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Table For Three: A With Your Permission Holiday Edition (In The Heart of A Valentine Book 11) by Stephanie Nicole Norris

Note: This is a follow-up story to With Your Permission. I encourage you to read that book first before reading Table For Three.

Needing to reconnect with her husband in the bedroom, a pregnant Bri St. Valentine goes out of her way—unnecessarily to grab Raphael’s attention in this quick, witty, and sexy Thanksgiving short story, Table For Three.


When It All Falls by Cassandra B.

The return to your past is often followed by the skeletons trapped in the closet, unfinished business, and broken hearts. For Prynce Rivers and Braxton Williams, all three are true. When Prynce returns to Glendale, he’s met by a reality that’ll change his self-absorbed world forever. While Braxton’s plans are changed by his reappearance, can they meet halfway and make it work one last time? Or will it all fall down, never to be repaired again?

Find out in When It All Falls.


Blues (Little Love Stories Book 1) by Grey Huffington

from loved to lovers, kind of in a way. tap into navy and indigo’s story at your own risk. it’s warm and cozy, but with hints of spice in all the right spaces.

Home. (Little Love Stories Book 2) by Grey Huffington

book two in the little love stories series covers the lives of long, lost lovers who have suffered in silence without one another


No, Thank You: A Fiennes Family Novelette by Alexandra Warren

With the season of giving on the horizon, now seems like a better time than ever for special requests.

But just because one asks for something doesn’t mean they won’t also have to work for it. 

This is one of three novelettes in collaboration with authors Christina C. Jones and Nicole Falls.


Thank You, Next: A Fiennes Family Novelette by Nicole Falls

When the season of giving morphs into a personal season of losing, an unexpected reconnection turns out to be the gift that keeps on giving.


Thank Me Later: A Fiennes Family Novelette by Christina C. Jones

It’s the season of giving, so doing a solid for a friend of a friend isn’t that big of a deal.

That is…until it is.


What You’ve Been Missing: A Cristal Beach Novel by Kema B.

Something was missing.

Songwriter India Joelié Bennett has spent the last twenty years being loyal to the wrong man. After letting her rapper ex and son’s father go for good, she decides a change of scenery is in order. When her sister’s boyfriend hits her with an offer she can’t refuse, she heads down to Cristal Beach for some extended fun in the sun and an exciting new career on the horizon. Single and child free, she jumps headfirst into her newfound freedom. Leading to a passionate one-night stand with a tall, dark and handsome stranger that owes her nothing. Her only regret is that she’ll never see him again.

Retired tattoo artist and entrepreneur Raymond Sosa Pierre isn’t in the mood to babysit a grown woman. That’s exactly what his old friend asks of him regarding their girlfriend’s sister that’s staying next door. He agrees, expecting to simply check in from time to time. What he doesn’t expect is for her to be the beautiful, sexy and incredibly tempting woman he shared a heated night of passion with. Aware of her past, Raymond has no plans on being the rebound but there’s something about India that makes him want to give her everything she deserves.

India thinks it’s impractical to fall out of love with one man and into love with another so soon. Unable to deny Raymond is everything her heart desires, she’s willing to give love another try. Will a bitter ex, a connection between the two men that’s too close for comfort and reservations on both sides tear them apart? Or will they choose the love they deserve instead now that they’ve found what they’ve been missing?


The Parker Sisters: Gianna by Tay Mo’Nae

What started as a night out, letting her hair down, turned into a night Gianna would never forget.
The moment she saved his life, she felt a connection with him.
But when bad news hits her family, she might push away her future before it begins.
Take a ride with the baby of the Parker sisters and see how one night changed her whole life.


Truly Yours (Love in Seattle Book 4) by Asia Monique

Ishmael Holloway felt the weight of everyone around him finding their happily ever after. His problem isn’t that his brothers’ priorities have changed, but that his forever had been right in front of him—in the form of his sister-in-law’s best friend—for years. Ishmael had no way of knowing that Sawyer Peterson, too, saw him as her forever.

