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Check out these new releases from May 29th-June 4th.

Dying Without You: Elite Alliance (The Clarks of Northshire Bend) by Stephanie Nicole Norris

Homeland Security Officer Langston Jamal Clark has a reputation for being resilient. However, after a devastating breakup shatters his heart, Langston finds himself struggling to pick up the pieces. When he thinks he’s lost his chance at love, he meets Lisa Sharpton, a fiery singer with a voice of honey and a heart full of passion.

Desire for one another is instant, and as their relationship heats up, Langston’s guard loosens. But their passion is soon overshadowed by danger when cybercriminals target Langston. In this high-stakes romantic suspense thriller, Langston must draw on his strength and courage to navigate the uncertain waters of love, trust, and peril and prevent a collapse that could risk them all.


Ariah & Lucian: A Pikemoore Falls Novel by Tay Mo’Nae

She’s a hothead, outspoken, and feisty. Ariah finally decided to leave her dead-end relationship with her child’s father and focus on her money and son. After dealing with countless females, fighting, and drama for two years she’s ready to start fresh and enjoy the single life.

Being a Lacross can be challenging. Being a part of the St. Angels Motorcycle Club isn’t always a walk in the park. Lucian is fresh out of prison. Realizing the rebellion in him meant him no good, he gets out and decides to clean his act up, but still, there are times he feels he’s still living in his family’s shadows.

Neither of them were looking for a relationship when the two collided. Ariah fights the connection, not ready to jump into anything so soon. While Lucian has a pull toward her, he doesn’t want to let go. When his past comes back to haunt him however he might be forced to let her be.
They say opposites attract, well that’s not the case here. Take a trip with these two firecrackers and you’re sure to endure some sparks along the way.


Rory: The Lyrical Genius (Life & Music Book 1) by J.L. Campbell

Have you ever been drawn to someone you knew was wrong for you?

That’s Nasira’s dilemma after she wades through Rory McGregg’s fans and sits next to him on a flight. An accomplished dancehall deejay, he’s charming, self-assured, and has a certain vibe that’s hard to resist.

By the time they touch down in Jamaica, Rory has her number and a promise to see him again. 

The after-party she says yes to coordinating turns into a rollercoaster ride of frustration and interference, thanks to his celebrity status and bad-boy reputation.

His lifestyle and circumstances make Nasira uneasy, but Rory’s heart is fixed. There’s nothing he won’t do to prove they’re right for each other.


Moonlight: A Skater Love Story by Jasmine Nicole

While looking for solace after his grandfather’s passing, Jason Turner runs into Jade Anderson, who is desperately trying to save the one place where she feels whole, but the two end up finding more than they’re searching for. Colliding into a love that seems predestined and guided by the ones they lost . Showing them that love and loss sometimes work together for the good of those who let fate have its way.


Somebody’s Forever by Robbi Renee

Zeke & Jules’ situationship continues in Somebody’s Forever.

Will they find happily-ever-after, or was it fun while it lasted?

After a tumultuous divorce, Dr. Jemma Holiday simply wanted a fresh start… with Dr. Ezekiel Green.

Living in the small college town of Monroe City, Jemma was reluctant to go public with the new relationship,

while Ezekiel was ready to share the love for his beautiful Jules with the world.

Jemma wanted to be somebody’s girlfriend. She wanted a man she could love with no shame. But was Jules moving too fast with the good doctor Zeke or was this whirlwind love affair right on time?

Ezekiel wanted to be somebody’s forever, to love every beautiful flaw, every imperfection of a woman. Zeke wanted to be Jemma’s forever.


Love Letters From Memphis by B. Love

*Please note: If you experience blank pages or chapters, that is not intentional. That is a formatting issue. You will have to delete the book and re-download it. If that doesn’t work, you will need to reach out to Amzn directly.*

Can a good girl find love in a thug?
 For Lei Fifer, that’s the hundred-thousand-dollar question. When Lei, an introverted homebody, invites her girls over for a spa day, she isn’t expecting their conversation to shift to men in prison. As an advocate for rehabilitated people receiving the love, companionship, and support those who haven’t committed crimes receive, Lei doesn’t hesitate to put her money where her mouth is and bet that she can find a good friend or great love with someone through the pen pal program her father created.

