High school seniors, Tasheena “Tee” Hinton and Terrence “TD” Dunn, also known as TNT, have been best friends and neighbors since the age of five.

Tee has spent most of her life feeling like her mother’s biggest mistake and abandoned by her unidentified father. In her senior year, she finds solace while performing on stage and through a budding new relationship with TD’s teammate. A relationship that TD doesn’t approve of. 

TD has trained his entire life to become a basketball player and is looking forward to fulfilling that dream at Killian State University. While coasting through his senior year, his relationship with his girlfriend is tested when she challenges his friendship with Tee. 

TNT know everything about each other except the one thing that Tee is afraid to share. A surprise birthday gift that Tee receives leads to the uncovering of dark secrets which leads the two friends to embark on a summer road trip with hopes of finding answers. What they don’t expect are all the new questions that will arise on their journey.


New Release Spotlight – Kiss My Scars, by Danesha Little

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