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More Than a Naughty Weekend by Monae Nicole

Bijou Phillips is always on the move with her travel agent business. People say home is where the heart is, so she heads home for the holidays. Love she thought she left behind shows up, offering a few nights of pleasure.

This holiday is special to Levi Hall. His brother is coming home, and the family will be whole again. A trip to the grocery store changes the course of the holiday, and possibly the rest of his life.

Can they stick to the agreed upon naughty weekend, or will one of them find themselves looking toward something more permanent?

Find out in More Than a Naughty Weekend.


A Worthy Love by A.E. Valdez

Publicly humiliated, Marisa Banks is blindsided by the news that the man she’s been dating for months is married. Being called names she wouldn’t wish on anyone in front of a room full of people by her boyfriend’s wife is enough to shake her identity to its foundations. In an attempt to rebuild, she makes a few questionable decisions.

Asher Blaine is one of them. He’s intelligent and sexy, but the pedestal he’s got himself up on is unshakeable. Or so he thinks. Marisa asks for the one thing he can’t deny her, even if it’s the craziest thing he’s ever done.

She wants one night, his best eight hours. And damn if he doesn’t deliver. The next morning, her bubble is shattered by his loud mouth, and Marisa retaliates with a stiletto and a remote. The best night of her life is over, and she’s more than happy to walk away a free woman.

Asher’s job sends him to Marisa’s city, and when they cross paths again, it’s Asher’s turn to make an offer. And just like him, she can’t refuse.

Will her worst nightmare and his complicated past ruin what they’re building, or can they lean on one another to make it through?


Morgan Breaks a Vow: A Lesbian Romance (Skin So Soft Book 1) by M.L. Sexton

Morgan made a vow to herself a long time ago: never fall in love, ever. Her best friend, April, thinks it’s ludicrous, the girl who thinks love is the most beautiful thing in the world. While on vacation in Jamaica to get over her writer’s block, she has a one night stand with a woman she thinks she’ll never see again. But when she learns that that one night stand is none other than Leigh, April’s fiancé’s sister, Morgan does everything she can to not be anywhere near this woman, but it’s unavoidable since she’s the maid of honor and Leigh is the best woman to the groom. They end up having to work closely together which creates some friction, but when they end up having to share a room in the Virgin Islands for the wedding, will that spark from Jamaica be reignited and Morgan gives love a chance, or will she stick to her vow?


Safeguard My Soul by Charity Shane’

Kree, Kendra, and Krystal are three sisters that were raised to be there for each other and to love and support one another. 

Kree, the oldest, has recently opened her heart and is looking to build a life with her new love, NBA franchise player, Jackson The Beard Man Reid.

Kendra, the middle sister, is struggling to save her marriage as her husband, Damon, is slowly slipping awaaway.

Krystal, the baby, has been looking for a man to take care of her. She hopes her new love, Dyron, is the one to finally move her out of her parents’ home.

Safeguard My Soul follows the sisters as they navigate through new love, heartache, and even betrayal while supporting each other through it all.


Her Naughty Recipe (Naughty November Book 2) by Erika B.

Everyone deserves to have things to themselves that won’t be shared with the world. Nevertheless, not all things can remain hidden… specifically when someone’s life depends on it.

Mailah Price is an aspiring baker excited about Rushin Cove’s seventy-fifth annual baking competition. For years she’s been at the mercy of her older sister, but now is her chance to shine. There’s just one thing… Her sister doesn’t believe she’s ready and will use her power to prove that point. 

Boone Myers, the town bad boy and trucker, has never really strived to do anything but what he’s currently doing; nothing. In their small town, Boone’s name always seems to find its way to the middle of strife. However, this time he’s innocent, and there is one person who can prove it.

Honesty is everything to Mailah until she ends up struggling with the truth. Boone is ready to throw himself in the fire if it means protecting her. She must choose to live with the secret to save face or lose the only piece of happiness she’s known.


Cessation by Connie Easton

Cessation – the fact or process of ending or being brought to an end

Yani Hart has been helping everyone find their soulmate for years. She is living a good life with her high school sweetheart and believes she has her true love in tow. However, she is reminded that everything that glitters isn’t gold.

Paxton Hughes isn’t the man that needs or wants a woman. He handles them as he sees fit and goes on about his business. His status has women’s attention, but none has given him a reason to look twice, until he takes a meeting with Yani Hart.

Their experience as a socialite should’ve guided them but instead their hearts lead. When two parties aren’t on the same page, they’re destined for a collision.


Wherever Love Finds You by T’Lyn

Makena’s life had never been a fairytale. She never truly understood what happiness looked like but the universe had a bigger plan. After suffering through one too many heartaches and giving up hope her knight in shinning armor finally appeared.

Benji has had more lows than highs but he managed to keep a level head which allowed him to find balance. Benji also learned it was best to keep people at arms length because he refused to suffer any more major losses.

Two people with broken hearts can become whole, but only when they’re willing to allow fate to be their guide.


Silver Santa: Welcome to Kissing Springs, Book 3 by Joi Jackson

A single dad with a newly empty nest.

A strait-laced guidance counselor with one birthday wish.

