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More Than You’ll Ever Know by Chelsea Maria

Choyce was the ruler and keyholder of something gravely savage that laid prowling within me. Something gravely savage that needed to be released.

The unique makeup of Choyce made me want her beyond my control. My attraction to Choyce Tyrell came from her uncaring desire to fit in. Her unapologetic confidence to be her and only her. Who she was, bold and assertive, I fed off that. I never in my life encountered a woman like her. Probably never would again. I wanted to add value to the already perfect woman who fearlessly claimed me without hesitation of what the risks might be.

This man bewitched me with a single kiss.

Khiry Washington had me smitten and not much had happened for me to feel that way. I don’t know. Maybe it had a lot to do with his selfless desire to protect me when he knew nothing about me. Or perhaps it was the passion behind his eyes and the sound of his soulful baritone when he rocked me to a soothing melody as he painted a mural of his wanted love.

Acting out on an intuition of the heart had the potential to leave me jaded and blue. Khiry spoke to many pieces of me. Spoke to my broken pieces just as loud as he spoke to my perfect pieces. Desperately, I wanted to gather all of my strength and peel back the blankets of my soul for him to see. I wanted to show him the steps leading to the road map called Choyce’s Euphoria. 
But for now, I’d wait.


It’s The Chase For Me: A Heights Story (Heights Stories Book 2) by Christina C. Jones

In my defense, I wasn’t the one who messed up.
And if that hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t have run into him the first time, in the first place.
But then there was the second time, in the second place.
And then the third time, in the third place.
Then the fourth… you get it, right?
I really wasn’t trying to get involved with him like that, but the happenings kept happening, and well… what had happened was…


Touch Me (Audible Original) by Alexandria House

From a powerhouse voice in romance, don’t miss this unforgettable new standalone novel — available in audio first!

When Jovani Higgs shows up as the latest artist in residence at Romey University, Professor Sharla London can’t believe his resemblance to the gorgeous fantasy man she’s been dreaming about. She wants to write it off as her mind playing tricks, but the mysterious artist seems just as drawn to her.

Jovani is trying to make a new start for himself at the prestigious historically black university while focusing on his photography career. But from the moment he meets the beautiful professor, he’s sent spinning off course. He can’t stop wondering if there’s a passionate woman hiding beneath her all-business exterior…and he has a feeling there’s more to their connection than she’s letting on.

Is it just their undeniable chemistry pulling them together, or is their love written in the stars?


Consolation Gifts by Chencia C. Higgins

What was supposed to be a milestone birthday turned into one of the worst nights of Tai’s life when she discovers that her boyfriend of five years has been cheating on her. A firm believer in the philosophy of “fool me once”, she decides to cut ties and charge the betrayal to the game.

Unable to disappear before confronting both parties, Tai is determined to let them know they messed with the wrong woman. The confrontation turns into something else completely when the other woman doesn’t respond how she expects. Without a doubt, Tai is going to walk away from the encounter as a single woman, but after meeting Priscilla? Suddenly, Brian is the last thing on her mind.


Unexpected Expectations (Luke Brothers Book 1) by K.C. Mills

The universe has a plan of its own and the unexpected sometimes creates expectations that we aren’t prepared for. One of the most unpredictable happenings tends to be love.

T’Air’s current way of living isn’t cutting anymore. She wants something different, something solid! This is a stark contrast to her current lifestyle but in order to achieve the intended goal she will have to take a chance and express herself even when it seems pointless.

Lu’vell or Luv wants what he wants when he wants it. Scorned by past experiences Luv is not interested in finding love at all but he wants T’Air. In order for him to achieve that goal he will have to take a chance…a chance at love one more time.

Sometimes all you need is to give things a chance. Whether it’s a meeting someone new, an experience, a text message or love. You can’t have different results, doing the same things.


The Time Treasured (Kennedy Sisters Novel Book 2) by Endiya Carter

“All of that is cool and all, but love doesn’t pay the bills. Love doesn’t buy me jewelry. Love doesn’t get me on private jets. Love doesn’t get me everything I want, nor what I deserve, but you know what gets me that… what’s between my legs.” -Jordan Kennedy. 

Jordan Kennedy; loathes commitment. 

KL Wolf; only knows commitment. 

Two people who are on opposite sides of what they deem a relationship to be can’t seem to stay away from or keep their hands off each other.


Holiday Love by Marissa Palmer

Reni Dixon is a twenty-five year old schoolteacher who moved to California from Cleveland with her best friend Gigi, after they are both accepted to UCLA when awarded four year full ride scholarships.
The principal at the school, Mr. Jenkins has been eyeing Reni since the first time he met her, with plans on making her his wife. Private jets, five star restaurants, and a wealthy bank account. Will that be enough for Reni to say, ‘I do’?
Reni’s past high school sweetheart that she hasn’t spoken to since the night of her prom, eight years ago, when he put her out of the car because she wouldn’t have sex with him, appears back in her life. Eric is now a huge name in the media. He’s one of the greatest players in the NBA. Reni’s heart is still cold from that night when he left her standing in the parking lot. Will she be able to forgive and move on?
Gigi loses her mother and turns to men, dating, and sex to deal with that loss. She is a business owner, and also dedicates her life to the studio that she opened in her name to start training young ladies that share the same passion she has for dancing. One date with a man whom she begins to love, leads to a tragic ending. How will she cope with another tragedy?
DeMarcus, is a one of Reni’s students, and brings a sudden awareness to Reni’s attention. 9-1-1 is called, DeMarcus is removed from his home, and the entire time Reni is right there by his side. Will Reni be a savior to this young boy?
As Christmas and Reni’s birthday approaches, will things fall into place? Will Reni and Gigi get to experience Holiday Love? Will the holidays help these characters create memories that will want to remember or memories that they will hope to forget?


