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Someone Seeking Someone Else (More to Life Book 1) by Nicole Falls

On the surface, Kai Alexander has it all – the perfect life – but her niggling subconscious is hellbent on the fact that her happily single status is in need of eradication. Instead of succumbing to the new age wave of sliding onto an app, she goes old school – placing a personal ad in her hometown newspaper, hoping to spark a love connection.

Bringing an additional lady into his life wasn’t in Theodore “Rux” Reed‘s life plan, but you know what they say about the best laid plans… When the perfect woman is literally dropped at his doorstep, he was powerless to resist the desire to get to know her.

With less than one literal degree of separation between them, Kai and Rux’s paths collide and unfurl into a journey of evolution & self-realization.



Escort (Lunch Break Series Book 2) by Stephanie Nicole Norris

He was the only man she’d ever loved…

When CEO Monica Stratton needs to make an appearance that could catapult her career to new heights, she sends her assistant to pick out a chaperone from the agency—a discreet escort service with the finest gentlemen money can buy.
But when the man on her doorstep turns out to be the only one to make her pulse thump recklessly, the evening will take her on a passionate ride to surrender, one she may wish will never end.

The Lunch Break Series is not a continuation of the same story in parts. It is a series of standalone novellas/short stories that you can enjoy on your lunch break hour. These stories are written purely for your quick gratification.



Everything I Desire by B. Love

Arabella Jenkins has a habit of bouncing from one man to another. For years, she’d been in one relationship after another, not really taking the time to focus on herself or her dreams. After her last relationship comes to an end, her sister challenges her to go ninety days without dating or sex.

And she’s totally okay with that… until she meets Denzel.

Denzel White has a habit of working day in and day out. He hasn’t been in a relationship or intimate with a woman in years. After he blows off his younger brother’s bachelor party for a supposed business meeting, his brother challenges him to date as many women as he can for ninety days.

And he’s totally okay with that… until he meets Arabella.

She’s got 90-days to prove she isn’t obsessed with lust and love.
He’s got 90-days to prove he is capable of dating and falling in love.
Two completely different paths… yet they somehow end up on the same wave…



His Weekend Special: A Novella by Endiya Carter

When Heavenly Jacobs said she wanted a man that could match the fire and independence within her, she wasn’t expecting it to be her son’s best friend, Fabian Fisher.

What was supposed to be a one-time fling between Heavenly and Fabian transpired into a full-blown, secret relationship. Certain her son, Maverick, would not approve of them, Heavenly swore to keep their relationship discreet.

Fabian’s feelings were growing for ‘Miss J’ by the day. He wanted Heavenly and would do anything to keep her happy. Harboring their secret was the plan he agreed to, until Maverick’s dad, Mason, came into town trying to get back what Fabian had deemed his. Fabian loved his best friend, Maverick, but he loved his mother more. He wasn’t willing to let her go that easily.

Will Fabian and Heavenly get the happily ever after they deserve? Or will their love for Maverick stand in the way?



Only One Night by J. Nichole

What do you do when the promise of one night turns into a few?

Marley thought the only way to prevent heartbreak was to avoid commitment — relationships were off the table.  But to appease both her heart and hormones, she allowed herself a night with him, but only one.

Boris agreed to the promise of just one night.  The thought of a worry free sex life was appealing.  Hell he didn’t need the hassle of a relationship either.  Or so he thought.

After their first night together he knew he at least wanted one more.  But how many nights would it take to convince Marley that he wouldn’t break her heart?



Love’s Sweet Serenade by Kay Shanee

When twenty-three-year-old Zola Chaffers, creator and owner of Urban Biz magazine, is suddenly dumped by her boyfriend, she is devastated. After spending months drowning her sorrows in wine and nineties R&B music, she finally decides it’s time to move on. As fate would have it,
she bumps into the man that is going to make her forget her ex was even a factor.

Twenty-six-year-old Gabe Amoure, owner of the breakfast food truck called “The G-Spot”, is not looking for love, but he’s not running from it either. His life experiences have taught him that if you want something, you have to pursue it with reckless abandon. When he spots Zola at a nineties
themed party, her beauty is breathtaking, and her vibe is magnetic. From the moment he bumped into her, he knew he had to have her.

When these two meet, their souls connect and neither of them shy away from their feelings. However, past experiences threaten to tear their love apart, unless they learn to face their demons head on.

Will their pasts force them apart or will love’s sweet serenade bind them together?



Girls Just Wanna Have Fund$ 2 by BriAnn Danae

In utter outrage, Zari lashes out at her so-called father, Zeek. Confusion racked her brain as to why he decided to pop back into her life. Amid her turmoil with Zeek and Maverick, Flip is fed up with being put to the side. Not knowing a thing about how to truly love a man, Zari finds herself about to lose him and the only piece of normalcy in her chaotic life.

Dismayed at the news of her son being in the hospital, Envie regrets going against her morals to set Urban up. She began to realize that he’s much more than a handsome face and deep pockets. As their relationship blossoms, the guard she had up slowly dissolved. The once uninterested single mother is smitten by his charm and hopes her past doesn’t ruin the chances of encountering real love.

The scandalous situation Misani is put in has caused a strain between her and Carlo. All she ever wanted to do was provide a life worth living for her people without the struggle and heartache. Placing her emotions on the backburner, she bosses up like always and takes one for the team; her girls. But will her decision cost her the life she’s established or is Carlo and Xander willing to give her another chance?