This Christmas, a steamy second chance romance twenty years in the making is about to ignite.

Happily divorced high school guidance counselor Noemie Saint has moved back to Kissing Springs to be closer to her mother after her father’s death. She wouldn’t say she’s avoiding the ex that broke her heart 20 years ago, but she’s certainly not going out of her way to run into him. That all changes when their worlds collide. Suddenly he’s back in her life, looking better than ever. After a mortifying chance meeting in the adult toy section, Jameson makes a snarky suggestion that Noemie decides to take him up on.

Jameson Mitchell is finally seeing his hard work pay off. He’s the owner of a successful fitness center and his daughter is in college exploring her independence. When an opportunity to reconnect with The One That Got Away presents itself, he jumps at the chance. Twenty years ago, he chose to do the right thing and let Noemie go. Now that she’s moved back to town and they are both single, he’s sure he can convince her they belong together.

She wants one night, he wants forever. Can this second chance couple make some Christmas magic?


Caught Up In The Rhythm by Kendra Necole

When I first met Rhythm, she gave me the blues. Stepping up in the prison waiting room with attitude and high-heeled shoes. Crazy as it sounds though, shorty quickly became my muse. This girl had my mind gone. Everything about her, from her style to her chocolate skin, she made it possible for me to be in love at first sight. Straight-up had me wanting to sin. One would think I was too gangsta for love, but not for that woman. You could say that I was definitely “Feeling the Rhythm.” 

Last thing I thought I’d find in the pen was a man… with a lethal pen. No denying that he’s talented. No denying that he’s fine. But do I really want to give him my time? It’s the love of music that brings us together, but how many storms will we be able to weather? A baby daddy and I ain’t the mama. He made me fall for him when I wasn’t checking for no one. What am I going to do? How far am I willing to go for this anti-perfect man? He’s not my man, but shit, he has me ready to be his woman. “Should I be willing to ride it out with him to allow this “Rhythm To Flow.”

He is the harmony that feeds my soul.

She is the rhythm that makes my heart beat. 

Music, Love, Sex, and Drama from industry friends and foes. It’s damn sure about to be a “Rhyme Time” because we are obviously “Caught Up In The Rhythm.” 


Funny Thing Is: A Funny You Novella by L.M. Reynolds


I had been fuck ninja free for almost two years, then suddenly they started smelling good, looking good. My old dicks were constantly in my inbox but that never felt right after I changed, after the miscarriage and the love of life abandoned me. Grape juice replaced hard liquor. Cigarette smoke was a comfort trigger, and my vibrator replaced the one thing I loved more than cooking. Then one day I aired all my drama to a stranger. A stranger that smelled like warm Sunday afternoons. And he was persistently pursuing me. And patient. And kind. And warm. And wanting to be mine. But I was broken, just ask my therapist. I didn’t know how to be loved. He needed to stop being great and let me mind his business from afar.


Ever since I found Delany screaming in the wind one random day at the park, she was all I could think about. Her and my new coffee shop Drip Drop. But every time we found ourselves alone, she ran from me every chance she got. Catching this woman proved harder than starting a new business. She sparked something in me that no other woman had come close to before and she wanted nothing to do with me. I wanted to give up, then she’d smile at me or something sassy would fly out of her mouth and all my frustration fell away. In truth, I could only hold out for so long before reality had to set in. If she didn’t choose us, why should I?


Comfortable: Tailored for Love by Naya Morgan

For Taylour Wilde, life has been full of hardship and heartache since the day she was born. After growing up, depending solely on her older brother, becoming self-sufficient and successful enough to return the affection is her number one goal. Upon returning from college, she learns that her brother has found someone new to accommodate. When his vision gets blurred and lines get crossed, she’s forced to do the unthinkable in honor of him. But after he unexpectedly turns on her, she’s left feeling isolated and forced to search for new, meaningful relationships.

Kato is like a breath of fresh air that shows up just when she’s about to suffocate. He teaches her boundaries, pushes her to become emotionally independent, and motivates her as much as her brother did to get her where she is today. Still, he comes with his fair share of issues, and she can’t bring herself to completely commit. Him poking at her past is enough to run her away for good. But his aura is like a magnetic pull that she can’t escape. Will she finally be able to let someone in after being closed off for so long? Find out on this Wilde ride just how tailored for love someone can be.


Juicy Fruit: An Erotic Tale by TaugJaye

Year twenty-nine is the year Mori Hughes decides her life has to change for the better. With her thirtieth on the rise, her main focus is to cease her every desire. Some of those goals aren’t the most ideal, like becoming an exotic dancer, and when Mori is told “no,” a man like Amir Rox is there to build another door.

The thirty-three-year-old single father never expects his business venture to thrust him inside her world. However, their first yet brief encounter opens a one way portal as soon as they cross paths. 

Juicy Fruit is a short and edgy hook-up tale that packs a raunchy punch. Somewhere along the line, they’ll start to wonder if they’re moving too fast, or if they’re allowing their love to flow like the currents in the ocean.


