They grew up together…but not really. More accurately, they grew up across the street from one another. He spent his youth pretending like she didn’t exist. She spent hers pretending to be unbothered by his lack of interest.

Maddox “Busy” Mayhew dedicated himself to setting goals and reaching them. So, being drafted to the league wasn’t a surprise to anybody. The fact that he was a savage on the football field, and crushed records wasn’t a surprise to anybody. The fact that he garnered the attention of countless women wasn’t a surprise to anybody. His fall from grace, though…that caught everybody off guard, including him. Now, he had to repair the damage he’d done, but frustratingly, he couldn’t do it alone.

Mecca Goode minded her own business, and there was plenty of that to mind. Not only was she part owner of a hugely successful dance academy, she also choreographed for both collegiate and professional athletic teams on the side. She didn’t have time to keep up with the happenings of old childhood neighbors, except when their demise was playing out in the public arena.

When Mecca is asked to step up to help Busy out, her immediate response is a thundering, “No thank you!” He spent years never even acknowledging her existence. Will she turn the other cheek, and help out a man who spent his entire life ignoring her?

How will Busy handle realizing that the woman he spent a lifetime avoiding might be the very person he’s needed all of this time?


New Release Spotlight – Keeping Busy, by Tracy Gray

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