As confident as Lei is, there are a few conflicts that can arise, the first of which being her career as a defense attorney. Still, Lei sets out to find her friend and win the bet, but when she stumbles across Londen’s profile… she quickly realizes there might be a chance for her bruised heart to find love too.

Londen Graham has never allowed anything to stop him from having his way—and that includes being in prison. Nearing the end of his sentence, Londen already knows exactly how he’s going to live this second phase of his life. What he doesn’t expect is to fall in love with a woman through the pen pal program. A woman who just so happens to be connected to his past in a way that can ruin their friendship and chance to have love in the future.

What starts out as fun and friendship quickly becomes more for Lei when Londen spoils her from behind bars in a way that no free man ever has. With a secret that can destroy not just their budding romance but Lei’s relationship with her family, Londen sets out to make things right as soon as he’s free. Will he be able to prove he’s still the man who secured her heart with his words, or will all they share be memories and his love letters from Memphis?


Permission to Feel by Connie Easton

Marion Drake is a man that controls every aspect of his life. The more he receives what he wants, the more he feels like the world is eating out the palm of his hands. Wealth, stability, and freedom are the things he has that attracts women on a daily. However, his lack of interest in their curiosity for him didn’t stop them from trying to bed him.

Orianna Dunn is a woman all about her business. Being a realtor, she crossed paths with all sorts of people, so their status never fazed her. She also had her fair share of hurt in relationships, so they were no longer of any value to her. That was until she was offered something she couldn’t refuse.

Sometimes you have to follow the rules in order to see the love at the end of the tunnel.


Broken Wedding Bells by Monae Nicole

Firefighter, Love Wright, wanted nothing more than to get married by the time she was forty. This dream was set to come true, but quickly slips through her fingertips in a blink of an eye.

Aries Gibson has always been a man of control. Whether it was dealing with his career or in between his bedroom sheets, he always held the power. When a promising night brings him in Love’s path, nothing can stand in his way.

With Aries picking up the pieces of Love’s broken heart, can these two cater to one another without Aries’ lingering past destroying the very thing Love waited her whole life for, or will their story come to a quick end?


Crimes of Passion by Jack Harbon

Press play on this funny, sexy short story about rival true-crime podcast hosts forced to play nice and work together when, in reality, all they want to do is kill each other.

Emery Thompson hates Calvin Chamberlain. From the way he acts like he’s better than everyone to the way he moves through the world thinking his podcast is the cream of the crop, every little thing about the man gets to him. Even that dashing, oh-so-confident smile. He’d rather be caught dead than be around the man any longer than necessary—or admit that last part out loud.

Calvin Chamberlain hates admitting defeat. It’s hard enough losing sponsors for his historical crime podcast while obnoxious pop culture ones like Emery’s only gain more, so it’s a particularly cruel twist of fate when a late fan’s request for a collaboration with Emery lands in his lap. He’s in no position to turn down the plea, and with no way out, Calvin reluctantly agrees.

But keeping things purely professional turns out to be a challenge when these two make it to the studio. Their chemistry crackles through their microphones, and soon, their numbers begin to skyrocket. Can these two make a killing off what they once thought was a death sentence—and more importantly, will Calvin and Emery give into the heat of passion?