Touch of Paradise by Dara Girard

Fashion designer, Rebecca Cromwell, will never forget the man who saved her life ten years ago.
Then broke her heart.
When she gets a chance to host her fashion collection at his Caribbean resort, she gives herself two weeks to serve up a little revenge.
But Aaron Wethers proves to be a powerful adversary, one even more enigmatic and sexy than she remembered.
And when someone’s escalating pranks against her show turns dangerous, he becomes the only man she can turn to.
But she can’t risk falling for him again…can she?


Love Between Us: An African American Romance Standalone (A Sweetgum Meadows Romance Book 1) by Imani Price

He saved her life—but can she save his heart?

Kim never expected to end up stranded on a mountainside. But when the spunky hairdresser winds up lost on a remote hiking trail after a blind date gone wrong, she has no idea she’s about to be swept off her feet by the most attractive park ranger in town…

Malik Murphy is a rugged and reclusive ranger who prefers the company of the park wildlife to people. But after he rescues Kim from a looming snowstorm—and takes her back to his cabin to brave out the storm together—his awkwardness begins to melt away to reveal a thoughtful and charming man underneath.

Kim thinks that after her close brush with disaster, she’s ready to swear off the Great Outdoors for good. But Malik inspires her to give the park a second chance… and as the pair grow closer, she begins to wonder if getting lost on that mountainside wasn’t the terrible misfortune she first assumed.

When Malik found Kim in the snowstorm, he thought he was rescuing her—but maybe she was the one rescuing him all along…

As a heartwarming sweet romance novel set in the beautiful rural town of Sweetgum Meadows, Love Between Us is a feel-good tale that will delight fans who enjoy sweet love stories.


Claimed by the Beast on Christmas: Urban paranormal Romance by Melody Lynch

It’s Christmas Eve and Yolanda is working hard to make everything look perfect. The Christmas lights are hung perfectly, and she’s got the nine-foot tree she’s always dreamed of. But there’s trouble in paradise. Yolanda and Raheem are butting heads. like never before. Both of them are anxious and on edge as they anticipate the birth of their first child, Aiden. Aiden won’t be just a regular baby, but a hybrid. Raheem has been exiled from the werewolf pack, leaving him and Yolanda without a support system. Will their love for each other bring them together?on Christmas Eve, or will the stress of it all push them apart forever?

Don’t miss out on this short story!


No More Mrs. Nice Girl (Crimson Hill Series Book 7) by Brenda Barrett

Romance was in the air at Crimson Hills. But Jill Wimple, who ran the town bakery, thought she would not be included in the pairings around her. She was everybody’s friend. Nobody thought of her romantically. As far as Jill was concerned, there wasn’t much going on in her life.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Out of the blue, the handsome well-spoken pastor at her church, Rodney Charming, asked for her hand in marriage and the former town bad boy Larry Nelson wanted her to say no because he wanted her for himself.

How did her life get so intriguing? And who would Jill ultimately end up with?


Groove With You: A BBW Freakum’ Girl Production by Mesha Mesh

The best thing Cabria’s husband could’ve done was ask for a divorce. What should’ve been a moment of devastation was the most joyous occasion she’d experienced in the last eighteen years. She’d fallen out of love with him years ago, and now that their son was off to college, nothing was keeping her there. She’d suffered enough. After traveling home for her class reunion, she runs into the last person she expected to see, and her adventure begins.

Handsome, wealthy, and highly pissed because the woman who ran away the day before they were to elope was residing at his hotel for the week, Mr. Antonio Noble doesn’t know what to do with himself. He wants to hate her for leaving him, and lawd, does he try. However, her magnetic pull was still as strong as ever. Going against every warning to stay away from her, he gives in to his urges. But he doesn’t know that she harbors a big secret, one he may not be able to forgive her for.

Groove With You is a thrilling tale of redemption, second-chance love, and deep-rooted betrayal. However, sometimes the pain hurts so good no matter how hard you try to steer clear of its path, the temptation is hard to resist.


Kiss You Back: Second Chance Friends to Lover Small Town Romance (Spring Hills Ten Year High School Reunion Series Book 1) by Mel Walker

Love Doesn’t Come with an Expiration Date

Kennedy Myers was the queen of Spring Hills High School: beauty pageant champ, head cheerleader, and the most popular girl in school. She only made one mistake—she said yes to the wrong boy.

Elijah Stevenson was the resident nerd at Spring Hills High. Convention said he should have never been friends with someone like Kennedy Myers. He hid in the shadows and avoided the spotlight, which was where she thrived. Not wanting to risk their friendship, Elijah watched as she ran off with the boy he knew wouldn’t love her the way he did.

Ten Years later, a transformed Elijah returns for the Spring Hills High School reunion with two things he never possessed before – confidence and hope. However, Kennedy returns to her hometown with a massive secret that jeopardizes his plans. Will the reunion prove to be another missed connection or a second chance at redemption? 

Readers who enjoy swoony reads will love Kiss You Back by Mel Walker, a second chance, opposites attract, small town romance. 

Note: Kiss You Back was published as a novella as part of the Finally Got it Right Romance Anthology. This release is an updated, expanded, full-length novel with additional content


If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up November 7th-13th

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