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Check out these new releases from May 1st-7th.

Awakening (The Metamorphosis Series Book 2) by Bailey West

Kemuel Azar and Queenie Montgomery have had a strong bond since they first formed a friendship in high school. Working together on a class project, they grew closer, finding common ground in their mutual appreciation of construction and interior design.
With their bond cemented, they graduate college and work in their respective fields for King Construction, Kemuel’s family business. As they anticipate the change in ownership from Kemuel’s grandfather to Kemuel, a sense of excitement fills the air, but it is tempered by the condition attached. For Kemuel to become the owner of the company, it is a requirement that he marry Queenie. Faced with the prospect of losing the family business, Kemuel and Queenie agree to the arrangement. Will the marriage arrangement strengthen their bond or destroy it?


For Her Protection (The Knight Brothers Book 3) by Dria Andersen

Julissa Crespo has moved through the Motsi society her whole life; her family was one of its founding members. Between overprotective brothers and a powerful father she feared mating for love was out of her reach.
Until him.
She and her bear were in complete agreement that he was theirs, they just needed the opportunity…

Rocco Jamison didn’t see mating for himself. He didn’t want to saddle someone else with his baggage. The Knights were the only family he needed, and he was content with that.
Until her.
He gets assigned to her protection detail, and their close proximity has him reevaluating the life he’d planned for himself.


Majority Rules (Banking on Love Book 3) by B. Love

For Major Tate, when it comes down to his six-year-old daughter, Majority rules. Ever since Ariel Majority Tate was born, every decision Major made revolved around her. More times than Major can count, Majority’s mother, Starr, has used that to her advantage. Major has never been the kind of man to intentionally hurt a woman, especially those he loves, and Starr takes advantage of that too. Their romantic relationship may be over, but Major’s commitment to his daughter and her mother has made it impossible for him to have a serious relationship. Both ladies have had him wrapped around their fingers, and it isn’t until Majority’s new nanny comes into the picture that Starr’s hold begins to unravel.

Denver Harris has one rule—never mix business with pleasure. No matter how many attractive single fathers she’s worked for, Denver has always had the power to resist… until she meets Major. Not only does Major provide chemistry, companionship, and a sentimental romance, but he also provides a little girl who steals Denver’s heart the first day they meet. There’s one person who stands in the way of their budding bond, though, and Starr has no plans of letting Denver take her place in Majority or Major’s life…


The Letter by Love Belvin

Are you ready to learn about the letter Michelle wrote Azmir in the L.I.P. series?

The Letter is a 11K+ word short story. It is a historical snapshot of what happened after the wedding when Rayna learned of the letter.


Changing Spaces (Clover Hill Romance Book 8) by Karmen Lee

Unexpected changes are always difficult, but so is ignoring the delicious tension between Anisse and Star. A low-angst, small town, workplace lesbian romance.

Star has spent the past five years making Clover Hill’s Anisse & Clover Diner her home away from home. She’s turned her job there into a fulfilling career and has never felt more content. If her dating life is a little lackluster, well, that’s just how it’ll have to be. But when ownership of the diner changes hands from mother to daughter, Star finds herself scrambling to keep up…and to keep far away from the attractive woman who’s now at the helm.

Anisse moved back home to reconnect with her roots after too many years in the city, and she’s excited to bring the diner her family founded into the current decade. Unfortunately, she might have more to worry about than just reinventing the recipes she grew up with. Star, the gorgeous manager whose cooperation she needs to make the refreshed Anisse & Clover a success, hardly gives her the time of day.

But once Star and Anisse are pushed into sitting down together, their mutual attraction is undeniable. Going from coworkers to dating would be tricky, but neither of them wants to walk away from what might be the relationship they’ve always wanted.

Can these two women navigate their burgeoning connection, or will too many changes too fast leave both of them singed beyond repair?


Breadcrumbs Two by Ashantay Keys

Diesel is a Coalman brother who lives up to his name. Strong in character, he’s not easily shaken; even if it seems the world is watching while he loves the woman of his brother’s past. With the birth of their first child together, a home is made, or so he thought. Raising his daughter is challenging enough, but watching the love of his life suffer can test anyone’s gangster.

Denim has seen more than her fair share of tribulations. After losing her son to violence there was no way she could push her grief aside for the promise of new life or the birth of her daughter. Her guilt was relentless, her motherly instincts refused to surface, and a current diagnosis promises yet another emotional uphill battle. However, making a new friend could be what she needs to bring her back to life.

