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Laike (The Eisenberg Effect Book 3) by Grey Huffington

She’s a good girl.

And she has a thing for bad boys.

It’s the reason I had to let her go. I knew that I was a mistake she was willing to make over and over, again. I loved her too much to hurt her, but that didn’t give anyone else the right to. She’s too pure and too precious. And, I’d do any nigga dirty that dared to play with her heart. I wasn’t even the exception when it came to her. That’s why I knew I had to get my shit together and cater to her heart the way only I could. And until she was mine again, I’d go to war with any nigga, empty my bank accounts, ignite fires between us, sing every love song known to man, and grovel at her feet. Because I wouldn’t rest until she belonged to me.

He’s a heartbreaker.

And I’m still recovering from that time he broke mine.

Year after year after year, I trick myself into believing that I’m over it – that I’m over him. But then I see his face and the feelings we once shared resurface. We were young and we were in love, but it was a love I was willing to do anything for. He was someone I was willing to do anything for. Suddenly, he decided that my love wasn’t enough. While he went on with his life, mine was always stuck on pause. Then, suddenly, I decided that love waits for no one and allowed it into my world again. Happiness has found me in the form of a chocolate, successful black man, yet, I’m still wondering if I would be even happier with him.


XO – A Novelette by D. Rose

After receiving life-changing news, Magnolia Fields goes to her father’s hometown, Eden Island, looking for answers. An unlikely encounter with Ellis Francois–the owner of the bed-and-breakfast Magnolia booked upon her arrival–begins her journey toward healing and experiencing true love.

cw: grief & childhood bullying.

Note: this is a 12k novelette with a HFN (happy-for-now) ending.


The Player (Family Ties Book 4) by Shae Sanders

Naymar Windermere is in a bind.

He’s got another baby on the way, and it’s bad on every level. The head of the family is headed to prison, a rival crew is moving against them, and the mother is someone the whole family despises. It’s the worst possible scenario, which is par for the course for the family screwup.

Kittora Wilkins has problems of her own. She’s newly pregnant, and by the wrong Windermere brother. Even worse, her past is coming back to haunt her.

Can two people make their messy lives work?


Tied to You by J. Chary

Carson “Kaos” Bryant told himself at a young age that certain things were out of the question. He’s stuck to that most of his adult life, all while witnessing those closest to him fall into the two things he told himself he’d stay away from.
Now he’s had a change of heart and one of those things he never wanted he wants more than ever and goes to extreme lengths to obtain.
But what happens when life isn’t so black and white and you end up in the gray area? Find out how Carson makes it out in Tied to You.


Gemma (The St. Claire Women Book 1) by Tina Martin

Love and trials from her perspective.

Gemma and Royal are among the youngest St. Claire couple. Their limited experience with marriage presents some challenges, but their connection remains strong. Their love is unbreakable. This is an update story that’s more tailored to Gemma’s perspective. What exactly does Gemma want and how will Royal handle his diamond girl?

*This novella is best enjoyed AFTER you’ve read Royal (A St. Claire Novel).
*For the best reading experience, read the series where Gemma first appeared to gain some background on her: The Boardwalk Bakery Romance Series that consists of three Books, Baked With Love, Baked With Love 2 and Baked With Love 3.


A Christmas Promise: A Holiday Novella (The Dupree Boys) by J. Nichole

A few weeks before Christmas Raven is tasked with planning the Dupree family Christmas dinner.

It’s not only a challenge because she has a million things on her plate – but because it’s only a few weeks before Christmas. And what chef will be available and willing to accommodate?

Maybe one who is like her, lonely on Christmas.


Loving Majesty by Riley Baxter

Eternal heartbreak.

Grief brings these things. These things are too much at times, triggering darkness to enter and light to simmer out. Without realizing it, grief can lead to bitterness, causing one to live blindly, simply just existing.

This is the position that the gorgeous and single Majesty Carpenter finds herself in… endless grief. She moves through life with her family, friends, and her job, but is she really living or just existing? However, during one of her frequent visits to her mother’s grave, Majesty stumbles on something that can turn her incessant pain into unrelenting pleasure.

Zachariah Peaks is a very handsome, caring man that works as a motivational speaker and trainer for foster care youths and foster care parents. Zachariah finds himself in a similar position as Majesty, having lost his father at an early age. He feels the loss of his father but is grateful for his uncle stepping up to the plate. However, one visit leaves him shaken, confused, and dumbfounded in the most bewildering and pleasurable way, changing his life forever. Will Zachariah be ready for this change? Or will he run from it?

