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My Muted Love (Muted Hopelessness Book 1) by Love Belvin

Never judge a book by its cover, one of the world’s most common clichés. Though sage advice, the age-old aphorism is rarely followed. Take, for instance, Tori McNabb and Ashton Spencer, two subjects who believe by aesthetics alone, they have no reason to breathe the same air. When startling circumstances align on the campus of Blakewood State University, the two have no choice but to look beyond their exteriors.

McNabb is a fighter in life as well as in the ring. She knows what she’s capable of and doesn’t want to be tested. Her only goal is to never return to Millville, New Jersey while simultaneously flying under the radar as a small fish in the big BSU ocean. Spencer, the most popular athlete on campus is well on his way to success as a professional athlete and is confident the stars have aligned in his favor. Being tested by the underdog is one he’d never fail, or so he thinks.

Journey with this unlikely pair inside the pages of their ugly covers.

Publisher’s Note: “My Muted Love” is book ONE of a THREE book series. It ends on a CLIFFHANGER. This book contains angst, profanity, sexually explicit content, and material related to young adults. If any of these elements is not what you prefer between the pages of a novel, this is not the venture for you.



Collision Course (Clarke Brothers Book 1) by Christina C. Jones

Samara Holloway is back in Blackwood, after years away chasing showgirl dreams in Vegas. She’s on a new path now – different city, different career… but there’s nothing different about Addison Clarke.
Or so she’d love to think.
Enough time has passed that Addison is certain he’s ready to be exactly the man Samara needs.
If only she shared his certainty.



Love Is What You Make It (What The Heart Wants Book 2) by BriAnn Danae

*Please note: You do not have to read Book 1 in order to read this novel.*

She wasn’t supposed to fall in love.

In fact, the love between them was so unconventional, Isis Moore hadn’t prepared herself for it at all. She never wanted to get married and was terrified of giving her heart away. Shunning the idea of settling down by her thirtieth birthday, Isis gives up on her pursuit.

That’s until she meets handsome, multi-talented design artist Ramelo King.
He came into her life on a pedestal, literally. He was determined to change her flawed view on love and make her his… for good. But at what cost? In his mind, loving her was worth the heartache, but for how long?


Depth of Love (The Valentine Law Series Book 4) by Bailey West

Raised in the foster care system, Cambria “Cam” McLaren worked hard to become one of the premier hair stylists in her area. She wanted love but kept attracting men in committed relationships. Cam wasn’t sure of everything she wanted in a man, but she surely knew she wasn’t side chick material. After meeting Morris at a party, then eventually becoming his neighbor, she had a grownup crush on the handsome and suave lawyer.

Morris Owens was a single dad of two girls and a senior associate at the prestigious law firm Valentine and Belle. His main focus was taking care of his girls and co-parenting civilly with their mother. From the moment his and Cam’s paths crossed, however, he knew he wanted her.

Miscommunication and misunderstandings eventually led Cam and Morris down a path of friendship, but both wanted more from each other. As time progresses, the question remains: can they figure out the path to love?



Love’s Language by D. Rose

At a young age, Danilo James was headed down a path of destruction. When a life-changing ultimatum was presented, he had no choice but to act on it. Several years later, he was living a life he thought would only be a dream. That dream-life came to an abrupt halt when another life-changing event presented itself threatening to flip his peaceful and purposeful life upside down.

Known as the Princess of Maryland, Skylar St. Claire had never wanted for anything. Her parents made sure they afforded her every opportunity to succeed and live in the lap of luxury. To the outside world, she had it all, but deep down, all Skylar wanted was the love and adoration of her father, Governor Montgomery St. Claire.

They’d been sworn enemies since their worlds collided over seven years ago. She had the childhood he’d always dreamed of having. He had the adoration and loyalty of her father.

In Love’s Language, Danilo and Skylar learn the love they desperately sought was right in front of them. A series of events forces them to open their hearts and let love in… even if it comes from the person they least expected.



