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Written in the Stars (Woodgate Book 2) by Skye Moon

Asher’s a wide receiver whose career turns for the worse. Keira’s a small-town girl whose past decisions leave her afraid to reach for her dreams.


Still reeling from their 4th of July rendezvous, Keira’s determined to return to her routine and forget Asher and their time together. Try as she might, erasing the alluring man who’s captured her very being isn’t as easy as she thinks. 

Desperate to escape his city’s judgmental, prying eyes, Asher lands in Woodgate, seeking solace in the woman his soul craves.

As the universe continually forces the pair together, they find themselves on a crash course in redemption, trust, family, and love.


When You Dance (The Berotte Family Book 8) by Monica Walters

The way she moves keeps me in a trance. Her body calls out to mine without making a sound. It speaks my desires in a language I perfectly understand, and it tells me that it’s mine.

Jamel Dent doesn’t know which way is up once Obsession graces his sights. The hypnosis she puts him under nearly every weekend is one that’s hard for Jamel to shake. However, he doesn’t want to shake it. He wants her to be his. There’s only one problem. He doesn’t know her real identity, and she doesn’t allow anyone to get close to her. After five months of fantasizing, hoping she makes a move, he’s ready to call his obsession with Obsession quits until she makes him rethink that decision.

Sandrene Jallow was suddenly thrown into a world of struggle when her dad died tragically. Trying to help her mom financially was tough for her as a teenager. After graduating and searching for the perfect job, she is left hopeless and in despair until she stumbles upon Club Onyx. After becoming acclimated by learning the ropes and establishing her lane, she dominates. Patrons are entranced with her beauty and enthralled by her mystery. Out of the many, she notices one that has seemed to become her number one fan.

If he only knew that I was his number one fan too. The mystery surrounding me wants to engulf him and let him in on the secret. Sandrene can’t breathe the same air as Obsession, and that fact is holding me hostage.

The cards are all in Obsession’s lap. Revealing her true identity as Sandrene Jallow frightens her and constantly makes her overthink. Will she allow Jamel to walk away without knowing the possibilities or will she overcome her fear of being truly seen and give him what he’s been craving?


The Masquerade Ball by Stephanie Nicole Norris

In this follow-up story to And This I Swear… It’s Bridgette and Leslie Valentine’s anniversary. To celebrate, Bridgette is throwing the party of the year—a masquerade ball. In bringing this soirée together, Bridgette also wants to make sure her best friend, Edna, has a companion. Amid Edna’s indecision to date again, Bridgette partners with Leslie to set their friends up on a blind date that could birth new love or new enemies.


Before I Let Go (Skyland Book 1) by Kennedy Ryan

Their love was supposed to last forever. But when life delivered blow after devastating blow, Yasmen and Josiah Wade found that love alone couldn’t solve or save everything.

It couldn’t save their marriage.

Yasmen wasn’t prepared for how her life fell apart, but she’s is finally starting to find joy again. She and Josiah have found a new rhythm, co-parenting their two kids and running a thriving business together. Yet like magnets, they’re always drawn back to each other, and now they’re beginning to wonder if they’re truly ready to let go of everything they once had.

Soon, one stolen kiss leads to another…and then more. It’s hot. It’s illicit. It’s all good—until old wounds reopen. Is it too late for them to find forever? Or could they even be better, the second time around?


It’s Him: A Friends to Lovers Romance (Greetings from Tuckerville Book 4) by J. Nichole

“If we are single at 40, let’s get married.”

That’s the pact Janice should have had with Ben, her best friend since high school. But she didn’t because he was her best friend, and only her best friend. Honestly. Yeah, she thought he was sexy, he always made her laugh, and she could count on him for just about anything. But dating him? That was never a thought that crossed her mind.

Ben tried rekindling his love with his ex-girlfriend, after years of being apart.

She was beautiful, had a caring spirit, and was familiar. Oh, and she was the mother to his fourteen-year-old daughter. Trying with her wasn’t right though. It didn’t take long for him to realize, everything that was wrong with his ex, was right with Janice.

But when he admits that to Janice, will she forego their friendship, in favor of more?

Content Warning: This story includes details around pregnancy loss. I acknowledge that this detail may be difficult. I also encourage you to care for your safety and well-being.


Rock Me Tonight by D’Ashanta

36-year-old divorcée is out to get her money and raise her son. Never intending to run into a blast from her past, but when she does, the chemistry between them is undeniable.

