After fifteen years of marriage, Amelia Simmons is finally divorced. Feeling the need to celebrate her one-year anniversary of freedom, she ventures off to Las Vegas. Had she known basking in her freedom would feel so good, she would’ve done the deed a long time ago. Yet, a chance encounter in the city of sin has her heart going pitter-pat. Has love come back around, or will Vegas be a keeper of a distant memory?

Entrepreneur, Ramses Terrigon, is twenty-nine, single, and has no children. Though his statistics label him an eligible bachelor, his desires say different. Family is high on his list of priorities, and had his ex not cheated and gotten pregnant, he would’ve had that. However, when he meets a divorced woman ten years his senior, looking for fun may uncover the love he’s been struggling not to crave.

What do the cards have in store for Amelia and Ramses? Has love taken a stance, or will past pains force them to lust within limits?


New Release Spotlight – When It Feels This Good, by Crystal Collier

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