Hey Girl! Check out these new releases from May 14th-20th.


Love and Testimony (Love and Legalities Series Book 1) by Alana K. 

“You can’t keep a good woman down…and I won’t be held down” -Aniya Thomas

Aniya’s life is on the mend. She is done with putting her everything into people that no longer appreciate her. She has her narcissistic ex-husband to thank for that. Following their brutal divorce, she is forced to raise their seven year old son basically on her own. Faced with this new reality she vows to be unapologetically devoted to rebuilding her life. Starting with rejoining the workforce and reclaiming the talents and passions she laid down for her marriage.

Hasan Davis is a third generation attorney who was titled “Philly’s most eligible under Forty”. He grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth and a mother who thinks she knows best. But when she assigns him to head up a chapter of the firm’s philanthropic arm it forces him to question the career path that has been laid out for him through his families legacy. With a clear view of where he wants his career to go, his old playboy ways come back to haunt him forcing him to lay down his cavalier attitude and start to live authentically.

When Hasan meets Aniya and her son Junior he realizes that he may have never known real love before, and Aniya starts to think she may have to give love a second chance. But when Aniya’s ex-husband threatens her with legal action her new beginning starts to unravel jeopardizing her job, her son, and her new life.

When love has left you bankrupt and hope seems too expensive can you afford to love again?



Deuces Wild (High Stakes Book 3) by Christina C. Jones

Alicia “Ace” Miller has always had a somewhat contentious, arms-length relationship with Las Vegas Detective Cree Bradley. She likes their level of engagement exactly where it is – non-existent, never any occasion to cross paths.

Until she needs his help.

Only the most powerful of emotions – paired with fractured memories and the unshakeable feeling that something is missing – can make Alicia seek assistance from a man whose very presence puts her on edge. However, with lives at stake, her family on the line, and a chance at filling in the blanks of her past on the verge of slipping through her fingers, her choices are limited.

He’s the perfect person to have by her side.

Cree Bradley takes his job seriously – protect and serve. Somewhere along the way, he’s realized that for many of his peers, those lines have been blurred to the point of no return… destroying his own ability to walk the straight and narrow.

Sometimes, that means walking the wrong way to do the right thing.

This time?

It means stepping through the looking glass, out of the bright lights of the strip and into a world where you don’t know who to trust, danger lurks around every corner, and long-buried secrets are alive and well.

Every twist, every turn, everyone is… a wild card, in a game where the price of losing might be death, and the only way to win… is to show each other their hands.



Threesome (Part 2) by Brian W. Smith and Keith Thomas Walker

Corey and Rene Grand struggle to keep their marriage together after the fallout from their wild sexual encounter (detailed in part 1). Although they both claim to have moved on they both are still bitter and plot to get their revenge on each other. The result is more drama and sexcapades than either bargained for. When the dust settles only one will be victorious…but will it all be worth it?



If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up May 14th-20th

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