Petals infiltrated my heart with each page turned, and by the end, I was emotional, excited and overjoyed I had the chance to meet the four couples in this story. The story of each pair was compelling and kept me clutching my pearls. Without giving away too much, you’ll need to pay close attention to what’s happening in each story, as the ending will impact you in a way that you’ll not see coming.

The first story, The Pact, featured Robyn and Marcus who were dealing with a pact they made as kids. I was happy their situation worked in their favor.  In the second story, The Gift, with Belamy and Steven…readers, this was the story that made me want to put my foot through my Kindle. Sadly, I’m still I shaking my head weeks after reading this story. In The Loss, Kahlil and Justine’s story was emotional and tugged at my heart with love and anguish. The Decision featured Tremaine and Leif, the couple I had the closest connection with for reasons I’m hard-pressed to explain.

Stories that feature kids are always an attractive attribute for me. The little child named Ava  in these stories stole my heart lock, stock, and barrel. I loved that little girl almost as much as the women who made the ultimate sacrifice to keep her safe. The stories told by this author are always uniquely emotional. Never a typical story. Always a thought-provoking read. I implore you to give this author a try.

5 Stars

Review – Petals, by Sabrina E L B Scales

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