The Cost of Loving You (The Harris Sisters Book 1) by Renée A. Moses

Nina and Mekhi Fuller have it all together on paper. Love, family, and successful careers. However, Nina being a business owner requires the type of time and commitment Mekhi isn’t ecstatic about giving up. Success demands sacrifice. Will their love for each other be enough to survive temporarily unmet needs?

Noelle Harris wants to find the type of love her parents had. Man after man, she searches for the one that will give her the love story of her dreams. Devin Simmons blows into her world, making her feel that her dream could finally come true. His prior life will challenge her hopes. But when you know what you want, you fight for it.



The Fold: Thou Shall Not Fear by Sabrina B. Scales

Even the saved struggle when navigating their way through love. This much could definitely be said for the Fold Family’s oldest child, Angela.
Perfection was the main objective when it came to Angela. She was stubborn, strong-willed, and completely incapable of relinquishing control, at times risking her own happiness to preserve the image of what others thought she should be.
But just like glass, perfect images crack. And what’s left can either be cleaned up or left for somebody to step in. Angela must take it upon herself to figure out which way to go after leaving a toxic marriage. And she may or may not find refuge in an equally stubborn alpha-male by the name of Damien Christopher Briscoe.
Take this journey of acceptance, sacrifice, and necessary surrender in this story of love unearthed in the final installment of The Fold!



Nostalgia: A B-Roll Love Story by Nako

Depending on who you ask, love and loyalty goes hand in hand.
But, which would you rather have?
Kenya Yvette Schumere is an imperial woman. Born with a diamond-encrusted spoon in her mouth yet probably the most entertaining person you could ever come into contact with.
She’s a rare gem.
Elijah Sadier, a man from across the tracks finds himself quite smitten with Ms. Schumere.
At a drastic turn of events, they were left with no other choice but to leave everything that they once knew behind to embark on a journey of life together.
During their time, trials and tribulations occur putting into question which holds more value between the two.
Love or Loyalty?
NAKO pens a gritty, honest and riveting tale of two people who found themselves in a web of lust, love and lies.

Author’s Note: Nostalgia is a stand-alone novel. You do not have to read anything prior to diving into this story.



Closer by Asia Monique & ShanicexLola

Skye Collins’s profession kept her booked and busy. Her days were long and monotonous, and her nights were sacred, completed with solitude and sometimes a blue-long island… or five. After a getting out of an emotionally destructive relationship, she declares that romance isn’t her cup of tea. Skye moves forward with a promise to herself not to fall back into love’s trap, until someone comes along with patience and persistence she can’t ignore.

The smooth and charming, Eli Owens, has been infatuated with Skye since she walked into his place of business. A run-in at a local bar allows him to not only offer to buy her a drink, but to persuade her to grant him access into her unconventional world.

Will Skye accept the bait and discover what happens when she gives love another chance? Or, will she run from Eli before he has a fair chance to prove himself?

Find out in the riveting standalone novel, Closer.



Without A Song To Sing by J.D. Mason

Twenty-years is a long time to wait before going home again. Tragedy scoops up Ruth Johnson and drops her back down in her hometown, decades after she survived a vicious attack at the hands of her ex-husband, Eric Ashton. Ruth spent those years healing, rebuilding, becoming brand new and sharing her story of survival and victory with the world in her memoir that made her an international bestselling author. For years, she’s been on top of the food chain in the literary world, but the murder of her assistant, and the attempted murder of Ruth, has caused her world to come crashing down around her, forcing her back to the one place she thought she’d never live again, Jacksonville, Florida.

There was a time when they were closer than sisters, May, Bernie, Clara rallied around Ruth in at the lowest point in her life and helped uplift her into the woman she was always meant to be. But somewhere on Ruth’s road to success, she’d left her friends behind. Success is one hell of a drug and near death experiences have a way of humbling a person. Among her friends again, Ruth is forced to face the ramifications of turning her back on them and another kind of rebuilding has to take place if she hopes to salvage these precious relationships.