Match My Nasty: Run It Back by India T. Norfleet

Convinced that her heart is in serious trouble thanks to how quick and hard she’s falling for August, Sukie is now more confused and frustrated about her feelings than ever. One minute she wants to follow her heart, and the next, she’s fighting to suppress all the emotions that are trying to grow from its existence. Between trying to process her feelings and her body’s response to August, the attempt on her life, revealed secrets, the emotional roller coaster she’s on feels as though it’s about to spiral right off the rails. And as if that isn’t enough to endure, taking her last breath just may have come sooner than she would’ve ever imagined. Will Sukie finally get to experience real love and build a life with the only man to match her in every way possible, or will Sukie’s dream of a real-life fairytale be ripped from her before it ever has a chance to begin…

August isn’t sure if he wants to embrace or deny his feelings for Sukie, but with his actions speaking so much louder than his words, he can’t help but wonder if accepting what he thinks his heart is trying to tell him would be much less hectic. He quickly realizes that the way he moves regarding her happiness and safety could only mean one thing. Though August isn’t so sure he’s ready to show his hand when the possibility of Sukie crushing his heart is still very much a reality. But with the way she makes him feel, how perfectly she matches his nasty, and how well they run it back at any given moment, August decides that letting his guard down may be the way to go. Especially when trying to function without her becomes impossible since he’s already claimed her as his world. Unfortunately, his realization couldn’t have come at a worst time as life suddenly takes an ugly turn, and every beat of Sukie’s heart becomes more critical than the last. What matters most is made even clearer as he tries to rush the hands of a clock he’s never seen. Will August get to Sukie in time to save her, place his heart into her hands and trust that she’ll know exactly what to do with it, or will he arrive too little too late to hold her in his arms and admit to her what he’s always known…


A Suitable Wife: A Sweet Romance (Away To Africa Book 3) by Unoma Nwankwor

He has what she desires. She is who he requires.

Jidenna Kalu has sworn off love after the death of his wife, determined not to go through that pain again. He’s focused on being a good father to his daughter, Uju, while still making waves in the art world. When she starts acting out, his mother and grandmother decide it’s time to intervene. With their own plan to find Jidenna a suitable wife of their choosing.

Zola Westbrook is finally living the life she’s always wanted as a dance director after a difficult divorce. But when family issues arise, she finds herself drawn back into the world of the Kalus–and face to face with Jidenna, the man who gave her the best night of her life before disappearing without a word.

Unusual circumstances between the pair lead to a marriage of convenience. She can help him keep up appearances with his family, and in return, he’ll help her with her own family issues. Despite their best efforts to keep things casual, Jidenna and Zola can’t deny their chemistry. But as their feelings deepen, they both realize that the past isn’t as far behind them as they thought. Is a suitable partner enough, or do they want something more?

PS: This is the final book in the Away to Africa series that features the Kalu family. All books can be enjoyed as standalones. However, since the series is about a family there is some interconnectivity between books.
Rent A Bae-book1.
His Makeshift Fiancée- book 2


Please Forget Me Knot (Love Knots the Series Book 1) by Tempestt Chantel

Sammy Zade was living a comfortable life. She maintained two jobs to offset the debt she inherited from her late mother. She had a set routine for the roadmap of her life.

Then her wealthy best friend, Miles Spade, returned home, and like a tornado, nothing in his sight was safe, not even her heart.

The boundaries of their friendship have withstood everything from loss and grief to temptation and distance. However, one taste blurs the lines, and it becomes unclear where their friendship ends and the romance begins.

Not everyone is supportive when Miles and Sammy finally transition from best friends to lovers. In fact, some people will go to great lengths to keep them apart.

The issue isn’t the hidden enemy but the aggressor who doesn’t care to hide and has nothing to lose.

Please Forget Me Knot is a full-length novel and book 1 in Love Knots the Series. This series is full of unforgettable couples with high stakes and steamy romances.


Winter’s Heart: Winter and Catori (Music is Love Book 2) by Jackie Chanel

The youngest talent manager in the music industry, Winter has an eye for talent and she always delivers on her promise to the impossible possible. From the outside looking in, it appears that Winter’s life is perfect. Winter would agree if it weren’t for the one thing alluding her, the one thing that would make her world complete, a child. Until it happens, she chooses to put her energy into building her brand and making superstars.

