The story drew me in immediately, and my excitement was one hundred percent ratcheted.  For the record, my nickname in college was Slik, so maybe that was the other reason why It was compelling to read this story. You ask why friends called me Slik? Well… I had a smarty pants mouth. Malcolm “Slick” Montgomery and I would’ve been a super couple with the same nickname, as he had an extra smooth personality. Malcolm was an avid skier who loved the slopes as much as he loved banging women. His penchant for wanting to take care of his family was his calling card. When he met Tia “Tweet” Phillips at his usual spot on the slopes, his main priority was to help her off the ground where she’d fallen, and after seeing her beauty, his next goal was to get inside of her body. The story had a few things that made the story enjoyable. Malcolm and Tia had a friendly dialogue between them that bordered on naughty most of the time. The landscape in the novel stayed close to reality. The foundation for the story was a smooth fit for the author’s style. I really liked both Malcolm and Tia’s families alike. Malcolm’s family and friends were extra funny. You will totally enjoy their crazy antics and quick, witty conversations. Once Malcolm and Tia started their relationship, it was sexy, mmmm, hum, whew! *Clutching my imaginary pearls* You will enjoy this novel totally. 5.0 stars…

Review – Slick: The Love Movement, by Marlee Rae

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