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Weekend Fiance: A Jared and KeShana InstaLove Story by Tina Martin

When serial bachelor, Jared Delarosiere asks KeShana Taylor to accompany him for the weekend as his fiancée, he thought it would be a whirlwind trip to trick his parents into thinking he’s finally settling down. But a tragedy in the family throws his plans into a tailspin, leaving him broken in the end.

Can this fake situation be the key to providing him with solace and hopefully some real love?

A spin-off from ‘How To Love Me’



Controlled Chaos (Clarke Brothers Book 2) by Christina C. Jones

Andre Clarke is painfully accustomed to being in control.
He’s the problem solver, the “responsible” brother, the one who keeps everything around him in order.
Until Drew Dawson steps in to turn him upside down.
Andre may be used to doling out commands, but Drew isn’t one to take them.
Two very different people, with a shared goal… if only they can play their roles.



Unforgettable Kiss by Tiye Love

The beautiful and free-spirited Raini Blue is a struggling artist with aspirations to have her own gallery. Believing she is content, she’s comfortable with her job at a local bookstore and selling her wares in the New Orleans French Market. But her world is about to shift when Tre LaSalle, the man with whom she shared her first kiss as a teenager, comes back into her life.

Between his new role as mayor of a world-renowned city and being a single father to his eight-year-old daughter, Tre has little time for relationships. Until Raini Blue. Intrigued by her beauty and her resistance to his charms, he is determined to win her over.

Tre ignites her passions and awakens desires long dormant, but Raini wonders if he can truly accept her bohemian lifestyle, whether or not her family’s checkered past will hurt his political aspirations, and ultimately, can she trust him with her heart?



Seasons of Fidelity: End Game by Takerra Allen

The first season was one of contemplation.
The second, of choices.
The final…? Consequences.

Regina and Ray have begun to rebuild atop destruction. But have they cleared all of the rubble away? What happens when a solid union is constructed on shaky foundation? Will it stand or will it crumble?
Derrick and Aleeya are not Derrick and Aleeya. For the second time, they’ve entered a new season apart. Is it destiny or doom that await if they should connect? With so many odds stacked against them, will the dice ever roll in their favor?
Yael has gone missing at a fragile turn in Justice’s life, leaving him feeling more isolated than before meeting her. With time to reflect, he begins to analyze why he’s so dedicated on saving others. Should he toss out the raft once more, or stop himself from drowning this time?
The Finale packs answers to the burning questions. For two seasons, readers have trekked further into the dark cave of Takerra’s mind and these characters’ soul-twisting world, and now suddenly – they’re handed a flashlight. All they have to do is make it out.
Let’s see who makes it out with them…together.



Moment In Time by BriAnn Danae

Amid her tears, Cherish Caine learns to not only live in the moment but to love as well. Her lifelong relationship with Julian “Ju” Nyles shifts one night, causing them both to wonder what happens next. For Cherish, her life does a complete 180, and Ju’s newfound interest in her only ignites her need for him.
That’s until he left the city.
Ju was her safe haven, but can he mend the damage he’d played a hand in causing or will time not be on his side?




As We Lay: Demi and Grayson (Forbidden Lust Series Book One) by Aubree Pynn

Demi is a force but Greyson is the enforcer. Together the race is on to tame each other. Can they make this week one to be remembered or will outside forces ruin a good thing before it’s started?
Find out in As We Lay: Forbidden Lust Series Book One.



Suite Heat: A Novella by C. Monet

Zoey Lucas lived in two unique worlds traveling between both easily with just the opening and closing of her eyes. One was real life, work, school and being a twenty-four-year-old woman in Coupeville. The other was spent fantasizing and waiting for her boss to notice her and give her the high she was desperately looking for. She wants Onyx and the only thing stopping her is her job title.

Onyx is no stranger to women falling all over him. However, he knows mixing business with pleasure never works. But when it’s brought to his attention that Zoey is interested, he can’t help but reconsider his stance for the beautiful, progressive Zoey.

