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Trapunzel (Faded Fairytales Book 3) by Tanzania Glover

“A reluctant princess who’d rather break balls than attend them.”

Never seen with a hair out of place, Nicole Jones has a great life by anybody’s standards. She was adopted at birth and welcomed into the loving Jones Tailoring family of Atlanta and she’s now co-owner of a burgeoning fashion boutique with her best friend Tillar. Although she’s eternally grateful for the life she was given, she still can’t ignore that empty void that just wants to know where she came from. After secretly searching for most of her life, she finally gets a lead on her birth parents’ whereabouts and refuses to let anything, not even the worst blizzard on record for New York state, stop her from getting the answers that she’s looking for. But when a series of unfortunate events land the proud man-eater on the world’s worst road trip with middle Logan brother Chasen, she finally begins to understand why no one ever lets their hair down around him.

The Faded Fairytales Series follows Logan brothers Cameron, Christian, and Chasen on their individual quests to conquer love, sex, and maturation while also grieving and attempting to rebuild their fractured brotherhood.


Major (A St. Claire Novel Book 7) by Tina Martin

Major St. Claire had his eyes set on Selah Winston almost immediately. Since meeting her at his brother’s wedding, he felt the sparks that jumpstarted his dormant heart. The connection was instant and undeniable. Whenever he’s near Selah, he feels a sense of home and security. He knows Selah is feeling him too, but she denies their connection and insists she has nothing to offer him but friendship. She’s busy rebuilding her life after struggling with drugs, depression and family issues. She has no time for anything or anyone else.

Or so she thinks. She doesn’t know how persistent St. Claire men can be, apparently…

Major ‘somewhat’ concedes to her request. He’ll give her friendship (for now), a little bit of space (for now) but it doesn’t thwart his original goal to make her his woman. Everyone has family issues. He knows that all too well. From his perspective, the best way to handle them is to work as a team to help each other overcome their problems. In helping her, he may have found the remedy to his own complications and a new beginning he never saw coming.

*The St. Claire novels are all standalone books about the St. Claire men. You do not have to read them in any particular order.

Book 1 – ROYAL (Royal and Gemma)
Book 2 – RAMSEY (Ramsey and Gianna)
Book 3 – ROMULUS (Romulus and Siderra)
Book 4 – REGAL (Regal and Felicity)
Book 5 – MAGNUS (Magnus and Shiloh)
Book 6 – MONTY (Montgomery and Cherish)
Book 7 – MAJOR (Major and Selah)


Forgive (Forde Family Series Book 3) by Nikki Blaire

Dwele Forde is the very definition of having “middle child syndrome.” He lives in the shadow of his overbearing brother, spoiled baby sister, and can’t seem to escape his father’s legacy. The only thing that he ever believed truly belonged to him was his law school girlfriend, Trina Dawson. And then she cheated on him.

Trina Dawson is an attorney extraordinaire from Baltimore. She doesn’t take anything off of anyone, not even the love of her life and ex-boyfriend, Dwele Forde. He’s still hanging onto his story, but Trina only operates in the facts. And the fact is that Dwele knows exactly what he did wrong in their relationship. A chance reunion brings them together after six years apart. But will it be enough to make Dwele and Trina finally forgive?


The Restoration of Healing by Britt Joni

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage. – Anais Nin

Remington Shooter Soules is a quiet force in all areas of her life. She’s learned to keep her business and personal life separate. Trauma hardened her heart with the exception of her cousin, Sawyer “Stix” Soules. They work together to build a beautiful legacy out of their restorative auto body shop. But Remington has a secret, and one soul stands to expose it within her personal life and shatter her professional life. 

Bryce Black Kingston is a psychiatrist by trade but a hood prince by force. He was raised in the trenches and rules his business to heal a community he has watched his father ruin. One faithful night and quite a bit of luck helps him run into a smart-mouthed mechanic that challenges his world in more ways than one. 

The race is on to come together to build a new legacy. Will they work together to fix a mistake and restore that which has been damaged, or will they part ways and hope the imprints of one another won’t remain planted in their hearts and memories?


Santa’s Helper: A Holiday Short by Shae Sanders

A chance encounter at the mall sets off sparks between Felina and Julian. He’s Santa, and he needs a Mrs. Claus…


The Single Life with Zola Patterson Part 2 (Zola Duet) by Danielle Allen

I love being single.
I make a living being single.
I get everything I want being single.