37-year-old retired MLB player faces tragedy and with each passing day, the memories of the loved ones he’s lost is getting harder to bear in the big city alone. Choosing to move back home to Phoenix, where he knows he would be led down an easier road to recovery, he joins his parents to help them with their horse rescue. Fate has it that the last person he expects to take on the challenge of mending his broken heart, is reserved yet willing.

In a tedious game of cat and mouse, this slow burn is going to make the wheels turn in Rock Me Tonight.


All Work, Let’s Play by Rosyln Faulk

Devastated after being left at the altar, paralegal Gage Archer feels lonely and unwanted. His breakup opens wounds from his turbulent childhood in the foster care system, exposing abandonment issues and trauma he’s never dealt with. His relationship with his adoptive sister is his lifeline, but he has no other support system. What’s the point of making friends when everyone is going to leave anyway? At least he has a job he loves. He’s the best legal researcher at his firm, and he feels good knowing his hard work is helping people.

When Gage accompanies his boss and a newly hired lawyer out of state for a high-profile case, he isn’t sure how he’s going to survive a month living and working with two jerks. But if he keeps his head down and concentrates on doing the best legal research he can, he knows he can get through it. Except things are never that simple. The case is dredging up parts of Gage’s past he’d rather keep buried. His boss is overbearing on the best of days. And that new coworker? He’s the brother of his ex-fiancé, Joyce, and Gage is pretty sure the guy hates him. Or does he? As the three men work together, emotions run high and they find themselves connecting in ways none of them expected. The life Gage has always longed for is finally within his reach, but he’ll need to find the courage to break out of his shell and choose to make it happen.A close proximity, light enemies-to-lovers, bi-awakening, hurt/comfort, double boss/employee, workplace romance about a lonely legal researcher who unexpectedly finds the loving family he’s always craved with the two domineering attorneys he works for.


A Naughty Rendezvous by Denise Essex

Jada Williamson is a repressed wife of fifteen years and mother to three rambunctious and talented boys. She is desperate to experience mind-blowing, toe-curling sex. Jada yearns to truly feel alive amidst her predictable daily duties.

Javon Williamson is a focused provider and protector to his wife, Jada, and their children. He’s lost sight of his wife’s need for spontaneity. He’s oblivious of her desire to be kissed senselessly without reason.

When Jada meets Odell, her sex life is reinvigorated. She is awakened to her sensuality like never before. They meet at one o’clock and Jada always leaves satiated. The new sway in her hips finally gains the attention she’s craving from her husband Javon.

Jada is determined not to ruin her marriage the way her mother did, but is it true the apple doesn’t fall far from the adulterous tree? Or can Jada find a way to balance sexual exploration without violating her vows?


Between The Sheets by Nadine Frye

October has lived her life understanding that her purpose was to serve her husband, create a legacy, and place good upon the world. One night shook her world and now she must face the knowledge that nothing is perfect. With that reality comes a journey of self-discovery. Lessons that are learned as she awakens her desire to finally be free.


Wanderlust – Kenya by Turtleberry

When Autumn asks for Kenya’s help, Kenya thinks it’s just to stand as her lawyer and provide advice. The next thing she knows they are planning a wedding and Autumn is moving in with a set of three-year-old twins. The plan was to stay together for a few months and then split. During that time, Kenya and Autumn start to see how they fit together. When their time is up, will they end things or will they continue on the path to their happily ever after?


The Letters in the Jar by Shandra Ward

If there’s one thing Serenity Ashford is sure of, it’s that love has no place for her. After lending herself out in good faith by agreeing to go on a blind date and being stood up, she vows to never love again. To complicate matters, the news of two homicides has found its way to her doorstep and all evidence points to her. Devastated, Serenity feels as if her life is crumbling. However, an unexpected encounter with an anonymous pen pal of ten years catches her by surprise. Suddenly, Serenity finds herself in a world of heat, and it has nothing to do with murder.

For twenty-three years, Blaze Rushmoore spent his time behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit with only the letters of an anonymous woman to comfort him. When he is finally granted his freedom, he is released back into the same world of people who didn’t hesitate to throw him away. The harsh reality prompts Blaze to want to skip town and start a brand new life alone, but he is immediately thrown off of his radar the moment he meets the beautiful Serenity Ashford.

Will Serenity and Blaze be able to resist the fire of passion that consumes them? Or will they allow love to have its way?