Adrian Carter is still fine, and, due to unexpected recent events, still single. A long time ago, he broke her heart. Ruth believed that she was finally over him. Seeing him again, she has to admit to herself and to him, that she still loves him as much now as she ever did. Adrian is determined to get it right this time. Ruth is his destiny, and he more convinced of that now than ever. However, Isaac Bronson, is convinced that there’s another kind of destiny waiting for Ruth, if she’d just get out of her own way, open her eyes, and see it.



Her Dirty Secret: A Novelette by Endiya Carter

Joella needed money.

Blaine wanted a good time.

What started off as a business arrangement, slowly turns into something sinister. Joella soon learns that the price for selling her body in exchange for her dreams has become a living nightmare, and her father-in-law is intent on making sure she pays ten-fold.



Always Bet on Black (The Brothers of Chi-town Book 4) by Cheryl Barton

Sexy, debonair, Delvin “DJ” “Black” Michaels, left Chicago as a man in search of a better life than the one he had where everyone knew him as “Black”. Being fair-skinned, his nickname wasn’t because of the color of his skin, but was due to his inclination to always wear the color black from head to toe.

DJ had his share of hits and misses when it came to relationships and just when he thought he’d found “the one”, she turned out to be caught up and a ring of crooked cops who were all taken down in a sting and his job ended up on the casualty list. He’d been duped by a woman name Justice who batted her hazel colored eyes at him and before he knew it, he had fallen under her spell.

Deciding to leave New York for a fresh start as head of security at his future brother-in-law’s casino back in his hometown of Chicago, DJ is surprised to see Justice, whose real name is Avalon Hart, sauntering through the casino like she owned it. He knew she had to be up to a new scheme and he hoped her treachery didn’t include the casino.

Avalon Hart had lived her life on the edge, making due the best way she knew how even if it meant scheming men out of their hard-earned money. She learned how to survive from the streets and she was a woman who had a way with men that got her whatever she wanted, that was until she encountered DJ Michaels in Chicago, a man from her past who she had once easily swayed to her desires. She realized early that the man she encountered in New York had grown immune to her tricks, even the ones she learned how to do in bed that he loved so much.

DJ and Avalon are on a roller coaster ride to love and neither knew it. He had a lot to lose if he let Avalon get too close to him again. This time, whatever she was plotting, he was ready to take her down, even if it meant losing his heart in the process. He was betting on “Black” for the win, but so was Avalon, in her own way. There was no telling who would end up on top, but one thing was for sure – the road to getting there was going to be filled with hot, sexy fun, a pair of handcuffs and a whole lot of sensuality that neither could resist!



The Weekend: A Beautiful Mistake by Cinquanta Cox-Smith

Solana Remington, a 30-year-old Associate Producer at one of New York’s biggest networks is passionate about her work life, and her best friend Aleki, would always tell her that she needed more time for love in her life. She had hoped for love, but it wasn’t until she met Chris Calloway a Jamaican native who was fighting for equal rights at Delta Airlines. A night out on the town gave Chris the right amount of time to occupy some space in Solana’s heart. But after Chris experiences tragedy in his family and finds himself back in the arms of an old flame. It threatens the early relationship that he started with Solana. A surprise guest and an unexpected ending made Chris quickly decide if he should continue to find a way back into Solana’s heart or accept defeat. Solana’s strong will wouldn’t allow her to forgive so easily. That’s until Weekend happened.


Dirty Pieces of Silver by Tucora Monique

Admittedly, marrying for reasons other than love, Drew Silver is attempting to find her footing while preparing for her divorce. Diamonds and status seemed worth her dignity until the sparkle of gems no longer prompted Drew’s heart to surrender to her husband’s neglect.

