Grey, I am telling you. Readers, she is bordering close to nerve-racking with her highly unusual character names and situations that make me want to hollah and throw up both my hands in elation. The author can tell a story and have readers wishing to stand up and shout while doing a praise dance. The story this time was no different, as she introduced us to Levee Billion and Heartleigh Drais. They were a highly unlikely pairing. In his single-focused way, Levee would find a way to be in a relationship with Heartleigh. Levee was as his name stated. He was a man of means, and Heartleigh struggled to keep a roof over her head after an unfortunate incident. The catalyst for her recent out of control spiral started with a cup of coffee. Consequently, the day the two met was the same day sparks flew, thunder roared, lightning struck, and the earth spun backward on its axes; all because their initial connection was magnanimous.

Here’s the thing, this is where I usually start to speculate about the direction the story and venture to interject whether the story makes sense to me.  Please don’t say it, I know – it’s not my story-so why am I adding my two cents?  Because that’s what readers do, add our two cents even if it’s not worth a plugged nickel.  I’ll get back to my review, as I digressed.

Levee Billion was a unique man. You will discover what’s going on with him and the hang-ups that stymied his life. Heartleigh’s situation, even when it seemed frightful, she held steadfast to her independence. I liked the fact that she would not allow the rich man to push her around. Levee, on the other hand, was completely thrown off by her persistence need to be viewed as more than a damsel in distress.

In this story, Grey dealt with some highly emotional issues and some straightforward power to the people; I’m woman hear me roar issues.  And she masterfully kept me glued to my Kindle. If you haven’t read a Grey novel, let this be the last time I tell you this. You. Have. Got. To. Try. This. Author. Take her for a spin etcetera.  I loved this story and I think you will as well. 5 Stars.


Review – Half & Half, by Grey

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  1. I totally think this is probably her best book! I agree the characters were sometimes very frustrating and at times the writer gave Levee dialogue that just didn’t mesh with the established character development, but either way, the story always draws me in!!

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