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F-Boy Confessions: Black Lush (Naughty Season) by Sherelle Green

Midas Hood
I don’t know how I found myself in this situation. Seriously, I should have known better. I was ready to hand over my f-boy card, until I was presented with an offer I couldn’t refuse. Now, I’m in a predicament I never saw coming. My first rule in celebrating a naughty holiday is to never confess anything in bed that could come back to haunt me in the light of day. And I swore I’d never forget that notion… Until the object of all my frustrations – and obsessions – comes walking through the door of my place looking gorgeous, determined, and out for blood. Particularly mine.

The smart thing to do would be to warn her to stay as far away from me as she can. She’s forbidden fruit and an affair with her could turn my world upside down. Yet, the more I get to know the real her behind the mask she often wears, the harder it is for me to stay away. Especially when she begins peeling back my layers and exposing secrets I’ve kept for too long.

Do you like your holidays naughty? The Hoods do! However, they don’t celebrate your average holidays. A kinky holiday is the only season they know. For these cousins, nothing says brotherhood like being part of the crew others assume will fail. Get ready! Naughty Season is upon us.


lady of the house – a thanksgiving vignette by Christina C. Jones

nalani’s first thanksgiving as lady of the Sterling house will certainly be one to remember… (lady of the house is a sexy, very short story.)


Hammered: Preston Brothers Book Two by Nicole Falls

Kalise Worthington has a lot on her plate. From moving back home to corral the family business and dealing with her father’s declining health, she’s in the midst of trying to juggle it all and maintain her sanity. Being thrust back into communication with her former best friend, is yet another complication that she doesn’t need…

Wayland Preston is desperate to get things back to the way they used to be with his best friend. Completely aware of the missteps he’d made in the past, he’s now willing to fight to restore things to the way they used to be. His only problem is getting Kalise on board with this reconciliation.

Two people who were once as close as can be are now faced with not only trying to restore that friendship, but also contend with navigating through recently developed feelings of attraction and not blowing everything up.


Where There is Smoke, There is Fire by Monique Fisher

When Aaron “Smoke” Tompkins and Kara Matthews first meet sparks fly, but Kara isn’t looking for love having just ended things with her boyfriend. Aaron isn’t willing to give up, and their occasional casual hook-up quickly evolves. After a grave mistake that almost ends their relationship, he decides to fight for Kara. There’s no way he’s walking away now.

Aaron may not be the type of man Kara saw herself falling in love with—a tattooed, strong silent type who’s rough around the edges–but he proves himself to be the type of man she needs. Their steadfast commitment to each other gets them through life’s rough patches and takes them on a journey they never expected…

Where There is Smoke, There is Fire is a Black, contemporary take on the epic love story. Aaron and Kara’s journey is what happens after the “Happily Ever After.”


Ever by Grey Huffington

Life after love through the eyes of Ever Eisenberg – mother, wife, baker, and friend. Trouble in paradise is brewing and both Luca and Ever are left scrambling to rediscover the love they once knew.


The Way You Make Me Feel by Tay Mo’Nae

Solange suffers a blow when her boyfriend steals her money and leaves her without a trace. Forced to put the pieces of her life back together, she’s left with a broken heart and spirit. Going to Jamaica for her best friend’s wedding is the last thing she wants to do, but she refuses to let her down. The last thing she expected was to run into him, the man she turned down years ago, nor did she expect for him to leave his mark on her this time around.


Spin ‘Bout You by BriAnn Danae

As sure as her name is Grayce, the hard-working beauty surely didn’t give herself enough of it. The holiday is here and she and a group of friends celebrate Friendsgiving on a weekend getaway in the woods. What Grayce doesn’t know is that their cabin retreat has a plus one whom she’s never met. 

The second he enters the cabin, Jarod introduces himself as a friend Grayce should keep, and he intends to give her many reasons why she should. Will Grayce give him the opportunity, or will Jarod have to make his intentions on getting to know her much clearer? Find out in this quick, 13,000-word holiday read. 