Will the heat be turned up in Suite 202? Find out in Suite Heat.



Emmanuel: Broadus Brothers Book 1 by Shantaé

It rings synonymous with hustle and to bear it means you personify what it is to be a boss. On the streets of Houston it holds major weight and is never to be taken lightly. In their hood it brings status, garners respect, and defines loyalty. To break bread with a Broadus is an honor but to actually be a Broadus is to be part of a brotherhood. A legacy. A bond so unbreakable that it would take several armies of adversaries to penetrate it.

Emmanuel, the quick tempered baby boy, has easily lived up to every expectation there is when it comes to carrying the Broadus name but history has shown that during the reign of every great King, there is always someone looking to knock them off the throne.

Being solid and thorough doesn’t guarantee immunity to post traumatic stress and that’s the exact state he finds himself in months after being gunned down on New Year’s Eve. In the midst of his storm, he encounters another troubled soul who despite her own struggles, brings him a peace he’s never known. With her, he’s at ease and free to be himself but between the stresses of the street life, managing an up and coming singing sensation, and battling his own inner demons, Emmanuel must figure out a way to balance his love for Kambré while still living up to his surname.

Accustomed to getting what he wants, Emmanuel finds himself unable to deal with Kambré’s indifference when it comes to their relationship. Advice from different sources on his situation tends to go in one ear and out the other but when his plus sized beauty becomes fed up with his antics and walks away, will Emmanuel find himself at risk for spiraling even further down a dark road or will her departure be the wake up call he needed all along?



Love Overboard (The Luminous Cruise Chronicles Book 3) by D. Rose

Havana Lee boarded the Luminous with the sole intention of being her best friend, Marley’s wingman for the next five days.
When she meets Sean Pierce, her plans quickly change.
A night of lust-filled decisions takes them overboard, forcing them to decide if the time they shared was a fling or a relationship in the making.
Love Overboard is part of a short story series dubbed The Luminous Cruise Chronicles. This series is written by a group of authors who found themselves inspired during an otherwise stressful situation.

The Luminous Cruise Chronicles:
Love On The Luminous – Chencia C. Higgins
Love On Deck – AshleyNicole
Love Overboard – D. Rose
Love On Cruise Control – T. Key
Love Unexpected – Turtleberry
Love’s False Start – Diana W.
Love Lessons – Honesty Price
Love Under Quarantine – Nicole Falls



Love on Cruise Control (The Luminous Cruise Chronicles Book 4) by T. Key

Malaysia Rivers was seeking a getaway. Now that social media was buzzing about what they THOUGHT were facts about her, she just wanted to escape. An unexpected gift from her best friend put her on the Luminous’s Singles Cruise. It her mind, it might not be a good idea. She wasn’t exactly looking for love. It was a man that her looking for a getaway in the first place. Damn industry men!

All that went out the window when she met Chance…
He intrigued her…
Was the perfect gentleman…
He had her thinking about changing her mind…her taste in men. She had plenty of time to find out when they were told they were being quarantined for the next two weeks. Would Malaysia and Chance make a love connection…or would their romance be a distant memory once they docked?



Love Unexpected (The Luminous Cruise Chronicles Book 5) by Turtleberry

Penny went on the cruise hoping to find love. She didn’t think she would find it in such an unexpected form.



Love’s False Start (The Luminous Cruise Chronicles Book 6) by Diana W. 

Dragged onto the Luminous by her bestie, Aspen Lawless came aboard in an attempt to salvage her dating life. She wasn’t looking for anything but a good time and as her bad luck would have it, a blast from her not too distant past that she thought she would never see again, Jerome Nielson, happens to be on the ship too. Will their reunion be short-lived or proof that sometimes things are better the second time around?