*please note, this is book four in a four book series and can be read as a standalone.


Power Over Me by Kimberly Brown

Nuri VanZandt has struggled for most of her life. The product of a scheme gone wrong, she was left with a mother who felt she ruined her life. At the tender age of fourteen, she was propelled into the world of adulthood and taking care of herself by any means. As a result of past traumas and hardships, at twenty-eight, she is a struggling recovering alcoholic who is one step closer to falling headfirst into her old lifestyle. With the weight of the world on her shoulders, Nuri is ready to throw in the towel and end it all.

One night after a near slip, she meets Silas Baxter, a charming kindhearted man who helps her in a moment of need. For Silas, meeting Nuri was like meeting his soul in human form. His instant attraction to this mysterious, delicate woman propels him to pursue her in the most tender fashion. While Nuri rejects his advances, the more she engages with him, the more she comes to realize that her soul needs him more than she could ever imagine.

With life becoming overbearing and secrets from her past spilling from left and right, Silas is right there to pick up the pieces as Nuri finds herself breaking. Will she be able to lean on him for support or will the pressure become too much altogether?


Friend of Mine by DeeAnn

Diezel and Eternity Jordan have a marriage like no other. They’ve experienced ups and downs but make it through. With a marriage like theirs comes jealousy from others. What they don’t expect is for it be from someone closest to them.

One night of acting on her envy ruins everything for Sydra Hines, including her marriage to Pierce. Pierce goes through the highs and lows of a divorce, finding comfort in the one woman who’s always had his heart, Cross.

Life comes down hard on Pierce, and Sydra is there to make things worse. Not just for him, but Diezel and Eternity as well. She’s determined to come out on top.

Life isn’t always fair for the good ones.


Yuletide Love by Samise Haze

Yuletide Love is two holiday short stories for people who love Christmas romance:

Mistletoe Magic
Aspiring songwriter Ashanti Carson fell for the bass guitarist of her dreams while getting over the drummer of nightmares. Trenton Kingsley knew it was love at first sight when he heard Ashanti sing in a studio session; he was waiting for the right moment to make his move. With the holiday season upon them and Christmas spirit all about, the pair danced around the undeniable attraction between them until a chance event practically forced them together. Will they have the courage to let the seasons tidings turn their lives around or will the grinch turn their hearts inside out instead?

Miracle of Christmas 
Kenneth Masters’ holiday cheer caused him to move through the season with open arms and a jolly heart until he met Miracle Carter. His instinct to save people as an EMT evolved into him wanting to keep Miracle for himself. Even though Miracle knew she needed a change of pace, she never knew she could need another person as much as she had come to need Kenneth. Could the gift they both needed be the one thing Santa couldn’t give or would the season bring a miracle and save them from themselves and the ghosts of seasons past?


Feels So Right: Giovanni’s Interlude (Chocolate City Love Stories) by Meek

Giovanni Taylor is on the tail end of a nasty break up that has her giving up all hope on love. With no expectations for the future in sight, Gio let’s her inhibitions lead her into the arms of one of Bodied Tattoo Studio’s finest for one night of passion. But can she keep her vow of loneliness and resist doubling back when everything with him just feels so right?


The Illegitimate Prince (Royal House of Saene Book 7) by Empi Baryeh

Financier, Kalahari Asanti, specialises in corporate takeovers, but his next conquest is personal. The Kingdom of Bagumi owes him a great debt, one he intends to collect from King Ibrahim Saene, the father he’s never met and the man he holds responsible for his mother’s death.

Princess Edina Dampare is to be engaged and trying to accept the undeniable truth—no man will ever reach her on the same level as the stranger who imprinted on her soul when she wantonly yielded her innocence to him the one forbidden night she allowed herself to put desire before duty.

