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Heartbreak U: The Finale by Johnni Sherri

After barely surviving their freshman year at NC A&T, the girls will now have to endure the summer.

Despite making the conscious decision to separate herself from the married Malachi Montgomery, the pain of losing him causes a natural tug of war inside Paris’ heart.

Just before Spring Break Hope learns that she’s pregnant but now she’s unsure of exactly what to do. On one hand, she doesn’t want to disappoint her father because he only knows the meek and sheltered child he raised. He has yet to face the young, fleshly woman she’s now become—the one that has fallen weak for a man. But on the other, the father of her unborn child is not who she once thought he was.

While Franki’s heart continues to open up to Churchboy Josh, she’s unsure of just how long their relationship will last without sex. Every day she struggles with her past and when things back home take a turn for the worst, the lines between intimacy, sex and religion immediately get blurred.

And finally, Asha hits rock bottom. So low that she attempts mending relationships that were once thought to be broken beyond repair. She even makes notable strides putting the puzzle pieces of her life back together. But will it all be too late? Will it even be enough to change her selfish, gold-digging ways? Find out in the finale of Heartbreak U.



Love Unsolicited by Alexandra Warren

“Everything in this world is for sale to the people who can afford it…”

Joella Mason knows the difference between what she needs and what she wants. But when the line between the two becomes especially thin, she finds herself on a quest for something missing, not expecting that to come in the package of a sexy stranger with an even sexier proposition.

They share a night. Desires are fulfilled. But at what price?

Find out in, Love Unsolicited.



The Thanksgiving Game: A Holiday Short Story by Phyllis Bourne

Toi and Lennox (The Hook-Up Before Christmas) are looking forward to spending Thanksgiving Day in the bedroom – until family demanding a holiday feast derails their plan. So, the couple concocts a secret game to survive the onslaught and enjoy some naughty holiday fun.


Set: A Novella by Alexandria House

A chance encounter and one night of passion leads to a mutually beneficial arrangement for two souls from different worlds. When love creeps into the equation, neither is sure how to feel or what to do. The only thing either is certain of, is their need for the other.

Set is book one of the Them Boys novella series.

This novella includes strong sexual content and profanity. If these elements do not appeal to you, this may not be the read for you.



Fortress (Forde Family Series Book 2) by Nikki Blaire

The Forde family is a fortress, impenetrable and powerful…

Marcus Forde, Jr., is the heir apparent and CFO of his father’s multi-million dollar wealth management firm. He’s wealthy, strong-willed, lives in his father’s image, and gives him unyielding loyalty. For as long as he could remember, he’s modeled himself after this one man, to a fault.

Until it all crumbles…

Unfortunately, the faults of his father become a scandal that threatens to ruin the family name, which makes them call on Charlisse Lageaux, a no nonsense crisis management expert that can make all of this mess go away. Her first order of business is to protect what is left of the Forde’s diminished empire. To Charlisse, all of these wealthy men are the same, but while working with Marcus to clean up this mess, she notices that there’s more to the reckless, rude, and heavily guarded finance magnate than meets the eye.



Memo (The Making of Memories Book 1) by Grey Huffington

It’s amazing. Read it to see for yourself.


Ignite My Soul by Monica Walters

Letting go of disappointments is a part of life, but Jasper Henderson is struggling in that area, especially with one disappointment in particular. He has kept it hidden for years from everyone and it causes him to coast through life without really experiencing the joys of it. While he’s a successful business owner and rancher, his love life is lacking, however, he pretends to be content with that until he no longer can. A beautiful woman grabs his attention and refuses to let go. While he knows their potential, he refuses to acknowledge it, putting their relationship at risk before it even develops.

When her mind is set to achieve something, Chasity Pollard usually does. She doesn’t believe in quitting and that mantra is true for her love life as well. Embarking on her educational journey later than most, she’s determined to finish on top, even when her progress is threatened by a gorgeous man. Regardless of that fact, she can’t seem to resist him and tries to establish something meaningful with him. However, after eight months, she’s ready to throw in the towel. He refuses to give in to her. Not wanting to waste her time any more than she already has, she gives him an ultimatum.

