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What’s It Gonna Be? by Monica Walters

Marcus Wingate has struggled with his identity his entire life. Being kept a secret from his father’s side of the family and not being accepted by his father himself causes him to take less desirable roads to get his attention. After finally being accepted throughout the struggles and disagreements, Marcus still has some things he’s dealing with that he needs to get answers for. However, in the midst of all that, he sees a woman that he knows should be the next notch on his belt. What he didn’t bargain for was that he would be just that for her too.

Being afforded the opportunity to meet and get to know her birth mother is only part of the healing process for Synthia Coles. She is traveling through life broken, seeking validation in places that should be sacred. Her innocence was shattered a long time ago and she still doesn’t know how to handle that. Within her attempt at normalcy, she meets a man that she knows can have her sliding down the slippery slope she was desperately trying to climb, but everything about him is telling her to sexually destroy his hopes and dreams.

Marcus and Synthia seem to be damage and destruction traveling on a combustible road to total devastation. Through all the toxicity, they are drawn to one another in more ways than one. Can they get over themselves and all the issues that plague them to form a lasting relationship? Or is that way too much to expect or even ask for?


Love Always (Love in Seattle Book 3) by Asia Monique

For the last seven months, Immanuel Holloway had been stuck in a state of limbo when it came to the matters of his heart and the woman who owned it.On the other hand, Tiava Johnson was in a state of repair when it came to her mind, body, and soul.

Neither Immanuel nor Tiava knew what would come of their predicament, but what they did know was that they were willing to try making something of it—all in the name of love.

*please note, this is book three in a four book series and can be read as a standalone.


A Father’s Objection: Reclaiming A Black Mafia Enforcer (Black Mayhem Mafia Saga Book 5) by B. Love

It took Naeem Cassidy ten years to get over his wife’s death and move on. Then, he found out she was still alive. Now, he has to choose between the life he had with Destiny and the life he’s built with Dijon. There is one major problem though—Destiny’s father.

Because of his lies and secrets, someone has to die… and Naeem refuses to grieve for his wife again. Will his choice cause the end of his relationship with Dijon and create a war with the Black Mayhem Mafia, or will it end things between him and Destiny permanently this time around?


One Moore Chance by K.O. McGee

Instructional Specialist, Melody Young, is trying to keep it all together; work and school are her only focuses to stay on target with her personal goals. After her last failed relationship, love isn’t on her radar. She is simply going with the flow, trying desperately to get through this thing called life.

Chance Moore, a successful music mogul, goes from co-parenting to full-time parenting in the blink of an eye. While adjusting to his new life, he meets his son’s tutor. He can’t get her off his mind, when an opportunity for them to become closer arises, Chance takes it.

The whirlwind romance puts a new song on his heart, but it doesn’t take long for them to get off beat. When faced with an opposition, will their love hit the right note, or will they fall flat?


With Her Own Two Hands: The Malone Sisters (A Small Town Romance Book 3) by Tasha L. Harrison

Julian Webster needs a muse. 

After leaving Philadelphia to escape a woman who couldn’t love him the way he needed, he’s beginning to wonder if he left every creative cell in his body back there too.

Agostina Malone knows that too much heartbreak can make you bitter. 

She loves the idea of love but knows she’s just not built for it. Good sex, recognition from those she loves and respects, close relationships with friends and family — those were the things she craved. But romantic love? No. Romantic love can drain you. Steal your light. Leave you empty and depressed. But with her own two hands she has carved out the life she wants, the life she can manage.

Big, broody Julian keeps invading her sacred spaces, and they share a wall at ArtCrush Studios, making him impossible to escape. Agostina offers her spiritual practices to help him snap out of it. But even a fistful of crystals and all the mojo bags in the world can’t seem to put this man right. Maybe a mojo bag isn’t what he needs… 

Maybe they both need something only love can cure.