On a quest to save her mother, Keegan is taught a harsh lesson about addiction. It’s not something that can change overnight, though she wishes it could. With Ramzi in her corner every step of the way, he provides a shield that helps mend her broken heart. Can he keep saving her from her demons, or will Keegan finally come to terms with life being the way it is?

While money was the motive and at the top of each girl’s agenda before, life quickly rearranged their priorities. In this final installment, lives are threatened, relationships are placed on trial, and the mission to find love and funds is more complicated than they bargained for.



Serena’s Vow: Blank Pages II (Blackbirds) by Lily Java

Sometimes, re-imagining your life is your only road to salvation.

Left long ago by the man she loved and trusted, with a young son to raise alone, Serena Vance is now a grown woman. The vows she and Ethan made to each other, she has had to forget. Now there is nothing more important than helping her son become the best man he can be. But will reaching that goal come at the expense of her own happiness?

Ethan Vance is a lost, broken man—angry, alone, and teetering on the brink of disaster. The people and things that meant the most to him are disappearing from his life one by one. Every day has become a nightmare, and to survive he must turn his life around.

But is it ever too late to have a second chance at living your best dreams?

In the winding journey these two former lovers take further away from each other, they both lose a significant part of themselves. To thrive again, they must re-invent their lives apart … and maybe, in doing so they will find their way back together.

This is the sequel to ‘Ethan’s Choice: Blank Pages I’. Reading the first part of Serena and Ethan’s story will enhance your enjoyment of this book.



Whatever It Takes: An Erotic Novella by Monica L. Walters

Amesha Walker has possessed control of her life and career and has made the most of both. As a successful dietician, she started her own business, by traveling and doing home visits for patients instead of working for someone else. She always knew she was destined for greatness. The only area she struggles in is her love life. After taking a trip home to visit her parents, she runs into her high school sweetheart. It has been seven years since she’s seen him, but her feelings haven’t changed, and she discovers that immediately after seeing him.

Chance Sylvester has accepted mediocrity in his love life, since he felt like he couldn’t have the woman he wants. As a successful accountant, he’s made the best of life and his career, feeling like he was on the brink of making partner. His mediocre love life comes to a screeching halt when he sees Amesha, after seven years, in the grocery store. He is determined to hold onto her this time, no matter what it takes.

This chance encounter is only the beginning. Despite the rekindling, they are now adults and don’t know if they will be as compatible as they once were as kids. Can they turn a past, immature attraction into an undeniable love?



Destiny’s Sweet Cage: Lincoln Lady Knight Ryders MC (Lady Knights Book 1) by K. Harris

Destiny drove away from Lincoln Folks and Cage with a heavy heart. He’d thrown any hopes of being more than what they had grown to be out the window without a backward glance. Little did many knows; she had no plans of ever returning because there was nothing left for her anymore. While searching for her purpose, she found something quite meaningful that she never thought was possible – a family. Discovering who her father truly is will help her grow in many ways. The many obstacles that stood to take her out will be crushed by the new determined and strong-willed Dez.

Cage is an ominous creature of habit with a tough interior and exterior. His combative ego and bruising tongue have threatened any semblance of love from Destiny. Though he was a hard nut to crack, he had a hidden passion for her that no one could combat. After she abruptly fled Lincoln Folks, Cage busied himself ridding his mind of anything pertaining to Dez. He has no way of competing with the type of man that she deserves. Sweet, compassionate, and gentle were the last words used to describe the hardcore asshole that was him.

Many close to them both refuse to take his willingness to remain single to heart or her ability to deflect any talks of reconciliation. Cage and Destiny appear to be the only souls that can’t see the inevitable. When a business opportunity arises in Lincoln for Destiny, how will she balance her newfound independence and Cage’s lingering obsession for her sweets?



Tried and Tested: Heart of Crystal: Book Two by Obelia Akanke

When Mario calls from out of state to tell her they “need to talk,” Crystal knows her boyfriend has planned a major change. Is he tired of her? Are things not progressing the way he wanted? Crystal’s friends’ relationships are getting stronger, but she senses hers is falling apart. While she’s trying to close the distance with Mario, her inability to control things for her comfort affect other relationships. Things are further complicated when GQ starts reaching out to Crystal again. This semester will impact her life…but how?



Tainted Fruit: Book 2 by Courtney Irving

When you look back, you’re always bound to stumble.

For Thuy and Rashad, the past keeps resurfacing, and it seems like neither of them can ever catch a break. Thuy thought that she was done with her old life when she decided to open up her heart to accept real love, but it still hovers over her head like a dark cloud.

Rashad thought he found something real when it came to Thuy and he ignored all the cautionary signs when it came to someone like her. He never offered women anything but great sex, but something about the dangerous beauty lured him in, and she managed to obtain the one thing he so desperately tried to keep — his heart. The only thing about a woman like Thuy is that she is a natural born killer that doesn’t know anything but pain, and Rashad finds himself staring at the barrel of a gun because of her.

Will Thuy manage to escape her demons, or will she allow them to chase them from a second chance and redemption? Does Rashad manage to survive the poisonous apple called Thuy, or die because he didn’t heed the warnings given to him?



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New Release Round-Up October 21st-27th

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