Can a good girl find love in a thug? For Lei Fifer, that’s the hundred-thousand-dollar question. When Lei, an introverted homebody, invites her girls over for a spa day, she isn’t expecting their conversation to shift to men in prison. As an advocate for rehabilitated people receiving the love, companionship, and support those who haven’t committed crimes receive, Lei doesn’t hesitate to put her money where her mouth is and bet that she can find a good friend or great love with someone through the pen pal program her father created.

As confident as Lei is, there are a few conflicts that can arise, the first of which being her career as a defense attorney. Still, Lei sets out to find her friend and win the bet, but when she stumbles across Londen’s profile… she quickly realizes there might be a chance for her bruised heart to find love too.

Londen Graham has never allowed anything to stop him from having his way—and that includes being in prison. Nearing the end of his sentence, Londen already knows exactly how he’s going to live this second phase of his life. What he doesn’t expect is to fall in love with a woman through the pen pal program. A woman who just so happens to be connected to his past in a way that can ruin their friendship and chance to have love in the future.

What starts out as fun and friendship quickly becomes more for Lei when Londen spoils her from behind bars in a way that no free man ever has. With a secret that can destroy not just their budding romance but Lei’s relationship with her family, Londen sets out to make things right as soon as he’s free. Will he be able to prove he’s still the man who secured her heart with his words, or will all they share be memories and his love letters from Memphis?


New Release Spotlight – Love Letters from Memphis, by B. Love

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