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Check out these new Black Romance releases from May 13th-19th.

Wanderlust: An Umber Bluffs Story by Té Russ

Suffering from a bad case of writer’s block, Peyton takes a ‘glamping’ trip to Noir Cove in Umber Bluffs in search for inspiration.

She finds all that and more when she meets resort owner Maverick Porter.


Clarity by Christina C. Jones

Some things are just inevitable…


Allure: The Arranged Hearts Series by Iesha Bree

Allure /əˈlo͝or/: the power to entice or attract through personal charm.

In the world of creativity, Lore Reed shines as a beacon of boundless imagination, her sculptures and paintings capturing the essence of emotion and beauty. Raised in a household where freedom and exploration reigned supreme, Lore’s carefree spirit knows no bounds. Yet beneath her artistic façade lies a longing for stability and family. With a heart ready to embrace love’s allure, Lore sets out on a journey of discovery that promises to redefine her life forever.

Across town, Niko Lockwood, a legend on the football field, faces a crossroads as retirement looms and a new career beckons. Amidst the roar of the crowd and the glare of the spotlight, Niko craves the quiet joys of home and family, a longing that propels him toward the doors of Arranged Hearts. However, tensions arise within his family, particularly with his father, a retired football legend who has always exerted control over Niko’s life. As Niko navigates this new chapter, he must find the strength to forge his own path and fight for the love he deserves.

As they prepare to step into forever, the unknown will cause them to question whether or not they’re making the right decision. Yet beneath the surface lies a tantalizing hint of familiarity, a connection that defies explanation and ignites a spark of intrigue. While their love for each other is unwavering, outside forces threaten to tear them apart. As family tensions mount and expectations clash, will Lore and Niko’s arranged marriage withstand the storms of doubt and resistance, or will “I do” turn into “I don’t”?


One Eighty Too by Charity Shane’

Contentment is a luxury and for the first time in Amon Black’s life all the pieces have fallen into place. His role in the Powers family is solid and he has the woman that he can’t live without.

Brie Barnes has what most would perceive as the perfect life. Things have always been family first but this time she’s the one who’s living the dream. Not only is everyone she cares about happy and healthy but she’s madly in love.

Amon and Brie are meant to be. However, life has a way of challenging even the strongest bonds. When things begin to crumble around them, Amon and Brie will have to trust their love if they intend on surviving the storm.


Tiny Truths: A Fake Dating Small Town Romance (Rosa Oaks Book 2) by Teralyn Mitchell

Their happily ever after will depend on just how many tiny truths they’re willing to share…

Romance is not part of Rhiannon Saucer’s plan. Especially not when she’s up for a career-defining promotion. So, when her best friend told everyone they were dating, she almost set the record straight immediately. Until she realized going along with the fake girlfriend ruse meant he’d owe her one. Besides…what could possibly go wrong?

Zane Anthony has no interest in love, either. Getting unceremoniously dumped by his fiancée made sure of that. But his matchmaking family has made it their mission to see him paired off with someone—anyone—in their small town. So, he said he was with Rhiannon. After all, if you’re going to fake date someone, who better than your best friend?

The one and only rule when entering a fake relationship is that no one can ever let themselves develop any real feelings.

Too bad no one explained that to Rhiannon and Zane sooner…

Tiny Truths, book two in the Rosa Oaks series, is a fake dating, friends-to-lovers, adult contemporary romance novel that can be read as a standalone, but for the best reading experience, read each book in order. Download now and fall for Rhiannon and Zane today!


The Protectors by B. Love

The Protectors is an update novelette featuring Asylum, Merc, Beethoven, and Bully. This short read gives readers a look into weddings, baby deliveries, and it teases at what’s next to come.


Summer Nights: A One Night Stand Accidental Pregnancy Romance (Summer Break Book 1) by Chiquita Dennie

Enjoy this steamy vacation, one night stand romance……

A night of indulgence just turned into a life of commitment when Venus learns she’s pregnant. Jahmir is a player that never lets an opportunity for seduction pass him by. Working as a DJ at parties is something he enjoys, because this millionaire certainly doesn’t need the pay check. When he meets Venus at a party, Jahmir knows he’ll claim her before the night is over. Venus needed to get away and clear her mind after a bad break up. A holiday on the beach seemed like the perfect remedy, until she’s seduced by a millionaire. For one night, Venus forgets about reality and allows herself to pleasured and seduced. A one-night stand quickly becomes more than she bargained for when Venus learns she’s pregnant with Jahmir’s child.

