Evie Janelle has made a million mistakes in life. She’s chosen the wrong man time and again, yet even when true love finds her in the form of Ethan Cross, she rejects him and runs away. Having made a decision to be a wiser and better woman, she moves on, eventually landing in the arms of a sexually abusive man—Anthony Stonewall.

Believing she’s a lost cause, Evie punishes herself by staying with Anthony, especially after having a child with him. But after five years and no change, her life begins imploding as she considers taking drastic measures. The only things keeping her from losing her mind completely are the memories of a secret, island life with Ethan, her daughter with Anthony, and a sister named Yves who has her back with a mountain of issues to overcome.

One day, the universe shakes up this fake life. With the help of her sister Yves and backing of Ethan, Evie is determined to recapture what was lost and make right all that seems wrong, but with custody of her daughter on the line and a manic manipulator on the verge of losing full control of her, will Evie be able to regain her sanity, her daughter, and the man she has never been able to get over?


New Release Spotlight – Levels to Broken, by Janice Ross

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