Fed up with living in limbo, she takes a trip in search of solace. She submerges herself into her passion for ballet with hopes of reconnecting. Unbeknownst to her, seven days in Davison Keys may warrant a deeper bond formed than Drew expected.

Titus Newly is comfortable being alone. As a retired NFL player whose large stature matches his firm personality, Titus has constantly been a magnet for the wrong women. Relocating to be closer to family and his assets, the athlete isn’t in town for anything other than business. However, an unorthodox first encounter with the woman who’s renting his property puts his progressive plans on pause.

Unaccustomed to carrying on heavy situations without the precedent of family ties, Titus shocks himself by becoming open to the premature pull he feels from the gap-toothed beauty.

 Seven days on the outside of logic converts preconceived assumptions into past hang-ups. When the trial period is over, will the dirty pieces of their reality restore usual tendencies?



Professional Pleasure by Tia Love

Brandon Sims has it all. The brain that produces million-dollar ideas, the charming personality to get what he wants, and the looks to seduce any willing bachelorette. According to his mother, the only thing that’s missing is a wife and kids, and the more time he spends with his personal assistant, Calliope, the more he agrees with her. Calliope represents everything he wants in a woman – educated, ambitious, and so damn sexy. The easiest thing for him to do would be to marry the woman of his dreams, but the hard part is convincing Calliope to cross the solid boundaries she’s set up to see that she is that woman.

Calliope Matthews has given ten years of her life to Brandon as his personal assistant and never once expressed her true feelings for the man who’s the hottest thing in her city, Together, they make a formidable team in the business world, and Calliope knows they could be just as impressive in other positions, but she isn’t interested in becoming another notch on the infamous playboy’s belt. Now, after a string of bad dates and on the cusp of making a crucial reproductive decision, she’s considering the cost of telling him everything and changing their relationship from professional to personal.



Notorious (You Belong to Me Series Book 1) by Kris LaShay

As the daughter of a surgeon and a lawyer, Skye Baker grew up with the world at her feet. Her solid foundation pushed her to make something of herself, leading to her enlisting in the military. Now back in the States just shy of her 29th birthday, she and her best friend embark on a girl’s trip to Dubai, finding a lot more than they anticipated.
Kareema wants to have fun, and running into Trenell turns out to be all that she was looking for and then some. She brushes their tryst off as a once in a lifetime encounter, unaware that her vacation fling may turn out to be more than she can handle.
After being abandoned at an early age, Malakai and his best friend Trenell meet and become instant brothers. While wreaking havoc in the streets, they happened upon a kingpin who took the two troublemakers under his wing. Under his guidance, Malakai and Trenell grow up to be notorious in the streets, carrying on the legacy of the man that gave them purpose.
After a successful business venture, a celebratory trip leads Malakai to the feisty but beautiful Skye, an encounter that leaves him both intrigued and annoyed with the sharp-tongued vixen. He vows to steer clear of her, but Trenell and Kareema’s connection makes the task harder than Malakai anticipated.
When fate intervenes, the four realize that they’re more connected than they thought. Lives are changed forever, and only time will tell who will be left standing when the smoke clears.



A Thin Line: Second Edition by DL White

Angie Blake and Preston Reid are oil and water, fire and ice. Whether it’s in the courtroom, where they’re always in opposition, or in their personal lives, they don’t mix.

Nearly two decades have passed since they were high school sweethearts and split in an emotional firestorm, but their best friends are dating, and now engaged so they haven’t had a moment’s peace from each other. And they won’t get one since the soon to be newlyweds have roped Angie and Preston into planning their destination wedding. They’ve been tasked with organizing the most romantic, memorable event of their lives without tearing apart the lifelong foursome in the process.

Angie and Preston are wise to this game. This clever ploy to push them back together in the hopes that their long-dead romance will rekindle couldn’t possibly work.

Could it?

There’s a thin line between love and hate.



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New Release Round-Up March 9th-15th

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