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After We Burned: In Secrets We Trust Book 3 by Chelsea Maria

Love made you weak.
Obsession made you fatal.
Possessiveness made you delirious.

We were all of those things – A mirage of love splattered on a gritty canvas. Painting distorted figures chasing empty hearts.
A dark romance of survival.
Quaking hearts burning slow.
A ruse branded by greed’s honeycomb sweetness and betrayal’s tang.

His love was real and I pretended…
She exposed her wounds and I attempted to heal them forgetting my own.

Love tested time.
Lies replaced vows.
Secrets created chaos.

And with every sin, there is a consequence…


For Heaven’s sake: A Rosehill City Novel by Sabrea Marie

When Shia Moore is released from prison after a five year bid, he expects his life to fall right back into place. 
Instead of being welcomed back with open arms from the love of his life, he is met with betrayal and circumstances he didn’t see coming. As he fights to gain control of his life and figure out a plan to get back to the top, he finds himself struggling with the humble reset, his bruised heart, and the temptation to return to his past ways.

Heaven Cortez is no stranger to starting over either. On a journey to re-invent herself and heal from her past, she spends most of her days building her bakery business and running away from anything close to love. That is until she meets Shia, whose charm and sharp tongue keep her on her toes. While the last thing she needs is another broken heart, Heaven is willing to risk it all despite those warning her of dealing with the notorious man.

In a tale of pure love, Heaven and Shia find solace in their addictive connection. When their past doesn’t agree with their future, will their new love be enough?


Table Set for Two by L.M. Richardson

Paityn Harding, a laid-off copywriter is trying to make her side hustle of freelance writing her main thing, while she gets her online magazine on its feet. She’s spent more than a month in her apartment with little to no human contact and hasn’t been on a date in more than a year. With the holiday season approaching, Paityn’s besties Babe and Austin intervene, trying to get ahead of Paityn’s holiday blues.

They set her up on a blind date.

After traveling thirty minutes, Paityn’s blind date is a no-show. Giving Mr. No Show the benefit of the doubt, she waits an entire hour. The band and the live music almost make up for being stood up.

Luz Holston, a multitalented musician, has been fortunate enough to make a living doing what he loves, playing the drums and traveling the world while doing so.

Sitting on the stage playing his regular mid-week set, Luz stopped when he saw Paityn stroll through the restaurant to a table in his line of view. The object of his unrequited high school crush walked in the door and into his life fifteen years after he last saw her.  

When Luz realized her date was a no-show, he saw it as an opportunity to do what he was too shy to do years ago.  

This second chanced romance is just what Friendsgiving ordered.Read less


Love Drought: An Urban Romance Novella by Mya

“Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.”

For Solana Smith, her luck with love was a battle she always lost. Time and time again the wrong man found his way into her life. One night, the final straw broke the camel’s back, causing Solana to swear off of love forever.

Savion “Savage” Bentley—a notorious kingpin in Texas, was a dangerous man. He was the type of man every woman swooned over, at least the ones who found gang banging murderers attractive. He didn’t have time to settle down and build a family when there was money to make in the streets.

What happens when the bridesmaid meets the savage? Attraction, betrayal, heartbreak, and… bullet wounds? Will love conquer in this unlikely romance?


Never Knew I Needed You by Chassilyn Hamilton

Desmend is enjoying his newfound legitimacy, as well as reaping residual benefits of his former fast life.

Money and women.

Living by the motto ‘It ain’t tricking if you got it,’ he’s known for splurging on beautiful women. Fly by flings were all he needed until Leila gave him a glimpse of something he’s never had.

Leila is looking for a love like the one her best friend Harper found, but she’s in no rush to find it. She’s heard of Desmend’s salacious reputation and is curious, but tucks those desires away when he needs her professionally.

Leila comes to help Desmend with his daughter, but she ends up becoming so much more, and it changes his idea of what he thought he wanted and needed. When the fear of losing control and ghosts from the past intervene, he must decide what matters most. Control or companionship?

**Desmend and Leila were introduced in I Thought I Knew.


A Souls Realignment by Cherish Amore

Corinna and Knox have been in love since they first laid eyes on each other. At such a young age, they planned a future that lined up with the other’s. That’s until a secret is revealed that separates them for years. What’s supposed to be goodbye turns out to be see you later when Corinna and Knox are forced to reconnect a decade later. 

Times, ages, and the year has changed, but what hasn’t is the feelings they have for each other. Their reconnection brings about a bevy of unresolved issues and conflicts for them. What will happen when the try to merge lives that have been separate for so long?


Alight (The Firecracker Cousins Book 1) by A.H. Cunningham

What do you do when your mind tells you to move on, but your heart tells you to stay?

Alicia Powell Torres is sick of her joyless career, in a town full of painful memories. She wants to seize life again and she won’t get that by staying still. It’s time for a big change, and Brooklyn seems like the right place for a fresh start. Gathering her courage, she begins the arduous process of selling her family home and leaving her past behind.

