kiss staged to prove his intentions and love are honest and true. But when history repeats itself, they’ll learn whether love endures all things.


Consequences of Passion: A sensual pregnancy romance (Locketts of Tuxedo Park Book 1) by Yahrah St. John

She promised herself just one night of passion with her best friend’s brother, but what happens next? Find out in this explosive launch to the Locketts of Tuxedo Park series from Yahrah St. John!

When a winning bachelor bid

leads to unexpected consequences…

Psychologist Shantel Wilson surprises herself by attending a bachelor auction as a favor to her friend—and bidding on his older brother! The outcome of her steamy night with Roman Lockett, heir apparent to an Atlanta football dynasty? She’s expecting. Now Roman wants to claim her—and his child—yet Shantel needs more than a marriage of convenience from this man who put passion in her playbook…

From Harlequin Desire: Luxury, scandal, desire—welcome to the lives of the American elite.

Love triumphs in this uplifting romance, part of the new Locketts of Tuxedo Park series.

Book 1: Consequences of Passion


Touching Fire by Ty Robinson

There are only three things in life that are certain. Water is wet, everything that lives will die, and fire will always burn. For Lanelle Grayson, its that third certainty in life that she embraces. Before the heat found her, she was simply a young black woman from Queens making something of herself. High school graduate, military veteran, and then a police officer. As Lanelle walked her path in the world, she came across fire in the form of a man.

A man that set her a blaze within. Every touch scorching her. His very existence and intimacy searing into her very being. The lines of love and lust burned into one and the same. It was the fire that drew her in. Consumed her. Pleased her. However, when one touches fire, the fire touches you back. 

What could the consequences possibly be?


The British Influence by Tracy Gray

**This is the same EXACT short-story that appeared on my website. There have been no changes or additions. If you read it there, you do not need to read it here.***

British Goode had been looking forward to her “Golden” birthday” for at least 12 months, before it was brutally hi-jacked by a new outbreak, called the Corona Virus.

Rob Miller wasn’t sure if all the hype surrounding the COVID 19 pandemic was warranted or not, all he knew was that he wanted it to end, so that he could get back to his normally scheduled life.

After the two strangers unwittingly end up quarantined in the same space, sparks start to fly. But is a pandemic really the best place to find a…relationship? Entanglement? Hook up?


The Assignment by Rowdy Rooksy

Remington English just got the gig of a lifetime as the ghost writer for retired soccer phenom and playboy, Nathan Black. He’s smart, gorgeous and cocky as hell. If all goes well, her very first writing assignment will launch Remington into the writing world and kick start her career in a major way. The only problem is that Nathan Black is clearly opposed to the memoir and is doing everything he can to be as difficult and uncooperative as possible. To make matters worse, there’s an intense chemistry flaring between them that she didn’t count on and can’t deny no matter how hard she tries.


Nathan Black just wants to be left alone. His days of being in the spotlight should be over yet he’s on the front page of the gossip websites on the daily. Now his cousin has arranged for up and coming writer, Remington English, to write his memoir and he’s not happy about it at all. Nathan has no intention of making the process easy for the sexy and very determined young woman. The only problem is that his plan to dead the thing doesn’t seem to be working and his attraction to Remington is threatening to turn his entire world upside down.


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up March 29th-April 4th

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