Love Waves by Monae Nicole

Meadow Lane decided to set herself free. Getting her heart regularly torn to shreds by the man she thought she’d love forever was no longer going to cut it. She’s determined to live and let go of love. But when a friend invites her on a cruise, she finds a new meaning to living and letting go.

Elijah was dedicated to giving his fiancée the world, or as much of it as they could behold. However, her actions have made it clear – his best isn’t good enough. After facing his lover’s indiscretions, Elijah is forced to set sails without her. When he lays eyes on a woman he can’t turn away from, the more distant his pain seems.

A chance meeting in the middle of the ocean brings these two together, sparking instinctive passion. Has misery found its company or is destiny finally having its way?



Levels to Broken by Janice Ross

Evie Janelle has made a million mistakes in life. She’s chosen the wrong man time and again, yet even when true love finds her in the form of Ethan Cross, she rejects him and runs away. Having made a decision to be a wiser and better woman, she moves on, eventually landing in the arms of a sexually abusive man—Anthony Stonewall.

Believing she’s a lost cause, Evie punishes herself by staying with Anthony, especially after having a child with him. But after five years and no change, her life begins imploding as she considers taking drastic measures. The only things keeping her from losing her mind completely are the memories of a secret, island life with Ethan, her daughter with Anthony, and a sister named Yves who has her back with a mountain of issues to overcome.

One day, the universe shakes up this fake life. With the help of her sister Yves and backing of Ethan, Evie is determined to recapture what was lost and make right all that seems wrong, but with custody of her daughter on the line and a manic manipulator on the verge of losing full control of her, will Evie be able to regain her sanity, her daughter, and the man she has never been able to get over?



Boss of the Family (The Mike Black Saga Book 33) by Roy Glenn

In the wake of the arrest of Rain Robinson on murder charges, Mike Black may be forced to step back in and resume of role as the boss of The Family, and it couldn’t have happened at a worse time. Mike and Shy are expecting their third child and recent events have had him thinking, once again, about getting out of the business.
“Maybe it is time that we stop trying to go completely legit and just do it.”
But he now understands that it can’t happen, especially with a new threat looming as a result of a promise that Mike made years ago.
Wanda’s attempt to buy a bank in The Bahamas would have been the perfect opportunity for him to finally take The Family legit. Those efforts had been thwarted by Desmond Pennybrook’s refusal to even see her, much less approve the deal. But Wanda never was the type of person to give up without a fight, therefore, she was once again forced to seek the help of an unlikely ally – Jada West.
But there is still the matter of Rain and getting her out of jail for a murder that she knows nothing about.



Love the 1 You’re With: can Lynette Royce become a forever woman? by B.L. Wilson

Lynette Royce, from Two Moons Bakery & Get Reckless, can’t find the right woman. She keeps breaking up with good women because she can’t control her adulterous ways. In bed, one woman looks as good as the next one, until she bumps heads with a homeless army vet.

Fabian Moody is a newly hired cab driver trying to return Lynette’s lost wallet and ID. Words are exchanged, tensions rise, and miscommunication reaches its peak.

In a rage, Lynette sprays Fabian with a cheap version of pepper spray that contains poisonous chemicals, making everybody within ten yards seriously ill. During their hospital stay in a shared room, they can’t get enough of each other, feeling an attraction they cannot get under control, causing the two women to fight like cats and dogs.

Once released, their attraction-detraction game continues, prompting Fabian to get cold feet and literally run away. Will the two very opposite women be able to overcome obvious differences and see each other in a different light?

Love the 1 You’re With, can Lynette Royce become a forever woman? is the ninth book in the Forever Woman series, featuring many of the supporting and supportive women from the rest of the series.



Remember Me Like This by A’zayler

Sometimes the remedy to your most painful injury, is a simple kiss derived from the lips of your lover.

After a brief run in with the law and losing the one true love of his life, Auto Hollis, is slowly finding a way to rebuild the normalcy of his world. A street legend and animal at heart, Auto isn’t the guy one would deem as their prince charming. However with loyalty and sincere feeling exuding from every part of him, he’s irresistible to the right broken-hearted girl.

