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Wicked: A Sexy Halloween Short by Té Russ

It’s Halloween season. The time of year when inhibitions are a little lower and boldness is a little higher. The perfect time for Annecia and Xane to be a little…wicked.


Restored (Eternally Tethered Book 3) by Christina C. Jones

Something is off.

But it’s been that way for Eryn since before the accident, and doesn’t seem to be getting better.

Maybe… worse.

Strange dreams, hallucinations, and a confusingly intense connection with a stranger have her wondering if she’ll ever be “okay” again.

A fate she can’t accept.

But one she’ll have to risk everything to avoid.

(Restored is a paranormal romance, the last of a three book series. It is a novella, roughly the same length as the other two books in the series, which you are highly encouraged to read (or re-read) first.)


With Everything In Me by Kimberly Brown

Roswell “Ross” Scott was known to be quite the ladies’ man. For years, women were a conquest to him… until he meets the one who would not only lock him down but break his heart in the process. A recent breakup has sent him on a mission to heal that same broken heart by returning to his old ways. That was, until he met Paisley St. Germaine, a five-four, mysterious, firecracker. Between pursuing her and dealing with the drama from his pregnant ex, Ross feels like he has more than enough on his plate. However, an accident reveals he may be getting more than he bargained for with Paisley. 

Paisley St. Germaine is the new girl in town. A bit of a loner all of her life, she is adjusting to her new surroundings in a new city with her six-year-old daughter, Harmony. Her typical days are filled with working, being a mom, and indulging in her love of art. When she meets Ross Scott, little does she know, her life is about to change forever. Though she fights hard against his undeniable good looks and charm, she finds herself drawn to him. Past trauma has caused her to be cautious of men and for that very reason, she decides not to tell Ross that she has a child just yet. As fate would have it, Paisley is forced to reveal her secret one way or another. Will this cost her the happiness she is finding with Ross? Or will he be able to forgive her and move forward?


Before We Fall (Unexpected Lovers Book 2) by Rilzy Adams

Tasha Dixon-Turner doesn’t need anybody to save her.
She’s going to save herself.
The man everybody warned her about marrying turns out to be just as bad as predicted. And then some. She’s determined to claw herself out of her situation without letting anybody in on her bitter secret.
Cole Mason threatens all of that when he witnesses a very public fight between her and her husband and Tasha knows can’t risk him revealing the secret she’s worked so hard to keep.
She doesn’t know what to expect when she confronts Cole to ask him to keep her confidence, but it definitely wasn’t him offering to give her the support she’s denied herself for so long.
She didn’t expect him to offer her a soft place to land.
She didn’t expect him… period.
But Tasha has been dancing with the Devil for so long that it’s almost impossible for her to trust the peace she feels when she looks into Cole’s eyes.
Will her desperate desire to be her own savior damn her to hell after all?

Before We Fall is the second book in the Unexpected Lovers series following up Xander and Navaya’s journey in Go Deep. The events of Go Deep and Before We Fall partially overlap but Before We Fall is a contained story and there is no need to read Go Deep before delving into it.


For Once by Aja

Carina Clark had been on the dating scene for longer than she cared to admit. It had been such an unsuccessful journey, that she was absolutely, positively done with it.  Until sexy Salik … and his offer to take her out to see one of her favorite vocalists. She figured, at the very least, she’d enjoy good music and his smile, but definitely not more. Why would she want that? Men never stayed past a toss in the sheets.
But things take a turn that night and Salik … he actually stayed long enough for coffee in the morning. 

For once, one stayed. 

For Once is a sexy love story and a standalone. 

Visit ajathewriter.com to learn more about Aja and her work.


Can’t Fight This Love (Joseph Brothers Book 2) by Kenni Vieux

Samuel Joseph, millionaire bachelor and the most elusive brother out of the Joseph brothers clan, had spent so many years building walls around his heart that not even the most beautiful and crafty of women couldn’t penetrate. Vulnerability when it came to matters of the heart, was a weakness that had to be avoided at all costs.