As a dating coach, I guide people through the dating process without a problem. 
As a dater, I navigate the single life with ease. 
As a rule, I follow my own advice.

But with him it was different. 

I tell people all the time: follow the rules and you’ll be fine. 
Please listen to that advice. 
Because I broke Rule Number Five…
And I am not fine. 


Sidelined: The Contract by Bianca Williams

Bryn Charles is planning her biggest event yet after signing a love contract with her boyfriend, NFL superstar Shane Smith. Their fiery love affair only intensifies as Shane finally gives her what she wants — his heart. But when Shane’s ex throws a Hail Mary pass it threatens their happily ever after. Find out who makes it to the altar at the end of this explosive romance series about love, friendship, and half-truths.

Explosive, honest, and flat-out unforgettable, “Sidelined: The Contract” is the third and final installment of the Sidelined Series about love, friendship, and half-truths. 


A Different Kind of Christmas : Center City 2020 by Angelia Vernon Menchan

Cinnamon wasn’t sure what they would do for her annual Christmas party for the community. They were in the middle of a pandemic and it was getting worse rather than better. The news just reported Center City was on lockdown for December due to the coronavirus. 

“We will figure something out,” Malcolm said, walking up behind her. He knew it was weighing on her heart. She leaned into him, looking outside at the marsh behind their home. 

“I know. It’s tough. Those kids look forward to the gifts but also the party as do their parents. But, it’s not doable the way we’ve done it for years. Do you have any ideas?”

“I do but I’m praying about it. I thought of providing testing but the tests are good only at that moment. After the testing, people would have to quarantine and we know that’s not likely to work. We will figure it out. Let’s go for a walk. 


Khiaere and Phy: A Charleston Love Story by Mel Dau

Khiaere Washington is a Country Boy who just wants four things: Success, A Queen, Babies and Love. With hard work, education, street smarts and straight hustle, he has mastered the success portion. Now, after an unfortunate turn of events that leave him heartbroken and single, he is forced to search for love in a true Queen. Will that search lead him to a love that’s as sweet as Pie? 

Phy (Pronounced Pie) Washington who is of no relation to Khiaere has made the decision to move back home to Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. A late-night run in with an old college friend may be just the motivation she needs to attempt to enjoy her new life. Will this reconnection be the answer to her lonely heart or the reason to commit murder? 

Trell Smith is a man about his business; if it doesn’t make dollars then it won’t make sense. With no room for love, he has placed an icebox where is heart used to be. What happens when someone starts the melting process of the ice around his heart? Will he turn down the temperature to refreeze or surrender to love? 
Tae Laing is the hottest interior designer under the Mason Dixon Line. She follows her best friend, Phy, to her hometown to start a new business. With her traumatic past, she is not looking for love or commitment. Will an unconventional connection give her what she has always longed for but never felt worth of?

Find out in this Charleston Love Story.


Wrath (The Deadly Sins Book 3) by Roy Glenn

A strong vengeful anger and intense indignation, bent on retributory punishment for an offense in a violent way.

They survived!
The explosion took them off their feet, but they survived, and now, “Somebody has to pay for this, Michael,” Shy told Black. He believed that finding out why Ezequiel Simmonds framed Shy for the murder was the key to it all. Despite the assurances he’d received from the Ferreira Brothers, Black remained unconvinced. 
Shy had worked hard to change her life and go legitimate, and it seemed like it was all slipping away. She was under investigation for a murder that she didn’t commit, and now somebody was trying to kill them. Those responsible will soon feel their wrath.


A Winter Snow-Mance: A Christmas Novella (The Alana Taylor Series Book 1) by K. Grant

Christmas in New York has so much magic but can a Brooklyn teacher find love during the holidays and not fall into the typical festive madness of the Taylor family traditions. Alana has been single and not looking for a few years. But after making a vow to her friends to focus on more than caroling, decorating and joining secret Santa’s; Alana takes a leap back into the dating world. Will jump into her lovers’ arms or will she fall flat on her face? Either way, Christmas 2019 will be a Christmas to remember. Follow this refreshing and fun holiday debut novella to hear the tales of Alana Taylor.


Christmas Without You by Celeste Granger

“He promised me snowflakes. 
He promised me forever.
I want everything he promised.”