A chance meeting at the cemetery. Grieving hearts connecting. Existing souls bonding. Interchangeable lives linking. Although grief can be overbearing, it can also connect people, forming unimaginable bonds and relationships. Zachariah and Majesty learn that there is life after death and that love can happen at the most inopportune time and found in unexpected places. Can they conquer these challenging times in their lives and let the light of love overtake their once darkened composition?


Under a Millionaire’s Mistletoe by Connie Easton

Things spiral out of control as Audrina continues to live her daily life the best she knows how. As a single mother, she wants the best for her son, but keeps running into obstacles that soon make it hard for her just to breathe. She’s pushed into survival mode and does whatever it takes to secure her and her son.

Matthias has more than enough to give, and he does so every year. When it comes to single mothers, they share a soft spot in his heart. He is a man that wants to see everyone happy, but he has his mind set on making one woman happy and content for the rest of her life.

Two very different people collide and fight their feelings for one another until one loses the battle. Christmas brings on joyous vibes, but one lacks the holiday spirit which makes it hard for them to move forward as one. Will love slip through their fingers or will Santa restore what was lost?


The Naughty Chocolatier by Ana’Gia Wright

Over 40 and recently divorced the last thing Celestial Soliel Divine is looking for is love. However, when a dashing restaurant proprietor rescues her from a bad blind date, Soliel feels obligated to at least return the favor. Little does she know the owner, Ellis, has more than just a passing affinity for dark chocolate.

Ellis Mason has his hands full running a restaurant he inherited and his new chocolate venture. He’s also running from the truth burying his head in work to avoid falling into the trap of loneliness. Still, he never expected a night out with his best friend to cause such a disruption in his life.

Destiny and fate are playing both sides. Can Soliel and Ellis take the bitter with the sweet and get lost in the chocolate to bring them peace?


Forever Begins (FANtasy Series Book 3) by Tiye Love


Alonzo “Zo” Taylor was the number one worldwide hip-hop artist when a sex scandal destroyed it all. Now five years later, he’s become an angry recluse, preferring solitude and loneliness to the full life he once enjoyed. Until he encounters a teen who reminds him of his past. And a woman that makes him believe in a future.

Sage Parker, a single mother and bartender in Las Vegas is inexplicably drawn to the handsome stranger who frequents her lounge utterly alone. Decidedly celibate and too busy keeping her wayward teenager on the right side of the law to think about love, she resists the gravitational pull of Alonzo. After an unexpected incident forces them into close quarters, Sage and Alonzo decide to take a chance on forever.

Inspired to create and perform again, Alonzo wants the fiercely independent Sage by his side as he faces the family and the world he left behind. As challenges confront them, Alonzo worries Sage may be unable to embrace all it means to be with him. Blindsided by the magnitude of his star power, Sage is thrust into a spotlight and a life she never wanted. And Sage begins to doubt their love story will end in the forever after they both so desire.


A Second Bite at Hope (Unconventional Love Chronicles Book 2) by Tempestt Chantel

Sexy, sassy Jordan Levine doesn’t believe in hope or destiny. What type of destiny would allow her to grow up without parents? Jordan lives life on her terms: wild and free with no regrets. She has no intentions of slowing down, either.

When Jordan is backed into a corner, she makes a decision that gets her kicked out of college and sent home across the country. It’s the last place she wants to be because Nathan Mercer still lives in her hometown. Ready, waiting, and hot as sin.

He’s the only alpha male with the power to tame her heart. His bold, cocky disposition has always made her weak in the knees. So, when he marked her five years ago in a night of raw, steamy passion, Jordan knew running was not a choice but a necessity. She refuses to submit or even acknowledge that Nathan is her mate.

Hot as sin, Nathan isn’t surprised by Jordan’s unexpected arrival. He always knew his fated mate would return. He has no intention of letting her go this time. Beneath her independent hardened exterior is a female wolf shifter, who can go head-to-head and heart-to-heart with his panther. However, his chances of starting a future with her are interrupted when she becomes his enemy’s target.

