Admittedly, marrying for reasons other than love, Drew Silver is attempting to find her footing while preparing for her divorce. Diamonds and status seemed worth her dignity until the sparkle of gems no longer prompted Drew’s heart to surrender under her husband’s neglect. Fed up with living in limbo, she takes a trip in search of solace. She submerges herself into her passion for ballet with hopes of reconnecting. Unbeknownst to her, seven days in Davison Keys may warrant a deeper bond formed than what Drew expected.

Titus Newly is comfortable being alone. As a retired NFL player whose large stature matches his firm personality, Titus has constantly been a magnet for the wrong women. Relocating to be closer to family and his assets, the athlete isn’t in town for anything other than business. However, an unorthodox first encounter with the woman who’s renting his property puts progressive plans on pause. Unaccustomed to carrying on heavy situations without the precedent of family ties, Titus shocks himself by becoming open to the premature pull he feels from the gap-toothed beauty.

Seven days on the outside of logic converts preconceived assumptions into past hang-ups. However, when the trial period is over, will the dirty pieces of their reality restore usual tendencies?


New Release Spotlight – Dirty Pieces of Silver, by Tucora Monique

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