Will Denim crumble or will Diesel be able to save their family?


Saint’s Redemption (The Barrett Brothers Book 3) by Mya

As the youngest Barrett in the family, Saint was known as the wildcard. As the ultimate playboy, he found himself in bed with more women than a WNBA roster. While he was never actively in the street life, he profited from the benefits his brothers got from being in the business. Even though he was given more than enough money by his big brother to never have to lift a finger a day in his life, he chose to go to college and get a job doing what he loves—being the assistant director of a major food chain.

Music producer and fashion mogul, Avery Duval, was every man’s dream. She was smart, creative, and a freak in the sheets. She was a no-nonsense kind of woman with her mind only on elevating to the next level. After failed relationships, she’s hesitant to get back out into the dating pool.

When Saint and Avery cross paths, the chemistry is undeniable. They are both put outside of their comfort zones as they navigate through strong feelings and people not wanting them to get to their happily ever after. Will the haters prevail, or will Saint get his redemption?


911 My Heart Is Calling by L. Patrice

Avery Washington and Lennox Marshall are 2 individuals who needs saving in ways they weren’t expecting.

Avery is a 3rd shift 911 operator who has gone through so much heartache that she welcomes the late night shift. It allows her to hide from the world during the day and come out at night when the city is quiet. There is also the relief that there are no eyes on her or opinions to worry.

Lennox is a man who has it all together, at least from the outside looking in. He owns a very successful night club that has him set financially. He is one of the most successful single men in his city but he’s not happy. Love is such a foreign emotion for Lennox that he doesn’t realize he’s never received it from his mother and never experienced it in a relationship. Love doesn’t exist in his world.

A tragic accident connects these two broken hearts and they have to decide what to do when their hearts are calling for love that they never knew was needed.


Fat Chance by Joshlyn Nicole

Fat Chance is the sequel to Fighting Chance. Chance and Tiff’s love story is anything, but a fairytale and they had to make a decision to fight for their love or go their separate ways. Fat Chance picks up where Fighting Chance left off and explores life after a rocky patch in a relationship. Did they finally get back on good terms?


The Love We Have (Forever Love Book 1) by Sheena Binkley

Regina & Damien Campbell are enjoying lives as newlyweds. Not only are they soaring in their careers, but they have just purchased a brand new home. Nothing could stop them from living blissfully…. that was until Damien’s parents unexpectedly moved into their home.

Regina and Mr. and Mrs. Campbell haven’t always had the best relationship, considering the two feel Regina and Damien married too young. Regina feels they are still babying Damien, which causes a rift in her marriage to Damien. When the two begin to treat Regina & Damien’s house as their own, it sends Regina over the edge and quite possibly into someone she hasn’t encountered in years.

With the constant bickering over Damien’s parents, Regina & Damien’s marriage will be tested to see if their love will stand the issues they face. But will they both realize them before it’s too late?


Save Myself by Jahquel J.

Catrina has never given love a chance. The moment she finished high school, she left her small town of Wynderland, Georgia to move to New York City. For years, she dedicated her time as an intern until she was able to step into the position that she is in now. Love had always taken a backseat for her. A couple dates here and there, but never anything serious. Family and love is something that Cat has always kept tucked in her back pocket. Love slowed people down and often stole a piece of them when it went bad. Cat never wanted to end up like that, so her career became her love, and her co-workers became family.
One night after a couple glasses of wine Cat decides to download a popular dating app. Only looking for a quick hookup, she matches up with a guy from Atlanta, Georgia who happened to be passing through New York. One message led to months of talking on the phone. And months end up being a year of talking. With the holidays approaching, Cat never goes home to visit, but decides this year she’ll make the trip back home to visit family, and with hopes of finally being able to meet the man she has fell in love with over the phone for the past year. However, the moment that Cat steps foot back in her small town, everything goes haywire. Poor Cat has dreams of a southern love, but will she end up with just Catfish?
Rachael and Mason were married right out of high school. She always had dreams of leaving her small town of Wynderland, Georgia, to attend her dream college. Being the eldest child in her family, it has always been important for her to get a degree. All of those dreams diminished when she got pregnant by her high school sweetheart, Mason. Gone were the thoughts of college parties, books, and moving away. Now, her reality was diapers, bottles, and getting married. Their arrangement had always been that Mason would work and provide for Rachael and their children, while Rachael took care of the home and children. That had always been their dynamic since the day she gave birth to their first child.
Years later, and with a developed drinking habit – Rachael is unhappy in her marriage. She yearns for a husband that she doesn’t have to pick up from the bar drunk, or one she has to lie to her parents about. Mason hasn’t worked in months, and it’s been Rachael trying to hold their family together. Rachael comes from a family where you stick it out in your marriage and make it work for your kids. Witnessing her sister’s happiness, she can’t help but think that there is something out there more for her – that doesn’t include a drunk, inconsiderate husband.
Rome Jefferson is a successful real estate developer from New York City. After his very messy divorce, he decided he needed a change of scenery and moved to Wynderland, Georgia. Wynderland is a smaller pace than he’s used to. However, the development possibilities are endless. Rome moves to Wynderland looking to further his career as a developer, but what he doesn’t expect to find is love.