Naughty Request: Can I Make You Cum? (Naughty November Book 9) by Kay Shanee

Cason Wade, co-owner of The Essence of You, a full-service, unisex spa, is content with his life as a single father and co-parent to his six-year-old-daughter. His dating life consists of random women or hooking up with his daughter’s mother when they aren’t on the outs. He would love to settle down, but the one person he dreams of building a life with is supposed to be off-limits.

Jemeelah Knowles is tired of men disappointing her. When her fiancé called off their engagement six years ago, she lost a little hope where love was concerned. She co-owns a full-service unisex spa with her best friend and doesn’t have time to waste on men who don’t know what they want out of life. While on a hiatus from the dating world, Jemeelah’s best friend makes a request of her. If she accepts the naughty request, it will change everything.

Find out what happens when best friends become lovers. Is over a decade of friendship worth risking for a night of sexual pleasure like you’ve never experienced? Will they regret crossing the line and decide they’re better off as friends? Will Cason make her cum?


His Makeshift Fiancée: A Sweet Romance (Away To Africa Book 2) by Unoma Nwankwor

A serendipitous encounter
A relentless press
A makeshift plan

In anticipation of retirement, NBA point guard, Cheta “Nyce” Kalu is on a mission to clench an opportunity very few have been able to. For that to happen, he needs to clean up the rebellious reputation he’s known for. All is going well until it isn’t. Just when Cheta thinks he’s on the right path, he’s thrown off course by an ironic twist of fate.

In the eyes of her parents, nothing Reign Davis does can erase her teen mistakes. The opportunity to partner with Coleman Hospitality, a reputable Black brand might do the trick. That’s until she gets caught in a scandal, she didn’t see coming.

A kismet mix-up merges their paths in a way neither of them expects. Now, they must agree on a makeshift arrangement to achieve what they both want. Will they be able to trust each other long enough to see it through?


Revive Me: Part Two: The New Haven Series (Book #2) by JL Seegars


The day Christopher Johnson decided to kill me, I already knew what it was like to die. I had already experienced it once. Having the life leeched from my body, blood stolen from my veins, oxygen pulled from my lungs.

When he decided to walk back into my life, I was in the middle of my third resurrection, healing from the loss of my brother when I was still raw from losing him.

It wasn’t going well.

I guess the human heart can only stop so many times, can only take so much damage before it questions whether it’s worth it to be revived. My heart is on its last leg, but even that can’t stop me from seizing the chance to have him again.

Even if it’s just for a little while.


Walking away from Mallory Kent is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

The devastation that marred her features that night still haunts me. Refusing to let me forget that the knife I plunged into her heart to protect her had pierced mine as well. Dogging my steps as I walked through my miserable life without her.

Coming back had always been a part of the plan. Even as I gave in to the forces hellbent on tearing us apart, I knew we weren’t done. I just didn’t know we’d come back together like this: under a cloud of unexpected grief with the pain of our stolen future lingering just beneath the surface.

This time together was never supposed to happen. I hadn’t accounted for it when I started working to clear a path back to her, but I’m thankful for it. For the opportunity to comfort her in a way no one else can. For the chance to hold her until the demons in my life force me to walk away again.


Naughty, Nice, and Slow by Tisha Andrews

Charlie “Bells” Campbell, owner of Bells and Bliss, is focused on building a skincare and medicinal product enterprise in the small town of Lancaster. Seeking and securing love is not a conceivable option until a delivery package mix-up lands her on the steps of a nearby veteran’s center. One that was owned and ran by the rugged and handsome yet recluse, Parker Ayers.

Not only was Parker thirteen years Charlie’s senior, but he’s the only man to ever challenge the often sought out exotic-like beauty. While he wrestled to move on, he soon learned that her presence calmed the foundation of his existence, an existence filled with trauma from his past.

Will Parker allow the fiery and feisty beautiful intruder to tame his cold-hearted and broken soul, or will Charlie’s own fears of giving into the unknown delay what could become the beginning of a perfectly imperfect love?