Has Venus just made the biggest mistake of her life, or can one hot summer night be the beginning of her happily ever after?


You For Me by B. Moni

From the moment Kashton Banks laid eyes on Mackenzie Reed, he knew she would become a vital part of his life. From childhood into adulthood, they’ve always had each other’s backs, but what happens when the line that’s keeping them friends is crossed?

Friendships are usually the core of any successful relationship, but with distance, time, and regret, can these two get over what was and mend the past to become what is? Is it too much of a hassle to rekindle old feelings? Join Kashton and Mackenzie on their journey of love, forgiveness, and truths.


Mutual Obsession by Charisse Carr

Mutual Obsession is a novella-standalone. This short story is fast paced but gives you everything you need. If you are looking for a quick little one two that is laced with drama, secrets, scandal, unhinged behavior, and a sprinkle of spice, this good read is for you.

Grayson “Gray” Deeds is a ruthless bill collector for organizations that operate above the law. Rain Ellington is his childhood neighbor and best friend. Gray has been wanting to make Rain his forever, but she wasn’t willing to risk their friendship, not until her long term relationship comes to an end. When they finally link up, Rain instantly becomes obsessed with Gray and regrets waiting so long to give into his advances. What they don’t know is someone else is mutually obsessed with Gray and will stop at nothing to make him hers.


Egypt by Grey Huffington

An extension of Chemistry.


Cave of Jinn: An Aladdin Retelling: (Once Upon an Erotica Fairytale Book 1) by Alicia J. Armstrong

Since Ali granted me my freedom, I traveled the world and stumbled upon a place called, Land of Wonder. A woman they call Majesty, allowed me to explore my sexuality and meet some strange creatures.

Taking what I experienced back to Ababwa, I opened Cave of Jinn. You can imagine my surprise when I see the Princess enter.What would you do…
…when your best friend propositions you to save his unfulfilled relationship?

Taking “you ain’t never had a friend like me” to a different level…sometimes you just have to take a risk.


Take You Home (You Are My Everything: A College Friends-to-Lovers Lesbian Romance Series Book 1) by Tuesday Harper

In college, Iyanna was absolutely smitten with Skylar, the kind-hearted beauty queen that was way out of her league.

A decade later, Iyanna’s taking a break from her workaholic ways to reconnect with her the same crew she hung out with in college. She’s pleasantly surprised when a beautifully handsome woman with short hair and tattoos on her arm approaches her with a flirty smile.

It’s Skylar, not quite like she remembered. But that’s a good thing because Skylar is interested and looking too good to resist.

This is an erotic college friends-to-lovers, second-chance WLW romance with Black main characters.


Prophecy Trilogy: Portal (Prophecy Series Book 2) by Liz Bullard

Step into a world of elemental magic and self-discovery in ‘Portal,’ the captivating second installment of the Prophecy Trilogy. Tabatha, the Chosen One, embarks on a tumultuous journey where betrayal and unexpected twists threaten to unravel her newfound family, Eli and Talia.

As Tabatha grapples with harnessing her powers, her misplaced trust sets off a chain of events that tests her resolve and challenges her relationships. In a realm brimming with internal conflict, she must confront her deepest fears, navigating a path that intertwines vulnerability, confidence, and trust.

Meanwhile, Eli and Talia, haunted by their own demons, strive to reconnect after years of separation. Their journey mirrors Tabatha’s, as they wrestle with personal struggles and search for redemption amidst the chaos.

In this captivating fantasy adventure, readers will be on the edge of their seats, immersed in a spellbinding tale that explores the complexities of power, destiny, and the profound strength found within. Will Tabatha embrace her vulnerability, unlocking her true potential and fulfilling her extraordinary destiny? Or will her insatiable quest for power lead to her downfall, shattering everything she holds dear?