Until Joanna. 

Joanna was the exception, the one who could shatter everything bit of protection Sam worked so hard to maintain. The only problem is that there is so much at stake on both sides that in order to be together they must upend their lives as they know it and chart a new path. Will the cost of their love be too great? Or is Samuel willing to risk it all for a chance at happiness?

This novella is the second installment in the Joseph Brothers Series but can be read as a standalone.


The Weekend (A Lennox In Love Book 7) by Tina Martin

Can you make somebody fall in love with you in ONE weekend?

That’s what Corbin LeBlanc is hoping after recently becoming reacquainted with Davina Lennox – his secret crush from high school years ago. She’s all woman now and still as beautiful as he remembered. However, while he knows the path his life will take, he learns that Davina has no clue what she wants – but she knows one thing for sure – small-town life is not for her.

Corbin has one weekend to convince her to stay in Bryson City, appreciate this beautiful mountain town and make her see the amazing life they could have together.  

The Lennox Series are all standalone novellas with the exception of Caught in the Storm with a Lennox which is the prequel to Claiming You and Winter Wonder should be read before Winter Wedding.


Pre-Teen Wolf (Shifter Escapes Book 3) by Lucy Eden

Meghan and John find themselves booked in the same cabin over the holidays & fighting an attraction that feels a lot like fate.

Six months ago, wolf shifter, John Walker lost his fated mate and the love of his life.
Faced with the prospect of spending the holidays alone, he thought booking a cabin in a remote shifter-friendly resort in the mountains was the answer to his problems.

Six months ago, Meghan Thomas, a very human and single mom to a ten-year-old wolf shifter cub, Bradley lost her fated mate and the love of her life.
Faced with the prospect of raising a wolf shifter alone she thought booking a cabin in a remote shifter friendly resort in the mountain was the answer to her problems.


Everything and More by K. Lashaun

Moments before Rumor Finley is set to board a plane and fly across the country for her baby sister’s wedding, her quick temper lands her in a rental car with a man she loved to annoy, the groom’s cousin, West Vaughn.

West didn’t get Rumor. At all. True, he’d engaged with her in insult battles for the last five years, but the woman was still an enigma he wasn’t sure he wanted to solve. But the close proximity to her weakens his resolve and reveals feelings he thought he’d buried, causing him to look at Rumor with more than feigned annoyance. 

To their surprise, during the road trips, sparks fly and feelings they’d suppressed after a night of passion years ago resurface for the sworn enemies.

Could these opposites discover that what they find in each other is everything they need and more?


Happily, Ever … (The Shorts Book 11) by Nia Forrester

What happens after the happily ever after? 

When they get news of another couple’s impending divorce, Rumi forces a conversation that reveals simmering fears, hurt, and secrets in her and Micah’s marriage. And once they confront long overdue questions about the stability of their own family, will their friends’ relationship be the only one coming to an end?


Finding Candy by Monae Nicole

Personal shopper, Candace “Candy” Cook, wanted nothing more than to celebrate Halloween like she does every year… Not knowing there are shadows looming in from both sides ready to strike when she least expects it. 

Detective Bryce Tillman has served on the police force for the last ten years and has had his fair share of good and bad cases. When a missing person’s file drops on his desk, he feels a sense of déjà vu. With time working against him, he fights his hardest to ensure this case has a different outcome from the one that has haunted him for the last five years. 

Will Detective Tillman solve the case in time? Or will Candy be held responsible for someone else’s transgressions? Find out in Finding Candy.


Forever and A Day by OL Obonna

Their forbidden night leads to an inescapable consequence!  

Her mind-blowing encounter with a handsome stranger rocked her to the core! It was a night she would never forget. Then Mma Nwachukwu discovers that the compelling stranger she lost her virginity to was none other than Fuad Danjuma, the younger brother of her new boss! Mma is stunned, especially when she discovers the thrilling and unforgettable night has left them bound for life.  