*Wynderland, Georgia is a fictional town.


Love and Handicrafts (Artists of Ghana Book 2) by Nana Prah

Precious Kpodo has no time for things as futile as love. Nothing will derail her goal of opening a rehabilitation centre, especially a man. That is until her path crosses with her latest client’s son. He does more than catch her eye. He unlocks her passion. However, they can’t be together because he’s an Ashanti. After the torment she endured when her parents died, she vowed never to get involved with that tribe again. Even if her heart is enflamed for the forbidden.

Osei Aboagye has finally met a woman who captivates him even more than the handicrafts and furniture he creates in his limited spare time. Despite their magnetic attraction, he forces himself to stay away because Precious is from the one tribe that his father insists his children don’t date. But, no matter how much Osei tries, he can’t deny they belong together, and now he must choose between love and loyalty. But loving the enemy could cost him everything, including being cast out from his family. 


True Revenge (True Detective Series Book 5) by Lynn Chantale

Still grieving the loss of a loved one, True Detective Agency prepares for a joyous event, the birth of Nathalie’s babies.

With Nathalie on bedrest, personnel shortages at the agency and the holidays looming, Matt and Nathalie are doing their best just to get by.

However, when they are photographed at the gravesite and said photographer ends up dead in their parking lot, it will take every ounce of cunning to outwit an enemy bent on revenge.

Contains explicit descriptions of sex, violence, and strong language. Also may trigger some readers for themes of BDSM, M/M, M?F and use of the ‘N’ word.


Summer on Sag Harbor: A Novel (Summer Beach Book 2) by Sunny Hostin

Following her New York Times bestseller Summer on the Bluffs, The View cohost and three-time Emmy Award winner Sunny Hostin spirits readers away to the warm beaches of Sag Harbor for the compelling second novel in her acclaimed Summer series.

In a hidden enclave in Sag Harbor, affectionately known as SANS—Sag Harbor Hills, Azurest, and Nineveh—there’s a close-knit community of African American elites who escape the city and enjoy the beautiful warm weather and beaches at their vacation homes. Since the 1930s, very few have known about this Historically Black Beachfront Community in this part of the Hamptons on Long Island, and the residents like it that way.

That is, until real estate developers discover the hidden gem. And now, the residents must fight for the soul of this HBBC.

Against the odds, Olivia Jones has blazed her own enviable career path and built her name in the finance world. But hidden behind the veneer of her success, there is a gaping hole. Mourning both the loss and the betrayal of Omar, a surrogate father to her and her two godsisters, Olivia is driven to solve the mystery of what happened to her biological father, a police officer unjustly killed when she was a little girl.

Untethered from her life in New York City, Olivia moves to a summer home in Sag Harbor and begins forging a new community out in this HBBC. Friendships blossom with Kara, an ambitious art curator; and Whitney, the wife of an ex-basketball player and current president of the Sag Harbor Homeowners Association; and a sexy new neighbor and single father, Garrett, who makes her reconsider her engagement with Anderson. She also takes to a kind, older gentleman named Mr. Whittingham, but soon discovers he too is not without his own troubles.

As the summer stretches on, each relationship teaches her more about who she really is. Though not without cost, Olivia’s search for her authentic identity in the secret history of her family of origin and her fight to preserve her new Black utopia, will lead her to redefine the meaning of love, friendship, community, and family—and restore her faith in herself, her relationships, and her chosen path.


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New Release Round-Up May 1st-7th

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