Indecent Proposal: A Standalone Novel by Krystal Shay

Jewel Abebe is living the life that most 29-year-old females can only dream of. She has enough money to buy anything her heart desires and feels like life for her is complete. She has the perfect job, drives the fanciest cars, and only wears designer clothing. Men would love to get next to her, but due to past relationships, she has sworn off dating. The only man she has love for is her father and she would do anything to please him. Even if that meant uprooting her life and moving to another state to help out the family business.

Kenzo Phillips, is young and living life. His days consist of partying and bringing home any woman that is willing to be with him without attachments. He knew one day he would get his life together, but that wasn’t until he had all of the fun he could have. His parents are over the childish antics and his father gives him an opportunity to change his life or else.

Jewel and Kenzo are placed in each other’s path with no intentions other than making money and moving on with their lives. That is until Jewel has a proposition that Kenzo can’t resist even if it means going against everything he stood for.


This Love is Real Book 1: Part 1 (This Love Is Real Novella) by TMH Writer

Sonya finally got the night she wanted with Terri but then morning came.

Terri was so overwhelmed by her attraction for Sonya that in her confusion she ran away to New York to pursue her dreams.

Sonya, not deterred by Terri’s refusal to accept their love, heads to New York City to reignite their passion.


Fall Into You (A Season For Love Book 1) by Georgina Kiersten

It’s Autumn. Is there a better time to fall in love?

Imari Haines has had it with the gossip. The whole town is acting like she’s their very own Runaway Bride. A plus-size, black version of Julia Roberts that left a perfectly nice boy at the altar.

Her family is no exception. Her mother won’t stop making passive-aggressive comments.

Exhausted by this charged atmosphere, a boss that doesn’t appreciate her, and the never-ending town rumors, Imari makes a bold decision. Come autumn, she moves to Appeley (a small town in Hill Country) and never looks back.

In Appeley, for the first time ever, Imari feels welcome, happy, and unapologetically herself. She tries new things, makes brand-new friends and, while attending the fall apple festival, she accidentally bumps into a very familiar face…

Cassidy Martinez was her childhood best friend and partner in crime. Now, she has grown into a stunning, confident woman, and Imari can’t help noticing.

Should she take a risk?

Can the two of them pick up where they left off, or is being friends not going to be enough this time around?

An F/F Black BBW Sapphic Romance featuring plus-size main characters, a small town, autumn themes, butches and studs, motorcycle rides, coffeeshops, childhood friends-to-lovers romance, and tons of found family feels.


Void by Kaye Lovett

Taylor Ross-Gains’ marriage was on the rocks and she would do anything to save it until a situation reveals that her marriage is incapable of being saved. No longer feeling desired or loved, she focuses on her kids and career as a surgical technician. With her scattered schedule and her husband’s long days and nights, they were in need of a nanny.

When one of her long-time friends suggests Keith Stewart, she’s hesitant, but he blows her away with his impressive resume and charm. She offers him not only a job but a place in their family.

Keith was always very professional and impeccable with kids, and working for Taylor was no different until he gets to spend more time around her. The friendship they built was exceptional, but the attraction building was staggering and soon became undeniable.

With Taylor fresh out of a marriage and Keith’s previous trauma, it would be logical that they wouldn’t rush into anything serious, but Keith is all in. He wants Taylor and the kids.

Taylor is soon overwhelmed by Keith’s possessive behavior and with his accidental confession about his past, she forces him to look deeper to see if a life with her is what he wants or if he’s just filling a void.


Finding My Way To You (Entangled Hearts) by Renee Williams

He was supposed to be a one-night stand. One of those memories that were supposed to make me smile to myself whenever I thought about all of the things that we had done to one another. But, it turned into many more nights of giving and taking. I just couldn’t help myself. Who didn’t enjoy the pleasure of the flesh? He was like one of the seven deadly sins, gluttony. Everyone knew what happened when you overindulged. You became fat, literally. I was willing to continue to deal with him until…
Until I walked in on some foolishness.
Until I saw someone else giving him all the benefits that I gave him.
Until I found out that our few months of pleasure had turned into eighteen years of commitment.
Until I realized I wanted forever, and he was only looking for something temporary.


