Bailey and Duke have been dating off and on since middle school. Their relationship is unorthodox to most, but they have built an unbreakable bond that they both cherish. Well, until a minor indiscretion causes them to split. Even with Duke’s change of heart, Bailey decides that nothing will get in the way of their happily ever after. 

La’Bella is trying to find her place in life. When she meets Gjonaj, she finally feels safe and appreciated, but the relationship is built on a lie. La’Bella believes that if she loves him with her whole heart, they’ll overcome her deception. But will they?

As far as success, Ayesha is proud of her accomplishments and excited about the ones to come. But as she knocks on 30, who she’ll spend her life with becomes more important. She runs into an old friend who has been trying to get with her since high school and decides to finally give him a chance. Now it seems that the closer they become, the more her life falls apart.

If I let You Go is a novel about love, lust and betrayal that will leave you speechless. 


New Release Spotlight – If I Let You Go, by Natalie Sade

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