But before she can pack everything up, her childhood friend and neighbor Gabo returns to town with sexy smiles, his dinner invites, his collection of steamy romance books, and his big…goals. He also brings memories best left in the past. She struggles to keep him at a distance, but he lights her up like no one else ever could. The temptation he offers is impossible to resist and if she doesn’t get away soon, she’ll end up hurting him, and herself in the process.

Gabriel Miller Garcia has always been cautious, but when he returns to his home town, he bumps into the love of his life, the one that got away. Being around Alicia again has him tempted to take a chance, but a fateful day from their youth threatens his hopes for a bright future together. Losing her again isn’t an option, so Gabriel will risk it all to keep Alicia from the bright lights of Brooklyn, but will his rekindling of her fire be too late, or will love light the way to a future together…

Content Warning:
Parental Death off page
Grief and Mild Depression
Convalescent Parent (cancer) on page


Send Me Someone to Love by Kris LaShay

Grief is something that doesn’t come with a manual. No one can tell you how long to grieve or how you should grieve.
Aja has experienced a traumatizing loss which has caused her to look the other way when it comes to love. Losing SJ during what is supposed to be one of the happiest stages of her life leaves her devastated and unwilling to love again.
Amin’s loss stemmed from something that happens every day and is the reality of a lot of new mothers that do not make it through childbirth. He never got the chance to experience love with Kamaria the way he felt it should have been. His heart, too, has turned to ice.
Will a chance encounter between these two melt the block of ice that has formed around their hearts?


Jackson’s Challenge (The Reid Family Dynasty Book 1) by Rochelle Blaze

Jackson Reid is a selfish womanizer and heir to the prominent Reid family of Atlanta, Georgia. Disgusted by Jackson’s childish and outlandish behavior, his parents decide to cut off his access to the family’s wealth. He is also in for another surprise when a woman from his past comes to him with some shocking news that will change his life forever.

Tia Daniels is a single mother doing her best to raise her five-year-old daughter, Chastity. After a recent doctor’s visit causes her to have a health scare, Tia must let go of negativity and put her past hurts aside to tell Jackson that he has a daughter. Jackson is the last man Tia ever expected to want to see again, but when they reunite, she soon realizes that some flames never go out.

Together these two will have to get over a painful past or deny a promising future.


Through It All by N.D. Richardson

Who or what do you rely on during life’s hardest moments?

That’s the question Noelle Lewis has to figure out. After landing a job in radio straight out of college, Noelle is on her own and has to get her footing rapidly in this new phase of adulthood. Just as she’s making moves in her career, she meets Malachi Morris, an executive in the radio industry who makes her realize there’s more to life than work and independence. As their lives intertwine, life throws several wrenches in their plans.Through It All follows them through the trials and tribulations of life, and in the end, they choose to rely on their faith in God and each other to get them through it all.


Rare Danger: A Novella by Beverly Jenkins

A librarian’s quiet life becomes a page-turner of adventure, romance, and murder in a thrilling novella by USA Todaybestselling author Beverly Jenkins.

For Jasmine Ware, curating books for an exclusive clientele is her passion. Until an old friend, a dealer of rare books, goes missing and his partner is murdered. Linked to an artifact smuggled out of the ancient library at Timbuktu, the mystery draws Jasmine deeper into a plot that could cost her her life.

Air force veteran and private security ace Torr Noble is accustomed to adrenaline-pumping stakes. He never expected a private librarian would be so intriguing, but Jasmine is full of surprises. As the connection between them burns hot, a powerful old enemy raises his head. Torr and Jasmine must work together to find the missing dealer.

Will the search be the start of a happily ever after or a disastrous THE END?


A Holiday with Finesse by Obelia Akanke

Renee is packed and ready for her Christmas couples’ retreat. There’s only one problem – her boyfriend chose not to buy her a ticket.

Embarrassed, low on money, and stranded in another state, Renee calls the only person able to assist her – Finesse, a friend and professional comedian. He offers to drive her back home after his show. In addition to the ride, he takes her to dinner and decides to teach her things men do for women they want.

Renee comes to rely on his candor and consideration…and uses this information to date other men. Will she give him the chance he desires, or will she use his tips to bypass him to find love in someone else?


20 Days of Pleasure (Days of Pleasure Series Book 2) by J.L. Campbell

NBA star Dallas Avery has one intention when he visits the most romantic city in the world—win Alicia Mitchell by any means necessary. They relish their time as a couple—free to explore their magnetic connection in Paris and savor the array of pleasures they discover as soul mates.

But family, friends, the media, and society at large, have various opinions about their complicated relationship. Will Dallas and Alicia find a way to stay together, or will the many factors working against them shatter their once-in-a-lifetime romance?

Each Pleasures book is a standalone, NO cliffhangers

USA TODAY, and National Bestselling Authors take you on amazing journey with NBA Basketball Star, Dallas Avery, and Alicia Mitchell, a woman who is as mysterious as she is beautiful.
Follow this unlikely couple as they travel to exotic places such as Paris, Durabia, Caribbean, Scotland and many others. Each story embroils them in a new set of challenges and adventure as they navigate their way to love.


S.I.B.s: The Society of Intellectual Beings by Iris Bolling

In the mortal world, it is believed that there are six degrees of separation. 
That number diminishes within The Society of Intellectual Beings. 