Wren Murphy, prodigy, and vice-principal is on cloud nine after her boyfriend of three years, Phillip Anderson proposed to her. Being married to the love of her life is Wren’s dream, and it’s finally coming to fruition. She’s excited about their upcoming holiday vacation to the Swiss Alps. Phillip, a commercial airline pilot, maintains a hectic schedule, but he promised Wren the Alps. He promised uninterrupted time together to kindle their loving relationship.

But Phillip can’t keep his promise, again, a reminder of all the other promises he’s failed to keep. That disappointment causes Wren to go home for the holidays instead. To her surprise, best friend, Torrence Edison, makes the same decision. Their reunion is a pleasant distraction. Emerging desire threatens to cross the friendship line when Torrence’s suppressed desire rises to the surface. His impassioned yearnings for Wren are hard to contain; yet, Torrence doesn’t want to push her to a place she’s not willing to go. 

Wren is surprised by her own eager response to the man that has always been there for her. She has a decision to make; hold on to the promise of forever or risk it all with someone who’s kept every promise he’s ever made.  

This is a standalone with an HFN/HEA.


Autumyn’s Kiss by Kema B.

Owner of the popular Foxview Heights Café, Mocha over Breakfast, Autumyn Moon Day known to her customers as The Café Lady, has a history of running away from commitment, literally. 

After leaving one man at the altar and fleeing two proposals, she vows to enjoy meaningless flings rather than addressing the root cause of her fears and it worked for her. Until Aeryn, the new owner of the tattoo shop across the street enters M.O.B., soon becoming a permanent fixture in not just one of her booths, but in her heart as well. 

Aeryn didn’t come to The Heights to find love. He came to meet and get to know the long-lost sister he recently found out about a few months ago. However, when he first locks eyes with the gorgeous and flirty owner of the café, he gets more than he bargained for. Autumyn causes him to want more than long nights between the sheets, for the first time in his life. 

What happens when two people who are used to running away from love are being pulled to run to each other instead? Will they allow their unaddressed issues from their past to threaten their future? Or will they both let go of their fears and fall into the magic of Autumyn’s Kiss?


If I Fall by Author Indigo

Grey has just finalized a divorce, freeing him from a toxic marriage. As a thirty-one-year-old architect, he has his dream career, and paired with a supportive family, he has everything he wants… almost.

Orion has sworn off relationships due to her scarred past. With no father to show her healthy love, she’s been left to her own wiles to figure out what it is and pursue it, leaving her more bruised than before. From her mother and friends, she’s encouraged to pursue something new that has popped up into her life, but she’s reluctant.

When Grey meets Orion, he’s immediately intrigued, as is she. While they’re enjoying getting to know each other, issues from their pasts pop up, posing new issues. Orion is left to ponder whether she’ll be caught if she chooses to fall… 

Will she?


& Then There Was You 2 by Tay Mo’Nae

At the end of part one, we were left with our mouths open.
Brycen was told a secret Linnea never wanted to get out, at least until she able to reveal it. Now she’s forced to pick up the pieces of the mess her father created and watch the man she loves possibly spend the rest of his life with another woman. Will her father’s actions be the straw that broke the camel’s back?
After being shot Sevyn washes her hands with Nasir. Missing her simple life before him she tries to move on, but quickly learns it’s not as easy as it seems. Nasir refuses to let her go, but with his crazy ex-girlfriend still lurking in the shadows, he may not have a choice but to grant Sevyn’s wish. When more unseen circumstances are thrown at both Sevyn and Nasir, the two learn life has a funny way of humbling you.
Deasia joins the scene, with a complicated relationship leading the way. Tired of the domestic disputes she tries to leave but her boyfriend isn’t letting her get away that easily. Will she be able to escape his clutches before things turn fatal?
Join the finale ride with the crew and see if they’re able to overcome the twist and turns thrown at them.


Speak. Say. Do. by Marina J.

Two hearts with one beat. One soul with two bodies. 

When Dolton Davis met Sibley Sampson he knew that she was the one. He was so confident that after one date, he was ready for marriage.

Sibley met Dolton and he took her breath away…literally. After one date, they begin a beautiful, fairytale romance for the books.

Black love, Black businesses and a beautiful, Black family is what they create together. But then, tragedy strikes. Will the Davises make it through the storm? Faith, love and romance is what their union is made of. The Davises can make it through anything. Right?


It For Me (Scott-Williams Family Book 4) by Turtleberry

All Cricket wants is to be a housewife. All Steven wants is to give Cricket what she wants.