Nathan will have to hurt her in order to keep her alive and neutralize the threat. Will they be able to survive the fallout and salvage what’s left? They can only hope…

Could this be a second chance or another sick twist of fate? A Second Bite at Hope is book 2 in the Unconventional Love Chronicles featuring steamy romance and a HEA. This story is not intended for readers under the age of 18. 


Fumbled Your Heart by Mya Kay

Jezzy Watson, a fiery sports agent from Philadelphia, rose to the top of her game in just three years. She has an inkling for getting some of the best deals in the business and this earns her an “Agent of the Year” honor at New York Fashion Week’s charity event.

It’s been ten years since she’s seen her high school sweetheart, Trent Rucker, who now plays for the New York Giants. As soon as she lays eyes on him at the event, the memories and pain come flooding back. When Trent broke up with her on prom night, he not only broke her heart, but his promise to go to college in New York with her so they could conquer the sports world together.

Upon reconnecting, Jezzy makes it clear she’s very much in love with her fiancé, Marcus. When Trent pays her a visit at her office bearing flowers as a peace offering, she immediately shuts him down. But Trent is more determined than ever to make things right with Jezzy, at least to maintain a friendship. However, his actions to do so show not only him, but his fiancée Kelli, that a friendship is not the only thing he wants.

Love and pain resurface in this novel where Trent will soon learn that he may have completely fouled out.


The Professional Wife: A novel by Maryann Reid

Some say marriage is a job, and for Candy, it’s the truth. 

Candy Miller Robertson has it all. Money. Lavish vacations. Invitations to the most exclusive parties. She’s come a long way.

What’s her secret?

Candy is a professional wife. Taking on the most successful bachelors in Los Angeles, she commands a high fee to be the picture-perfect wife for her husband-clients.

But after two lucrative marriages, Candy finds herself single, 40, and wanting more. She agrees to take on another client – Nigerian Hollywood director and all-around bad boy Xavier Oshun – for a one-year marriage contract and a big payday.

Xavier spoils Candy rotten and makes her feel special, and together they become one of Hollywood’s most notable Black power couples. Much to her surprise, Candy finds herself falling for her husband. But is Xavier everything he appears? How much of his bad-boy antics is Candy supposed to take?

And when an old flame reenters her life, will Candy cling to the security of the life she knows or risk it all to pursue true love?


Yellow Hibiscus: Christian Contemporary Billionaire Romance by Tope Omotosho

What if you’re swept up in God’s colourful plan that feels every bit like it sprung from a fairy tale?

When Adeniran Aremeyin suffers a severe leg injury, it threatens his career as a pro footballer. With the fear of retirement, he returns to Ondo, Nigeria, where the kingmakers appoint him as Osemawe (King) of Ondo Kingdom. While Adeniran despises anything that reminds him of his mother’s mysterious death, he understands that he cannot escape his fate. With secrets and family lies exposed, Adeniran must choose whether to dwell in the darkness or welcome God’s light and joy into his heart.

Every girl fantasises about being a princess every once in a while, but not everyone becomes one.

Isimeme Oboh takes pleasure in her joy-obsessed nature as a chef who recognises life’s technicolour and flavorful sides. She has always followed the rules, even when they are inconvenient. She arrives in Lagos at God’s direction to chase her dreams and discover her God-given purpose while hoping for a once-in-a-lifetime swoony romance. Although her blossoming relationship with her crush, Nelson Banjo, shows the tell-tale signs of a happily ever after, she faces tough decisions in days to come.

In searching for identity, freedom, and peace amidst the chaos, will Adeniran and Isi find joy and love in playing by God’s rules till the end, no matter the cost?

Yellow Hibiscus is an African Christian Royal Family Billionaire Romance Novel that can be read as a standalone.


Provoking The Force: A Paranormal Romance (The FORCE series Book 3) by Jade Royal

In a matter of seconds, Onyx Triton’s life was changed forever. Onyx didn’t know what was worse, losing his memories or fighting his own identity battle. How could he be the man he used to be when he didn’t know who that man was? The only thing that burned through him was the harsh desire to get back what he lost. And then she came into his life. Without knowing the devastation that happened to the male that her cat cried out for ever since he’d rescued her, Sol made it her mission to find Onyx. They were thrust into a whirlwind of emotions that was clouded by their ominous future and the darkness that dredged through Onyx from his lost memories and soul. Could Onyx be the perfect mate when he didn’t quite know who he was? With such a delicate mating, Onyx and Sol were at risk of losing everything and when their enemies came to finish what they started, the fated couple had to rely on destiny in order to make it out together.