A Winter Crest Christmas: Ryan & Ruby by Shay Davis

Ruby spends her holiday season spreading love and joy. As an interior designer, she moves throughout the city sprinkling holiday cheer through her meticulous Christmas designs and overall fabulous decor. Living in Winter Crest, a city founded on Christmas Eve, only heightens her love for the season. Every corner of Winter Crest is filled with joy. That is until she meets her Grinch of a neighbor, Ryan. His cold, rude demeanor instantly turns her off. While Ruby’s mind may be unimpressed, her body zings with excitement every time Ryan is near. 

Ryan is a loner. He dislikes being around people, and he despises Christmas even more. As a self-made reseller, Ryan has limited contact with the outside world, which is his preference. However, several run ins with Ruby, his annoying neighbor who he claims talks too much, only heightens his appreciation for silence. He claims he hates her, but instead of simply walking away when their paths cross, he finds himself wanting to shut her up in ways that set his body ablaze. 

Ryan and Ruby are total opposites, and bump heads whenever they are near one another. But along with the building animosity, there also lies a strong attraction that could melt Winter Crest’s worst snowstorm. They simply need to figure out how to douse the flames without tearing each other apart.


When Dell Met Angel by Deja Elise

When Dell met Angel almost 10 years ago while selling out her products at a Wellness & Beauty Expo, it was all business. 

When Angel left to venture out on her own and blaze her own path in the world, things got really personal.

When they crossed paths three years later at a business conference, tensions were high and things got hot.

It’s been three months since they kissed and worked out their differences between the sheets after their public fall out.

Angel is open and ready to take their relationship to the next level, but Dell has some reservations. After all, Angel did almost ruin everything she worked for. Not everyone thinks their reunion is a good idea and for Dell, loving Angel is a riskier bet than business.

What will it take to move past the hurt? A world of trust? A mountain of forgiveness? A thousand ass kisses?

Maybe love heals all wounds.

Maybe they’re just fooling themselves into another world of hurt.


Sexual Healing by Meesha

Zya sparks is a pole dancing instructor who owns a studio called Tease Me. Zya’s in a relationship she felt is going nowhere fast. With all the lies, cheating, and deception she had endured in the last two years, it was time for Zya to give up on what she thought was her forever. Taking a trip for her 32nd birthday with her best friend Emani, Zya meets a tall sexy man that piqued her curiosity. 

Easton Banks was the CEO of Banks technologies. His friends talked him into going on a cruise and Easton was destined to find a woman to entertain while abroad. Being a single man for the past three years, Easton is only looking for someone to keep him company for the seven days he would be on the ship. Until he runs into Zya. 
In this hot and steamy tale, Zya is looking to heal the pain she left behind with a little bit of Sexual Healing.


Naughty Impressions by Cherish Amore

Single, fed up, and playing around on a dating site leads Hayven right to Koa. Neither are expecting much from the other, but after exchanging messages on the internet for a while, they decide to meet and spend a night together.

While rules and plans are put in place to protect them, what happens when things change and feelings become involved? Do you believe a one-night stand can quickly turn into something more?


Giving Thanks by Grey Huffington

a short story.

After finally discovering her voice and blazing her own path, Ava comes to terms with the fact that her life is better without the toxicity that her family, shamelessly, participate in and bestow on others. This year is the first of many filled with lonely holidays, birthdays, and nights. Thanksgiving has always been a holiday that she enjoyed but for the first time ever, she won’t be gathering with family, gracing the food, or being subjected to belly-rumbling laughter.

In an effort to start her own little traditions and not let the holiday go to waste, she decides to try her hand at some of their family recipes to make her new apartment feel a little more like home. She was expecting long lines and chaos at the grocery store. What she wasn’t expecting was to bump into her newest neighbor, Trent. Neither was she expecting the encounter to change the trajectory of her holiday – or life forever. 


Naughty for the Night (Naughty November Book 10) by Tatum James

Whoever said curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought him back must have been talking about Lori Thompson. Lori’s been the loving and dedicated girlfriend of NBA player Denzelle Rogan for the past six years. She loves Denzelle with her whole heart, and he treats her like a queen. Yet something in Lori’s life is missing. One night, she forgoes her monthly girl’s night and sneaks out to seek that something special.