Closest Thing to Perfect by Kris LaShay

In Summer Daze you were introduced to Amare and Kalea. Kalea let her guard down for a hot minute and her life spiraled out of her control. Her life has been turned upside down and she does what comes to her naturally. She shut down and shut Amare out. Little did she know that what was done in the dark was about to come to the light.After the Vegas fiasco, Amare went on with life as only he knew how. Imagine his surprise when he runs into Kalea and the secret she’s been carrying in the mall. His life is now about to change right before his eyes. Or is it? Someone is out to destroy Amare, but who could it be? Is the baby Kalea carrying Amare’s or is Ms. Innocent not so innocent after all? Secrets are exposed and the drama is right behind them. Who comes out of this illicit affair unscathed?


He Wants Me: A Novella by Niyah Moore

Nique is fresh out of a relationship and she wants to take a break to get herself together, but that all changes when she meets Savon at Tierra’s birthday party. Captivated by one another, their attraction is more than physical, and she soon discovers there’s so much more to Savon than meets the eye, but is she ready to love again so quickly?

Newlyweds, Antonio and Tierra, seem to have it all, but Tierra is missing her daughter who lives in Atlanta with her father. Antonio is willing to do whatever it takes to make her happy, but she doesn’t seem to be satisfied. Will she let her feelings ruin their marriage?

Nique’s sister, Brook, is carefree and doesn’t take love seriously when it comes to her own love life. Meeting Maisah was the last thing she expected. When things get hot and heavy, she realizes she may have bit off more than she can chew.


Love Next Door by Sikya Trishay

Charmaine Jenkins was fed up with the current dating pool. 
Fighting over dudes. Beneath her. 
Baby mama drama. A no-go. 
Constant cheating. Forget about it. 
She was content with her current situation. No man, no stress, no drama. There was no need to look for something that was like finding a needle in a haystack.

Chris Pratt was waiting for Charmaine to notice him. They were the best work buddies but could be even better companions. The plan was to get her away from work to see him in a new light. But getting her away may have backfired and placed her into the arms of another man.

Did Chris wait too long to make his feelings known? Or will Charmaine realize that who she really needed was just inches away?


Love is in the Cards: A Second Chance Romance by K.L. Brady

From K.L. Brady, USA Today Bestseller and Author of The 12 Daves of Christmas Comes and Her Perfect Catch, a Hilarious Romantic Comedy that Shows the Power of Words…and Second Chances.♥♥♥

All Is Fair in the Business of Romance and Greeting Cards—Except Love. 

Tessa Sweet, an artsy, devoted girlfriend, is humiliated after her boyfriend and childhood sweetheart, Cody Hart, ends their three-year relationship and their dream of starting Sweet-Hart Cards. After wallowing in depression, she transforms her pain into a revolutionary company that sells “Keep It Real” greeting cards. She envisions using its messaging to help others achieve their full potential. Five years later, after enjoying a meteoric rise within her father’s publishing empire, Tessa faces increasing “hate” mail about her snarky messaging and a sales slump—and then learns Cody has done the unthinkable. 

Cody, the ambitious son of a publishing magnate, has some tough choices to make after his father discloses a devastating secret—the first decision is to abandon his childhood sweetheart and their dream of starting a greeting card business.  In a cowardly move, he sends her a homemade breakup card, hoping to lessen the blow. Little did he know, he’d poured the lit the fire on an explosive that would blow up when he least expected. Five years later and as the CEO of his father’s enterprise, he’s bought Tessa’s company in a secret deal with her father.

The news ambushes Tessa; she doesn’t find out until the deed is done. But—the deal may not be irreversible.

LOVE IS IN THE CARDS is a funny, engaging romance that follows Tessa and Cody in the wake of a shocking business acquisition that’s leaves ex couple anything but “merged.” Can these childhood sweethearts overcome the divide between them and find common ground necessary to succeed together…and regain their love?

*This is a full-length, standalone novel within the “In the Cards” series.*


Faded Mirrors: A Memphis Love Story 1-3 by B. Love

1 – Mira is a troubled soul living in the sphere of toxicity. With heartbreak and rejection being too heavy of a cocktail to continuously digest, she turns to drug use in order to dull her reality. Unfortunately, her spiral leads to homelessness and a need for rescue. Desperate for cash, she finesses her way into an underground casino. Taken in by the action, it’s clear this is a place she doesn’t belong. However, a meeting with a powerful man causes her to lose her potential marks and gain a path to healing that just may let her heart tag along. 