The bloodlines are intertwined, blurring the degrees of separation. 

Network Executive, Wade Tyson gets a story that is a little too close to home. His biological parents, who were convicted of multiple murders thirty years ago, die suspiciously within 24 hours of each other. Wade investigates their deaths which leads to questions surrounding the original crime. During the investigation, Wade opens the door to a multiple generational experiment to create a community of exceptionally intelligent humans. To complicate matters, these beings have been immersed in mainstream society.

What if a society of children were conceived to rule the world based on intellectual logic?

Wade discovers he is connected to the Society of Intellectual Beings in more ways than one. Through a series of journals from his now deceased mother, Wade has the experience of not only reading her words but absorbing her thoughts. Each time he reads one of her journals, certain powers are bestowed upon him. The powers come without instructions or warnings, but he needs them to complete the task of stopping evil forces from populating the world with S.I.B.s. He, with the help of his adopted brothers, is the only ones who can save the humans from themselves.

What if the society’s disposable children rise up to confront the new world order?  

Wade finds himself conflicted when he discovers each of his adopted brothers were created in the Society of Intellectual Beingsbut were disposed of as children. Doors to a different world open as Wade tries to find answers to questions that will impact not only his life, but the world.
At one point, Wade is forced to ask himself

What if the S.I.B.s, who are directed by their evil creator, infiltrated the highest level of government?

What if??????


This Love is Real Part 2 (This Love Is Real Novella) by TMH Writer

Sonya finally earned Terri’s love, and they were happy until a twist of fate forced them apart. Sonya must then grapple with the possibility of losing the love of her life forever.

When Terri’s life is turned upside down, something in her shifts and changes her. Will these changes affect her loved ones? Will she still want the life she had with Sonya?

Find out in This Love is Real Part 2


Together At Last by Marie Nash

Karina sipped champagne as she watched her twin sister, Kamila, dance with her new husband, Jace. At least one of them was happy. She was happy for her twin sister, but Karina was leaving at the first opportunity to slip out unnoticed. It has been a long evening filled with tension.
Even now, Karina could feel his piercing stare again. If she turned her head to the right, Thomas would be staring at her like he’s been doing the entire evening. She was in love with a man she didn’t want anything to do with.
Thomas blamed Karina for the attack Kamila suffered earlier in the year. Unfortunately, the attacker mistook Kamila for Karina. Thank God Kamila only suffered minor injuries. Thomas’s attempts to apologize for the tongue lashing he gave Karina was met with silence on her part. The incident was months ago, but his harsh words still stung.
Rina was very much aware of Thomas’s opinion of her. He had verbalized it several times. She didn’t need to hear it again. As soon as possible, she was escaping to the quietness of her home. Being around Thomas these last few months attending to her duties as Kamila’s maid of honor had finally worn her down.
“Are you okay?” Damien asked, concern evident in his voice.
Karina looked at her friend. He was worried about her. She appreciated him, but she would be fine. She had decided when Kamila returned from her honeymoon, she was taking a few days off. She desperately needed to get away and clear her head.
Karina’s hand covered his. “I’m fine. I have a slight headache. When I get home, I’ll take something for it.”
“Let me know when you’re ready. Ah, don’t look now, but your headache is coming this way. You really need to talk to him, Rina. It’s time you and Thomas cleared the air. It’s not good for you to hold all this emotion inside. I’m no doctor, but I guarantee these headaches will go away. So what are you afraid of?”
“I’m not afraid of anything, Damien. I just don’t have anything to say to him. He ruined any chance we had together. Our parents are friends, so we will always run into each other. I can’t do anything about that but avoid him whenever possible.”
She got up. “I need some air. A change of scenery might help this headache. I think I’ll walk down to the lobby. Be back in a few minutes.”
“Do you want some company?” Damien asked.
“No,” she touched his hand. “I’ll be okay. You stay here. I won’t be long.”
Thomas watched Rina get up and move across the room before he could get to her. He was tired of being ignored. Nevertheless, he was determined to talk to her before the night was over. He screwed up big time with her, and he had to fix it somehow.
Thomas’s eyes followed her around the room. Rina looked so beautiful tonight. She was wearing her hair straight and hanging down her back like a silky curtain. He watched as she ducked out a side door, and he knew this was his chance to corner her and have a long-overdue conversation. He had to redeem himself in her eyes.
Rina’s three-inch heels clicked on the marble floor as she headed to the hotel lobby. She needed a moment of peace and quiet. Her head felt like it was going to explode. Her life was such a mess. How did she get to this point?
When she reached the lobby, Rina sat down in one of the comfortable chairs. She took a deep breath and exhaled. Then, laying her head back, she closed her eyes. God, she was tired.
“What are you doing out here alone?”
Rina’s eyes snapped open, and the pain in her head increased. Her eyes narrowed. She glanced around to see if he “What are you doing here, Thomas? Did you follow me?”
“You gave me no choice. We need to talk. This situation has gone on long enough.”
“You and I are not on speaking terms. There’s nothing to talk about.”
Thomas ground his teeth. “I beg to differ. We have some unfinished business.”


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New Release Round-Up November 15th-21st

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