Blissful Ignorance by Kaige Keira

The crossroads came with dire consequences as Kendrick arranges to fully step into the role of Blue, his street persona. Raven is left to clear the remnants of her past choices. With help from an unexpected comrade, Raven distinguishes that it was always her ignorance keeping her stagnant. 

Kassidy has reservations even though she wants to be exclusive with Darius “Syncere” Washington. But with Rayne lurking in the shadows and a price on her head, will Kassidy’s downfall be caused by her own hands or will she finally get everything she ever wanted? 

Blissful Ignorance picks up where Crossroads left off as it navigates us through the potholes known as the streets of New Orleans. 

When the smoke finally clears will the decisions these women make be worth the outcome?


He Saved Me From Myself by Kelsey Blue

What would you do if someone offered you everything you could ever want and served it up to you on a silver platter? The catch? You just had to follow a few rules.

Kennedy jumps at the chance, and now she reigns in a secret world. She has all the material things and attention she could ever want, but after a heart-to-heart conversation and an unexpected incident, she’s starting to rethink her choices. And she’s not alone.

Cassie feels the same way. She thought her new career choice would help her forget about some things from her past, but instead, it’s starting to bring them to the surface. As time passes, she’s starting to get tired of masking her true feelings, and she’s craving more for her life.

Stefan works for his thriving family business. He can have anything and anyone he wants, but recently, he’s been thinking about leaving the family business and finally branching off on his own path. There’s just one problem, his parents.

Jalen has worked with Stefan for the past few months, and he loves the money. But after overhearing a conversation and getting the surprise of his life, he’s not too sure if the job is for him in the long run. Plus, he’s caught feelings for someone he knows is off limits.

In their world, all that glitters really is gold, but sometimes you can be blinded by the light and find yourself wanting or even needing to be saved.


Wading: A Friends to Lovers Novella by Roe Braddy

It’s 1968, and Nezzie Fergerson, a lonely cocktail waitress at the Copper Pipe lounge, finds herself in a new city with a new job and lofty aspirations to find peace and contentment. Nezzie meets the man of her dreams, Mathias Whaley, a hard-working steelworker; even though he seems to be perfect, her feelings of self-doubt and pain hold her back. The young independent loner moves from the past and into Mathias’ waiting arms, only to find that the road to love and healing is going to be a bumpy one. At the height of the Civil /rights Movement, things were tough for working-class residents of the Hill District in Pittsburgh, PA. Still, despite economic hardships and secrets from the past, Nezzie decides her heart has been captured by the alluring young steelworker with a tender spirit. Together, they find themselves wading through the turmoil, uncertainties, and pressures of racism. As ugly scars heal, and darkness is brought to the surface, Mathias sees that his “good thing” is closer than ever before.


The Husband Hunter by Latoya Stevens

Robyn Stokes thinks she has it all until her grandfather dies and leaves her a fortune that can only be touched once she’s married. Trying to find a way around that rule, she decides to have a quickie wedding. The only problem? She doesn’t have a groom. As Robyn trolls for fake husbands, she unintentionally gives away more than just a fake marriage proposal when she meets Dylan.


Stand by Me: A Sweet and Wholesome Christian Romance (Family Is Forever Book 3) by Pat Simmons

Acclaimed inspirational African American romance author Pat Simmons brings you a love story filled to the brim with everything you’re looking for:Emotional, poignant fiction that explores what it means to take care of familyChristian romance that delves into the connection between two peopleAn uplifting story about embracing love and giving others—and yourself—one more chance

When it comes to being a caregiver, Kym Knicely has been there and done that. Then she meets Charles “Chaz” Banks and soon learns that every caregiving situation is different. Chaz takes care of his seven-year-old autistic granddaughter, Chauncy. Although Kym’s attraction to Chaz is strong, she has to decide whether a romantic relationship can survive and thrive between two people at different stages in life. It’s a journey with a different set of rules that Kym has to play by if she and Chaz are to have their happily ever after and the faith and family they envision.


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up November 1st-7th

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