Smoke is suave and charismatic, and he knows his business. As the owner of an underground casino, his eyes and ears are always open. Dollars don’t get played or paid without him knowing about it. Faces become familiar after first glance. When a woman, less made up and more run down, enters his establishment, Smoke instantly recognizes her as out of place. Yet, there’s something about her that draws him in. He wants to care for her… help her reclaim her light. If only the task was that simple. 

Will Smoke and Mira find themselves in the mirrors of each other? Or will the truth of circumstances fade the promises of the future? 

2 – A connection has been established between Smoke and Mira, but decisions on both their parts create cracks within their foundation. 

As Mira’s life spirals out of control, she finds herself in desperate need of an anchor. Smoke’s need to save the damsel in distress causes him to protect and connect with Mira in ways neither thought was possible. The closer they get, the less Mira feels worthy of the love and care Smoke provides, and that only makes him want to pursue her more. 

When an enemy threatens both their lives and budding relationship, Smoke realizes just how detrimental they are to one another. Instead of providing one another with reasons to be better, they continuously bring out the worst in each other. One final test has Smoke ready to avoid his reflection in the mirror of Mira… and he can only hope she’s strong enough to handle it. 

3 – With their enemy handled, five years will pass from when Smoke and Mira will see one another. 

When their eyes connect, it feels as if not even five seconds have gone by since they’ve been apart. But, with time, both Smoke and Mira have changed. They’ve healed their wounds, faced their demons, and learned to value themselves and what they have to bring to the table. Will they be able to rekindle their connection now that love is being served?


Love is the Byline : Oakland and Azriel by B. Love

Oakland was once the baby sister kept under her brother’s thumb. Now, she’s a woman determined to take care of herself, and that includes licking her own wounds. Fresh off of heartbreak, she’s sure being alone couldn’t get any worse… until she finds herself in jeopardy of losing her job. Reflexes would have her call her big brother to save her, yet she reminds herself that she wanted this independence and she must fight to keep it. Entering a competition with a fellow journalist looks like a plausible solution. However, the nature of the competition, steeped in pretend dates and getting-to-know you questions, puts a lot more than her employment on the line. 

Azriel is mighty with words. A talented journalist, he’s no stranger to proving himself. When he’s offered an opportunity to enter a challenge to showcase what he’s made of and stamp his name on the magazine industry, he confidently accepts. His competition not only matches his savvy, but her allure is enough to make the world stop moving. In a romantic whirlwind dubbed as research, he finds discovering her truths shifts his perspectives and steadies his heart. However, with his career on the line, love may have to be left out of the credits. 

Will Azriel and Oakland let their hearts narrate the future? Or are they both sentenced to a life without love?

*Please note: This is a 20,000 word novella.*


Love is the Byline : Pryer and Deacon by B. Love

After the success of Oakland and Azriel’s articles, Sammy and Wanda decide it’s time to take the world by storm again. This time, he puts Pryer and Deacon on opposing sides. 

No stranger to pleasure, Pryer lives the life of a sensuous woman who goes after everything she desires. Her biggest belief when it comes to men is that they can’t handle a woman who knows what she wants and how to take control in the bedroom. Having built a large following and huge success giving tips and tricks to women looking to spice up their love lives, Pryer unwillingly accepts the challenge given by Sammy… and her confidence wavers slightly when she realizes who she’s up against. 

Deacon has the ability to convince a woman to do anything he desires. His straightforward, charming demeanor has preceded him within the industry. Because of his reputation of having no shortage in bed partners, he’s Sammy’s first pick to prove love can indeed be chosen, created, and curated. There’s no doubt in Deacon’s mind that he can make his competition submit to his rule… until he learns his competition is Pryer.

After yearning for Pryer for years, Deacon finally has the opportunity to make her his. Unfortunately, securing her heart means jeopardizing his role as head journalist. If he loses this competition, Deacon’s pride won’t be the only thing taking a hit – his pockets will too. Will he risk it all for love, or will he prove that it is only a need when you decide to make it one? 

*Please note: These characters were first introduced in Love is the Byline: Oakland and Azriel. Their story is a novelette.* 


Better With You: Khiari & Orion by Grey King

One night changed her whole life. On Khiari’s birthday the unthinkable happened causing her to run away from home and branch out in her own. 
Years later she brings herself back home and rekindles a love with the only man she’d ever loved Orion. 

Orion is everything Khiari ever wanted and she’s his whole heart. The distance between them changed absolutely nothing and their love comes back stronger than ever. 

But when Khiari resurfaces so do old secrets and old grudges. Who’s real and who’s fake and how do you tell the difference?


Love & Law: a standalone novel by Asia Monique

Love and Law follows the lives of Jameson, Jaslyn, Jordan, and Josephina Edwards. Known as the first black family in law enforcement, the Edwards stand firm on their beliefs… or so they thought.

What happens when love comes into play and it has these four siblings struggling with what’s right and wrong?

There’s a fine line between upholding law and breaking it. Which side will they end up on?

*Please note, this is a full length standalone novel broken into four parts.


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New Release Round-Up November 2nd-8th

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