It’s been three months since Bliss and Montez broke up, but Montez knew that no matter what, he would fight for Bliss. Taking the job in California was his way of putting God to the test. If Bliss was meant for him, she’d come back to him someway somehow.

Bliss is now dating Ahmad Drummond, a man that’s giving her everything she needs, including local love. Sure, there are some red flags and things that irritate her about him, but nobody’s perfect, right? Just when she thinks things couldn’t be better, she breaks things off with Ahmad when he pulls a move that makes her uncomfortable.

Burdened with the realization that she’s had two breakups in one year, Bliss cries out to God. This isn’t how she expected to be introduced to her fortieth birthday, which is on the horizon. Just when she thinks all is lost, Montez returns to Philly three days before Thanksgiving and asks her to let him prove his love.

Starting on Thanksgiving Day, he challenges her to give him thirty days to sweep her off her feet and promises that by Christmas, she’ll have the best gift she’s ever received. She agrees, but things are already off to a rocky start when her mother’s judgmental and controlling ways show up on Thanksgiving, her brother’s codependency sends Montez reeling, and her own fears of losing herself in love start to surface.

Will Montez and Bliss be able to weather all the storms that’ll come in the next thirty days, or will they both realize that it’s just a little too late for their love?

Find out in this final installment of the Storms of Love series.


New Release Spotlight – In Loving Bliss (The Storms of Love Series Book 3), by Mya Kay

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