Infinite love must be the best way to describe the love a man and woman should have for one another. In this story, the love was unmatched. The love was unyielding, it was enchanting, as the author introduced readers to Noah and Amelle. What readers will enjoy about the story is the passion flowing between the pages and oozes from the sides of the book’s perimeter.  When it’s easy to believe a storyline and trust the words have a meaningful reason for the story, that would be an AC Taylor novel.

Noah and Amelle had the things many relationships lack, with trust, communication and pure love as the main points. So, I guess you’re wondering, how can a couple be weeks away from marriage and not recognize the person lurking in shadows waiting to pounce? The best friend who isn’t the best friend but is, in fact, the enemy. Noah was so in love with Amelle that he overlooked some things I wanted him to address sooner, rather than later. But I guess he managed that soon enough for things to be taken care of, just in the nick of time. Noah and Amelle had the patience of Job. If couples truly love and cherish one another, it’s easy to develop ways to work through problems as a cohesive unit.  Being patient with one another and letting the snake die on the vine worked for this couple. It isn’t always necessary to whip the nemesis butt, however, in this case, a beatdown was warranted. Another factor in the backstory included StankStacieadding the drama effect. Noah certainly dodged a bullet with Stacie. She was the other nasty twit in need of hands. Nu, Chase, Lonnie, and Denise added to the what’s next, or the coming attraction for this saga. Genuine love and excellent storytelling revealed to this reviewer, the reasons why this edition garnered 5 Stars. Give this author a try a time or two and let’s talk later. Until next time!

Review – Infinite Love, by A.C. Taylor

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