Kal’s quest for revenge brings him face-to-face with the woman who’s been haunting his dreams for the past eight months. Now the man who grew up with nothing is determined to reclaim everything the Royal House of Saene took from him…including her.


Kourt-ing (A Watson Girls Story Book 6) by Tracy Gray

Time was the hottest commodity for both Kourtlyn Valentine and Nicholas “Saint” Rivers.

Kourtlyn Valentine just needs time. Time to heal. Time to rediscover herself. Time to bounce back from her disaster of a marriage and even more traumatizing divorce. Time to work through everything she’s experienced. The only things that Kourtlyn can manage to squeeze into her 24-hour days are her full-time job, her part-time job, her five year old son and her household duties. The words self-care, relaxation and relationship are not even in her vocabulary. But Saint Rivers, though.

Nicholas “Saint” Rivers wishes he could add more hours to his days. As it is, they’re completely filled with work…travel for work…and more work. Throw in single fatherhood, familial obligations, and trying to maintain his household and it’s easy to see why 24 hours aren’t enough. If he had more time, he could actually pursue the chocolate covered beauty who moved in across the street from his favorite aunt. If he had more time, maybe he could break down the walls around her heart.

Their attraction to one another is palpable. She’s drawn to his good looks, his charm, and his ability to move through life in a way that seems so effortless. He’s drawn to everything about her – the package she’s wrapped up in, her vulnerability and her ability to work through the hand that life has dealt her with finesse and grace.

Can the divorced single parents make time stand still long enough for them to explore the possibilities?


Boomerang: A second chance romantic suspense novel by Denise Giddings

A fiancé, a murder suspect, and a target—Diane throws it all to the wind and says yes to a night with her ex.

In this romantic suspense set in the southern town of Wendell, Louisiana, Diane finds herself in the bind of a lifetime. The murder of her nemesis has resulted in Diane’s investigation as the primary person of interest. Her ex-husband, Jeff, a detective, agrees to help clear her name. But spending time with Jeff threatens the relationship she has with her fiancé. The situation is further complicated when the real murderer begins to target Diane. 

Jeff seeks to rescue Diane, tell her he still loves her, and catch the real killer, but they are in a race against time. Will Diane be cleared of the crime she didn’t commit, or will her world fall apart? Does loving Jeff jeopardize the new life she built since he’s been gone?



Bobsledding with the Billionaire by Rose. M. Cooper

She’s the only one who can thaw his ice.

New bunny slope graduate Tamara Decker didn’t mean to cause an accident on the slopes, but the man she toppled doesn’t seem to care that it was just that, an accident. He’s given her quite the tongue lashing all the way down to the lodge where they’re both staying until she’s taken just about all she’s inclined to. And when her ire is up, it’s hot as blazes.

Roderick Miles didn’t get to the Olympics making nice with people who got in his way. But those people usually backed down after one of his glares. Not Tamara Decker. She’s glaring right back at him, and he finds her fire as appealing as her form. He regrets getting on her bad side as much as he regrets the apology chocolates she returned to his room. Maybe he has been a bit too surly the last few years after his fiancé left him.

But he’s vowing to be a better man, one that isn’t giving up until the feisty snow bunny says yes to dinner…and maybe more.


Cuffed by Nae T. Bloss

A love like ours is dangerous.
Toxic even.
All of the warning signs are there, and we can sense the unhealthy nature of our love, but neither of us can walk away.
I crave his existence. Wait, does that make me the insane one? Nah, I know what I want, and I’ve staked my claim.
Tyrus is my master, and I applaud his dominance.
The thought of him whipping me hard with his long, black, leather whip. The sting of his rod cutting into my flesh gets me wet every time.
Pain does not equal love.
But Tyrus does everything I require of him.
My rules. My way.


Meeting Destiny: A Lesbian Novella (The Destiny Trilogy Book 1) by Tamara M. Allen

Tara is starting college with a full basketball scholarship and can’t wait to get away from home for multiple reasons. From troubling memories to explosive relatives, this fresh start is just what she needed. But one day her life would change forever, when she meets her, Destiny.