Everything’s Better with Tyme by Malay Reneé

Who ever said that love and power couldn’t go hand in hand? Quran Booker has dreamed of running Mutual Tech Corporations since he was five years old. All he ever wanted to do was be a part of the company his grandfather built from the ground up. At the age of thirty-five, he has been on his way to the top. With his grandfather stepping down, Quran, along with his cousin, are in line to carry the family name and business. But things take a drastic hit when Quran learns the requirements for him to remain as the company’s CEO.

Tyme Maddox is just a woman trying to find her way back to herself. Her past has made her come to terms that loving herself is worth so much more than anticipating it from a man. In this point in her life, the only men that deserve her love unconditionally are her father and her baby boy, Logan. But her relationship with Logan’s father looks as if it’s a chapter she lived in her own childhood. With a meddling mother and an ex who doesn’t quite understand the word “done,” can Tyme find her peace and be one with life as she knows it, or will she travel down a road she’s taken time and time again?

These two embark on a journey where time is nothing but numbers and with this game called love, slow and steady always wins the race. Connections are made, and some ties can’t be broken. Can these two strangers make good on a commitment neither of them saw coming or will they let quick fixes determine their fate?


Fine Scotch (Age Is No Bother Book 3) by Emem Bassey

28-year-old Ad executive Mandy Uffot has wanted her landlord, 48-year-old former Navy officer Joe Akang since she rented an apartment in his building.

Joe values his control. After eight years of celibacy, he doesn’t understand how his young, vivacious tenant has turned his calm existence upside down in a few months. It doesn’t make sense that he missed her bothersome presence when she travelled for over a month and that he went crazy jealous when he saw her in a photo with a man her age.

A near-tragic event has him re-evaluating his priorities. However, the once-determined mouthy bratty Mandy has become uninterested, and Joe has to fight for her love. 


Can I Stay? by Tucora Monique

“I can see we lost our way. Never felt like we were here to stay. But it doesn’t mean I didn’t feel anything at all.”— SIR

Maintaining perfection used to be easy for Savannah Cheek. At twenty-four, she’s an award-winning equestrian, engaged to a rising attorney, and the daughter of a testy politician whose atypical views have seemingly begun to ruffle feathers. No stranger to living life under a scope, Savannah believes she’ll be faced with more restrictions when a military man is hired as her bodyguard. Nevertheless, the closeness may not only give a clearer view into her secrets but possibly provide a key to her sanctuary.

Saadiq Views, the decorated vet, is having a difficult time remaining content. Adjusting to civilian life without the family he started with and now living with partial hearing, the young solider is in need of consistency. After receiving a referral to work on the Councilwoman’s estate, Views sees the opportunity as a healthy distraction from alcohol and a way to focus on anything but love. However, the beauty he’s enlisted to protect may require more coverage than expected and more tenderness than he knows how to provide.

With energy thick enough to slice war wounds, and a blossoming connection rooted in intrusive gestures, will Savannah and Saadiq choose to stay?


Claiming the Doctor’s Heart by Sean D. Young

In this heart-warming romance, set in a charming Southern small town, the love of family and the strength of community come together to remind those who are lost where they truly belong…

Dr. Eric Bradley left small-town Clover Creek, Tennessee to follow his dreams. But when his father is hospitalized after a stroke, Eric must fill in as the town doctor. He’s more at home in a medical research lab, though, with test tubes and microscopes, not listening to patients brag about their grandkids or ask him where he’s been for the last ten years.

Without Holly Ransom, the receptionist, to keep things running smoothly, he wouldn’t survive. And seeing her every day is an unexpected upside. She’s struggling to keep her family bakery afloat while also working full-time at Bradley Medical, and somehow still manages to find a silver lining in every cloud. If only her sweet n’ sassy charm were enough to solve all his problems.

Eric has only thirty days to return to Atlanta or he’ll lose the opportunity of a lifetime. But how can he leave the woman he’s falling in love with and his family legacy behind?


