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Boyfriend for Christmas: A Love Story by J. Nichole

Breaking up with her boyfriend, and moving back home wasn’t in her plans. But when her sister becomes a widow, and a single mom, Kai returns home to help.

An auntie’s job is easy, so she thought. When she realizes her niece has lost the Christmas spirit, she takes on the task of returning her joy. First up, letters to Santa.

What do you ask Santa to bring when you’re too old for the season’s trendiest toy?

A boyfriend, of course.

** This is a quick read but a full story with a happy for now ending. This book is intended for mature audiences. **



Grow Something: An Equilibrium Novelette by Christina C. Jones


Please note that Grow Something is a short story – a complete beginning. If novellas aren’t your jam, please check my catalog for other, longer projects.




Forbidden Fruit by Monica Walters

Vashti Levine, daughter of two prominent doctors, is the opposite of everything she’s expected to be. Because of that her parents, namely her father, holds the reigns of her life pretty tight. At twenty-four years old, she’s still treated like a teenager, having to ask permission to even leave the house. Educationally, she’s done everything they’ve required, but they still won’t allow her to live her life. Enjoying her sexual freedom when she can, she stumbles upon Jedrek Harris. He makes her feel things she’s never felt, but she insists that he isn’t a long-term option.

Jedrek Harris hasn’t had the world given to him. In fact, he’s working to give his mother the world his dad died trying to give. Going to school and working to get him and his mother out the ghetto has been his main priority – until he sees Vashti Levine. Her aura draws him in, and when he finds out that she isn’t as off limits as he thinks, he makes a leap, trying to convince her that with him is where she should be.

When they meet, it’s automatic combustion, lust at first sight, despite their noticeable differences. Obstacles from trying to obtain forbidden fruit causes some turmoil. The two of them play tug of war with their emotions, trying to avoid the inevitable. Will Jedrek be able to convince Vashti that despite their differences, they are destined to be?



Sugar & Ice (Rose and Thorns) by Brooklyn Wallace

SUGAR AND ICE (A Rose & Thorns Club novel)

Gwendolyn Crawford is Superwoman personified. She runs her ex’s senatorial campaign while battling gossip rags, sleazy opponents, and her self-righteous former father-in-law. She does the job well, and as far as she’s concerned, that’s all she needs. Besides, there’s no time for romance. Not even when a pair of bright eyes catch hers at the highly exclusive Rose club.

Jacklyn Dunn is stuck in a rut. After a devastating stress fracture ended her WNBA career, she’s mostly been dodging her agent and binging TV. Then she meets Gwen and starts to wonder if there’s more to life than wishes and regrets.

There’s no denying the sparks between them. Jackie thrills in melting Gwen’s ice queen heart, and Gwen is instantly hooked on Jackie’s sweetness. But romance isn’t easy for two women in the spotlight. Stress, tabloids, and their own fears threaten to shake the foundation of their budding relationship. After years of building up walls, the two must open themselves up to love—and to getting hurt—to find what truly makes them happy.



My Heart Belongs To Him by Precious T.

-Novella- Skye Dunn is ready to throw in the towel when she finds her husband, high school sweetheart and father of her children, having an affair with her best friend. Skye is forced to become a single mother, and start her life over without her husband. She has no experience, except for being a mother to her children. Skye is pushed back into the world while trying to raise her beautiful twin daughters alone. As she tries to build a career for herself, she falls into the path of a potential knight in shining armor, multi-millionaire, Marcus Sanchez, the quarter back of the Los Angeles Chargers. Will Skye give the man of her dreams a chance? Or will she deny the feelings she has and decides to throw in the towel on love?



Fearless Love (A Bennett Affair Book 1) by Donnia Marie

Chelsea is the definition of a strong-willed independent woman, who has everything under control as she steps out on new ventures in the entertainment business. She’s level-headed and stable but her past hurts from her notorious son’s father prevents her from fully giving LOVE a chance.

Rapper Sean B is an overly attractive man with a lot of pull, who’s able to navigate well in life. He’s an artist with several businesses under his belt, not to mention, he was once a professional football player but an injury ended his career. He has the money, fame, and Chelsea, whom he considers as one of his best friends. Though they’ve been platonic friends for six years, there’s something brewing in Sean that he can’t seem to tame.

As close as these two are, could Sean convince Chelsea to get over her fear of LOVE?
If so, will she give him a try?
Is it possible to become fearless in LOVE?

A Bennett Affair is a series based on three successful brothers delving into their own journey of life. Ironically, love comes after each one of them at different times with different experiences.



Shelter in the Storm by Brynette L. Turner

Sometimes the biggest storms in life are the ones raging inside—the turmoil that shapes us, haunts us, and has the power to destroy us.

Victoria is half a continent away from her family, but even that isn’t enough to make her free. Tortured by their influence and a lifetime of self-doubt, she feels trapped and unable to commit to the one man who seems perfect.

Matt doesn’t know everything that haunts Victoria, but none of that matters to him. Believing that patience and love can get them through anything, he is determined to be the rock in the midst of her uncertainty. Neither of them can anticipate how crucial that will be.


When She’s Broken by BriAnn Danae

He showed her a side of love she wasn’t accustomed to.
She accepted it willingly, not privy to the consequences it came with.

Mentally, Astryd had checked out of her relationship long ago. Physically, she was stuck and had been for years. The man she offered her entire being too couldn’t reciprocate the same love she dished out. At least not the way she wanted him to. When her day to day life becomes much too hard to bear; she does the unimaginable for she and her children.
What Astryd didn’t know was that the life and love she needed to mend her brokenness was at her fingertips. With the snap of a finger, tragedy strikes, and her world turns into a complete disaster. In a tale of love, hate, deceit, and jealousy, will Astryd have a second chance at love or will life leave her empty and broken while the man she loves is okay?



Espresso Served With Love (Java City Book 1) by Sharon Blount

Avery Greenlace has it all from the outside looking in. As heiress of Coffee Brat Brewery, she has made her family proud. Under her creativity, she’s brought the coffee brand to the number one spot nationwide and a household name for several years. Avery has long had dreams of opening a unique business to help women, despite an unsupportive family. Adding to her frustrations, a former love who broke her heart has returned wanting to rekindle their relationship.

Retired NBA player and hometown favorite, Mykal Collier, is back in Java City with two goals in mind. Reclaiming the heart of the only woman he’s ever allowed himself to love and realizing his dream of building a shoe factory in his best friend’s memory. Avery’s rebuffs cause him to come up with a scheme to enlist her help with his plans. Winning her back will be a challenge, but he’s in it to win it.

Will the amusing antics brewing in both families cause more friction for the couple? Or can revelations from their pasts bring them together or seal their fate?

Come to Java City and see what’s brewing!



If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up November 5th-11th

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