When embattled R&B singer and her high school sweetheart, Catori Knox is released early from prison, Winter knows that she is the person who can get Catori’s career back on top. Blackballed in the music industry and with a reputation less than stellar, Catori must prove to the world that he is still a musical powerhouse and deserves a second chance.
As her husband begins to block every move Winter makes for Catori out of spite, the effect is the opposite of what Tyson intended.

A highly publicized scandal rocks Winter’s world and draws her closer to Catori, reigniting the passion they shared ten years ago. In the entertainment industry where one misstep can ruin a booming career, is the risk Winter is taking on Catori worth the reward?


The King’s Summit: A Black Space Opera (The Orej Zans Series Book 1) by Sukalia Brown

Some deals are sealed with blood. Others are forged in fire.

Jaya Nideha has spent her entire life behind the stone walls of Inestar, under her grandfather’s thumb, watching life be lived by others and quietly wishing for her turn. She doesn’t complain because there are others who have it much worse, namely her mother and all the other slaves of Inestar. When her grandfather offers her a deal, her mother’s freedom for a king’s life, she is conflicted. Assassinating a powerful king on a distant planet with no way home seems like a suicide mission, but this could be her mother’s- and maybe Jaya’s- only chance at a real life.

Things do not go as planned, and as Jaya finds herself faced with ancient evils and a mysterious foe who everyone is convinced is her partner from Inestar, she must take a chance at trusting Dewar’s prince and renowned traveler, Quielle. Opening herself up to the prince is risky because he’s not only fighting for her safety but her heart.


93 by Alicia Weathers-Grey

When you’re mine, your mine. If you’re not, that doesn’t change.


I Never Forgot You: A Sweet Contemporary Christian Second Chance Novella (The Philly Doctors Series) by Cara Joy

Fifteen years ago, he left without saying a word. Now he’s back. And as much as she hates it, the sparks haven’t died…

Jennifer Banning is happy with her life as a travel nurse. It takes her mind off the fact that she is over thirty and still hasn’t found one man she shares that special spark with. The kind of spark she felt in college with Gavin Daniels. But that is now water under the bridge, and Jennifer has decided she will enjoy singlehood and play happy Aunty to her sister’s children.

Gavin Daniels is on vacation with his sister’s family when he spots Jen Banning looking more beautiful than he remembers and they are staying at the same hotel! He never meant to hurt her when he left suddenly fifteen years ago. At the time, he didn’t think he had a choice. And he’s never been the same.

When Jen finds out Gavin is at the same vacation spot she is, she does everything to avoid him! But so far, all her plans to avoid him are failing…and she’s finding she never fully got over Gavin. With sparks flying between Gavin and Jen, will they both forget the past and give themselves a second shot at love?

If you love contemporary Christian romance with Black and multiracial characters, that features the power of God to heal the broken parts of our lives, you’ll love this delightful read from Cara Joy!


Take You Back (Spring Hills Ten Year High School Reunion Series 2) by Mel Walker


Friends with Benefits in a small town is a dangerous game. 

When a new to town gorgeous man like Kai Daniels arrives like a gift from above to your small middle-of-nowhere town you only have one choice. Act quickly.

Or in my case, too fast.

My no-strings proposal is out of my lips before I’ve thought it through.

He’s not a one-and-done man. He’s moved to Spring Hills and is here to stay.

Now I’m attempting to do the impossible. Is it even possible to go from lovers to friends to a future? 


I stumbled into the smallest of small towns in search of something completely different. My frustrating history forced me to shake things up in ways I had never considered before.

This time it will be different. It has to be.

Then Jada happened.

A mesmerizing bold beauty who knocks me on my heels before I’ve unpacked.

I thought I’d put impulsive decisions in my rearview. But her irresistible proposal is too enticing to pass. 

I’m familiar with no strings, no attachments.

But in a small town, the devil is in the details. I’ve been assigned as the faculty coordinator for the Ten-Year High School Reunion. A position that must work closely with the alumni volunteer. You already know who it is, it’s Jada. The best worst best decision I’ve ever made.