Feel the pulse of the magic, the weight of choices, and the echoes of destiny as you join Tabatha and her companions on a quest that will push them to their limits and reveal the true nature of their beings.


Ruined by Rosè Dior

In the ghetto, you must wait until you get your section eight, trying to survive as best as you can, but there’s no hope when living in the hood.


Kera Somers has big dreams of living above her poverty-stricken community. With an alcoholic mother and two younger siblings, she’s forced to grow up a lot sooner than she imagined. Being a celebrity stylist seems so far out of reach that she’s on the verge of giving up. It’s not until she enters a freelance fashion show that her dreams start to look like reality, and seeing her childhood boyfriend is only the icing on the cake as she falls head over heels for him. But things are never as beautiful as they seem.

Kamil “K Millz” Moring is a rapper who’s coming to the end of his rope with the music industry. With his contract with GMT Records coming to an end, he’s now ready to settle down and enjoy the fruits of his labor. Deciding to help his sister with her fashion career, he sees the beautiful and meek Kera Somers and never imagines she will be the one he considers settling with. However, getting her to see him for the man he is proves to be more complicated than he imagines.

In Kera’s world, no good thing lasts forever. The person she sees forever with is now looking like the end for her. Feeling as though love just isn’t in the cards for her, she shuns the idea of ever falling in love again. Will Kamil be able to break through the walls she has built around her heart? Or has the very man she loved and trusted ruined her for everybody?


Who You Lovin’ Too? (Who You Lovin’? Book 2) by Kellan Najima Esperance

A harmonious life is what Trina develops with her husband and children, but when tragedy strikes, old wounds open and Trina becomes a threat to her own life. She struggles to adjust, but with the help of a friend and spiritual guidance, she finds a sliver of hope. There’s a promise of love and happiness being restored, but under one impossible condition.

Curiosity tickles the cat as Veronica finds herself in a flirty friendship that quickly gets personal. What was supposed to be an experience, turns into a relationship and a secret too heavy to keep. Believing her marriage is at risk, Veronica comes clean… only to learn her husband has a surprise and a threat of his own.

Caught in the middle of a crazy ex, a new fling, and a wealthy crush, Cai juggles the three with ease. She resides in a world of her own where everything goes her way, until it doesn’t. What she thought was under control unravels and backfires, causing her world to come to a screeching halt.


Please Forgive Me (True Love Series) by Vivian Rose Lee

Barrington Nichols rejected the lady he professed to love from his life for no apparent reason other than his own logic. Now that he has transcended that perilous phase in his life, he wants her back and will go to any length to make it happen.

Penelope Hatfield needed time and space to go on with her life and accepted the position as manager of the renown musical group Synfull, putting distance between herself and Barrington Nichols. Just when she believed she was getting her life back on track, the man who had rejected her love and thrown it aside reappears, causing her to relive the hurt of having been rejected. 


The Secret Between Them by R.D. Haggins

There is no safe haven when the past comes looking for you…

Sage Witten’s dream of a fairy-tale marriage turns into a nightmare when she discovers she’s being watched. At 23, she thought she knew her millionaire investor husband, Braxton, but the more she learns, the more she realizes she’s married to a stranger. A chilling encounter with her stalker forces Sage to question everything, even her trust in Braxton.

Haunted by fear, Sage decides to leave her Atlanta home and return to Foister, OK, where her best friend Gia’s engagement offers a glimmer of refuge. However, her hometown holds its own dark secrets, including an inevitable reunion with her old boyfriend, Kenneth Duffy, and the overbearing aunt who raised her.

As secrets, deceit, and whispers of her history entwine, Sage must navigate a treacherous path to uncover the truth and reclaim her life. The Secret Between Them is a heart-pounding psychological thriller that explores the sinister depths of trust, betrayal, and the haunting echoes of a past that refuses to stay buried.