Jasper and Chasity embark upon a journey that neither of them are completely sure will develop into anything promising. The drama is plentiful, and things get dangerous. Will Jasper and Chasity be able to navigate their way through life’s tumultuous past to attain a future filled with love? Or will they crumble before they even get started on their journey?


Give Me Love: A Thanksgiving Novella by B. Love

Gratitude Montgomery, Attorney, and Cherish Williams, Gift basket boutique owner, meet for the first time by crashing into each other – literally. This unexpected meeting changes the events of their lives for the next few days, forcing them to spend that time together. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and Gratitude hates the holiday and all it stands for. The last thing he wants to deal with is a positive, cheery woman whose disposition only irritates him more. During the course of their time together, Cherish sets out to make Gratitude the meaning of his name.

Will she succeed and change his perception of Thanksgiving, love, and life itself, or will he taint her heart and spirit and drain her of the good within her until they both have nothing left?



Broken Heart Syndrome by AshleyNicole

Life dealt Brynn Mowry a nasty
blow, shattering her world when the love
of her life was taken away. Trying to live with the weight of grief pressing down on her is no walk in the park. Finding love is the least of her worries, as she tries to keep a solid foot in reality.

Greer has been trying to show her, that new love can mean rebirth. She’s just not sure she wants it with him.
In walks Daxon, and maybe, just maybe, his excitable personality and irresistible charms can begin the process of peeling back the layers of loss holding Brynn back.
But now, somebody’s after her for reasons unknown.
Can she shoo away the ghost of love lost, long enough to figure this mystery out as well as reclaim love?



Winter Wonder (A Lennox in Love Book 5) by Tina Martin

A winter launch party.
A shy entrepreneur.
A jealous best friend..?
One smokin’ hot Lennox!
Drake Lennox, maintenance manager for Lennox Enterprises’ network of hotels and resorts, spends most of his time working – and by working, that entails managing his team. He doesn’t take maintenance calls but does so as a favor for his cousin Joelle Lennox at Smoky Mountain Lodge. There, he meets Lavina Nelson – a representative for Mountain View Beauty who’s organizing a grand launch party for her latest beauty products. Drake insists upon helping her set up the banquet room and discovers the businesswoman has more stake in the company than she leads on. She’s passionate about her work but prefers to stay in the background with her best friend happily taking the lead and spotlight.
Can he help reclaim what’s rightfully hers?



Closer To You by Sheryl Lister

Located an hour away from San Diego, the small town of Blackmont, California is known for its peaceful surroundings and majestic lakes. However, secrets and danger lurk just below the surface. And some secrets could prove to be deadly.

Love may be a distraction neither of them will live to enjoy…

When Zahra Chandler unexpectedly inherits her grandfather’s small-town home and bookstore, she jumps at the chance to leave LA. There’s just one problem: she also, unknowingly, inherits a long-buried secret that someone would go to any lengths to protect, including murder. The only thing standing between her and a killer is the town’s arrogant, but irresistibly sexy sheriff—a man who ignites in her a passion she’s never felt.

Kendall McKnight takes his job as sheriff seriously and is always prepared for anything…except his instant attraction to newcomer Zahra. As they’re drawn together in their search for clues, protecting her becomes less about civic duty and much more about carnal desire and he’s in danger of losing the one thing he vowed never to risk again—his heart. But the threat is closer than they realize and the truth, when revealed, could tear them apart forever.



Finding Freedom: Wrapped in Love’s Armour by Ivy Laika

When pain has molded you for years, the hardest thing to do is let go of the toxicity that it brings.

Rise Louis knows that struggle all too well. Following her twenty-ninth birthday, she’s planning on taking a six-month journey to find herself. When an ex reappears, Rise is triggered to untether the strings that have led her to be complacent. The only problem is, she’s unsure if she can.

Armour Payne is a highly sought award-winning director. Overwhelmed with the superficial life that Hollywood offers, he returns home to Savanah, Georgia to take a break from the industry. When his cousin, Rae, asks him to be Rise’s videographer through her journey Armour is completely against the idea—until he meets Rise.

Together the two embark on a journey that forces them to see each other at their lowest and at their highest. At the end the question still remains, will Rise find freedom wrapped in love’s Armour? Or will she hold on to the pain that she knows all too well?