Send help.


Goody Bag: A Standalone Fake Dating and Second Chance Romance (Lagos Lovin’ Book 3) by Camaa Pearl

Cynical and wary after her brief relationship with a romantic scammer, real estate newbie, Zena, accept Lekan’s proposal to be her pretend boyfriend at her sister’s destination wedding. Problem is, Lekan’s charming personality comes with the package.

The third book in the Lagos Lovin’ series about a romantic-turned-cynic, getting into a situationship with a charmer.

Warning: Goody Bag is intended for 18+ audience as it contains sensitive topics, explicit sexual content, and profanities.


Love is Not on the Menu by D.W. Marshall

Tallulah falls in love with FP but is scared to let herself go and be vulnerable again after all of the pain that she’s experienced in the past. She’s worried that if she opens up to FP and lets him into her life, he will eventually leave like everyone else has done before. Her will is tested when the unwanted attention of a former client forces Tallulah and FP under the same roof, cramped with the feelings they can no longer ignore.

If you love rooting for the underdog, steamy scenes, and characters that feel like friends, you will also love D.W. Marshall’s Love is Not on the Menu.


Feral Obsession: Dark Shifter Romance (African American Urban Shifters Book 3) by Melody Lynch

When Ebony finds out her fiancé is cheating, she heads to the nightclub determined to seek revenge by finding a no-strings-attached rebound. It’s there that she crosses paths with the handsome and mysterious Dontae. Ebony is immediately drawn to him, and their passionate encounters quickly become steamy, providing a temporary escape from her broken heart. However, it becomes apparent that Donate has developed feelings for her—feelings she can’t reciprocate. Despite her uncertainty, she refuses to let him go until she realizes his feelings have become dangerous

When Ebony attempts to end their relationship, she discovers that he’s unwilling to let her go easy. Ebony finds herself entangled in a dangerous game of cat and mouse, where the lines between reality and the paranormal begin to blur. As the stakes escalate, Ebony must fight for her life against supernatural forces she never imagined existed.

Will she survive this dangerous world, or will she be consumed by the flames of vengeance stemming from unrequited love?Find out in this steamy thriller filled with passion, suspense, and otherworldly secrets


Dear Childhood by Joshlyn Nicole

Sometimes you have to revisit the past to heal from it. And though the past can be difficult to face, both Candace and Omar had no choice but to face it. In this book, we explore two different stories. With Omar, the past resurfaces in his present and he must learn the importance of forgiveness and healing. Candace learns that forgiving herself is a must for a better future. 

Omar and Candace explore their childhoods and the things that they learned along the way. Even if the past wasn’t beautiful that doesn’t mean the future can’t be. Omar and Candace randomly met at the park, and they had no idea where it would all lead and how much they would need each other. They both took on the incredible task of healing from their past so they don’t bring it to their current relationship.


Scoring with Sadie: A Fake Dating, Enemies to Lovers Sports Romance by Chiquita Dennie


I’m not only dealing with being the star player on the Tennessee panthers team and dealing with bringing the team back to the finals cup. It doesn’t help that I clash with the coach and the management team that assigned a new physical therapist who thinks she knows everything and keeps reminding me how the final decision is up to her if I ever play again. Now I need to figure out if listen to my gut or Sadie and give myself extra time to get better. Otherwise, I could permanently do damage, not only to my heart but my leg as well.


As the daughter of the Coach and the new physical therapist, I’ve had to prove myself for years to make it on my own. When the opportunity to become the new therapist for Panthers opened up, I jumped at the chance. The biggest problem is Destin constantly gets in trouble for his off-field antics, and less for winning games, on top of pushing back to get him back at a hundred percent to the game.

Will Sadie and Destin compromise and see it’s better to work together, or will the enemies clash and burn before the Cup finals start?

Scoring with Sadie is a sexy new fake dating, enemies to lovers, sports romance. Hot bad boy, feisty heroine, and soulful romance.


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up May 29th-June 4th

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