Made With Love by Sologne Schumacher

After years of cooking and studying abroad, Philadelphia James has finally gotten the job of her dreams: running a restaurant in the heart of San Francisco. After all of her hard work, being belittled, disrespected and ignored, she’ll be damned if anything or anyone gets in the way of making a name for herself in the fine dining world. Imagine her surprise when her new sous chef is none other than Mr. Tall, Dark and Sexy– the man who rejected her at the bar last night, and reminded her exactly why she should never let her guard down again. She didn’t expect to be challenged by this frustrating, exhilarating man, and to want him more each day. Despite her resolve to keep a professional distance from him, Elias sparks something in her that she’s not sure she can ignore.

Elias Reed has a massive chip on his shoulder and a burning hatred for his new boss, whoever they are. This mystery chef came out of nowhere and snatched the promotion he had been working towards for ten years right out from under his nose. It was like he was doomed to never be good enough, to always be the least successful member of the Reed family. He struggles to hold onto his hatred when his new boss turns out to be the beautiful goddess he danced with the night before, the woman with whom he could have seen a one-night stand turning into forever, before cowardice and old wounds made him step away. But now, forced to work alongside her everyday, as her subordinate, how can he reconcile the aggravation, hurt pride and stolen dreams with the desire she provokes in him?


Making Plans For Love (Scent From Heaven Series) by CeCe Jahvyn

“Making Plans for Love” is the second installment from the captivating ‘Scent From Heaven’ book series, crafted for readers who love heartwarming stories about friendship and the timeless allure of romance. Fans are immersed into the rich tapestry of storytelling through relatable characters navigating life’s twists and turns against the backdrop of genuine connections and the sweet thrill of discovering true love. Where every chapter offers surprises and unforgettable moments, readers will find inspiration from the enticing aromas of love, happiness, and purpose.

Sierra Mitchell, an accomplished event planner, has poured her heart and soul into her career for years. Blindsided when a coveted promotion slips through her fingers, she’s left questioning the path she’s chosen, the sacrifices she’s made, and what lies ahead. Her world gets further complicated when her best friend, Iman Bosch, faces a crisis that could threaten her career and the opening of a brand-new ski resort hotel.

Rushing to Iman’s aid, Sierra finds herself unexpectedly reunited with Tyler Mekde, a charming and highly renowned chef who’s revered for his mastery of culinary delights. It’s been five years since they’ve seen each other… five years since she abruptly ended their brief courtship and jetted off to New York City to pursue her lifelong dream… five years since she unexpectedly felt her desires shifting away from that dream and moving towards something else.

As she finds herself working closely with Tyler over the course of a week to help solve Iman’s predicament, emotions are once again stirred. Now, Sierra must confront her true desires and find the courage to open her heart to new possibilities.

  • Does Tyler possess the secret ingredient to her heart’s desire, or does another man have a plan to win her over?
  • Is she ready to embrace a future that includes not just something to love… but someone?

Only time—and a few tantalizing surprises—will tell if more than friendship is in the Universe’s plans for these two.


Waiting for Friday Night (Peachtree Cove Book 2) by Synithia Williams

Friday nights in Peachtree Cove are all about football. But this season, the drama isn’t just on the field…

In the wake of losing both of her parents, Halle Parker was certain of one thing: she wanted a family of her own. And she wasn’t going to let a little thing like being single stand in her way. So, she used an anonymous donor and kept every last detail a secret—from everyone. But now, fourteen years later, Halle’s daughter, Shania, is determined to unravel the identity of her biological dad. And what she learns blindsides everyone…

When Quinton Evans’s pro-football days came to an end, he was eager to begin coaching and teaching, and he’s never looked back. But when Shania, a wide receiver on his team, reveals that she’s his daughter, he’s blown away.  The one thing he refuses to do is walk away, even if Shania’s strong-willed and gorgeous mother wants nothing to do with him.

Halle knows that once you let the cat out of the bag in a small town like Peachtree Cove, you’re gonna have to do some damage control. But with Quinton suddenly popping up everywhere she turns, it’s all Halle can do to fight for the future she envisioned and the family she created. If only fate—and the undeniable heat sparking between her and Quinton—didn’t have other plans…

Peachtree Cove

Book 1: The Secret to a Southern Wedding
Book 2: Waiting for Friday Night
Book 3: Frenemies with Benefits


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will share them ASAP.

New Release Round-Up May 13th-19th

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