Naughty Situationship (Naughty November Book 14) by Bree Wright

Brooklyn Taylor, an upcoming hairstylist is in the prime of her relationship. She loves her man Zeek with every fiber in her bones and they are celebrating their four-year anniversary. Brooklyn has been the perfect woman to Zeek, and she is certain that he will be popping the question, soon. But when she catches him in an uncompromising situation that certainty is diminished.

All the ladies love Knox Nolan. Knox is a sought-out bachelor. It’s nothing for him to meet a woman. However, the only thing he has received from the woman is sex with no substance. Knox is at a point where he believes that love and passion from one person don’t exist.

When a mutual friend brings Knox and Brooklyn back together, four years later after a random one nightstand. Will the two be able to keep things at lustful level or will their feelings level up.


Occasional Hero: (Book 4 Jameson Family Series) (The Jameson Family Series) by Tracee Lydia Garner

All she wanted was to be a restauranteur and open her cutting edge decadent dessert-only establishment in the heart of Alexandria, Virginia’s historic waterfront. Angel (Angie) Valenti however, would be saddled raising kids that belonged to her reckless, deceased sister and now a husband that wanted a real wife. Angie didn’t feel cut out for any of it but she also didn’t plan on Jojo Jameson being the one true hero she could count on forever even if her new business partner turns out to be impossible to work with, may know her and Jojo, and could be bent on making their lives a living nightmare. With her chance at owning her restaurant, she’s blindly going along with a partner that may not ever sell, and has a myriad of secrets of his own. Faced with a choice, the restaurant or love, the one was a dream she always wanted, the other, a man, who is the only thing she needs, and with new threats on Jojo’s life, uncertainty and deadly consequences, her final choice might blow up in her face, literally, and what would she be without Jojo by her side?


Secrets To Live By: The Secrets Series Book 2 by Pamela E. Hester

She never knew love could be so powerful… and supernatural until Trent drove into her life. 

Paris never thought she would be admitted into a mental institution from an incident that left her mentally and emotionally traumatized. She adjusts to life after being out and does her best to get her life together.

When she moves in with Trent, she finds out he is a different guy than she initially thought. Still, Paris doesn’t leave his side and exposes him when the police question her about a massacre. Will she continue living her life with Trent, ignoring the darkness about him, or change her mind and move on? 

Trent had enough of ghosts popping up and people doing disappearing acts. He is a new father, so every calculated move he makes weighs heavily on each decision he makes. That is if he can avoid jail time. 
Time isn’t on his side, but the powers that be is. When Trent finds out the person who is supposed to be dead is still alive, he races against time to finish what he started.

Will he accomplish his goal or risk losing the love he fought so hard to protect?

Secrets To Live By contains violence, steamy romance scenes, occult and supernatural mentions.
You may want to read Secrets Unveil: Book 1 first.


Blissful Vixen: Curves For Christmas by Jade Royal

One blind date. Emotional scars. Fate.


I was cursed with the generational itch to serve and protect, building on a legacy of pride and honor.

It was all taken away in an instant. Quicker than the years of dedication I’d served.

Feeling hopeless and afraid for the first time, only one thing kept me from drowning in my sorrows.



I was prepared to sacrifice everything to find out if true love exists. But one mistake cost me my job. And that was right after I spent my savings on a nonrefundable trip.

“Love Catered” promised a happily ever after, but I doubted that included a penniless and soon-to-be homeless bride. With no way to contact him, I’d have to cancel in person.

Would he forgive me?
Return to Fitzpatrick Place this Christmas where things are heating up with some brand new tenants. From Sexy Santas to Mistletoe Kisses, the Curves for Christmas Series is bringing you over 20 new stories to warm you up this holiday season!


Messiah Woos Crystal (Temptation) by Angelia Vernon Menchan

Messiah, international superstar is lonely and ready to meet someone. The local Cupid, Cinnamon Black intervenes and he meets Crystal Moore, a beautiful nurse. He invites her to his brother’s wedding within minutes of meeting her. She surprises him and herself by saying yes. For two weeks they date, converse and text, getting to know each other. Messiah knows she’s his one. He decides he’s going to spend the week after Christmas wooing her, making her his. Will it work? Read Messiah Woos Crystal, a romantic short story.