As the pair meet in multiple scenarios, Tara wonders if these meetings are by chance or if Destiny is very much like the definition of her name. As the pair spend time together, interest begins to spark, which causes Tara to question her sexuality.

However, when she finally decides to explore her feelings she might be too late.

Has she missed her chance, or will she meet Destiny again?


Narcissistic Reaction: A Pain Relieving Playlist (Reaction Chronicles Book 3) by Rae Shawn

The Countdown Killer is still at large, and another murder has Janelle and Jayson Alexander playing catch up. She’s now an editor on the crime beat and he’s moved up in the ranks to a lieutenant at the Detective’s Bureau, but neither were aware they were under constant observation until it was too late.

With the recent adoption of Janelle’s niece and nephew as well as the birth of her first child, Jayson will do anything to keep Janelle far away from the action, but his defensive choices could get people killed. 

And one decision will lead to a narcissistic reaction that no one saw coming…


Ruined Without You: A Town of Deer Crossing Novel: Book 2 by Renee Shelbey

Hudson Macklan has it all: a rock-hard body sculpted by genes and discipline, a sharp wit that has earned him a promising career, and a smile that could melt any heart. But the property lawyer’s greatest love is Dirty Diana. Who needs a cloying, suffocating girlfriend when you have an affectionate Chihuahua waiting for you at home?

Hudson’s charming life hits a speed bump when real estate agent, Ella Newsome, arrives in town. The locals are instantly charmed by her beaming smile and bouncing curls, but Hudson only sees one thing: his next conquest. After a painful break up, Ella is eager to shed her people-pleaser image and take control of her life. The last thing she needs is a playboy—even if he is the most beautiful man she’s ever seen.

If there’s one thing Hudson enjoys, it’s a challenge. But how far will he go to get what he wants? This is one game the playboy plans to win, but his gamble could come at a cost neither of them foresees.

Ruined Without You is the second standalone novel in the Town of Deer Crossing contemporary romance series, following diverse couples as they fall into steamy, life-changing love.

Content warning: steamy scenes, strong language


Significant Lover: Book One: Im·pet·u·ous by Dee LaChelle

Do you ever really get over your first true love? Mykah is about to find out if forgiving her college boyfriend Sean, is worth forgetting the pain of him leaving her to marry another women more than ten years ago. After attending their best friend Thailyn’s wedding to the love of his life, sparks fly instantly and they fall back into bed together. One thing is for sure, the sex is amazing! But is it enough to make them want to temp fate and risk it all? If its up to his Ex Candice their impetuous love affair will come crashing down faster than it started.


Unraveled: A friends to lovers romance by Amira Richards

They call Hope unfortunate. Cursed.

Once, she had the perfect life. In two fatal blows, she was left with nothing. Two years later, she’s a walking, functioning shell when she runs into her new neighbor, a man that turns her fragile world upside down.

Justin Chukwu is used to never going after what he wants, but for the first time in his life, he’s stumbled on the one person he wants more than his next breath. But she has declared him off-limits.

Seeing how fearful she is about entering a relationship, Justin has to be content with her friendship.

But with every second they spend together, their attraction simmers. He makes Hope smile, demands she live again. How is she supposed to resist him? If only he didn’t want more than she was willing to give.

Hope struggles to keep him at a distance, terrified of the feelings he sparks inside her and determined to remain in her safe place.

When she finally, inevitably caves, a ghost from her past reappears. Secrets and lies she needs buried are resurrected.

And Justin? He wants in on all her truths.


Tangled: What Would You Do For Love: A Standalone by Kaylyn


1. complicated and confused; chaotic.

. . . defines Kace and Ryelle’s friendship most of which is rooted in their unresolved feelings for one another. 

Since junior high school they’ve always been able to rely on each other until one mistake changes the trajectory of their lives, sending the two friends down different paths. 

