Enjoy this steamy vacation, one night stand romance……

A night of indulgence just turned into a life of commitment when Venus learns she’s pregnant. Jahmir is a player that never lets an opportunity for seduction pass him by. Working as a DJ at parties is something he enjoys, because this millionaire certainly doesn’t need the pay check. When he meets Venus at a party, Jahmir knows he’ll claim her before the night is over. Venus needed to get away and clear her mind after a bad break up. A holiday on the beach seemed like the perfect remedy, until she’s seduced by a millionaire. For one night, Venus forgets about reality and allows herself to pleasured and seduced. A one-night stand quickly becomes more than she bargained for when Venus learns she’s pregnant with Jahmir’s child.

Has Venus just made the biggest mistake of her life, or can one hot summer night be the beginning of her happily ever after?


New Release Spotlight – Summer Nights: A One Night Stand Accidental Pregnancy Romance (Summer Break Book 1), by Chiquita Dennie

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