When Fuad finds out Mma is pregnant, he is determined to do the right thing and claim her as his wife. Unfortunately, he offers her everything except the one thing she wants the most: his heart.  

The trouble is, Mma is determined to wed for love.


Just Hold My Hand by Dee Heard

When two hearts collide and two souls connect, what’s meant to be will be…for better or for worse.

It was lust at first sight…
Not even a night of passionate sex could hide the instant love connection between Haneef Abdul Raheem and Akira Stinson-Raheem. In a matter of months, the couple had gone from what’s your favorite color to saying I do on the high seas of a romantic cruise.

The Honeymoon is over…
The couple loved every blissful moment of their whirl-wind romance. That is…until they didn’t. It seemed they were bumping heads at every turn. What was once a marriage of chemistry and good vibes, was now filled with disappointments and lackluster lovemaking.

Adding insult to injury…
Just when the two decide to focus on their marriage and rekindle what was once there, secrets start to fly. Both Haneef and Akira are faced with major decisions that would either make or break their weakened marriage. With the only option being the support of each other, they find themselves begging “just hold my hand.”


Creep: Short Halloween Erotica by Moon Bey

Sexy, but spooky.
Enjoy these hot yet chilling shorts for Halloween or whenever you’re in a double freaky mood.


Ready for Love by Leshonda Obery

Kiara Davis is an independent black woman, taking ambition to the next level. Furthering her career in real estate, she starts her own company, becoming a real female BOSS. Up until recently, a relationship seemed like a waste until she attends a friend’s wedding and realizes that she is READY FOR LOVE. Max Paige is newly single, but a situationship leaves him vulnerable to continuing a complicated situation. Meeting Kiara gives him the push he needs to keep his ex in the past, but Kiara’s heart isn’t as ready as her mind’s clock, that’s ticking letting her know it’s time to settle down. Max is willing to do what he needs to prove to Kiara that they belong together, but she’s damaged and questions both of their motives. With strained pasts on both sides of the spectrum, real love is the cure both Kiara and Max need. But one of them will need to budge on their stubborn, loveless ways to allow happiness to truly flow in this new realationship.


Last Shot: an Asia Pierce novella (Asia Pierce Books) by Jackie Chanel

The best female basketball player in the world has a choice to make; spend her last few years in the league rebuilding her team or retire as the champion she is. And Asia has never been good with making the right decision. With her and her family’s future on the line, will Asia choose love or basketball?


Lovers, Leapers, and Keepers by Ola Awonubi

Lola Sawyer knows she is going to have a bad day when the Headteacher at her new school turns out to be Ladi Bamidele, the guy she jilted to marry handsome but ruthless industrialist Tunde Tomori-Williams back in Lagos some years back. As she tries to start a new life in London after her disastrous marriage, can she dare to hope that that she and Ladi can find healing and forgiveness, learn from their dysfunctional pasts and take a second chance at love?


Selfish Love by Latrice Shauntel

Being in love can sometimes be described as inexpressible or indescribable. It’s either a hit or miss for some. When it’s followed by selfishness and toxicity, the word love is hard to comprehend.

Sway has always loved his best friend and once lover, Kru. However, he just could never be the man Kru needed him to be when she needed him the most which caused Kru to move on and explore other options.

Although her heart lies with Sway, Kru knows she can’t stick around and wait for a man to do right. For once, she puts herself first to see what life has to offer her. What she doesn’t realize…Sway is not gone stand back and let her do her for long.

Two toxic, selfish souls, undoubtedly still in love, yet, pride, hurt feelings, and egocentric personalities make things impossible to see the inevitable.

Blooming Big by Latoya Garrett

A change is coming…
Sherrie Lynn Maddox’s life revolves around work, church and home. Oh and the occasional girl’s night in with her bestie, Mel. But the dismal cycle of a monotonous life makes her want to break free from living inside a predictable box. Falling to her knees, she asks God to do something new in her life.