Naughty Intentions: Beg For It by Rosé Dior

Anais Jackson has the beauty, brain, and business, but what she can’t seem to obtain is a boyfriend. After the breakup with her ex three years prior, the borderline nymphomaniac had become a masturbating guru who desperately wanted to find love again. After one night in Pleasure’s Gentlemen’s Club, Ana’s whole life had been changed, and things become more heated than she ever could have expected.

Wise, the sexy, domineering, businessman had no intentions of pursuing anything outside of his businesses. Relationships were dead ends for him, and he was okay with that. But, while helping his brother out at his gentlemen’s club, his attention was on one woman—Anais. Her beauty was captivating, aura innocent, but beyond that… Wise saw her need for something he was a master at giving.

The two had different intentions, but things take a turn when one night of naughty behavior becomes more than either of them expected. Will the sexless, hopeless romantic Anais find what she has been missing in Wise, or will what happened in Pleasure stay in Pleasure?


Securing Ava by Anne Shade

Ava Prescott has had one goal in life, to carry on the Prescott legacy by taking the reins of Diamond Unlimited Wealth Management. Her father’s determination to uphold the company’s wholesome family image propels Ava into a reluctant fake relationship with Kyle, a man she’s sure is a threat to the business. When her father is the victim of a suspicious accident, Ava believes Kyle is responsible and has no choice but to run.

Paige Richards saw enough violence to last a lifetime during her years as a counterintelligence specialist. She’s ready for some peace on her ranch in Oklahoma and is paying the bills as a private investigator. Paige takes a case to locate and bring back runaway heiress Ava Prescott. It seems simple enough, until she stumbles upon a bungled kidnapping attempt and her peaceful life is turned upside down. Now she must use every skill she has to secure Ava.

As they try to figure out who is out to hurt Ava and her family, Paige and Ava fight to stay one step ahead of the threat and resist their growing attraction. But ignoring their feelings may prove impossible when their hearts and lives are at stake.


Unanimous Decision by Gayle B. Williams

Zoella Madison is a lover, not a fighter. Or so, she thinks.

The Cincinnati native spends much of her adulthood just traversing through life trying to find her niche. Complicated generations-long family dynamics cause rifts and drama that leave indelible pain and some bitterness for members of the Madison crew and others. The dominating Madison patriarch Fred is a force to be reckoned with. Despite it all, love lands on Zo’s doorstep when she wasn’t even looking for it.

As a single mom to a young daughter, many of the decisions Zo makes are based on what she believes is best for Mikayla, even down to who she dates. After she and her high-school sweetheart Mike part ways, Zo’s love life hits a dry spell. When she crosses paths with tall, sexy, fitness buff Al, an instant sizzling romance is ignited.

Al unexpectedly brings Zo out of her comfort zone by introducing her to the great outdoors while captivating her heart. Their love is one for the books, but the ups and downs of their relationship are put to the ultimate test. Zo is in for the fight of her life, but first she must determine if she is going to tap out or if she has the gumption and stamina to go the distance.


In Due Season – Novella by Khara Campbell

Thirty-three-year-old Antwain Hall felt he had no choice but to lean on his faith in God when his world was tossed upside down. Forty-five-year-old Tanya Freeman, on the other hand, had walked away from her faith because she felt it no longer served its purpose in her life – her prayers had gone unanswered for years. She finally come to realize that God’s timing is far different from her own. Everything happens in due season, which is when Antwain’s and Tanya’s lives cross paths.


A Naughty Kind of Love (Naughty November Book 6) by Kayelle Gee

What happens when the guard put up to protect you causes more harm than good? 

Nori Miller is a hot commodity at the top of her game. With a successful interior decorating business, she’s made the decision to prioritize herself. With an uneventful dating life, she finds herself struggling with the lack of intimacy and it has her craving… more. A run in with an old friend leaves her torn between running away or colliding into love. 

Linc Perry is a charming yet mysterious ladies’ man. After being MIA building a new life for himself, he catches Nori by surprise when he shows up unexpectedly at her doorstep. Old feelings resurface, and he’s tempted to light an old flame, but uncertainty forces him to conceal his true intentions.

Fate seems to push this kindred pair into each other’s space causing emotions and lust to run high. But can Nori face her fears and give this love a chance, or will she always view Linc as her kryptonite? Will Linc muster up the courage to engage Nori the way he desires, or will thoughts of rejection keep him in the friendzone?


