Anika’s heart aches over the death of her friend, Drake. Although the loss was tragic, she mustered the courage to follow through with Drake’s final wishes. But little did she know, she wouldn’t be alone on her trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Her heart had been given yet another challenge.

In mourning, Kadeem ventures upon a trek to the Blue Ridge Mountains in an effort to fulfill his friend’s last requests. However, the cabin meant for his solace has an unexpected guest. Unbeknownst to him, arrangements had been made for him to spend the weekend in the cabin—with Anika.

Neither Anika nor Kadeem expected the overwhelming attraction; and neither of them can avoid what’s brewing between them. Can a secret Anika’s been keeping for ten years put an end to the whole affair or will the love between Anika and Kadeem offer a foundation for healing?


New Release Spotlight – Love From Beyond: A Novella, by A.S. Wilson

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