…to change his life for the better.
Owen Davis is bearded, tatted, saved, and rich. Life is good, but he knows it could be better with the right woman by his side. He wants that woman to be Sherrie Lynn Maddox. But he’s been keeping his distance while waiting for God’s permission to pursue.

A predestined love…
When they least expect it, their lives suddenly intersect leading to Sherrie Lynn’s liberation and Owen’s manifested promise of love.


One Christmas Wish: A Novel (Catalina Cove Book 5) by Brenda Jackson

It’s Christmas in Catalina Cove, a time of promise and second chances. But when you’re starting over, love is the last thing you’re wishing for…

Vaughn Miller’s Wall Street career was abruptly ended by a wrongful conviction and two years in prison. Since then, he’s returned to his hometown, kept his head down and forged a way forward. When he is exonerated and his name cleared, he feels he can hold his head up once again, maybe even talk to the beautiful café owner who sets his blood to simmering.

Sierra Crane escaped a disastrous marriage—barely. She and her six-year-old goddaughter have returned to the only place that feels like home. Determined to make it on her own, Sierra opens a soup café. Complication is the last thing she needs, but the moment Vaughn walks into her café, she can’t keep her eyes off the smoldering loner.

When they give in to their attraction, what Sierra thought would be a onetime thing becomes so much more. Vaughn knows she’s the one. Sierra can’t deny the way Vaughn makes her feel, but she’s been burned before. With Christmas approaching, Vaughn takes a chance to prove his love, and it will be up to Sierra to decide if her one Christmas wish—true happiness—will come true.


A Thorn in the Saddle (Cowboys of California Book 3) by Rebekah Weatherspoon

Award-winning author Rebekah Weatherspoon delivers a charming contemporary tale about a brawny rancher, a brainy beauty—and a beast of a predicament . . .
Ranch owner Jesse Pleasant always felt too big for his desert town—literally—and too brutish to fit in with his charming, cowboy brothers. After his temper gets the best of him one time too many, he’s ready to accept the truth: he’s cursed to be alone. But when the Senate selection committee comes looking for a man of his public standing, he knows this might be his chance to prove to his family and friends that he can keep his cool, all while giving back to his community. There’s only one problem. While Jesse definitely has a mind for business, his people skills are more than lacking.
Former tech consultant Lily-Grace Leroux has had it up to her hat with hot-tempered men who think they know what’s best, especially a big headed rancher set on keeping her widowed father from dating his grandmother. But after Lily-Grace learns of Jesse’s softer side during a painfully awkward showing at a community date auction, one thing becomes clear; while Jesse Pleasant is not ready to run for public office, he might be ready for love. Against her better judgement and despite their rocky start, Lily-Grace warms to the sparks flying between them. She never dreamed they would build their own connection, one destined for its own happily ever after . . .


Blindsided by Trice Hickman

In this edgy, sexy,page-turning follow-up to award-winning, bestselling author Trice Hickman’s The Other Side, three friends who’ve shared everything—including the same birthday—bond over the triumphs, trials, and unexpected complications surrounding the men they love . . .
Formerly single, D.C. businesswoman Bernadette Gibson is amazed at what a difference a year makes. Now in a committed relationship with a man who cherishes her, the practical  fifty-something is thrilled with the laid-back peace and promise of her new southern small-town life. But when she discovers she’s pregnant, complications she never saw coming will cause her to question everything . . .
Fortyish bestselling novelist Testimony “Tess” Sinclair couldn’t be happier with her engagement to successful restaurateur, Maceo Dennis. But he longs to have children, and Tess fears to tell him her real story—she has difficulty conceiving. Once she reveals the truth, will they be strong enough to survive heartbreak they never bargained for? . . .
Married to the almost-perfect love of her life—it’s a dream-come-true for outgoing makeup artist Arizona Mays. She hopes that the deep connection between her and her hot new husband, Chris Pendleton, will lead him to work out his intimacy problems in the bedroom. But when her past and his secrets collide, their happily-ever-after faces irreparable disaster . . .
Now as Bernadette, Tess, and Arizona face the biggest challenges of their lives, these three best friends must rely more than ever on their sisterhood bond—and irrepressible differences—to confront hard truths, handle the damage done,and at last secure the happiness they’ve always wanted . . .