The Guide (The Negus Effect Series Book 4) by D. Camille

Mathias Roberts is The Guide. As a successful therapist who has returned permanently to his hometown of Detroit, his directive from The Master is to uncover the identities and motivations of the infamous Neo Negus. Dr. Roberts is a more than a handsome face and and sexy mind…he is also a man of principle, a man of purpose and a man of passion.

Mathias makes it his mission to reveal all the men behind the masks…and seeks out another professional, to assist him. He connects with an FBI Profiler, who challenges his principle, fulfills his purpose and ignites his passion…leading to more than they both expected.



Soul Food & Secrets by J.L. Sapphire

After both of their parents have passed away, sisters, Chelsea, Chastity, and Cynthia vow to honor their parents wish by agreeing to continue having Thanksgiving dinner together as a family, while also creating new traditions with the families they are all starting for themselves. However, things don’t quite go as planned after one too many glasses of wine are consumed and secrets start coming out around the dinner table…



His and Hers: cool if you are by Brittanie Smith

Friend or Foe?

Shaunie’s back on her grind, but not without distraction. An unexpected guest comes to town, adding to the duo and their mess. The house is crowded and stacked with drama. While Stacee gets answers, Shaunie’s truth leaves her at another crossroad.

Book three in the His and Hers series ties loose ends, yet still managing to unravel new shocking revelations and questionable friendships



His and Hers: and that’s that by Brittanie Smith

“When it rains it pours.”

Literally and figuratively it all comes down in this season’s finale. Could losing it all mean gaining everything?
Both Stacee and Shaunie face their intertwined drama head on. When there’s nothing left to do, there’s only one thing they have in common…

Each other.

Book Four in the His and Hers series continues, ends and begins a new kind of living and a whole lot of drama for the Fallon Beach roomies.



Unwrapping Hanie by Empi Baryeh

Hanie Morrison has either completely lost her mind, or she’s finally taken charge of her love life when she starts a liaison with a man she meets online. Their friendship fast becomes more, and she’s having the best (cyber) sex of her life.⁣

When her internet lover decides to travel halfway across the world to see her, she must make a decision of her own—book a one-way ticket back to reality or risk her heart and find love one orgasm at a time.⁣

(Buyer beware! The heat starts on page one)



For Christmas (The Morgan Sisters) by Daria White

Follow the stories of Jasmine, Paige, and Nina Morgan. These three sisters have no idea what’s coming for Christmas!

A Kiss for Christmas. Jasmine‘s pursuing her career over the man she loves. It’s the night before she leaves and a kiss changes everything. It won’t be easy getting on the plane now.

My Choice for Christmas. Nina thought her relationship with her boyfriend was perfect, but then she meets a single father. She has to make a choice, especially when a marriage proposal hangs in the balance.

A Gift for Christmas. Paige is a new mother. Her best friend left her custody of her baby just as Paige finally confessed her feelings to her other best friend, Kevin. Can he handle a package deal?



When Love Was In Our Hearts by Evelyn Stamps

…..Evelyn sat back comfortably in her favorite chair thinking back over what had brought her full circle to this place in her life. She thanked God for her vivid memories and her bountiful imagination to recall what life was like when love was in her heart.
“When Love Was In Our Hearts” is a beautiful story filled with moments of love and heartache. It is a story that shows the power of love and forgiveness to get past the mistakes and memories of the past. It is based on true events that have taken place in the life of the author.



Shattered Dreams by Marie Nash

Mya stared at London in shock. What London was saying made no sense to her. They had been dating for almost a year, and she thought they were headed in the same direction. Now he wants to take a break. Things are moving too fast for him? Translation; he wants to end the relationship.
Mya was devastated! She had been reading him all wrong. She had given him everything and recently had come to realize that she loved him. Mya had planned on telling him tonight after dinner. Tears formed in the back of her eyes, but she refused to let them fall. She felt like such a fool.
London looked at the pain in Mya’s eyes. The last thing he wanted to do was cause her pain. “I’m not trying to hurt you. I really care about you. And I think you care about me. Our relationship is progressing nicely. I just think we need to slow things down a bit. I’m not ready to settle down. I’m not ready for marriage and children, and I know that’s what you want.”
Mya had heard enough. “You need to leave now.” Mya walked to the front door and held it open.
“Mya, you don’t understand. I’m not saying I don’t want to see you anymore. It’s just the opposite.”
Mya glared at him. “Trust me. I know the drill. You’re seeing someone else, and instead of being honest with me, you’re trying to camouflage it with this nonsense about slowing things down. What kind of fool do you take me for? Just leave.”



