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Naima’s Melody by Olivia Gaines

IMPORTANT: If you purchased the anthology, “Two Nights with You”, the story of “Naima” is currently in your library. This is now being offered as a stand alone for those who did not purchase that anthology or for those who desire to have this book in their collection. Thank you.

College friends, Leah, Naima, & Yuri reunite for a fun filled weekend in Tahiti. The ladies check into an exclusive luxury resort as three beautifully crafted stories begin by taking the reader on a two-night, romantic adventure.

Naima Russell is excited to start a new adventure on a free weekend getaway. Her weekend becomes complicated when a casual acquaintance wants to be something more.

Derrick “DJ Most” Jackson, is world reknown for his love songs and ballads. The music left him ten years ago and not only has he not been on stage, the sultry tenor lost his desire to sing. Well that was until he spent two nights in Tahiti with Naima.

A new melody is stuck in his head moving not only his career forward but his relationship with Naima.



All Up In The Mix by Donna Hill

Tash Harper has it going on. As the Chief Chick in Charge of Personal Touch her exclusive event planning business, a handsome though long-distance lover Jared Marshall, and besties Simone and Perri, Tash Harper is living her dream. A dream that includes taking her business and her elite contacts and opening her own bar/lounge Shaken Not Stirred. That’s when things shift left. Enter Zeke Ramsey.

Tash should have kept her eyes on her man Jared, but Zeke Ramsey makes It too hard if not impossible. Not only is he deliciously sexy and lights a fire in her with just a look, he is also the ex-prosecutor that ruined the life her long-distance man Jared. She’d fantasized about Zeke while she sat in the back of the courtroom during the trial. Once it was over, she’d put Zeke out of her mind. How could she have feelings for a man like that? But she did. Now, here he was again, large and in living color, the owner of the one venue that she needs for her latest event.

Her besties warn her. Her conscience nags. Her heart aches. And her body throbs. What is a girl to do?

What a tangled web is woven when Tash, Zeke and Jared get all up in the mix.



Since I Fell For You (Eighty-Eight, Mississippi Book 3) by Bettye Griffin

In the tradition of her popular 2012 novel Isn’t She Lovely?, Bettye Griffin presents a new touching romance between two unlikely people who learn they’re more alike than different…

Courtney Mathis became the talk of her hometown of Eighty-Eight, Mississippi when she served as a surrogate and carried a baby for a paying client. The financial arrangements allowed her to stay at home and care for her dying grandmother, whose only request had been to pass away at home in her own bed. Courtney gave birth to twins and goes on with her life after her grandmother’s death…until the day she learns that Jermaine Thomas, the entertainment mogul whose children she carried, has suddenly passed away. Jermaine never married, leaving their twins, now eight years old, orphaned. Courtney moves to claim them.

Jordan Thomas feels overwhelmed by the shock of his younger brother’s sudden death and the responsibilities of raising his orphaned niece and nephew and running an entertainment empire, plus tussling with Jermaine’s girlfriend, a schemer who is angling for a share of his vast estate. When Jordan learns that the biological mother of his niece and nephew is requesting custody, he dismisses her as just another gold digger anxious to get her hands on his late brother’s millions.

Courtney and Jordan come to an uneasy truce, agreeing she will be presented to the twins as their new nurse until they’re ready to know the truth. In spite of butting heads with Courtney from the start, Jordan notices her tender and loving attitude toward the twins. Could it be her motives are pure? And could it be that the twins aren’t the only ones whose lives Courtney has lit up?



The Fortune Brothers: Two Complete Novels by Dara Girard

Two unsuspecting brothers about to fall in love!