Strictly Confidential: A workplace romance (The Grants of DC Book 3) by Donna Hill

Business brings them together. Will desire tear them apart? Find out in Essence bestselling author ’s latest romance!

Turning business into pleasure could cost them more than their professional partnership.

To save her family business, Lexi Randall joins professional forces with Montgomery Grant, careful to conceal why she desperately needs this project. Fortunately, the real estate developer shares her vision for their Washington, DC, community—but keeping their hands off each other becomes a losing battle. When an unwelcome blast from Monty’s past shows up, Lexi knows it’s only a matter of time before her secret is no longer strictly confidential. Will her choices cost them everything or take their partnership to a whole new level?


Perfectly Fine Christmas by La Jill Hunt

Perfectly Fine Christmas is an entertaining coming-of-age holiday fairy tale with a romantic twist that La Jill Hunt’s fans are sure to enjoy.

“Who says Cinderella is the only one who gets a happily ever after? Shouldn’t the fairy godmother get a knight in shining armor too? After all, she’s the one with all the magic.”

Kendall Freeman is a self-assured, full-figured seamstress and aspiring fashion designer who loves Christmas. Niya Fine, a shy, introverted, plus-size teen, is dealing with the recent loss of her mother. She’s now living with her widowed grandmother, Claudia, an elitist who criticizes Niya’s every move. While Kendall is working hard to make the season bright, planning Christmas parties and whipping up amazing gowns at the boutique where she works, Niya is begging her uncle Reese, the “reprobate” of the family, to spend the holidays with her at his mother’s home. She hopes that will make living there a little less lonely.

A twist of fate leads to a unique friendship between Kendall and Niya, and a quest to pursue some family tradition that seems impossible to achieve. Can Kendall help Niya embrace who she is and help the family rediscover the true meaning of the holiday season? Is there a possibility of finding her own true love in the process?


An Unsavory Mess (Eugeena Patterson Mysteries Book 5) by Tyora Moody

Eugeena Patterson usually doesn’t have a problem putting her nose where it doesn’t belong. After her last mystery busting incident, she’s determined to hang up her amateur sleuth hat. Or at least that’s what she’s telling Amos and her family.

When her long-time friend, Rosemary Gladstone, encourages her to attend their high school reunion, Eugeena decides it wouldn’t hurt. All is well, until Eugeena and Rosemary face off with their number one enemy from high school. What should have been a celebration, hits a sour note when their nemesis is found dead, not too long after a very public disagreement.

There is no rest for the weary as Eugeena dives into another mystery. She doesn’t have a choice since she has to clear her and Rosemary from being considered murder suspects.


Game Time Decision: Brooklyn Monarchs, Book V by Patricia Sargeant

He only has one shot to prove his love …

At thirty-seven years old, Marlon Burress doesn’t need a game clock to know he’s coming to the end of his NBA playing days. After fifteen years with the Miami Waves, the franchise has traded him to their division rival, the Brooklyn Monarchs. Even worse, his new team signed him to only a one-year contract. But before he walks away from basketball, Marlon needs a new plan. As he considers settling down, his thoughts turn to his greatest challenge yet: winning back his former college sweetheart.

Zerleena Chase spent her entire college career as Marlon’s cheerleader. After he graduated, Marlon made a fast break to his basketball dream, leaving her on the sideline. It took Zerleena years to find her own voice. Now that her satellite radio show is gaining national recognition, Marlon has bounced back into her life, expecting her to play on his team once more. But this time, Zerleena ‘s taking center court. If Marlon wants a second shot at her love, he’s going to have to prove that Zerleena has always been his most valuable partner.


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up October 25th-31st

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