The Way You Hold Me (Pure Talent Book 2) by Elle Wright

Dazzling, demanding mega-stars. Tabloid drama. Brilliant, unpredictable creators. Viral rumors. Ambitious, gifted newcomers. Internet-breaking crash-and-burns. The Pure Talent Agency team manages it all—even risking scandals of their own . . .
Skye Palmer puts out the biggest publicity fires for Pure Talent’s top names. But when an A-list Hollywood actress’s dream marriage proves anything but, Skye has to do nightmare damage control. Even worse, her ex-lover, attorney Garrett Steele, is crisis manager for her client’s powerful director husband. Now for Skye and Garrett, containing this disaster—and keeping their reignited passion in check—may be mission impossible . . .
Troubleshooting is what Garrett and his elite firm do best. But saving his client from career-killing bad news means battling the one woman Garrett’s never gotten over. And when joining forces with Skye leads to one steamy night together—followed by another and another—both their reputations are on the line. Yet now that they’ve turned up the heat, can they put a new spin on their future?


A Soldier Under Her Tree (Sweet Briar Sweethearts Book 8) by Kathy Douglass

ÔTis the season…for a second shot at love.

Could a fake boyfriend be

her real hero this Christmas?

When her ex-fiancé shows up at her shop—engaged to her sister!—dress designer Hannah Carpenter doesn’t know what to do. Especially when her former fling Russell Danielson sees her plight and rides to the rescue, offering a fake relationship to foil her rude relations. The thing is, there’s nothing fake about his kiss… But when things get real, will the sexy soldier once again stop short of commitment?

From Harlequin Special Edition: Believe in love. Overcome obstacles. Find happiness.


Second Chance on Cypress Lane: Includes a Bonus Novella (Holly Grove Island Book 1) by Reese Ryan

In this heartwarming second-chance romance, a woman returns home and discovers that, when it comes to finding love, there’s no place like home.

Rising-star reporter Dakota Jones is usually the one breaking the news—until an inadvertent scandal wrecks her career. The only place she can go to regroup is Holly Grove Island. But her small South Carolina hometown comes with a major catch: Dexter Roberts, the first man to break Dakota’s heart, isher new boss. Working alongside Dexter, who is more attractive than he has a right to be, shows Dakota what might have been . . . but she isn’t giving him another chance to break her heart.

Dexter has always regretted the way things ended between him and Dakota. Her return could be his opportunity to finally make amends. But the more time he spends with Dakota, the more he realizes his feelings for her never went away. Now he has just a few months to convince her to give their love a second chance. But for Dakota to agree to stay, Dexter will have to reveal the devastating truth about why he let Dakota go all those years ago.

Includes the bonus novella Kiss Me at Sweetwater Springs by Annie Rains!


A Valentine for Christmas: A Novella by S. H. Aron

Sevyn Johnson wants to be married by thirty-five. Even more specifically, she wants to get married in the home she grew up in and live there to start her family. When the mansion is sold by her sister, Sevyn is forced to visit it in hopes of convincing the new owner to, at minimum, allow her to host her dream wedding there. But, Sevyn isn’t expecting the man she thought she would spend the rest of her life with to answer the door…

Rodrick Turner has waited five years for this moment. He knew Sevyn would return to her childhood home with a desire to get married there. Now, he must convince her that he’s the man she should be walking down the aisle to. If successful, she will give him the best gift of all – a wedding and second chance at love for Christmas. 


Fate (The Perfect Time for Love) by Natasha D. Frazier

Melanie Bennett and Detective Brian Morris met over a year ago when he solved her best friend’s murder case, and now Nashville’s annual Christmas festivities have them crossing paths again, could it be fate?

Melanie Bennett has spent the last six months in therapy to erase the self-assigned blame and eradicate the night terrors that plagued her at every attempt to close her eyes after witnessing her best friend’s murder. The Christmas season always had a way of lifting her spirits, and this year is no different. The spark within her to live again couldn’t have come at a better time when she and Detective Brian Morris are reacquainted, but first, she must believe that she deserves happiness.

Will the circumstances of how they met prevent Melanie from taking a chance on love?

Brian was drawn to Melanie when he first laid eyes on her over a year ago; he wanted to ask her out, but the timing was all wrong. Expressing interest in her when she’d just lost her best friend was tacky, but fate dealt him another opportunity when he walked into her hair salon delivering flyers for the annual stuff the cruiser toy drive a year later. Though Brian desires love, will his unresolved issues with his mother get in the way?

Every moment spent with one another can only be described as fate – a power beyond human control. Will this Christmas season bring about the healing and love both Melanie and Brian crave?

Fate is book 2 in the Perfect Time for Love Series (Sweet Christian Romance). 


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up November 30th-December 6th

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