His Perfect Melody by J. Danielle

Meet Melody and Josiah. She’s the quiet and sweet soul with the angelic voice who would prefer to fade into the background. He’s the brash and blossoming R&B heart throb with mass sex and thug appeal. They come from two different worlds, but what happens when their worlds collide? Will they come together to make the perfect melody? Or will their love song crash and burn? Take a peek into Melody and Josiah’s journey as they both pen their verses to write the perfect melody.


Small Town Love (Lovetown Book 1) by Michelle Stimpson and Michelle Lindo-Rice

One small town. One big secret. An even bigger love.

Sean Morrison has returned to Lovetown, TX, with one purpose in mind: Claim Janiya Thompson as his wife. He has his faith, his military career, his upscale apartment, and with Janiya by his side, his life will finally be complete. But Sean has a secret that could destroy his newfound relationship. Will he have the courage to tell Janiya the truth?

Janiya “Niya” Thompson has only known grief and uncertainty in her small town life. She doesn’t see any hope for a brighter future until her childhood friend, Sean, returns to town. Now, Janiya begins to yearn for more and opens her heart to new possibilities. Will Sean be a part of her healing or will he bring more pain?



I’ll Ride For You by Natisha Raynor

Amiliyon Carter is fresh out of high school and ready to start the next phase of her life when she loses her father, and everything in her life is suddenly different. Amil finds out that her father isn’t who she thought he was. She also learns that in her time of need her sister Story who was once her best friend can’t be counted on. Facing this harsh reality forces Amil to grow up, but when she meets her thug on a white horse, he rides in and saves the day. From the day she meets Shareef, Amil’s life is better, but it doesn’t last long before he’s taken away from her too.

Amil’s heart is covered with ice. Life has made her numb and it has made her a totally different person. When she runs into her high school crush Rahmir, Amil tries to warn him that pursuing her is a bad idea, but he refuses to listen. Amil and Rahmir soon become a couple and all of his insecurities and gripes about her life are starting to take a toll on their relationship. A toll that they may not be able to bounce back from especially when someone from Amil’s past makes an unexpected return.



A Soldier’s Christmas: A Holiday Novel by Gayle Phillips-Roberson

He needed a Christmas miracle, so he was sent to a miracle worker.
Veteran Noah Hanley returned home from the Middle East a broken man. The death of his two best friends had him consumed with guilt, a guilt neither his twin sister nor doctors could help him overcome. As he slipped deeper into depression, the doctors knew if they didn’t get help for the mentally and spiritually wounded soldier, he would become one of the many suicide statistics of returning veterans.
So he was sent to Oklahoma, to Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Marty Ellis, who specialized in the treatment of veterans that return home, broken, both mentally and physically, and with no hope for the future.
But Noah was determined to show everyone he didn’t want their help, and he certainly didn’t want the help of some psychologist who didn’t know him or what he’d been through. But the doctors at the VA Hospital gave him no choice but to go to Oklahoma, so reluctantly, he did, but he had no intention in cooperating with his so-called therapy, especially if he felt he didn’t need it.
Psychologist Marty Ellis knew too well the suicide statistics of returning veterans and she was determined not to allow her newest patient, Noah Hanley, to be added to those statistics. But his anger and bitterness seem to constantly block her efforts to help him.
But Marty was known as the miracle worker when it came to treating veterans, and she was determined to show Noah the hopes and dreams he had before he left to serve his country, were still there, waiting to be fulfilled now that he had returned.
Marty still believed in the miracle of Christmas, and she had thirty days in which to get Noah to see not only the miracle of the holiday season, but also its hope, because it was her hope that Noah would not only have that same hope, but that he would once again believe in the miracle of this special holiday and in the miracle of love.



If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up November 18th-24th

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