Drowning Without You by Diamond D. Johnson

Serenity Reed. That name holds a lot of weight in the world. Serenity is known for her exceptional dance skills, her award-winning dance studio, where many children dream of dancing, and her marriage to NBA star Dionte Reed. Serenity is also living with lupus. She has fought this disease since she was fifteen, and the battle seems to get more challenging each day. Although she is exhausted, there is still so much for Serenity to accomplish in life, so she refuses to give up. She’s a mother who deserves to watch her son grow up and reach his goals. And the dance world still needs her inspiration and motivation.

Drowning without you will take you through a journey of what it really means to love someone and how the thought of living without that person can make you feel like you’re sinking.


Melody of Love by CaSandra McLaughlin

Dorothy Mason and Arthur Lee Jackson were high school sweethearts. Arthur broke Dorothy’s heart and despite not speaking to him or even knowing his whereabouts, he’s still got a grip on her. When she learns Arthur is returning to Sweet Lily live in concert, her heart takes her on a roller coaster ride back down memory lane. Will Dorothy reopen a love chapter of the past or will seeing Arthur be the closure she needs to move?


The Things We Bring To The Table by Rod Palmer

It was a Cinderella love story: diamond-in-the-ruff beauty, Cree, swooned by the charming and wealthy Russ Rutledge. Now a decade later, the fairy dust collected on the ceiling fans, Cree finds herself married to a man who refuses to touch her. While giving up on the marriage after betting everything on love, Cree suddenly encounters a parallel-world version of the person she would’ve become had she bet on herself.

The Grammy nominated singer with the stage name Lulu McQueen offers to trade places. Cree opens that Pandora’s box and falls in. She’s instantly famous and finds herself, ironically, entangled in a steamy affair with this world’s bachelor version of her husband. Unfortunately, for Cree, things unravel quickly as she learns the real reason Lulu was so desperate to trade places.

In this thriller, Cree must risk it all, along a journey of self-discovery while tracking down the one person who could transport her back home. Cree has no choice but to enlist the help of a few colorful and opportunistic characters who seem likely double-cross her in the end.

“No man ever fell in love with a table… He doesn’t even look at that table if his heart is full,” Detective Ryan.


Two Rivals, One Bed: A Snowed In Romance (The Eddington Heirs Book 3) by Zuri Day

These workplace rivals are snowed in…and there’s only one bed! Things heat up in Zuri Day’s new Eddington Heirs novel.

Irresistible desire between rivals…

puts everything at risk.

Maeve Eddington must defend her family’s billion-dollar conglomerate in a lawsuit. But her opposing counsel is playboy Victor Cortez, who leaves her weak with desire. Maeve is determined to resist her cocky opponent to avoid compromising her case. She knows the risks of getting involved with a man like him…

Victor very much wants to get to know her better… If only there wasn’t a lawsuit in the way. But when an out-of-town meeting leaves them snowbound together—and forced to share a bedroom—all bets are off!


A Valentine for Christmas: An Older Woman Younger Man Romance (Valentine Vineyards Book 1) by Reese Ryan

Opposites do more than attract when an older woman falls for a younger man in Reese Ryan’s brand-new Harlequin Desire series, Valentine Vineyards! 

 A red-hot romance between a career-focused woman and a determined younger man?  

Doctor’s orders!  

Dr. Julian Brandon is too charming, too sexy and too young for Chandra Valentine. But after the successful bachelor rescues her—twice—she owes him. Still reeling from life-changing family revelations, Chandra somehow agrees to pose as Julian’s girlfriend. And now the irresistible Julian has plans that start with seduction under the mistletoe and end with their fake relationship erupting into a scorching affair. Now Chandra’s questioning everything she believed about love…  


Work-Love Balance: An Enemies to Lovers Romance (Blackwells of New York Book 3) by Nicki Night

What happens when workplace enemies discover an undeniable attraction? Find out in Nicki Night’s latest!

Her new boss is infuriating, off-limits…

And the most desirable man she’s ever met

Ivy Blackwell is perfectly capable of managing her thriving social media brand. But when gorgeous producer Jordan Chambers offers the high-profile influencer the chance of a lifetime—her own show—she can’t resist the tempting offer. Nor can she resist Jordan, a determined self-made man…or the delicious desire he ignites behind closed doors. Mixing business with oh-so-much pleasure is a terrible idea. So why is Ivy falling hard and fast?


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up November 28th-December 4th

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