A Tempting Proposal
Straight-laced businessman, James Fortune, always does the right thing.
So when his reckless twin brother, Jackson, gets cold feet the day of his wedding, James decides to pretend to be the groom to protect his family’s name and honor, until his brother comes to his senses.
However, his new bride, Ava Hughes, is also not who she seems. Soon James and Ava find themselves trying to outwit each other in a sensual game of cat and mouse.
Until one of them is forced to surrender…

A Seductive Arrangement
Flashy playboy Jackson Fortune never expected to wake up with a wife. But when she arrives at his apartment one morning he can’t ignore her.
Toyin Jacobs planned to quietly annul her secret Vegas wedding to Jackson. But when her nosy sister discovers the truth and posts it online, Toyin rushes to warn him.
In danger of losing his position in the family business because of his reckless ways, Jackson can’t afford a scandal. He quickly offers Toyin a special arrangement.
One too irresistible to resist…

Dara Girard, an award-winning, bestselling author of more than forty novels continues to gain readers with titles such as “Private Lessons” and “The Emerald Ring”.



When Hearts Collide (The Collide Series Book 2) by Millie Belizaire

BOOK TWO of The Collide Series

In the wake of a national tragedy (and a personal one), the last thing Kain needs is another affront to his peace. Just when he thought things couldn’t possibly get worse–they do. Book two in The Collide Series is a look into the enigmatic spirit that is Kain Montgomery.

Picking up where book one left off, Kain is caught between a rock an a hard place and must make a very dangerous decision in order to protect his girlfriend. Just as the smoke begins to clear and life begin to return to normal, another threat presents itself, but this threat can’t be so readily dealt with.

Because this threat is his father…



My Future With You (Fostering Love Series Book 1) by Carla Buchanan

In a world where charity is a four-letter word, Iesha Bell, is looking for the few who don’t share this opinion, especially if her girl’s center, A Girl’s Hope, is concerned.

After the death of her mother, Iesha knows grieving is what she should be doing, but she can’t when there are problems in her life that need addressing. A project of her past, and of her heart, Iesha hopes to get the funding the center needs to stay in business from book publisher, Walker Black. But just like the others, Walker brushes her off and sends her on her way. Tired of her girls not getting what they need, Iesha is finally fed up and let’s Walker know exactly how she feels about him and his pathetic offer.

It isn’t until Walker is in a situation of his own, one where Iesha’s desperation might be exactly what Walker needs, Walker realizes the impression has Iesha made upon him. However, what Walker needs may not be what Iesha wants when Walker proposes renting out her womb so he can have a child to fulfill a requirement in the family’s company charter.
Despite her attraction to the book publisher, and how enjoyable making a baby with him could be, of course Iesha thinks the proposition is immoral, irresponsible, and ridiculous.

But what other, better, options does she have? What better other, options does Walker have? Or will all options be thrown out the window when one party decides no problems they are having mean more than the fact they’ve fallen in love?


Hidden: Missing Moore (All That & Moore) by Celeste Granger

Samantha McLemore had a hole in her heart she thought would never fill. She longed to know where she came from; whom she belonged to, what real love was. Samantha didn’t know love; and as the song says, she looked for it in all the wrong places. That was, until she met multi-millionaire, business owner, Lance Preston. Lance was mesmerized by Samantha, despite her brokenness, he desperately wanted to love her past her pain, but Samantha didn’t know how to let go and let love in. Her quest to find the family she lost made her unavailable, and she struggled with connecting and opening her heart. However, Lance Preston refused to be shut out, and he would take whatever steps were necessary to make sure Samantha knew it.


Fire and Walter (Wiley Brothers Book 3) by Brenda Barrett

The past is catching up with Walter Wiley! His new church pastor was the man who attempted to rape him when he was younger and the first lady was his life of the party ex from university. And if that wasn’t incredulous enough, the girl who got away, Aisha Fire, the one who ditched him without an explanation years ago, was now his neighbor.

Walter’s main concern was, had any of the three changed? Or was it a case of the more things changed, the more they stayed the same. One thing was for sure, he was keeping all his wits about him with this new invasion in his once peaceful life.



If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up May 21st-27th

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