One moment can change everything.
Arabella Hilaire is an artist who has always survived by the skin of her teeth. Thinking life will get any easier is a pipe dream she won’t believe in. That’s until she receives an unexpected inheritance that turns her into a millionaire. The life she never imagined having is hers, but the changes it comes with make her fear she’ll never adapt.
Kain Carter is a product of New York City’s streets and a dedicated on the rise boxer. He’s grown used to both worlds coexisting until one night in the ring makes him boxing’s newest sensation. As he tries to decide if he can leave the world he’s always known behind for the one he fought to be a part of, everything he thought he knew about himself comes into question.
Arabella and Kain are both fighting demons from their past and trying to embrace their new lives. Love was never supposed to be a part of the equation, but once they collide at one of Kain’s fights, an intense journey emerges. Now the love they were never looking for but found in one another threatens to crumble from factors they can’t control.

Content Warning: 
This book includes sensitive topics that can be triggering and provoke feelings of distress. Content includes mental illness, suicidal behavior, child & drug abuse, intrusive thoughts as well as explicit scenes of sex and violence. Reader discretion is advised.


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