Kanyah Curry joined the Air Force six years ago to run away from demons at home. Yet another bad breakup, her overbearing mother and her closest friend pushed her to a breaking point and the only thing she knew to do was get away from it all. Now she’s returned home to ghosts of her past.

Kanyah and Denzelle have been best friends since grade school. Although Kanyah hasn’t visited home since she dropped out of college the two of them have remained thick as thieves. Can a chance encounter ruin the lifelong friendship, or will everything come full circle after one naughty night?


Pinky Promise by K. Nicole

Pinky Promise.
That was their thing.

It was just them. Mega Bryant and Tai Hunt.
One night at a party on the wrong side of town changes everything and Mega leaves Tai for years. Not responding to her letters and not allowing her to see him, breaks Tai’s heart.
Years later and grown, Mega is a free man and keeps himself distant from Tai, and she doesn’t understand why.
He loves her but feels like she’d be better without him. Tai now had a successful career and doing good for herself. What does she need with a hothead as a friend?

Tai is determined to rebuild their friendship. One night, they cross that line. A line that shouldn’t cross between two friends. But they did, and now… where do they go from there? Easy. Mega pushes her away. His heart is conflicted.

Can Mega and Tai repair their pinky promise? Are they better off friends instead of lovers? Find out in part one!


Naughty Nymph (Naughty November Book 11) by Mel Dau

Elora St. John has more to offer than the eyes can see. The quiet but quirky librarian lives a double life that she takes great pleasure in. Although her life can be quite magical at times, it proves to be a lonely one. What happens when an unexpected person offers a magic she didn’t think she would ever be blessed with? Will her double life taint what is, or will it add an excitement that can only be manifested in a spell book?

Bain Stockman is the new fish in town and every woman wants him on her hook, but the bait is never worth biting. Moving to Ashville, North Carolina to be closer to his grandmother, he never imagined he would fall for two women at the same time. They’re so different, but the same in many ways. Quiet and naughty can be a magical concoction. What happens when his two worlds collide in the most interesting of ways? Will he end up brokenhearted or caught under a spell?

It’s a magical world we live in. Nature, naughtiness, and love are all the ingredients needed for the most powerful spell. Being naughty can be fun, but being a Naughty Nymph can be magical.


Designs On You (LoveStorm Romance) by Sammie Ward

34-year-old, Interior Designer, Sophie Middleton is looking forward to making partner at Van Horn Designs, instead she catches her fiance in the arms of her boss. She quits her job and decides to open her own agency. Unable to land any clients, she discovers that she has been blackballed. But her lucks changes up when the most sought after, actor Cal Jenkins comes to town. He is awaiting the news of his next movie, plans to propose to his fiancee, and hires Sophie to renovate his mother’s gatehouse. The two hit it off. Sophie tries to fight her attraction for the handsome actor. She discovers it is a losing battle against his charismatic charms, when his other half comes to town, will she be able to keep her business and her heart?


Let The Heart Beat (Love Notes Book 5) by Jomi Oyel

Middle school teacher Ebony swears to never fall in love after she receives news that her crush is getting married to someone else. So, when her former high school admirer Anthony returns to town, she doesn’t expect to fall in love with him. But is it time to let go of her fears and let her heart beat again? 


The Sweetest Revenge by Cheryl Barton

Delaney Monroe had a secret. She thirsted for earth-shaking sex that being married for years never provided. Now divorced, she understood the assignment; to live life on her own terms. She’d never experienced the kind of racy, wild intimacy that she’d only dreamed of with her faceless fantasy man. She was sure he possessed all she wants and needs when it comes to her ultimate satisfaction.

Nashall Patterson was famously known for being a happily single, salaciously sexy, and untamable stallion to every woman who has ever set eyes on him. He never had to worry about his heart being on the line because he never involved it when he indulged in women. That was until he met Delaney during a pre-wedding weekend meet and greet for his cousin’s upcoming nuptials. 