Soul Crush: Soul Series Book One by Gabriela Ge

One moment can change everything.
Arabella Hilaire is an artist who has always survived by the skin of her teeth. Thinking life will get any easier is a pipe dream she won’t believe in. That’s until she receives an unexpected inheritance that turns her into a millionaire. The life she never imagined having is hers, but the changes it comes with make her fear she’ll never adapt.
Kain Carter is a product of New York City’s streets and a dedicated on the rise boxer. He’s grown used to both worlds coexisting until one night in the ring makes him boxing’s newest sensation. As he tries to decide if he can leave the world he’s always known behind for the one he fought to be a part of, everything he thought he knew about himself comes into question.
Arabella and Kain are both fighting demons from their past and trying to embrace their new lives. Love was never supposed to be a part of the equation, but once they collide at one of Kain’s fights, an intense journey emerges. Now the love they were never looking for but found in one another threatens to crumble from factors they can’t control.

Content Warning: 
This book includes sensitive topics that can be triggering and provoke feelings of distress. Content includes mental illness, suicidal behavior, child & drug abuse, intrusive thoughts as well as explicit scenes of sex and violence. Reader discretion is advised.


The Naughty Principal (Naughty November Book 5) by Crystal Collier

Everleigh DuPont is principal of the most prestigious private high school in Richmond Heights. Ever the overachiever herself, she’s made it a point to live her life, following the rules and the path laid out before her.

However, when an unexpected pandemic hits, threatening the career she’s worked so hard to build, Everleigh must find a new way to supplement her income, get out of debt, and look out for her mother in the way she’s always done. Like kismet, she comes across an adult live streaming app that seems to be the answer to all of her problems, the only problem is, it’s a bit risqué and out of her comfort zone.

Deciding to go for it, she signs up with three rules in mind. One, she will never, ever meet anyone from the site in person. Two, she will always wear a mask, and under no circumstances, reveal her true identity. Three, once she’s made enough money to reach her goal, she will delete the account immediately. After two years on the app with no mishaps and so close to her goal, Everleigh is on the verge of watching it all crumble around her when one of her regular viewers calls her by name during a private session.

Now that somebody has outed her, she’s worried about what that means for her career, especially since the mystery person has confirmed he knows her from school. Will Everleigh’s double life become a double-edge sword? Will she be outed by her mystery man or by another unsuspecting party who knows her naughty little secret?


Night Sky Affair: Pamela: A Contemporary Black African American Christmas Holiday Romance Suspense Urban Fiction Short Reads Story by Sheila Murdock

The only thing Pamela Cross hates more than being on a plane in the air for over four hours is waiting in a plane on the ground for over four hours as it sits in a major snowstorm in the middle of the country in major delay. But she’s not sitting where everyone else is sitting, she’s sitting in a private first-class room—a Christmas gift from her parents—so she can come home for Christmas without making excuses.

But she’s not in this room alone.

The gorgeous and wealthy Prentiss Welbourne-Armstead is sharing this room with her, unbeknownst to her. But once she gets to know him, she takes up a genuine interest in him . . . as he seemingly does with her. But during this unexpected, short time with each other, there are numerous interruptions that is making it hard for them to get to know each other.

But what she ends up finding out about him when this flight comes to an end will be too unbelievable for words, and can quite possibly alter her reality forever.


Intense (Keatchie Corner Ten) by Danyelle Scroggins

She’s been sidelined.

And she’s wanting love just as much as me.

I feel her…

The pain of her past.

The fear of letting another person in.

And as much as I should be stuck, especially after what I witnessed,

I find myself wondering about her story.

I understand…

The woman I wanted to love is too broken to let anyone in.

She was bruised and bent on getting revenge.

And now that she’s out of the picture, I’m looking for what a real woman looks like.

I’m trusting God to fix anything in me that will cause me to hang on to the past.

And when I approach her, not only will I have my stuff together, I’m coming strong.

I’m coming with the same force I bring to the field.

All I know is I’m applying pressure and it’s going to be…



What She Wants: A Royce & Makeena Update Story by Tina Martin

Makeena is thrilled to continue to build her relationship with her long lost family. Her husband, Royce, by her side is an added bonus. But her happiness slowly dissipates when she realizes that Royce isn’t happy.

Although he won’t say it outright, Royce is having a hard time adjusting to a new, domestic life with Makeena. An ex-soldier, he’s accustomed to a more dangerous, adventurous life. Will he quietly settle down in the suburbs with Makeena or leave to fill his desire for adventure?

*You must read ‘Wasn’t Supposed to Love Her’ which also appears in the 2-n-1 novel, Dangerously in Love before reading What She Wants.


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New Release Round-Up November 14th-20th

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