Fed up with being alone and ready to love again, Auto opens himself up to the beautiful yet timid, Nova Blood. A woman with many secrets and a past darker than Auto could have ever found his way through, Nova has captured the part of him that he has lost complete and utter control over…his heart.

A well-groomed and commendably expert shooter, Calvary Blake is every woman’s dream. Young, handsome, and successful with a proper upbringing, Cal can have any woman he wants. Unfortunately for him, that woman is already taken, or so she thinks. Eternity, also known as Yummy to the people that love her most, is a wild vibrant soul with more passion and love to give than she’s ever known.

After being mistreated for years by her long-time boyfriend, Yummy has finally found her worthin Calvary. A gentleman that’s eager to love, Calvary is reluctant to take a chance on the young tempting Yummy. Luckily, for him, she’s proving to be worth the risk.

A love story with feeling, Remember Me Like This, touches every healing part of the most broken people.



His Heart, Your Love by C. Monet

LaMia Abbott’s whole life has been centered around her husband, Devontae. When he suddenly falls ill, due to a heart condition, her life is turned upside down in a way she never imagined. She did everything the right way–fell in love with the boy, saved her virginity for marriage, and then married the love of her life. With confusion entering the picture, her future with him is uncertain.

The opportunity for new life presents itself for Devontae in the loss of another, but this new life comes with tragedy. When Devontae passes leaving her with one last goodbye gift, Mia doesn’t know how she’ll survive until she meets the brother of the heart donor –Haven Adams. What seems taboo for her is easy for Haven Adams. Mia, being a widow and pregnant, doesn’t bother him because he believes in fate. Respectfully, Haven declares that he will have Mia to call his own no matter who it hurts or who finds it uncomfortable.

With Mia and Haven crushing what seems to be loving recklessly, Mia’s journey won’t be an easy one. When it comes to the matters of the heart, there won’t be a dry eye or a heart unfilled. Did love die for Mia when Devontae took his last breath? Or will this love be the love always meant for her?



The Catcher’s Rye: Desperado’s Book One by Dandridge Monroe

Too flashy
Too handsome
Too loose
Too talented
Too loud
Until they need him

Antwan Phillips has always been larger than life. Overcoming the odds and making it to the NFL did little to deflate the feigned confidence he had to learn as a child to survive. Often treated like a commodity, he trades on his talents, his looks, his fame, and even his sexual prowess to get whatever temporary fix he needs at the moment to keep up the veneer of confidence.
Until he meets the one woman who doesn’t want his spotlight: she loathes him for it. Ignores him for it. Which only makes him want her more. He settles for the friend zone, but his inability to be comfortable with just being friends causes turmoil in both their lives. The more he chases, the harder she pulls away to keep her secrets hidden. Will their union cause destruction, or will it result in a beautiful disaster?



Love Layover (Adorable Little Romance) by Keitra Crooks

Coworkers Sabrina and Quincy were fighting the intense attraction they had for each other because of the non-fraternizing rule they had at their workplace. However, on their way home from a business trip in the wine country of Napa Valley, they encounter an overnight layover in Atlanta. While they had held their feelings at bay throughout the trip, there was still one unexpected night ahead of them. Will Sabrina and Quincy be able to hold out or will they succumb to their desires?

Adorable Little Romances are petite love stories that are just long enough to give you a splash of romance with a HEA ending.
Each can be read as standalone books.



Love Next Door (Adorable Little Romance) by Trina Crooks

What do you do when the one you desire lives right next door?

For the past three years, Lance knew that he loved Monét, however he wasn’t sure how she felt about him in return. But secretly, Monét was falling for Lance even though she was trying to fight it with every ounce of her being. After spending one special day together, will they decide to remain just friends or will Monét and Lance give this love thing a try?



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