Years later, they reunite and feelings that were once buried resurface. While Kace no longer looks at Ryelle and questions what he could lose by giving her his heart, she is hesitant to give love a try. Especially since the men in her life have only been consistent at letting her down. The last thing she needed was Kace to be added to that list.

When it comes to matters of the heart, love is one thing that can’t be ignored. Will Kace be able to undo the hurt Ryelle endured or will their growing relationship end up tangled in the trauma from the past.


SUCKumbed: Paranormal Romance Novella (SUCK Series Book 3) by Jade Royal

Happily ever after? Does such a thing exist? Our favorite vampire couples comcluded their stories with their perfect ending but can everything stay gold? What’s the key to a perfect relationship? Night and Trinity along with Emma and Blaze all have to learn the expertise of not just committing to your mate but completely succumbing to their very being. Can they do it? Or will they find ruin in their newly blossomed love?


Mixed Tidings: A Danjuma Christmas (The Sons of Ishmael Series) by Unoma Nwankwor

Twas the season of glad tidings, but when he showed up, ’twas mixed

The Danjumas are back!

The Danjuma brothers prepare for the perfect Christmas getaway to the Drakensberg Mountains. Their marriages may very well depend on it. With days left to departure, Amari Danjuma shows up at their door.

Canceling to sort out this family situation, isn’t an option. With the women in their lives appealing to their sense of family, the brothers decides to take Amari along. Despite their promises, the brothers really don’t give the young Danjuma a chance. Especially considering who he is. An unexpected incident with the kids only solidifies their resolve.

With tensions flying high, Grandma Danjuma intervenes and reminds her sons what Christmas is all about.

Note: This is the standalone Christmas story featuring all the Danjuma siblings from the Sons of Ishmael Series. To get the FULL experience, I do suggest you read the other books. They are all standalone companion books and have the interconnectivity of the family dynamic.
In order;
A Scoop of Love
Anchored By Love
Mended With Love
Redeemed Through Love


Blame It On My Boots: Smith Family Cowgirls & Christian Romance (The Small Town Cowgirls of Louisiana Romance Book 1) by Danyelle Scroggins

The rebound is never as good as your first love.

Shelly Shanay Smith is sassy and a little tom-boyish but she always thought she had the perfect man to love her, until he left home and never returns. So she did what any woman would… Shelly moved on.

Chace loved Shelly and he still does. The thought of her being with another man was too much for his heart to bear. So when he finds out from a little birdie that she’s back on the market, he sees the second chance he’s prayed for and vows to win Shelly back.

But Shelly’s no fool and refuses to release her heart to the man who abandoned her once. It will take more than his killer smile, a chiseled body, and the memory of a perfect kiss to get her back.

Will this country cowgirl have faith in her perfect boots, bringing the perfect man? Or will she allow her bruised heart to block her from her happily ever after?


What I’ve Been Missing (Urban Pointe Book 1) by Nikki Brown

Ariah Fuller has spent her entire life trying to gain her mother’s love and respect by way of being who she thought Mariah Fuller wanted her to be. Mariah Fuller had her hands in every aspect of Ariah’s life until Ariah realized it no longer worked for her. Her newfound revelation prompted Ariah to reevaluate the people in her life starting with her hand-picked fiancé James. While figuring out her next move, Ariah runs into the confident and persistent Tower Eno who shows her everything she’s been missing.

Tower Eno is the epitome of an alpha male. He says what he means and means what he says. After experiencing a tragedy of his own and being deceived by the one woman who is supposed to love him the most, his trust levels are at an all-time low. The only thing he’s willing to offer the opposite sex is physical pleasure and a warning to not get too close. He was completely okay with not entertaining women outside of the bedroom until he meets the beautiful Ariah Fuller. The attraction and need to protect was almost instant, quickly solidifying thoughts to make her his. There is only one thing in his way, Ariah’s pending nuptials.


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up November 22nd-28th

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