Delaney, the reserved businesswoman, and Nashall, the bad boy of hedonism had no idea that her secret hunger would lead to amorous encounters that were no longer just cravings of the body, but drove them to the desires of their hearts as well.

Could what started out as voracious encounters lead to love of a permanent kind?


An Unspoken Holiday Prayer: A Christian Romance Story (Unspoken Prayers Book 4) by Nikki Smith

In many ways, twenty-something Tiffany Patterson has been living the hard knock life…literally. As a child, she watched her father physically abuse her mother on a constant basis. When Tiffany finally grows up, she finds that she hasn’t fared much better than her mother when it comes down to choosing a loving, kind, and supportive significant other. Eventually, Tiffany decides to just give up on dating altogether. But the holiday season is a time for miracles. Perhaps Tiffany’s about to find that God is willing to answer her unspoken prayer for a happily-ever-after.


To Be Loved By You (An AHP’s My Christmas Wish Is) by Yvonne Bennett

Naughty, Spicy, and Everything Nice with this Christmas Romance. 
*Second Chance Romance
*Small Town Romance

Elena Hicks is the second leading party planner in Wellington SC but is quickly moved to the number one slot when her competition goes on maternity leave and plans to move to another state. It truly sucks to be her though because that means she’s now the head coordinator for the Williams Family Christmas festival, a three-day bash leading up to Christmas Eve.

With a stiff-necked, rude, old-school matriarch of the family that holds little fondness for her, friends that are constantly side-eying her fashion choices, and conflicted feelings about her past flame pro football player Dante Williams…wait, sweet baby Jesus, is that Dante’s new girlfriend? Elena is in for a wild Christmas affair!

Cuddle up and believe in the magic of Christmas love with An AHP’s My Christmas Wish Is… romance collection. With a splash of comedy and a heaping of spicy moments, each book is written to give you a bit of that Hallmark Channel holiday cheer that will last long after the tree is put away and the snow has thawed.


There’ll Never Be by Alicia Weathers-Grey

One life. 
Will life’s obstacles stop you from living it?


About Last Night: (Alphabet City Series) Book 1 by Keitra Crooks

I can’t believe what I did. 
One minute, I was out celebrating my co-worker, Tyson Walker’s, promotion and the next thing I knew; I was waking up in his bed searching for my panties.
Now I had to admit; the night was delicious.
And two things I had never done; have a one-night stand and sleep with a coworker.
But it didn’t matter because he was leaving for New York… or so I thought. 
Imagine my surprise when he showed up back at work; saying he was sticking around for three more months and wanted to continue what we started.
Unh, unh. I couldn’t get caught up in his web.

However, staying away from Tyson was easier said than done.

The ABC; a city filled with fun, drama and everything in between. And if you’re lucky… love will find you… when you least expect it. 

Welcome to Alphabet City.

All books are standalone novels with HEA endings.


Better Than I Imagined: (Alphabet City Series) Book 2 by Trina Crooks

After spending a year in a dead-end relationship that gave her more sadness than happiness, Shiloh Washington decided it would be in her best interest to focus on herself. She got busy building a new life, in her new hometown of Alphabet City, leaving love as the last priority on her list. As Shiloh pushes to make a success of her struggling boutique, she encounters the handsome, sexy and downright infuriating Omar with whom she has an immediate attraction to. There’s just one problem that arises.

When Omar Taylor meets the gorgeous and feisty Shiloh, there was no denying the sparks that were evident between them from the beginning. Being a bachelor for a few years now, he was longing for love, so after a couple of bumpy interactions, he found the nerve to ask Shiloh out on a date. Everything is going perfectly and Omar can’t believe he’s finally met a woman that is everything he’s ever desired in a soul mate. Too bad everyone was not as happy about their love as he was. 

Just when love is better than they ever thought it could be, outside forces come and threaten to push them apart. Will they be able to fight to hold on to love or will it slip away?


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up November 21st-27th

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